Eastern Wisdom Meets Western Medicine: 10-Pass Ozone, Peptides, Blood Irradiation, Constitutional Assessments & Much More!

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I recently had the opportunity to dive into the cutting-edge world of medical biohacking at the integrative health office of Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz: Anatara Medicine in San Francisco.

Dr. Herskowitz is an international leader and educator in the field of personalized, precision, and holistic medicine. He founded Anatara Medicine and the San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center with the intention of developing one of the best regenerative and integrative health care centers in the world.

Here is a fascinating timeline of his medical education and experience:

integrative health

The term “Convergence Medicine” was coined by Dr. Herskowitz in 2011 to represent a novel strategy that combines many forms of medical and energy practices into one cohesive strategy to optimize repair and rejuvenation in each individual. Taking the best from molecular and functional medicine, nutrition, and metabolism, physical, and energy medicine, he layers in the best of ancient forms of medicine that speak to a person’s innate constitution (he calls it Archetypal Medicine). This helps predict how a patient will respond to different types of treatments, including:

  • Stem cells
  • Peptides
  • Anti-aging
  • Ozone
  • IV therapy
  • Advanced cancer care
  • And much more!

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Dietary considerations for a “constitutional assessment” [11:15]

  • Ahvie has a molecular, cardiology background – as well as acupuncturist
  • Ancient wisdom has a role to play; fusion between Eastern and Western medicine
  • A constitutional assessment is a form of archetyping
  • Most accurate form, leads to accurate nutritional recommendations for the individual
  • Chinese astrology and medicine come from the same philosophy
  • Ben is missing two elements, and a third is weak because of where and when he was born (Lewiston, ID in 1981)
  • You learn how to tweak things specifically for the individual
  • Energy of the food when it's ingested: warming and cooling
  • Eating the right foods decreases the need to “biohack” one's deficiencies
  • Floating (deficient) fire: “hot” foods don't achieve their full efficacy
  • Do the diet, and the craving for suboptimal foods will go down

-Exercise considerations for a constitutional assessment [28:15]

  • Cold energy moves downward, warm energy moves upward – split in the energy
  • Cyclist Ahvie treated:
    • Did a diet and training regimen based on his constitutional assessment
    • Less actual cycling, more upper-body work
    • Eventually became national champion
  • Ben struggles with cold thermogenesis, yet has trained himself to do it through breathing, meditation, etc. However, heat therapy such as a sauna is no problem.
  • We're barraged with foods that do not fit our CA
  • Ahvie has treated tens of thousands of patients with their technology and knowledge

-What are “breaks” in the Chinese astrological cycle and why they are opportunities rather than problems [36:35]

  • Stubbornness is a desire for freedom
  • Knee-jerk response is the opposite of freedom
  • Embrace “maybe”

-More about the multi-pass ozone machine I was hooked up to during the interview [44:10]

  • Also called hyperbaric oxygen
  • Typical treatment is 10 passes of ozone
  • Global impact on microcirculation, oxygen transport, Nrf2 pathways
  • The main use is for optimization and longevity
  • 10 passes build up the reserve for a full year
  • How one feels during and after the treatment will depend on their overall health

-How Ahvie injected laser lights into me intravenously [49:30]

  • Weberneedle Endo Laser
  • Each color has a different characteristic with a different use for a patient's unique condition
  • How is it different from UV radiation therapy:
    • UV activates white and red cells de novo

-Peptides Ahvie wishes more people knew about [54:00]

  • BPC 157
  • Thymosin Alpha 1
  • “As a society, we're in a state of immune chronic activation”
  • Lost circadian rhythm, toxic load from the food supply
  • Humira is the #1 drug today; people can be treated in a more natural way
  • Rapamycin is a suppressant, not appropriate in high dosages
  • Peptides modulate rather than suppress
  • Immune system is the means of communication within the body
  • BGF podcast: “Peptides Unveiled” w/ Dr. William Seeds

-Ahvie's approach to nootropic stacks [1:04:00]

