How To Cure Yourself Of Cancer: An Epic Interview With A Man Who Defied Conventional Medicine & Cured Himself Of Prostate Cancer.

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My guest on today's podcast, Eric Remensperger, has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years. He is a partner at a major law firm, Proskauer, where he heads up the West Coast real estate practice.

But that’s not the most interesting part. Eric is also a major-league biohacker who has cured himself of cancer.

I first met Eric at the PaleofX conference last May, and you may have seen his “daily shake” ingredients which appeared at the end of a blog I posted in July of last year entitled “6 Crazy, Exotic Superfood Cocktails, Shakes & Mind-Bending Recipes”…

I ran into Eric again in December at the Runga event in Costa Rica, where he told me an incredible story about how his life had changed. In a nutshell, his decades long obsession with health and wellness hit the fastlane when he was diagnosed last spring with stage IV prostate cancer (with a Gleason score of 9), and as a result of that he did an incredibly deep dive into the science behind cancer and the various treatment protocols, some of which I’m sure we’ll get into on the podcast.

For those of you who are concerned about cancer, or have been touched by it, I think you will find this a very interesting conversation.

As a non-health-care professional who has gone from stage IV metastatic cancer to full remission, Eric can speak freely about his experiences and what he has learned (and continues to learn) about the theories on the causes of cancer and the premises behind the various treatment modalities. His goal is to assist those who wish to take charge of their own care by providing the information needed to better assist them in working with their doctors and healthcare professionals to find the best path to manage the disease by shifting from “cancering” to the body’s natural state of “healing”. Eric lives in Santa Monica, CA, where he is an advanced yogi and a health nut.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Eric went from a cigarette-smoking, divorced lawyer to a complete yogi enthusiast and health nut, far before he found out he had cancer…[10:22]

-The one book that stood out from the 21 books Eric read in the 14 days after discovering he had cancer…[24:05]

-How “Qi” stagnation and emotional issues can cause cancer…[28:50]

-The fascinating experiments by Wilhelm Reich in which he discovered something called “bions” that can precede cancer…[42:00]

-The way that quantum physics and vibrational energies can allow you to believe yourself into a state of sickness (and vice versa)…[49:20]

-The importance difference between nutritional ketosis and therapeutic ketosis…[52:25]

-What Eric discovered about deuterium depletion and it's link to cancer…[54:25]

-The one pharmaceutical anti-fungal drug that Eric takes and recommends looking into for anyone who has cancer…[57:40]

-Why Eric swears by a one-two combo of hyperbaric oxygen and ozone therapy via rectal insufflation for killing cancer cells…[59:05]

-Why Eric completely shut down his testosterone levels and chemically castrated himself…[66:45]

-The role of apricot pits and wormwood toxins for shutting down cancer cells…[71:10]

-The Pau D' Arco tea blend that both Ben and Eric drink every day to support their mitochondria and cellular health…[74:00]

-Why sunlight is crucial to producing something called “GcMAF”, a crucial component of your immune system…[76:42]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

Eric's Quest to Cure Cancer website

6 Crazy, Exotic Superfood Cocktails, Shakes & Mind-Bending Recipes

-Book: Tripping Over The Truth – The Metabolic Theory Of Cancer

-Book: Bion Experiments by Wilhelm Reich

-Book: The Cancer Biopathy by Wilhelm Reich

-Book: Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

-Podcast: Podcast On Fixing Your Mitochondria With Dr. Joe Mercola

-Podcast: Why You've Been Lied To About Cancer & What You Can Do About It

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Deuterium-depleted water

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Eric or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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81 thoughts on “How To Cure Yourself Of Cancer: An Epic Interview With A Man Who Defied Conventional Medicine & Cured Himself Of Prostate Cancer.

  1. Dave Gordon says:

    Hey Ben. Just stumbled across this episode. Did this guy end up dying? I cant find anything about him post 2019

    1. Jimmy says:

      Yes – he died October 13, 2019

      1. Brian says:

        The article says he passed after a long illness so one would assume his prostate cancer returned? So he went from having no sign of cancer to passing away about 2 years after this podcast? That’s rather odd since he seemed to be doing so well.

  2. Rob Rowe says:

    Hey it’s Rob from the DCA, sulforophane and Budwig questions. Thanks for the drill down, great stuff. Here are a couple tips that might help fellow readers. On the sulfurophane subject, I bought 5 ilb of broccoli seeds from am an outfit called CS Health. They breed a special type of broccoli to be very high in S. I think they have a patent on it. I will make sprouts with those seeds and freeze them as Rhonda advises. I will also grind the seeds and mix them with tahini, almond butter, ground pumpkin seeds etc to make a custom nut butter. CS Health are serious anti cancer guys and quite knowledgeable. They sent me a .ppt file on a USB stick that is very detailed on the biochemistry involved. LMK if you want it and I can dropbox it to you.

