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Welcome to my new Weekly Roundup!

In one convenient post, you're about to discover the most important things I've noticed this week, including the latest news from the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking and anti-aging research, the top photos, videos and stories from this week, upcoming events and speaking appearances, giveaways, specials and a host of other things you may have missed.

Let's do this!

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

-Why Your Heart Is Not A Pump (& What Most Doctors Don’t Know About The True Cause Of Heart Disease).


-An Anti-Aging Chat With A 65-Year-Old Finnish Businessman Who Plays Tennis Left & Right Handed, Defies Modern “Unhealthy” Clothing Fashion & Invented The Most Unique Chair In The World.


Podcasts I Was On This Week:

-Unbeatable Mind Podcast with Mark Divine: Ben Greenfield talks to Mark about training and biohacking. On this episode, me and my good friend, Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine, discuss my background, my approach to training, and my latest finds in the realm of biohacking. He and I also discuss his up and coming Unbeatable Mind retreat, December 2-4, where I'll be a keynote speaker.

-Too Busy To Eat: Ben Greenfield on Fine-Tuning The Human Body. On this episode, I discuss basic nutrition and training plans, explain why you should ease into the day with things that are not stressful, why I save harder workouts for later in the day, and much more.

Interviews I Recorded This Week:

-I recently answered 10 questions for Rob Sleamaker, CEO & founder of Vasa Trainer. The questions cover my favorite life hacks, how I deal with challenges, my current fitness interests, training methods, and how I use the Vasa SwimErg as part of my fitness regime.

Articles I Published This Week:

-Does Trampolining Work For Fitness?

-11 Ways To Biohack A Hotel Room, Stay Healthy When You Travel & Keep Globetrotting From Slowly Killing You.

New Chapter In My Work Of Fiction:

Yep, I write fiction, and my entire work of fantasy adventure fiction is now free to read online using a very handy, free, interactive website/app called “Wattpad”. Click here to check out the latest chapter of my book “The Forest” on Wattpad...and if you like the story, you can even vote, leave messages, etc.


This Week's Inner Circle News:

-Inside the Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle, my private forum for personal interaction with me and my family, my amazing wife, Jessa Greenfield, releases her Inner Circle Healthy Home Workshop every month. Check out the cover below to see the topics, and click here to learn how to live a more creative, natural, and simplified life! Stay tuned for November's release!


Upcoming Events:

My November and December calendars are filling up quick. Here's a snapshot of what's to come:

Join me at the Weston A. Price Foundation's annual conference in Montgomery, Alabama from November 11-13.

I’m one of the keynote speakers at the Biohacker Summit – November 18, Helsinki, Finland.

-I'll also be speaking at Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine's “The Unbeatable Mind Retreat” -December 2-4, Carlsbad, California.

-And, if you'd like to join me in Costa Rica for 8 days of epic food, twice daily yoga, salt water pool swims, therapy and spa services galore, and enjoy expert running clinics, kettlebell seminars, lecturing on nutrition, daily adventures, and a full digital detox, then register for “RUNGA” – Dec 3 – 10, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Code “BEN” gets you a free gift with your RUNGA registration valued at $75! If 2016 is full…then add this one to your 2017 calendar for sure!

Finally, you can click here to view the full Ben Greenfield Fitness calendar and all the events I will be at, including where you can join me for fun meetups, future events, conferences, races and more!

This Week's Most Popular Instagram Pic:

-A giant human Smore…

This Week's Most Popular Tweet:

This Week's Most Popular Facebook Post:

This Week's Most Popular Snapchat Story:

I did a crazy self-guinea pig experiment during the Vegas Tough Mudder – I combined hyperglycemia and extreme ketosis (the equivalent of 4 days of fasting) and revealed all on Snapchat. So be sure to click here to follow me on Snapchat if you don't want to miss big stories like this LIVE as they happen!

This Week's Most Popular Pins from Pinterest:

…how to furn yourself into a complete beast.


…these special masks seem to be taking the fitness world by storm.


Cool New Products:

-If you haven't yet tried the Greenfield Anti-Aging Serum (organic skin care serum) you are missing out. Through meticulous research and a passion to develop healthy, high-quality natural body care products, the new Greenfield Anti-Aging Serum is an innovative beauty product for men and women that is guilt-free, organic, nourishing, and leaves your skin young and glowing.This is the exact serum I review in the article “You’ll Be Blown Away By How Easy It Is To Keep Your Skin Young With These 12 Natural Compounds.“

anti-aging-serumClick here for everything else I have created, including supplements, books, gear, and more.

And…This Week's Big Giveaway:

This is the last week of our sauna giveaway. Yep, a full-on, giant infrared sauna…

…and you can click here to enter to win a Clearlight Saunctuary Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna!

Only Clearlight Saunas have no EMF or ELF exposure, a 100% Lifetime Warranty and 500w Full Spectrum heaters with near, mid and far infrared.

Free shipping to the Grand Prize Winner is included! (total value $5995) Winner will be announced on Ben's mid-November upcoming sauna podcast.

Leave any questions, comments, or feedback below – or any news of the week that you think I should have added – and I will be sure to reply.



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2 thoughts on “The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More!

  1. Jared says:

    Which of the four days Nov 11-14, 2016 are you speaking at the conference in Montgomery, AL? I’d be willing to drive over from Ponchatoula, Louisiana. You don’t have a way to get me in for cheaper than the $265 cost for one day, do you?

    1. Sunday 9:00-10:20 – Fueling the Ancestral Athlete: Using Real Foods to Enhance Physical and Mental Performance – but I don’t *think* I have any speaker discounts….

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