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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup and Cool New Discoveries!

Ben Greenfield's discoveries, from the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts, and more!

New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

If You Can't “Stomach” Organ Meat…Or Even If You Can, Try This

Given that I'm fairly widely known as a nutrition “expert,” you might think I would have a strong opinion on the optimal diet for healthspan and lifespan. And while I certainly do have recommendations that apply to everyone (put down the Diet Coke, pick up the water, get some freakin' sunshine already, eat with people, etc.), I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all diet, and in fact, the chapter dedicated to nutrition in my book Boundless is called “F&*k Diets: How To Customize Your Nutrition To You.”

I have one section in that chapter devoted to the carnivore diet, which is one of the diets that I get asked about most often, probably because I'm a big meat eater myself. However, if you're eating a carnivore diet comprised of muscle meat only, you're often going to be deficient in a number of important vitamins and minerals. That's why whenever I talk about the carnivore diet, I emphasize the importance of eating nose-to-tail because organs such as liver and brains contain high amounts of the alkalizing minerals that are necessary to counteract the acidity-producing effects of a high-protein diet, like magnesium, iron, calcium, boron, potassium, and strontium. (Check out this podcast and this article for more.)

Now, while I will eat most anything—I mean, I had a pig head for dinner recently—but I get it if you're not yet on board with a bowl of brains. The good news is that there are other ways to get the benefits of organ meats without having to stomach, well, a stomach. Perhaps the most creative and versatile way I've found is a new and very cool and convenient organ-based seasoning product (think like tasty sea salt, but it's powdered-up organ meats instead, and they actually taste good!) called Pluck—which is an organ-based seasoning that provides whole-animal nutrition in a delicious, convenient form.

It's an all-purpose seasoning has a slightly smoky flavor that's tasty on anything from eggs to vegetables to meat (and they even have a collection of recipes on their website). The organ meat in Pluck comes from humanely raised animals eating a grass-fed, grass-finished diet, and Pluck is non-GMO, pasture-raised, gluten-free, and freeze-dried. And while a nose-to-tail diet is particularly important for carnivores, the vitamins and minerals in organ meats are a nutritional boon to any diet, though of course Pluck is not vegan or vegetarian (I've yet to encounter a plant-based organ :).

Click here to try Pluck today and get 10% off with code BEN10.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Loneliness, Community-Building, Introversion, Church, Monogamy & More With Chris Kelly Of Nourish Balance Thrive.

This episode was brought to you by Ra Optics (Get 10% off your order when you order through my link), Organifi Glow (code BENG20), Butcher Box, and Kion Serum (code BEN10).



The Most Important Book About Money I’ve Ever Read – Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition With Charles Eisenstein.

This episode was brought to you by The Boundless Cookbook, Kion Colostrum (code BEN10), Organifi Gold (code BENG20), and Ra Optics (Get 10% off your order when you order through my link), and Therabody.


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Articles I Published This Week:

Why Chewing Gum Can Be So Good For You, The Top 7 Healthy Gums & The Fascinating History Of Human Gum Obsession.

Sabbath Ramblings: Savor.

My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

Product Of The Week

::: Save 10% On Four Sigmatic's Focus Blend :::

You probably already know that I'm a big fan of the Four Sigmatic mushroom blends, and one of my current favorites is their Focus Blend. True to its name, this blend’s formulated for energy, creativity, and laser-sharp focus. The cleverest thing about it? It’s absolutely uncaffeinated—so you can add a pinch of extra productivity whenever you need, without worrying that it will keep you up at night.

Focus Blend is made from only 7 organic, healthy ingredients, including Lion's Mane (for the brain), Cordyceps (for energy and endurance), Bacopa Monnieri (for creativity), and Rhodiola (for productivity and creativity). The scoopable format is awesome because you can really customize the amount that works for you…and you don’t need much.

Four Sigmatic's Focus Blend is plant-based, has zero grams of sugar, and is rigorously lab-tested for quality.

You can pick up Four Sigmatic's Focus Blend here, and use code bengreenfield for 10% off.

Upcoming Events:

The Gathering (October 7-9, 2021)

Join me, my wife, Jessa, and a small number of elite CEOs and entrepreneurs for three days of mitochondrial optimization, biohacking, fitness training, five-star organic meals, and authentic human connection in Austin, TX. This will be my 6th time attending The Gathering at RUNGA, the event that I consider to be the most exclusive, comprehensive, and restorative wellness retreat on the entire planet. Click here to grab one of the very limited spots we have open to the public for The Gathering this October.

Las Vegas Keto Expo (October 15-16, 2021)

I'll be speaking at the Las Vegas Keto Expo along with 13 other keto experts. The first 300 guests to register here will get a free drink chip for the poolside party and a free t-shirt.

Keep up on all of my LIVE appearances by following!

I Want To Know What You've Got Cooking

I'm so stoked about the positive feedback I've been getting about my new Boundless Cookbook. The cookbook was a labor of love, but I'm really proud of the end result (especially considering I'm definitely not a trained chef).

Now that the Boundless Cookbook is available on Amazon, I have a favor to ask…

If you have the cookbook and you love it, can you hop on over to Amazon and leave a review? Amazon reviews—as I bet you know—are super important. I want your honest feedback and I'll be reading them to hear what you think.

You can leave your review on Amazon right here (and if you don't have a cookbook yet, and you're an Amazon Prime member, you could have your copy at your doorstep as early as tomorrow).

My Weekly Kion Pick: Kion Serum

Don’t have the perfect complexion? You’re not alone. Troubled skin can affect our confidence, joy, and health.

One culprit for troubled skin could be free radicals. Free radicals can cause premature aging and slow down your skin’s natural rejuvenation process. You can protect aging and troubled skin with a serum rich in antioxidants.

Good news: Kion Serum is full of antioxidants that calm troubled skin, soothe irritation, and refresh your complexion.

Our serum contains soothing aloe vera, calming lavender oil, hydrating jojoba oil, balancing oregano oil, and more. Together, these ingredients form a powerful elixir that can help enliven dry, irritated, and aging skin.

Sometimes a healthy diet isn’t enough for a flawless complexion. Take care of your skin from the outside-in with Kion Serum.

You can get Kion Serum here, and save 10% on your order when you use code BEN10 at checkout.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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