    I started doing Budwig again and I really like putting a scoop of Cacao powder (organic and cheap on Amazon) and some stevia to balance out the bitterness of unsweetened chocolate along with some walnuts. Quite tasty.

    I have improvised on Dom’s keto chocolate mousse idea by taking a can of coconut cream (Trader Joes version is great) and adding chia and hydrolyzed collagen for thickness, cacao powder, stevia, xylitol, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt and cardamom. Leave in the fridge over night to thicken and chill. Tastes so good it blow your mind.

    I also came across Econugenics who makes Modified Citrus Pectin which is supposed to be anti cancer due to its effect on galactin. They did a lot of testing on prostate cancer in particular which looked highly promising. I found them last year along with CS Health at Cancer Control Society convention. This year’s is coming up Sept 2-4 in Glendale, CA.

  3. John Kemmer says:


    Thank you for a fantastic podcast.

    I have hashimotos and have been struggling for 7 years trying to overcome this. The stagnation you described in the podcast–that is me. My wife does not understand and thinks I am just “too much” No sex for six years. I really want to explore Qi or life force

    energy. Do you have the name of Qi practioners I could see for help? I am in California but would travel most anywhere to see a good Qi practitioner.

    With much gratitude


    1. I recommend Robert Peng in New York or Chris Holder at Cal Poly. Look up either of those guys and tell them that I sent you and they will take care of you

  4. Wendy says:

    Latest tech is the Greece Test (created and done in a lab in Greece). It is a blood test that tests 46 different chemos, natural (turmeric) and standard chemos, finds which ones kill one’s own cancer cells, then one can get that treatment. It also tests how many circulating cancer cells one has. They must be under a certain amount to be healthy. The right therapy will kill the circulating cancer cells and the cancer stem cells (not the same as normal stem cells). That will cure/control the cancer. If you still have cancer stem cells you will continue to have a problem with the cancer cells proliferating. Contact data: Greece Test – RGCC Lab – 888-997-4149.

  5. Cathy Cooke says:

    Interesting to hear your take on coffee enemas and the lymph nodes. I have been doing coffee enemas for the past year, but I also had about 30 lymph nodes removed in my abdomen 8 years ago. I had cervical cancer and had them surgically removed. Do you think there is any concern for me doing the enemas without the lymph nodes?

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever…but I have seen no contraindications for this…

    2. Eric R says:

      Cathy – I have to give the same disclaimer as Ben, as I am not a doctor nor do I give medical advice. The coffee enema, it seems to me, would be beneficial (not contraindicated) as means of cleansing out the colon and flushing candida and toxins out of the liver.

  6. Cathy Cooke says:

    You’re not concerned about the long term health effects of taking Nystatin? I have taken it in the past to deal with fungus, and it has helped a lot, but not completely. I was afraid to keep taking it for what it might do to my microbiome and liver. You’re not concerned about this?

    1. Eric R says:

      Cathy – you raise a very good point that was recently brought to my attention by a TCM doctor. Three different integrative doctors had advised me to continue to take Nystatin, claiming that it is harmless. A new doctor I started seeing (she is a biochemist studied in acupuncture) advised me to address fungus other ways, claiming it is hard on the liver. I have since stopped taking it, and am experimenting with other ways to address fungus. Stay tuned!

    2. Cathy Cooke says:

      Good to know, thanks Eric! I look forward to hearing what works for you

    3. Josiah Moss says:

      One of the supplements I take is olive leaf extract. I favour the NOW brand

  7. Ben S. says:

    Hi Ben and Eric

    I listened to the podcast and loved it! I also read your website and found the information fascinating.

    I have a question regarding oxygenation (I posted this on your FB, but figured I’d post here as well for all Ben’s followers)

    What do you think of Wim Hof’s breathing and meditation techniques. He proposes through controlled hyperventilation and breath holding, the bloods oxygen levels raise as high as 120% and afterwards with breath holding, it may drop below 20% (which is only possible because of the basic state, or high pH level of the cells.) I believe both these functions, along with the meditation (as a way of lowering emotional stress) could slow down the cancering state of a person. What do you think?

    Thanks again!


    1. Eric R says:

      Ben – I know that you posted and I responded to the same question on FB, but I thought it would be useful to share my response with a broader audience (and I can write more liberally on my laptop than my phone). You ask a great question, and you also flag something often misunderstood.

      Let’s start with Wim Hof and his breathing technique. I have experimented with it, and I think that he is a genius, but he is also a bit of a freak of nature. He can do amazing things, but I don’t recommend hyperventilating, and certainly don’t know that it is therapeutic (or even provides and effective means of “oxygenation” of the blood on a regular and consistent basis, which is necessary for healing).

