Biohacks For Increasing Lifespan, Is Alcohol OK?, How To Live Like Your Ancestors, Why Wear Yellow Glasses & More With Mukesh Bansal.

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biohacking for longevity
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The transformative power of biohacking extends beyond the physical realm…

In my 20+ years as a human performance enthusiast, I've found that biohacking is more than just a tool for optimizing health; it's been instrumental in unlocking my life's mission, discovering profound purpose, and living with genuine meaning. This is why I share my bold experiments and transformative hacks — to guide you toward optimal health and a life rich in purpose and connection.

During my recent trip to India, I got the chance to sit down and reflect on my journey as a biohacker and explore the depths of increasing human performance, vitality, longevity, and life fulfillment with one of India's top businessmen, Mukesh Bansal.

Mukesh, a tech entrepreneur who has played a critical role in shaping digital commerce growth in India over the last two decades, is the founder of the fashion e-commerce company, Myntra, and the co-founder of, India’s largest health and fitness platform. He is also an active investor in the tech startup ecosystem via his venture studio Meraki Labs. Additionally, Mukesh has been listed among the best “40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs” by Fortune.

As a leading authority in the sphere of health and wellness in India, Mukesh is the author of two influential books, No Limits and Hacking Health. No Limits distills his findings on talent, deliberate practice, mindset, habit, willpower, and learning to optimize performance. Hacking Health takes on the mammoth task of demystifying the science, simplifying the research, and tracing the story of your relationship with your body. Mukesh Bansal also hosts the podcast SparX, a gateway to the latest research, tested strategies, and actionable insights for maximizing your human potential.

If you're seeking practical insights into creating daily routines for optimal health and vitality, you won't want to miss out on this episode that supports your biohacking journey and helps you pursue a more meaningful life.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Mukesh Bansal?…05:05  

-How did Ben write and publish his book Boundless?…07:01

  • Boundless by Ben Greenfield
  • The book wasn't supposed to be so big, and finding a publisher was challenging
  • Ben started with a book about anti-aging and longevity
  • To properly address human longevity, you have to properly address nearly every human biological system
  • Ben got interested in fitness when he started playing tennis
  • Learned a lot from his father’s friends and got interested in the human body
  • Decided not to go for an internship with Microsoft
    • Initially wanted to be a game designer
  • Entered a tennis team in college
  • Got a master’s degree in physiology and biomechanics
  • Got a job in hip and knee surgical sales
  • That entire experience just disillusioned him with modern medicine
    • Decided it was not for him
  • Applied for a job at Liberty Lake Athletic Club

-When did Ben get interested in biohacking?…11:36

-Where can you begin learning about biohacking?…17:51

  • Ben uses a data-driven approach — a lot of testing
  • Everything can be learned online
  • Ben is a believer in consistency
  • You can learn a lot in 1–2 years of consistent study
  • The first thing to do:
    • Get an app like Oura and test yourself
    • Look at the data and learn what it means
    • Ask questions like:
    • Be an autodidact

-How did Ben’s personal journey shape him?…24:17

-Why does Ben practice grounding and wear yellow-colored glasses?…28:30

  • How to ground yourself when you live in a building
  • Modern overhead LED fluorescent lighting or the backlit light from a computer screen or phone
    • It presents the retina with a very concentrated form of bluish-green light, which is absent of red light
    • People often get flicker and irritation in the eyes — brain fog, sluggish energy, and eventually, in many people, the onset of myopia
  • Ra Optics blue light-blocking glasses
    • Ben usually has yellow for daytime and red for nighttime
  • Other blue light-blocking glasses:
  • Food — skipping breakfast is a bad idea when you travel
  • Movement is a powerful timekeeper
  • Cold showers

-What can people do apart from wearing yellow glasses?…35:49

-How do you return to ancestral living?…41:13

  • Ancestral/evolutionary mismatch
  • Humans live in a modern environment
  • People do not grow food or hunt, they are in temperature-controlled environments
  • Biohacking simulates what you are missing when disconnected from the planet
  • You should marry modern science with ancestral wisdom

-How can modern food-related health concerns be effectively addressed?…44:36

-Can you dramatically increase your lifespan?…51:12

  • Lifespan by David Sinclair
  • TruDiagnostic TruAge Test
  • People show results on the Rejuvenation Olympics website
  • Bryan Johnson is near the top with all his routines, expensive supplements, and a strict regimen of life
  • Also, a 55-year-old mom who spends $70 on supplements and walks her dog every morning
  • In blue zones, people live naturally and live over 100 years
  • There are so many factors that play into lifespan
  • Jeanne Calment, the oldest human on record
  • Focus more on things that you know contribute to life happiness — on meaning, purpose, human connectivity, and absence of loneliness
  • The importance of human connectivity
  • Chase happiness, life enjoyment, and adventure — a Renaissance man or a Renaissance woman's approach to life

-How should you approach getting older?…58:57

-What is Ben’s stance on new research regarding longevity?…1:09:47 

-What impact does alcohol have on your health?…1:19:34 

  • Ben drinks every day — 6–7 times a week
  • In the blue zones, people drink regularly in small doses
    • There is a big difference between having 6–7 drinks in one night
  • Dr. Andrew Huberman
  • In the blue zones, bitters, herbs, and spices are frequently consumed as tonics for the liver and help the liver upregulate
  • When drinking alcohol, Ben takes:
  • A high intake of a wide variety of plants, herbs, and spices can be good for you
  • Microdosing psychedelics
  • A glass of wine before dinner or less than an ounce of hard alcohol

-What is an easy morning and night routine for your health?…1:27:20 

-And much more…

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