  • Look for repairing and detoxifying, in addition to fortifying
  • Very little for Alzheimer's nor for TBI/concussions
  • Institute for Rare and Neglected Diseases (which Ahvie chairs)
  • DHA for blood brain barrier and hypothalamus

-What intravenous procaine is [1:07:10]

  • Procaine is a neural anesthetic
  • Disturbs neural pathways enough to reduce pain

-Why Ahvie doesn't co-administer exosomes for recovery [1:11:05]

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Anatara Medicine

Weberneedle Endo Laser

– BGF podcast: “Peptides Unveiled” w/ Dr. William Seeds

– Institute for Rare and Neglected Diseases


– My “Constitutional Assessment” results we discussed

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28 thoughts on “Eastern Wisdom Meets Western Medicine: 10-Pass Ozone, Peptides, Blood Irradiation, Constitutional Assessments & Much More!

  1. Dovidas says:

    Hello, I’m interested in modifying my diet based on my constitution. I am not located in USA ( I live in Germany), however. Is it possible to receive an assessment via online consultation or are there maybe some ways to determine it myself?

  2. Ty says:

    I get the impression that this clinic fuses Bazi Chinese astrology with Sasang Medicine. Many years ago I had a similar idea cross my mind, whether using Chinese Bazi astrology chart readings could relate a pattern of health in life. I let the idea go because of the limited available information at the time on that particular birth chart system. This was almost twenty years ago.

    After listening to this podcast I decided to once again approach the matter, this time first by working through a SPQ (Questionnaire) that is required by Sasang Body Typing. I located and worked through the questions and measurements as per the Tetrasoma Acupuncture book by David Lee. I took those results and then located a Bazi calculator to obtain constitutional birth weaknesses and strengths. So far the results of a few days of study have yielded some interesting patterns that I can relate to. That could be merely coincidence, as this system uses a subjective assessment via its questionnaire. Given the connection between mind and body, changes in one are likely to affect the other, and this may also affect the answers.

    Such patterns are of value as a type of diagnosis, and to build another level of understanding of the patient. But applying solutions that work is not always successful in my experience. I remain curious to the modality and will study it further as opportunity allows me to.

    Thank you for an interesting podcast.

    1. Tracy Stewart says:

      Response to Comment About Podcast

      Thank you for your thoughtful and interesting comments. I’m excited to see that there is another person thinking along these lines. But, I have to tell you that the idea of using the Bazi to determine Sasang Constitution did not originate at Anatara, with Dr. Herskowitz nor with me at Qi Balance. When we first learned of this system it was as clients not practitioners. We knew nothing about Sasang Medicine at that time, which was about twenty years ago.

      However, we were impressed with the results we received using this system for ourselves and for our families. Eventually it became a major focus of our own work. Dr. Herskowitz committed to including constitutional assessments and diet as part of his integrative medicine practice at Anatara and I started convincing all my 5 Element acupuncture patients to try it.

      Using Chinese Natal Charts to diagnosis Sasang Constitution originated, as far as we know, with a monk who headed a Zen Center in Berkeley at the time we were diagnosed. He went by the name of Master Sunim. (Sunim, as you probably know, is the word for monk in Korean.) Sunim had already been trying this method out and testing it for a few years before that. It seems he was going about his exploration in a similar manner to you. But I can’t say for sure.

      Several years later I had the opportunity to take some classes taught by Sunim’s only student and I began to diagnose people myself. I lost many acupuncture clients who regained their health completely, following their constitutional diet. The results were impressive. Since then, my practice has been focused on teaching self-care through constitutional diet and exercise and I’ve now diagnosed thousands of clients.

      At one point, I also took some classes with the late Dr. Richard Tan, who is famous for his Balance Method in TCM acupuncture. In the last decade of his teaching career he began showing people how they might use a person’s Bazi to determine appropriate acupuncture treatments and specific point selections in a more Chinese context. Some of his students are still carrying on his work today.