      Instead, I follow the works of Patrick McKeowin (who wrote “The Oxygen Advantage”). In the simplest terms, breathing really hard may bring more oxygen into your lungs, but it doesn’t do much to get that oxygen into your blood. For that you need carbon dioxide. Wim’s technique, it seems to me, does the opposite, it forces out as much CO2 as possible. I will do an entire blog post on this, and would be happy to hear from others who have some good insights, and perhaps a better scientific background than me . . . but I am firmly convinced that oxygenation of the BLOOD has a profound impact on the progression and spread of cancer (in a good way). To do that, you need proper breathing all the time, not just a bout of hyperventilation.

      The second issue you flag is pH. There are scores of writers in the cancer space who tout the fact that lowering pH can help slow or stop cancer. I’m not convinced (I think cancer causes high-pH in the cells outside of the cancer cells, which themselves are alkaline). Trying to impact this by ingesting specific water will have little or no impact. This is a topic that would take a few thousand words to do justice to, but suffice it to say that breath-work is the best way to lower the pH of the blood pH (not drinking Kagen water). Go onto my site and sign up so we can keep in touch! These questions are important.


  8. Pete says:

    Hey Eric

    My apologies if this was covered already, but I believe in the aforementioned emotional blockages (I’ll just refer to it non-dogmatically). Would have been super amped to hear a little (a lot) more about that? I think you can have those, sex or not. Can you speak briefly about your process to remedy that?

    Thanks so much for your story.

    1. Eric R says:

      Pete – thanks for the feedback! You are absolutely right about blockage not being limited to sexual energetic stagnation. It can affect any of what we call “Qi” (which is all of the life force) If you have not already done so, go to my “under construction” page and leave your email address. Once the site is up (next week!), you will be able to email me directly.

  9. Rob Rowe says:

    Hey Eric I wanted to ask about Budwig. I did the cottage cheese/ flax thing for a while then got concerned because I read somewhere that flax was high in estrogen and omega 6 and the omega 3 wasn’t as bioavailable as animal based omega 3. Correct? I also have heard ( i think from Rhonda) that casein in higher protein dairy foods like cottage cheese exacerbates cancer. On the plus side there is supposed to be a reaction that takes place to create a sulforated protein, correct? Can you comment on the pros/cons of Budwig for PC?

    1. Eric R says:

      Rob – good points. What I call the “Budwig blend” was adopted in my protocols very early in the process, in part because of the phenomenal success she had with her cancer patients. I was looking to really hone in on improving inter-cellular and intra-cellular communication (and mitochondrial access to protons), and the combination of sunlight and the blend of flax seed oil and sulfur-based proteins in the low-fat cottage cheese really allowed for proton “transport” at the cellular level. At least that is the theory. I understand the concerns about hormones and dairy, and prostate cancer (mine anyway) has a strong hormone base (as evidenced by the impact of ADT). I will do a blog post on this protocol at some point and go into depth. Bottom line – in my view the risks (casein, estrogen promotion) were outweighed by the benefits. For the most part, I would consume my version of the blend prior to sunning.

      It didn’t hurt that it was very tasty – with avocado, brazil nuts, full-fat coconut milk and coconut flakes.

  10. Wayne says:

    Great podcast as usual Ben.

    Eric, What percentage do you use for Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

    Signed up for your website, any idea when it will be up and running?


    1. Eric R says:

      Wayne – I use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (Amazon sells it), with 8 drops in 8 oz of Aloe Vera (to which I add some Essiac tea). Every morning.

      Thanks for signing up. The website will – finally – be up next week! My law practice has taken up far more time than I had anticipated (and getting the site right took a lot more as well). Be sure to check it out and give me your feedback!

      1. Ryan Lowery says:

        Hi Eric,

        Why do you drink hydrogen peroxide w/ Aloe Vera?



  11. Wayne says:

    Great podcast as usual Ben.

    Eric what percentage of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide should one purchase?

    Singed up for your website, what’s the latest as to when it may be up and running?


  12. Horatio says:

    Hi Eric,

    You mentioned how early on you had problems with waking a few times at night to urinate, throat phlegm, coughing and runny nose. Was it acupuncture that remedied those? Hope the MRI goes well.


    1. Eric R says:

      Cliff – it did! I took some herbs as well. I could not tell you exactly what, but I know that I made a distilled down tea from gogi berries. Acupuncture works great, but only if you have a good acupuncturist. I have tried a half dozen or so, and only got benefits from two.

    2. Eric R says:

      Yes – that was 17 years ago, when I first discovered “wellness” in the holistic sense of the word. Acupuncture and herbs cleared them up (with some dietary changes, typical TCM stuff – no wheat, dairy or caffeine). I don’t recall the herbs, but I do remember making tea out of goji berries. In my experience acupuncturists are of varied talents – a great one can do wonders. Others, not so much.

