East Meets West Medicine Part 2: Stem Cell Myths, Hydrodissection, Vagus Nerve Stimulation Devices, & Much More With Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz (Part 2).

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Stem cell therapy
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If you tuned into Part 1 of this two-part podcast series with the exceptional Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz of Anatara Medicine, you’ve already been afforded a glimpse into the future of healthcare.

During that episode, Ahvie and I touched upon revolutionary treatments such as ultrasound-guided injections, the most effective stem cell applications, and the potential of Kimera Exosomes. If Part 1 piqued your curiosity, Part 2 promises to be just as intriguing.

Today, Dr. Ahvie, with insights from Dr. Shawn Tierney, unpacks the hydrodissection procedure for the nervous system. Imagine a therapeutic session for your nerves, a procedure that offers immediate relief from conditions like migraines, hypertension, tachycardia, and the elusive Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). This lesser-known procedure holds tremendous promise; it's astonishing how specific injections can provide transformative results, drastically improving a patient's quality of life. We even discuss whether you can get the same or similar results with electro-current devices for vagus nerve stimulation (you'll be surprised at his reply!).

Transitioning to the topic of stem cells, a realm filled with much hope and discussion in recent years, Ahvie shares his expertise on adipose-derived stem cells, suggesting a promising direction in regenerative medicine.

With firsthand accounts from patients who've benefited from these treatments, this episode stands as a beacon of what integrative medicine offers. Through Ahvie's expertise, we get a vivid picture of the next phase in medical evolution – one that beckons enhanced wellness, rejuvenation, and a better quality of life.

Join Dr. Ahvie and me for this enlightening continuation as we explore the transformative world of hydrodissection, the efficacy behind vagus nerve stimulation, the groundbreaking impact of stem cells, and much more. Welcome back!

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Hydrodissection procedure for the nervous system with Dr. Shawn Tierney…08:32

-What does the hydrodissection procedure look like?…15:37

  • On the C1 plexus case:
    • Lying on your side
    • Look at the anatomy in that area
    • Avoiding any major vessels
    • Injecting fluid to open up the fascial plane to create a space, breaking adhesions around nerves
    • Instant feedback (within 10 minutes)
  • Difference from the stellate block
    • Stellate block – blocking the sympathetic side so the parasympathetic side can express itself
    • It can be done only on one side per day

-The electro-current devices for vagus nerve stimulation…18:56

  • Vagus nerve stimulation is essentially like a massage
  • Muscles don't have a sensation of pain
  • The pain will be gone only for a couple of days, but if the nerves are still restricted, you will feel the pain again
  • Hydrodissection is a longer-lasting solution
  • If it doesn't last, that usually means there's an inflammatory process that must be treated
  • A woman scheduled for a pacemaker felt immediate results after the procedure
    • Heartrate was 30 beats a minute
    • After the procedure, the heart rate went from 30 to 72 within 10 minutes and stayed there for four days
    • Heartrate has been 72 for the past year

-Dr. Ahvie shares some patients’ feedback…21:57

  • Patients say that the most effective thing done on them was the C1 injection – “woke me up”
  • COVID is inflammatory in the neck and can tie up cranial nerves
  • Patients felt cognitive boost, energy boost, even performance boost
  • Dr. Ahvie uses stellate ganglion block on all his cancer patients
  • Hydrodissection in the neck area is an outstanding treatment for migraines
  • Headaches are really nerve impingements
  • Three nerves that cause migraines:
    • Greater occipital nerve
    • Lesser occipital nerve
    • Third occipital nerve

-How to find well-versed doctors for the procedure…25:45

  • RMSK certification
    • Look at their background and experience
  • Probably fewer than 50 people in the US doing the procedures
    • 20 of those are really skilled
  • Less than 1% of the providers
  • Dr. Shawn Tierney’s clinic
  • Dr. Ahvie Herkowitz's clinic
  • C1 procedure alters the blood supply to the brain and modulates the immune response
  • People with cold, flu, and allergy symptoms:
    • Symptoms dissipate
    • Almost an instant relief from the congestion, runny nose, cough, and altered temperature

-Immediate impact of the procedure…32:39

  • Heart and blood pressure issues can be turned on a dime and make an impactful change
  • A woman patient at Anatara – with a malignant form of hypertension and tachycardia
    • After the procedure, blood pressure was 113 over 67, and heart rate was 72
  • Dr. Tierney has 4 patients that every so often have visual deficits like blurring vision
    • Blurring clears after the C1 plexus procedure
    • Sometimes good for a year or two
  • Also have repeat patients with tinnitus and loss of hearing (also for one or a couple of years) 

-The use of stem cells…35:30

  • Started using adipose-derived stem cells 9 years ago
    • Quite effective 
    • Done under local anesthesia, very safe
    • Getting stem cells from body fat
    • People with diabetes have the lowest fat yield
  • FDA came and said the procedure went against their rules
    • 5-6 years later, they lost their case
  • The problems:
    • FDA was treating it as the creation of a pharmaceutical product
    • No standardization
  • Dr. Ahvie moved on to other stem cell products
  • Umbilical cord cells freshly taken out of C section
  • Exosomes – the small particles from which stem cells communicate with their neighbors
  • Stem cells do not replicate in your body
  • Using the laser via patches for a transdermal absorption of the wavelengths
    • Infrared penetrates 10 cm
  • At Dr. Ahvie's lab at Johns Hopkins years ago
    •  Leading on the immunology side and the transplant side
    • Experimented with how to get stem cells into the heart
    • Realized that you didn't need to go an arterial route, you can go a venous route
  • When stem cells are infused into the body, they typically migrate to the lung and spleen until they're called on for a specific task
  • Exosomes come from activating your stem cells in vitro and then giving them to the patient
  • Exosomes can traverse very tiny spaces
    • Easily traverse the blood-brain barrier
    • Easily traverse bone and get into difficult areas
  • Anatara now uses umbilical cord cells and exosomes
  • The activity level of the stem cells given fresh versus the activity level of culture
  • The number is not important but the viability and the potency of the stem cells that is important
  • The older you are, the better it is to use umbilical cord stem cells
  • We could derive the effect we are looking for with our own cells
  • At this point, stem cells are not a panacea
    • Not going to take you from kidney failure to a normal kidney
  • Stem cell therapy is the strongest global reparative, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory therapy

-Protocols for stem cell treatment…46:17

-And much more…

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