      Every so often I’m reminded of how great ideas come about through various people, like discovering the structure of DNA. My esoteric thinking is that there is an idea hanging out in the ethers and people trained along certain lines, pick it up and work on it. It seems they all get this idea at about the same time. They each contribute something of interest and value. Only in retrospect to we see how important each person was in expanding what we know and understand.

      I appreciate you in advance for the contributions I know you will make.

  3. Jamie says:

    I am loving this podcast, I had an eating disorder for most of my life and a constant thing would appear in my mind that I had had too much black food and not enough white food. Pretty basic but I was really young. We are beings of energy and light first, everything has an energy profile and we take in energy in food and environment. Loving this just wish it was more widely available. Thanks for this podcast

  4. Babs says:

    Hi Ben, I am a long time follower (Babs). You may recall that I have autoimmune which was trigger by lyme and other tick borne illness. My treatment currently is monthly remicade infusions and oral methotrexate weekly. Its efficacy is questionable as I am of the belief that I produce excessive TNF. I have researched and questioned my treating docs as to why suppress vs modulate bu there are no current answers. The possibility of using BPC 157 and Thymosin to achieve this gave me great hope. Because I live on the East Coast (West Chester PA/near PHL), the multiple meetings necessary for treatment at Dr. Ahavi’s clinic would be an impossibility. I would welcome a discussion regarding any suggestions or referrals he may have. Also where I might research this treatment option so I may better educate myself. I am practicing in the field of medicine (anesthesia) thus i have a working medical knowledge. Any information will be appreciated.

  5. Karen Birdsall says:

    Very interesting Podcast and I was all in to try getting an assessment but in looking at the sample diet I noticed many foods that normally would be considered inflammatory like breads and pasta’s, as well as peanut butter… per a previous podcast of yours where everyone went crazy because your guest said Peanut Butter was one of the worst things you could eat…lol… Would like your thoughts on this

    Thank you

    1. Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz says:

      The constitutional diet deals with the energy that each food contains, and then lists those foods with energy signatures that best suit your constitution. The dietary listings are comprehensive lists of foods that you then can choose from, and from that list you can select whether an anti-inflammatory approach, or look at the listings with your individual lens as someone who follows a vegan, keto, paleo, or vegetarian diet. Yet, the diet listing doesn’t know your allergy profile, nor your individual health requirements.

  6. Nik says:

    Maybe I missed it, but what would be the dosage for BPC-157 and TA-1 for the 6 month period, as mentioned in the podcast? To restore/improve immunesystem?

    1. Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz says:

      We use Tailor Made peptides and both BPC-157 and TA-1 doses are 0.15 ml per day sq. We have no information about dosages from other suppliers.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Is there a transcript for the last part of the show with Dr. Ahvie? The above notes ended with the Five Elements diagram but not the rest of the show. Hope that makes sense. There was a lot of good information I want to thoroughly understand. Thanks!!

  8. Brad says:

    Ben, you should look at the six healing sounds for activiting the Chi of each element/organ as well. It is used to balance energy.

  9. John says:

    I applaud you for having an open mind, but it may be a little too open here. What exactly is “lung energy”? give me a break. This is giving names to things to create the illusion of actual knowledge, but there is no knowledge being shared here. Just throwing around made-up names for things. This has been an age-old trick of shamanism since the dawn of the frontal lobe.

    Astrology is pure made-up BS. The idea you can know anything meaningful based purely on the date and time of a person’s birth is utter nonsense. And this is how she starts evaluating you. Based on your birth day. Oh brother.

    The desire to feel in control will push people to believe in just about anything to achieve it, even though it rests on pure self-invented illusion.

    The next time you interview someone like this, please please please, push back and challenge the avalanche of inane assumptions! Stop swallowing it whole out of fear of offending them. Your listeners will appreciate it.

    1. Andy says:

      This. Please Ben, please be more critical of the people and gadgets you come across.

      For example.. the UMH device you came across recently:
      “It uses “medically recognized bioelectrical-impedance-analysis” to better hydrate cells in the extra- and intracellular space. UMH is made of brass, plated with 24-carat gold, and fitted with a pyramid-shaped polished quartz crystal. Internal handmade borosilicate glass vials provide a highly stable energy field.”.