  13. satyanveshi says:


    Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) is available domestically within the continental US.

    The guy who has worked with fourth phase of water (Pollack type verified, not woo-woo “generic structured water) Steven Sedlmayr has made water that is both certified H3O2 (EZ water) and DDW, and it’s called Divinia Water (company is Eau du visage):

    It’s very expensive, but it’s the real deal and it’s properly in a glass-bottle (hydrophilic) and not in a plastic bottle (hydrophobic), just as Dr. Pollack’s research suggests.

    The water is also fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, pesticide and hormone free.

    BTW, I’m not in any way affiliated with Sedlmayer, with Divinia nor Eau du visage. I’m just a researcher who’s been following the structured water (scientific) research for a few years now.

  14. Steve says:

    Ben and Eric – Epic podcast, thanks for bringing these strategies to our attention and sharing your experience Eric. You are a true survivor and I wish you all the best in your health and happiness. In response to the emotional/stress component to curing cancer, I think you’ll find the book Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin complimentary to your strong belief about emotional blockages. She delves into how our parasympathetic nervous system is key to healing ourselves naturally. Ben – I think she would be someone that you would enjoy interviewing. Thanks again Ben for all that you do!

  15. Rob Rowe says:

    Eric – I also have PC – diagnosed in 2011 so many thanks for sharing all your suggestions. I have kept my PSA under 6 and mostly under 5 (even though Gleason is 8), using all natural methods, many the same as you. I look forward to your site being up and talking further. So a couple questions: What is your take on sulphoraphane from broccoli seeds/sprouts? Rhonda Patrick is a big fan and cited a French study where PC patients reduced PSA doubling time by 85%. How about dichloroacetate? Dom D went into some detail on it in his interview with Tim Ferriss. How about Poly MVA? Not many people talk about it but there seems to be some science behind it.

    Ben – even though i love your work and follow it closely, with all respect I have to say I find it very surprising that you appear to ignore the information presented in your podcast with Wade Lightheart in regard to Kangen water. For me Kangen water is the single most significant factor that turned my cancer around. My PSA drop correlates closely with when I got my machine and started drinking 2-4 quarts a day. Joe Mercola talked about electrolyzed reduced water even though he mentioned a different brand of machine. FB and YouTube are full of hundreds if not thousands of doctors, athletes and others who swear by it. Commercial interest? Maybe some but definitely not all. I personally know several people who have reversed cancer, diabetes, arthritis, skin problems and other issues by switching their water to Kangen while doing not much else. The discussion of hydrogen-deuterium ratio may tie into to this since Kangen water is heavily hydrogenated, oxygenated, anti-oxidizing and super hydrating.

    If you doubt me, give Wade a call back and talk him further about it. He is a huge advocate. Thanks again for your great work and Have a Healthy Week!

    1. Eric R says:

      Rob – Great questions. I think that everyone, not just those addressing cancering, would benefit from regular intake of sulphoraphane (based in large part on the work of Rhonda Patrick) and I dose in three forms (seeds, sprouts and supplements), and I do eat broccoli regularly (but the plant itself does not have therapeutic doses of sulphoraphane). This is one major element of the nutritional support I will outline on my site (the site will be broken down into five pillars – nutrition and supplementation is one of the pillars).

      As for dichloroacetate, I am on the fence (until I feel comfortable that it meets a two part test which I outline on the site, I hold off on adding anything to the protocols). I do my best to focuse on things that I am confident are not toxic, and I worry about the impact of this dichloroacetate on the body (in vitro test results are not always the best indicator of what will work for a living cluster of cells with internal energy sources), in particular, I am very concerned about the impact on neuropathy (in my opinion, cellular communication is crucial to remain healthy, and it comes from three sources – nerves, hormones and the exchange of electrons). Anything that might impair the functions of these three things could impair the body’s innate healing process. That is why I suggest cycling off Lupron!

      I don’t know a lot about PolyMVA other than it is a proprietary blend of supplements. However, I do take Alpha Liloic Acid as part of my daily stack. My supplement stack includes my own “blend” of supplements (and it is extensive). For those looking for a shortcut (and simpler way to get the benefits of supplementation) this may be a good route, but I have no experience or knowledge to be recommend this product. I would be happy to hear views of you and others on it.

      As for pH and Kangen, I have to side with Ben. I used a machine several years ago (2007-2009) and found little or no benefits (other than using the acid water to clean yoga mats). I don’t think that addressing pH through the stomach (other than avoiding a highly acidic diet) provides any real benefits. I will touch on this on my site. That being said, I would very much like to hear opposing views. That makes for real science! Anyone looking for evidence to support a viewpoint is not, in my opinion, a true scientist.

      Please reach out when the site is up! Your views would be welcomed!

