Q&A 461: Spicy Stuff For Fat Loss, The Power Of “Micro-Workouts”, Growing A Bigger Penis, Are Bluetooth Headphones Bad For You & Much More!

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How to grow a bigger penis
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Q: Anil asks: Love the stuff you put out, and I practice what is possible within limits here in beautiful Kathmandu. My question is, since I want to speak about health, nutrition, and well-being in general, what is a good course (online or not) to get that validation?…20:05

Ben Recommends:

Q: Dan asks: Is it OK to listen to podcasts etc. in the sauna on Bluetooth earphones or is it still bad for health?…40:10

Ben Recommends:

Q: Wade asks: Hey Ben! I can’t afford the ARX machine, so is there another way to do a simple set to failure?…49:50

Ben Recommends:
  • Nautilus workout systems at home or in the gym
  • X3® Bar Workout with bands
  • Kybun shoes
  • Free weights also work well
    • Be careful with the deadlift – Ben often skips this exercise if he's traveling and using free weights
  • Ben's tip if you still have some “gas in the tank” at the end of 8 reps in a set, but can't do one more slow:
    • Go to the end range of motion
    • “Bounce” and move  through micro motions to completely exhaust the muscle
  • Body by Science by John Little and Doug McGuff

Q: What's your recommended setup for a treadmill desk?…54:00

Ben Recommends:

Q: What options do you recommend for males with low testosterone who are trying to have kids? I tried Clomid and Anastrazole for a long time but they're not working…1:00:33

Ben Recommends:
  • Testosterone replacement therapy can help men feel better overall, though can decrease sperm count
    • If testosterone levels are low, the body naturally increases production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
      • Triggers testes to produce more sperm
    • When your brain detects an increase in testosterone from TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), sperm production process is disrupted
  • Podcast with Adam Lamb:
  • There are some workarounds to help with fertility:
    • Some doctors combine TRT with hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) treatment
    • You can try sperm banking prior to TRT
    • Avoid excessive alcohol and heat from sauna or hot tub overuse
  • Traditional TRT isn't necessary, in Ben's opinion
    • Primary hypogonadism
      • Rarer than secondary hypogonadism
      • Hypothalamus and pituitary gland function is normal
      • Successfully signaling for testosterone production
        • Testes failing to produce testosterone (primary testicular failure)
      • TRT is often the only option
    • Secondary hypogonadism
      •  More common than primary hypogonadism
      • Testes are able to produce testosterone
      • Hypothalamus and pituitary gland are not sending the signal
      • TRT may not be a good idea due to the enzyme aromatase
        • Causes an excess of estradiol (E2) which impacts fertility
      • Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) are a better option than Clomid
        • Causes E2 to not be bound to the receptor that causes the decrease in LH and FSH
      • Most popular SERM is Enclomiphene
        • Removes excess estrogen
  • Ben recommends Enclomiphene with a small dose of Testosterone, or Enclomiphene by itself

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  1. Anthony Guastella says:

    Hey Ben, I wanted to add another health coaching institute to the list. ITN (Institute of Transformational Nutrition), in addition to teaching top notch nutrition and coaching information, they also teach business, psychology, and spirituality. Some of the people on the board include Dave Asprey, Shawn Stevenson, Dr. Alan Christianson, JJ Virgin, Dr. Kellynann Petrucci, and Katie Wells. They are also nationally accredited unlike most certifications, so you can be anywhere, and still have a valid certification.

  2. Angela says:

    The pump story is too much!!!!

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