      Words cannot describe how awful this is. Hope their Kool-aid was good.

    2. Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz says:

      I agree that we have treated thousands of patients, friends and family with this form of archetypal medicine. I use it as a tool, like I use genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. As an immunologist, I am most interested in aging, cellular efficiency and repair. I came across this technology over 20 years ago by accident. This is the most accurate set of individualized dietary recommendations I have come across and, as such, I use it whenever someone is interested in cellular efficiency and is open to it.

      In 1994, I gave a Grand Rounds lecture at The Johns Hopkins Hospital on the State of the Art of Immune Injury to the Heart. The final slide was on case series of patients with a fatal form of myocarditis (post-viral autoimmunity) that responded to acupuncture. This 25+ year old observation grabbed my interest and has kept me open to the idea that “I may know what I know, but I don’t know what I don’t know”. At Anatara Medicine, we treat professional athletes, as well as cancer patients; we treat CEO’s and silicon valley warriors, everyday. Most of our patients can feel a difference within days or weeks. This is the first time in 20 years I have discussed this form of medicine publicly, since I was reticent to be called out talking about energy medicine. It has been over 25 years since my Grand Rounds at Hopkins, where I spoke about an unusual observation that expanded my perspective on medicine. Ultimately, I am a pragmatist, and I believe Ben is also. He asked me to do the podcast to inform his followers about something new, and I agreed since after thousands of observation points, it was time to discuss an important potential tool.

      So, if you don’t believe that we are born with certain innate patterning or tendencies – lenses with which we experience the world, or feel that these tendencies are all guided by our genetics, then I am officially disagree with your view. I would say that my prior 20 years of experience with the constitutional diet, and all forms of Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine are not “inane”, but often, when used properly, are helpful. We live in experimental times and we need serious discussion and debate on all forms of wisdom that can help us thrive in these challenges to our physiology.

      1. Holly Spencer says:

        How/where do I get the Chinese /eastern constitutional health assessment done? Is there a spot through your website? I couldn’t find anything on the internet. Thanks!!

        1. Tracy Stewart says:

          Here is my direct website for the full assessment.


      2. Carla Allen says:

        I’m grateful that this broadcast made me aware of your practice. It’s very difficult to find a clinic like this and I wouldn’t have found you otherwise. I’ve already submitted my initial form on your website. It’s disheartening that with so much illness that so many are closed to anything other traditional allopathic medicine. Sadly, most are drawn to these healing modalities only after mainstream medicine has failed them.

      3. Marissa says:

        Thank you Dr. Ahvie and Tracy for the informative podcast. I appreciate your candor in saying that Sasang medicine cannot necessarily be explained through a biochemical framework. Conventional science is a magnificent lens to view the body and healing, but it is not the only one (nor should it be). I’d love to hear more podcasts on the topic of energy medicine.

    3. Jamie says:

      We are all energy, we are electrical beings second to being beings created and based on energy. All food has an energy balance. It’s not that some people have a too open mind it’s that yours seems too closed.

      We are beings of energy.

  10. Pulkit Soni says:

    Very informative. Excellent reference sheets.

  11. miriam says:

    I was not able to print the list of warmer and cooler foods. It is a separate document within the rest and only one page printed. How can I get the full list or have it set up so I can print it directly from these notes?

    1. Lindsay says:

      You can download the list of foods here

  12. Val says:

    This doctor’s methodologies are more ridiculous than his mustache.

  13. Jakob says:

    Is it possible to get a constitutional diet assesment online? You said this in the podcast but the website indicates one has to make an appointment.

    Alternatively, what should I look for the find qulaified practitioners of this in my area?


    1. Chris says:


      1. luke lomsdalen says:

        Anyone know where I can get a FREE constitutional assessment so I can figure out what types of food to avoid and start eating more of? Thank u!

    2. Kim Look says:

      You can go through Anatara Medicine to get your assessment, just fill out their contact form online or call them.


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