  16. Matthew says:


    Quick question just for fun. Do you still throw the avocado pit into your smoothie as well? I’ve tried to eat one and they are very strong. I had to spit it out. This is coming from a guy who can eat almost anything.

    Thanks as always,


    1. Matthew says:

      That’s what I was referring to. So you still do that? And raw eggs too?


  17. Josh says:

    The topic of Amygdalin or “Vitamin B-17“ is very fascinating. Anyone wishing to debunk it as a valid treatment option always cites the same research carried out by Sloan & Kettering in the 70’s. Others have criticized how this research was carried out and published. Should one take the time and research themselves for example on, there are other studys that show much more positive tendencies as a treatment option. There is a documentary on the controversey about the Sloan & Catering research called ”Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering”
    This topic is quickly whisked aside as being just another Conspiracy theory. I see a definite need for more comprehensive research on this and other possible supportive if not comprehensive healing/optimization methods.

  18. Dave Fellows says:

    Hi Eric,

    Super informative and inspirational podcast – good on you for sharing this and being so generous with the knowledge you’ve acquired!

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (an incurable bone cancer) 4 years ago at age 34 (very young for this particular flavor of cancer). I’ve tried many of the things you mentioned and have had pretty good success managing the disease and keeping my levels around normal range.

    Although I’ve been practicing meditation for the last couple of years, I hadn’t considered Qi so important so this was enlightening. In particular, I’m similar to what you described where I haven’t had sex for quite some time even though I’m happily married. I actually have almost no sex drive which is odd. I suspect some of the supplementation such as high dosing curcumin exacerbate this but it sounds like this is symptomatic of some Qi-related issues…

    Anyway, definitely some food for thought in this podcast. Will have to get back into HBOT and will look into the self-administered ozone treatments (I can’t find anywhere around here that does this). I was self-administering 125gram doses of IVC but didn’t see any evidence this was helping and it made me feel pretty rubbish so have ceased this for now.

    Have you tried hydrogen peroxide?

    I’m looking forward to your site going live and would love to engage more to bounce different ideas off you if you’re open to it.

    Thanks again for this awesome info and all the best with your journey – you’re an inspiration.


    1. Eric R says:

      Dave – I do use hydrogen peroxide. 8 drops of food grade in 8 oz of Aloe Vera juice. Anything that oxygenates the cells is therapeutic, in my view. I look forward to your feedback once the site is up and running! The more folks like you get involved the more value the site will have.

      As I reiterated several times on the podcast, I am not a doctor, and don’t purport to give medical advice, but based upon my research, regular HBOT treatments (at 2.4 atmospheres with pure oxygen, but it can be inhaled, rather than filling the entire tank), is advisable and imperative where there is metastases, or the potential for metastases.

      Also, I have heard others who have had bad experiences with high-dose IV vitamin C, and 125 grams is a lot (I have been doing either 50 or 75 grams on a weekly basis). Did you have blood work done to see what your levels were? I did and have re-upped back to 75 grams. It’s a big time sink, since I don’t have a “port” . . .

      Do keep me posted!


      1. Dave Fellows says:

        There’s a place near my work that has a steel HBOT chamber but all the places I’ve seen here in NZ (as well as all the consumer-grade chambers that seem to be on the market) only go to 1.5 atmospheres. I typically have hour long appointments. Do think an hour at 1.5 around 3 times a week is sufficient? They do an 8 minute session with PEMF beforehand which apparently prepares the cells to receive maximal oxygenation. Do you do this?

        Anyway, went back today so good to get these going again.

        My experiences with high-dose IVC weren’t that bad as such but I would get very bad brain fog part way through the administration and this would last for a couple of hours. I did these on and off for quite a while. At one point I was doing 125g 3 or 4 times a week and didn’t notice any real change in my blood work (specifically IgG, being the marker for my Myeloma). I don’t have a port either so still not sure whether it was more or less convenient doing them at home as opposed to in the clinic as it’s a lot of faffing around setting everything up yourself and I was always a bit nervous of infection. Long and short, I wasn’t convinced it was worth the hassle, cost etc but as you know every cancer is different and I know a lot of people have had success with high-dose IVC so I think it’s something that all cancer patients should trial for efficacy.

        When do you think your site will go live?



    2. Katerina says:

      Hello Dave I was recently diagnosed with smoldering myeloma and I am trying to learn as much as I can!! Please will you let me know of all the things that you know they work so I can try them too?

  19. Randy says:

    Eric, I agree with everything you said but if cancer is largely caused by stress, lack of creativity/ drive, general malaise… how do we explain the hundreds of thousands of 2, 3, 4 year old children that get cancer every year?

    1. Eric R says:

      Randy – you touch on a really important point! In my view, there are several things at play (and again, this is simply one person’s opinion, there is no clinical evidence to back up what I am about to say):

      First, cancer cells proliferate quite well when the environment is full of “nourishing” fuel) (which could be one reason why it is much harder to have success treating young kids, since they have so much of that type of energy). This could also have played a role in my own cancer – specifically why it was so far advanced, as I was constantly flooding my body with excess nutrients (bad idea). This will be addressed on the site.

