The Ultimate Workout For Travelers, Energizing Anti-Aging Biohacks, How To Build a Healthy Home From The Ground Up, & Ben’s Top Unasked Question with Kris Gethin.

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Struggling to maintain your health and fitness routine while constantly on the go? Curious how to biohack your way to better performance and longevity as you age? Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of modern parenting and frustrated with the limitations of the traditional school system?

Today's show covers it all as I join Kris Gethin's podcast to unpack practical solutions and expert insights on staying healthy and fit, especially during travel, optimizing your well-being with the latest biohacking and anti-aging strategies, building a healthy home, and innovative parenting approaches.

Kris Gethin is renowned as one of the world's leading body transformation specialists, earning the title of the world's number one transformation coach and personal trainer on platforms like Trainerize and and governing bodies such as the PT Academy. As the co-founder of the Kris Gethin Gyms franchise, former co-founder of Kaged Supplements, former editor-in-chief of, former editor-at-large at Weider Publications, and former publisher of Kaged Muscle Magazine, Kris has positively impacted the lives of millions through education and transformation.

Host of The Kris Gethin Podcast and author of the best-selling book Body by Design, Kris has excelled as a natural pro bodybuilder, IRONMAN triathlete, Ultramarathoner, Spartan competitor, and motocross racer. Currently, he dedicates his time to training clients online via, assisting celebrities in their health and wellness journeys, and hosting anti-aging, fitness, and biohacking seminars and retreats worldwide.

In this episode, explore a wide range of topics, including my meetup with Kris in India, workout routines when traveling, biohacking tips, my reasons for homeschooling, and the challenges of modern education. Additionally, you'll discover efficient biohacks for reversing biological aging, including the benefits of peptides, hormetic stressors, and the significance of NAD supplementation.

Also, you won't want to miss out on the top questions people ask me, and the one I wish more people would ask — the answer may surprise you!

During this discussion, you'll discover:  

-Ben on Kris Gethin’s podcast…06:30 

-Post-workout chat in the gym…07:51 

-How to energize your mitochondria…17:19 

-Ben’s building of a safe home in Idaho…35:07 

-Efficient bio hacks for reversing the biological edge…46:38 

-Ben is selling his home…53:40

-The benefits of NAD…55:20 

  • Decline of available NAD
    • At 80 years old, 90% of your NAD is gone
  • Supplementation of NAD is a must as you age
  • Also if you are traveling or you are sleep-deprived
  • NAD Regen by BioStack Labs
  • Ben’s sleep deprivation hack — NAD and creatine

-Dr. John Lieurance's prostate protocol…57:39 

-Number one question people ask Ben…1:03:54

  • From men who want a six-pack, an eight-pack, or better abs
  • The top 3 things besides good exercise protocol are:
    • Reduce added sugar
    • Reduce alcohol
    • Morning routine
      • In a fasted state, consume a thermogenic agent like caffeine or green tea
      • Exercise aerobically for 20 to 45 minutes
      • Then get cold for 2 to 5 minutes
  • Chris Masterjohn's article: Alcohol’s SURPRISING Role in Your Health and Longevity

-What Ben wishes people would ask him…1:07:58

  • How to be a better father and a better husband
  • Human beings have a deep desire to be seen, loved, and heard
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Children need time and presence
  • Deny that urge to go out and just make money — be with your children more
  • Doing workouts with his sons
  • Your spouse also needs your time and presence
  • Know your spouse’s love language
  • Praying with your spouse and connecting spiritually

-And much more…

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