A Conversation With One Of India’s Top Health Authors & Biohackers About Body Transformation, Air Pollution, The Magic of Ghee, Timed Meditation & Much More With Ritesh Bawri

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Ritesh Bawri's latest discoveries
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On a recent three-week tour of India, I had the pleasure of meeting a host of individuals making a huge impact on the country's health and wellness scene.

Today, I'm thrilled to have a guest on the show who I knew was a kindred spirit from the moment I met him. Ritesh Bawri, a successful Indian businessman, shares my dedication to health by walking 10,000 steps daily, adhering to an ancestral sleep schedule, and opting for ghee over vegetable oil at restaurants.

In this episode, you'll discover Ritesh's health journey, insights on managing India's air pollution, the value of Ayurveda, the impact of seed oils on health, spirituality's role in longevity, and much more.

So, who is Ritesh exactly?

Ritesh is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and the founder of Breathe Again, a global platform that helps successful people learn to live a long and healthy life. He has an impressive track record, having built and sold several businesses in the construction industry valued at over $1 billion.

Eight years ago, Ritesh underwent a remarkable transformation. He lost 60 pounds and reversed type 2 diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and hyperacidity. Since then, he has been on a mission to transform the lives of over 10,000 people from over 20 countries.

Ritesh's work has earned him recognition from the highest levels of government and the entertainment industry. He has worked with the Prime Minister of India and six Chief Ministers, as well as actors, actresses, and entrepreneurs. Ritesh is also the author of the book The Amazing Health Transformation, which launched at number two on Amazon's bestselling list, and the host of The Ritesh Bawri Show.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Ritesh Bawri…00:49

-Ritesh’s backstory and health transformation journey…03:12

  • Ritesh attributes 70% of what he has learned over the last 10 years to reading Ben's books
  • Ben mentions how America and India share the same health issues:
    • Obesity
    • Chronic disease like diabetes
    • Early onset cancer
  • Ritesh's 25-year health transformation journey from being an overweight and unhealthy 15-year-old to a model of vitality
    • Gaining 30 kilos
    • Diabetic and hypertensive
    • Almost died 14 times
  • He met a guy in the U.S. while visiting his unwell sister
  • This guy explained to him what was going on in his body
    • A 1-hour conversation that completely changed his life
  • He started fixing himself and his family and saw a big transformation
  • Several years later, he realized he had a business opportunity 

-Managing high air pollution in India…08:02

-India’s tradition of naturopathy and Ayurveda…13:39

  • A lot of people pretend they know Ayurveda
  • There is science in Ayurveda, but the number of practitioners is not so widely available
  • A good Ayurveda practitioner can cure you of almost anything using traditional herbs, spices, foods, and massages
  • Ayurvedic practitioners need to communicate better 
    • Young practitioners are slowly bridging the gap by building apps, languages, and tools
    • Expect an explosion of Ayurveda in the next 10 years
  • Biochemical Individuality by Roger J. Williams
  • Dr. Justin Marchegiani

-Ritesh’s daily routine…16:17

  • Tracks almost 70 parameters every day
    • Blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse rate, HRV, and sleep
    • Number of steps he takes, exercise time, heart rate, and breath
    • Garmin 
    • Oura Ring
  • Ritesh breaks his day into 6-hour windows
    • Wakes up at 4:00 a.m.
    • 5-minute mediation
    • Breaking the 6-hour window with meditation
    • Breathing exercise similar to box breathing, paired with a song
    • He has trained his body to positively react to a song (Clair de Lune) while slowly breathing

-The impact of seed oils on the rise of chronic disease…20:28

  • Replacement of traditional oils like ghee, coconut oil, and olive oil with canola oil or safflower oil is more responsible for the onset of insulin resistance than carbohydrate consumption
  • Ritesh’s father decided to switch from ghee to industrial oils 30 years ago
    • India went through the same change
  • Consumption of carbohydrates has decreased due to gluten intolerance, yet many people are overweight, insulin resistant, and type 2 diabetic
  • Lifestyle is also an important factor — people are less active
  • Mustard oil is a good option
  • Ghee is by far the best — only 10% of Indians use ghee
  • Bilona ghee
  • Hand churned over 48 hours by combining yogurt and fat
    • Yogurt gives it a bit of probiotic
  • Commercial ghee is usually blended with other things, just like olive oil in most countries
  • In restaurants, ask for coconut or mustard oil
  • Gut Zoomer Test
  • Cyrex panel
  • Most people are not truly gluten intolerant but FODMAP intolerant

-A plant-based diet and adequate protein intake…29:09

  • Ritesh follows a vegan, plant-based diet
    • Doesn’t eat eggs
  • Protein sources:
    • Milk
    • Cottage cheese, paneer
    • Lentils and beans, especially when sprouted
    • Nuts and seeds
  • Whey protein to supplement protein when working out
  • A study about plant based-diets showed that:
    • Consuming a digestive enzyme breaks down protein
    • Increases the bioavailability of plant-based protein
  • Kion Aminos is plant-based and vegan
  • Indians today are not very active
    • COVID brought a shift in mindset, an awareness about health  

-The benefits of yoga…32:59

-Spirituality versus longevity…35:40

  • There is an inherent conflict between longevity and spirituality
  • Longevity, in itself, is a noble goal
    • Lots of people are dying for reasons that you know could be prevented
  • The goal of spirituality in India is to attain salvation — escape the cycle of life and death
  • Ritesh went from being an atheist to spiritual to believing in God
    • Believes in a divine power that guides his life in a certain direction — salvation
  • The Buddha lived until he was 82 and was spreading his work till his last breath
  • Ben believes immortality is achieved through having offspring who live after you and continue your legacy

-The pillars of good health…40:37

  • Ritesh’s pillars of good health:
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise and movement
    • Sleep
    • Breath
    • Meditation
    • Toxicity
  • Detoxification protocols:
    • Sauna and ozone
    • Washing and scrubbing fruits and vegetables with vinegar
    • Lots of herbs and spices
    • Using ghee
    • Avoiding plastics
  • Sleep had never been a problem for Ritesh
  • Sensate for stress relief (use code BGL to save $30)
  • Apollo (use code BGL to save 15%)
  • Devices Ritesh is using

-Ritesh’s food products…47:10

  • Ritesh's Breath Again food products do not yet ship to the U.S.
  • 5PM Snack — a snack Ritesh sent to Ben 
    • Nuts, dates, seeds, and a little bit of ghee
  • Breath Again products on the market:
    • Mongra saffron
    • Banana tea
    • Jaggery
    • Coffee
  • Saffron, a spice, is amazing for the nervous system — has a calming effect
  • Nootopia (use code BEN10 to save 10%)
  • Stress Guardian 
  • Qualia Mind
  • Qualia Resilience
  • Ritesh adds saffron to his coffee
  • Ritesh developed a relationship with the villages where he sources his ingredients

-Ritesh’s most recent health discoveries…51:25

  • The biggest evolution has been in the field of exercise
    • From no exercise to a hard-charging workout every single day 
  • Homeostasis or balance applied to exercise — the balance between what you can do and what you need to do
  • Recovery days can include:
  • Number one reason people quit going to the gym is they don’t know what to do there
    • The first step is to find an app or website that will help you
  • Ritesh wants to build a retreat, a blend of neuroscience, biohacking, how to build better habits, nutrition, etc.
  • Ben does at least four each year

-And much more…

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