      Second, kids today are exposed to all sorts of environmental toxins that we simply were not exposed to in the past (EMF’s for example). And as I said on the podcast, while our bodies are healing machines, and can deal will all sorts of stressors, there is a breaking point when the body cannot remain in its “healing state” and reverts to “cancering”.

      Third, kids are not immune to the energetics of their parents. They have the same genes and the same environment, and they are sponges in picking up everything they are exposed to in the first few years. This, coupled with the the results of the “Pottinger’s cats” studies – which showed the impact of epigenetics on health (and genes) – might be at play too!

      Stay tuned. This is a difficult question, and one that deserves attention!

  20. Steve says:

    Hi Eric, loved the episode you did with Ben. Do you think there would be any benefit of a healthy individual in consuming B17 (apricot kernels) to help minimise the risk of cancer? I’ve read an article by Don Tolman where he recommendeds everyone should eat a handful of apricot kernels daily to stave off cancer. Thanks

    1. Eric says:

      Steve – great point! I do eat apricot kernels daily (make sure they are “bitter” kernels). I’m doing research now on B17 in other forms. It is a natural way to have what I call “toxicological” benefits – detrimental to cancer without harming healthy cells.

  21. Jackie says:

    Great podcast. Thanks Eric for sharing your story. Do you find yourself stressing out about everything you have to do to manage your health? Seems like you’re doing a ton of stuff. I find myself getting overwhelmed, trying to fit everything in my schedule, like meditate, coffee enemas, energy work, going to appointments, sauna, etc. All that on top of having a job and a social life. If I had time, I’d do hyperbaric, IVs, major autohemotherapy, acupuncture……

    oh, and I’ve been meaning to do yoga/qigong too.

    How do you fit everything in?


    1. Eric says:

      Jackie – that has been my biggest challenge! I’m a boihacker at heart, and I love a good challenge, but it’s overwhelming. I found that once I have made something new a “routine” it gets easier. But you must allocate your time and energy. I hope to have methods to assist on this on the site, but that will require some collaboration with and feedback from others – such as yourself! Stay tuned!!!

  22. Helen Driscoll says:

    Eric – I’m so sorry I didn’t hear this podcast until a few days ago. You would have been perfect for the panel on cannabis and cancer at the Take Back Your Health Conference in Burbank this weekend. Maybe next year! Your philosophy is completely in keeping with the tenets of the conference. All aspects of chronic conditions are addressed. Look forward to your website launch.

    1. Eric R says:

      Helen – I would be happy to have a platform to spread the word. I did experiment with both RSO and CBD (including an injectable version), and continue to study the impact of this healing plant.

  23. Eric,

    No sex for four years! Wow! However, I have you beat. No sex for 26 years. Think my prostate must be screaming by now. Yes indeed, not since my second wife and I said goodbye when I was 46 years old. At this point I really don’t care, but Greenfield’s Gainswave therapy does sound interesting, but for me would probably must wind up being frustrating.

    1. Eric R says:

      Bill – you must be a saint! 26 years is a long time. The Gainswave sounds like an effective way to boost functioning of one’s “junk” – but a man with prostate issues should be very careful and avoid doing anything that would spike PSA levels (which it does). A better approach might be “red” light therapy – which I do (for cancer, but for one not taking ADT it also boosts “T”). And it works (Ben speaks on this too).

  24. Kevin says:

    Great podcast Ben! To bad you can’t get these Yahoo!’s on your podcast to show them the light.…

  25. Stefan says:

    Hey Ben,

    this was a great episode. The topics you discussed and the ideas you brought up were simply amazing.

    Besides that I felt incredibly happy when you two started discussing the works of Wilhelm Reich. It was the first time that I heard someone else talk about him. I’ve read almost all his orgone and sexual hygiene related books and it changed my view of the world, medicine and science in general.

    Wilhelm Reich is next to Bucky Fuller, Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson (he started my journey of deep diving into weird but great stuff) one of the most influential people in my life. I am glad that you touched base there, without any fear of being chased or getting you books burnt.

    Also, the fact that you are re-inventing your brand to become a much more body-mind holistic brand is great and I love it. It’s something I had envisioned a while ago but I have been lacking the knowledge. At the moment I am working hard on making up for lost time, getting my fitness, nutrition, TCM, Ayurveda knowledge in my head and partially certified.

    What I also would like to say is that you are truly an inspiration. You do all your fitness things, but you also go for the things you love (writing, music). I actually do this too (mainly by writing) and it’s great to see that it is possible.

    Next thing I have to figure out is to get out of my office cubicle and free up more time for the rest.

    Keep it up and thanks for everything.



  26. Hélène says:

    Lupron is used to shut down hormones in women too for certain things. I was looking at it. I ended up misdiagnosed n didnt need to go that path including the Lupron, at all. I found out in time what my real diagnosis was.

  27. Steve says:

    Hi Eric,

    Do you think the removal of your lymph nodes could have caused or helped prostate cancer develop?

    In the 20 years of being super healthy did you not get your PSA tested?

    1. Eric says:

      Steve – that would be hard to say whether it played a role – but to heal it’s crucial to have a highly functioning lymph system. I will be touching on that on the site.

      I didn’t get tested because I was misguided in thinking I was above the need for standard of care. I was too healthy to need to see a doctor- and my fear that allopathic intervention could result in more harm than good. It was a humbling experience.

  28. Meg says:

    Eric, congratulations on your triumph over cancer! And great work on putting together your own protocol. I, too, am a non-compliant cancer patient. Just finished reading the Oxygen Advantage a couple weeks ago and I’m already seeing an improvement of my energy level (will run blood tests in a couple more months when I go back to the oncologist, hope to see evidence of greater oxygen transport to my cells). Just finished Tripping Over the Truth a few days ago and as a result just started HBOT therapy. Been doing ketosis and weekly 24-36 hour fasts since mid-December. I had been doing rectal ozone insufflation as well but fell out of the habit a few months ago. Anyway, I’m also wondering about your use of antioxidants when doing oxygen therapies. Really looking forward to seeing your website when you get it going!

  29. Horatio says:

    Way to go Eric! I don’t know anybody who could’ve approached this more thoroughly than you have. And while you did stick to your diet at RUNGA you weren’t just eating nuts – you polished off half my bag of chicharrones with a whole bowl of guac! And to think you agreed I should’ve been the one to lead our Costa Rican team jungle hike because, considering my auto-immunity issues, I’d set the slow pace (so everyone else could keep up). Looking forward to your website, some protocols of which I’ve already been following, and hope we see you at RUNGA 2017!

    The “adorable” Cliff & Anita

  30. Eric says:

    Lisa – I will have a full description on the site but if you piled up all the food I consume in a typical week you would find a very large pile of vegetables (all above ground other the radishes and celery root) (I.e., non starchy), a half dozen eggs, ground lamb, salmon, sardines, organ meat, coconut oil, butter and flakes, avocados, nuts, raw butter and heavy cream and olive oil. I call it a Deuterium Depletion Diet. Moderate protein and tons of veggies and health fats.

    My ketones are over 2.0, but in cycles. I’ve been far higher, but usually following a fast.

    No juicing. I would – but only veggies. I just can’t fit it in. Also prebiotic fiber is crucial for a. healthy gut.

    Hope this helps!!!

    1. Lisa says:


      Do you include any fruit at all for the phytonutrient benefits? Berries?

    2. Jared says:

      So, no fruit ever?

  31. Peter says:

    Thanks for this great show! Amazing guest with a fascinating story and Ben you are truly the best.

  32. Phil says:

    Hi Eric,

    Re: hernia, are you going with mesh or are you opting for Canadian sewing method?

    I’ve heard having it sewn is better=canadian method.


    1. Eric says:

      I went with the mesh. My urologist advised me against the sewing method and honestly I didn’t do any research (unlike me not to, but I’m still practicing full time and doing my best to get the website up and running for Quest to Cure Cancer). I’d look into the alternative as the healing has been slow. Let me know what you decide!

    2. Corey says:

      I had a bilateral inguinal hernias repaired in September with the Desarda technique. 6 months later I’m pleased with the result.

  33. Steve says:

    Hi Eric,

    Great info you shared. Ihave 3 questions:

    Do you do coffee enemas before ozone rectal insufflation?

    How much coffee do you use in coffee enemas?

    Do you avoid antioxidants around the ozone insufflation and what supplements you recommend at that time?

    Thank you very much for your help. I’ve signed up to your website. Looking forward to its launch

    1. Eric says:

      Steve – I was doing the enemas 2-3 times a week. I’m now doing them once a week when not traveling. I use 2 tablespoons of full caffeine preground made for coffee enemas using a soft bag. I’ll be touching on GcMAF and enemas on my site once it’s fully up and running.

      As for ozone I do it in the morning before I have my first coffee. The key is to have a bowel movement before you do the insulflation or you won’t be able to retain the gas for 15-20 minutes. If you don’t the insulflation will bring one on! (Just do a second one).

      I’d take up way too many pages to do justice on supplements here. Sign up for the site. I’ll get it all into it there. I look forward to hearing about your own experiences.

  34. I’m a functional nutritionist and intuitive nourishment coach – I use both science/evidence-based nutrition AND spiritual guidance thru Akashic Records for clients and I can tell you right now that it all comes down to intention and vibration. It’s more about “being” than “doing” and I think that’s such a HUGE factor in our world today – everyone is busy trying to DO shit. We ask each other how we are, and our response is “I’m busy.” “Trying” to do things they think they should or have been programmed to believe/do, rather than simply “being” what they are and allowing that to unfold, and express itself creatively in their lives in an organic way. Belief is such an important part of that and it sets up the internal environment for “success” or “failure,” in which case leads to disruption of the autonomic nervous system.

    We – body, mind, and soul – are our own apothecaries, and it goes both ways – we can poison and starve ourselves (in many ways) or we can nourish and heal ourselves with thought, experience, emotion, belief, and of course stress, food, and environmental exposures – all of these are vibrations (this is not a woo statement, btw – it’s physics :) Another big part of that is the detrimental effect of living outside of our natural rhythms and cycles, including circadian rhythms, exposure to nature and sun as Eric mentioned, altered microbiome, and lack of love/compassion for oneself and from one’s community and tribe. Gosh there’s so much to say about all of this but I just wanted to say how excited I was to hear this podcast and that you’re integrating these larger concepts of life into your work, Ben. Looking forward for what’s to come for you and us as your audience :)

    1. Eric says:

      Venessa – what you are saying is so true. The emotional state is too often ignored when seeking physical health. It’s a big mistake to not see how mental and spiritual health impact the body!

      1. Eric says:

        Pam – great question. See my response to Steve who asked the same question.

  35. Pam says:

    Do you or did you do coffee enemas as discussed in the Gerson Method? If so how often were you doing them and are you continuing this?

  36. David says:

    Ben can you post a link to a good ozone generator?

    1. Craig says:

      Ben/Eric, awesome podcast! Thank you! I feel like I am living Erics entire life right up to and including the prostate cancer diagnosis.

      Ben I cant spend any time on that site you recommend. I don’t like videos. I have no time to sit and watch him speak for hours. I’m sure the content is valuable but its not my choice of delivery. I skim a site for the content I’m looking for.

      I’m pretty knowledgable in natural health. Admittedly I know very little about ozone for drinking water or rectal insufflation. Is it two separate machines?

      You mentioned you use a counter top ozonator for drinking water I think? Which one do you use for each application. Can you buy a machine that can treat water and air?

      I intend to look into the rectal ozone insufflation and the drinking water based on this podcast among other things you recommended Eric.

      Thanks again!

      1. Here is the air filters I recommend:
        The counter top water system is called Aquatru

  37. Lisa says:


    Any chance you could post or link to details of your daily diet and daily protocols. Example what does a normal day of healing look like for you in terms of food supplements and therapies. Thx so much.


    Ps – are you in ketosis? At what level? And how do you do a plant based ketosis protocol. And do you juice too.

    1. Lisa says:

      Adding onto my question….

      The metabolic theory of cancer really adds up on paper and also there are a handful of guys out there using ketosis to ‘cure’ their cancers like Andrew S and Dr. Charles Majors, but there are so many more using JUICE and vegan type diets as seen by hundreds of testimonies on Chrisbeatcancer for example. It’s nearly impossible to reconcile these two methods and figure out which of these is better, and you only get to choose one way when you have cancer and have to stand behind it and go all the way with it.

      It was intriguing to me that you are using BOTH? Is this correct, or did I misunderstand? I heard you say you are in therapeutic ketosis, but also highly plant based, so I assume you are Gerson style juicing too or at least flooding the system with veggies and little animal products, just enough to maintain muscle mass. Can you please clarify and post an optimal day of food and drink for you.

      Thank you so much.

      1. Lisa says:

        Okay, last question from me….

        About your supersmoothie. Since you got cancer while drinking this (seemingly super healthy morning drink) can you comment whether you feel their is ingredients in this smoothie that helped contribute to the disease? Do you drink it again now? Why or why not?


        PS – By the way, I love your story. It is super inspirational. People are going to want all the nitty gritty details, I know I do.

      2. Hélène says:

        Plant based by mass or plant based by macros?? Big difference. I’d assume his carb count is quite low and fat quite high, with moderate protein. But his plates cud be heaped with plant material…not much, if any, grain and he doesnt eat much starchy vegs or fruit it didnt seem…

      3. Eric says:

        Lisa – I’m heavy plant based but have no room for juicing. In my view fasting is absolutely essential, and being in ketosis helps facilitate regular fasting. I looked into the Gerson therapy and, for someone who was not already a very healthy eater it would be extremely impactful. But I was already uber-healthy and wanted to get into the weeds and do what I could to both nourish and support cellular communication – and that means a lot of good healthy fat – in the cells!! Joanna Budwig is also a proponent of plant based diets and her “protocol” is a big part of my diet. Her blend will be on my site. Highly recommended.

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