Fixing A Knee Without Surgery, Building “Young Muscle”, Zenjections For The Vagus Nerve, Peptides For COVID & Much More with Dr. Matt Cook.

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Vagus Nerve Treatment for PTSD
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In 2021, I could barely stand on my knee, much less run, and multiple sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons told me I had arthritis and significant knee cartilage degeneration, and the only way out was surgery (and even that might not work).

Instead, I went a different route: namely with regenerative medicine under the guidance and expert hands of Dr. Matthew Cook at Bioreset Medical in San Jose.

…fast forward a year, and after intraosseous needling, stem cells, exosomes, and a few other minimally invasive protocols Dr. Cook and I discuss in this podcast, my knee is now fully-functional and I'm able to sprint, play tennis and pickleball, hike, squat, ride bicycles and engage in all the sports I loved and missed – nearly 100% pain-free.

I was understandably both blown away and incredibly grateful, and so I decided to interview Dr. Cook not only about cutting-edge regenerative medicine protocols like what he did to my knee, but also much more, including stellate ganglion nerve blocks for the vagus nerve and stress rebooting, long-haul COVID and vaccines, and much, much more.

Dr. Cook is a board-certified anesthesiologist who shifted his career to regenerative medicine over a decade ago. He is a global thought leader, educator, and innovator in regenerative medicine, combining cutting-edge, non-surgical medicine and integrative care to harness the body’s natural healing power. Those who have worked with Dr. Cook know he is one of the best in the field, specializing in advanced treatments ranging from stem cell therapy to peptide protocols. He is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I know, and as one of the most popular guests I've interviewed, this marks his 9th appearance on the show.

My previous podcasts with Dr. Cook…

Dr. Cook graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine, completed his residency in anesthesiology at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and completed fellowships in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine, and Peptide Therapy with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

After a decade focused on functional medicine (with 14 years prior working as an anesthesiologist), Dr. Cook's specialty is addressing the most challenging conditions. His proprietary multimodal approach regenerates, repairs, and restores health on a cellular level, dealing with root causes rather than masking symptoms.

This work has led him to create BioReset Medical and BioReset International, two organizations built on the mission to widen access to restorative medicine around the world.

  • BioReset Medical offers treatments for conditions such as chronic pain, orthopedics, complex illness, anti-aging and wellness, Lyme disease, PTSD, mycotoxin illness, cognitive impairment, and musculoskeletal injuries, especially for professional athletes.
  • BioReset International locations offer additional top-of-the-line regenerative products and medical treatments not available in the U.S.

Dr. Cook leverages minimally-invasive treatments, believing that the body can heal itself naturally when supported by the best technology and care. While humanizing the doctor-patient relationship, he is able to assimilate a patient’s complex health history and develop highly specialized treatment plans integrating the best of what both functional and regenerative medicine have to offer.

In this episode, we explore Dr. Cook’s unique approach to restoring youthfulness to muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. We also discuss his experience with long COVID, his approach to vagus-nerve resets, and many other goodies related to regenerative medicine.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Dr. Matt Cook?…05:32

  • Dr. Cook's approach to treating Ben's knees

-How to reset the vagus nerve…07:02

  • Matt tries the Vagus nerve hydro-dissection on Ben
  • Vagus nerve hydro-dissection
    • For people with PTSD, trauma, or chronic nerve pain in the head or neck
    • Putting growth factors around the vagus nerve
  • Rocky Roots Music
  • Ben feels relaxed and de-stressed after the procedure
  • Why undergo this procedure?
    • PTSD and trauma 
    • Weight-loss
    • Chronic pain
  • The goal is to turn the nerves off and reboot them 
  • BioReset Medical
  • Started resetting both rest-and-relaxation and fight-or-flight nerves
  • Growth factor around the vagus nerve 
    • Feeling of wellness and calm

-Stellate ganglion block…10:47

  • Fight or flight nerve runs in between the 2 deepest muscles in the neck
  • Stellate ganglion block blocks those nerves
  • People with chronic pain
    • They do well with a stellate ganglion block
  • HRV almost always goes up after the procedure
  • Mindfulness and meditation are techniques to achieve the rest-and-relax state
  • Stellate ganglion block does the same
  • It's like a “Zenjection”

-Ben’s experience with Dr. Cook…16:37

-The importance of nutrition…30:09

  • Gluten sensitivity affects joints
  • Most people that are susceptible to gluten sensitivity are ones with SIBO or fungal overgrowth
  • Achilles tendon treatment
  • LL37 is an anti-microbial peptide
  • Bacteria in the small intestine

-Link between muscle, ligament, and joint health and COVID…37:53

-Treating the carotid artery to treat migraines and headaches…41:13

  • Differentiating the causes: immune, nerve, or vascular
  • Microbiome in the gut and there is also a virome
  • Blood tests
  • The usual causes of chronic fatigue
    • Lyme disease
    • Epstein-Barr
  • Long COVID creates a cytokine storm that disrupts the immune system
    • Viral reservoir in the gut
    • Viral particles (spike protein) your body can’t get rid of
    • Triggered the immune system and brought on other infections
  • Immune response to COVID or particles related to the vaccine is what we call a long-COVID

-The benefits of peptides…50:10

-Could you take all of the protocols and inject them a few times a year for anti-aging or longevity?…55:04

  • What is longevity and how to achieve it?
  • Bioregulators and Dr. Khavinson’s data and peptides
  • Immune system gets derailed when we get old
  • Immune protocols must be supported from a peptide perspective
    • Immune supplements will be a standard care in 10 years
  • How to drive exosomes, stem cells to different parts of the body?
    • Use of lasers
  • Dr. Todd Ovokaitys uses lasers
  • Qi Technology developed by Dr. Todd
  • Plasma, platelets and VSELs
  • Dr. Matt’s mentor in VSELs – Dr. Bill Paspaliaris of Tithon 
    • Protocols to isolate, activating VSELs, and giving them back

-The latest version of flywheel training…59:46

-Bonus audio from Dr. Matt Cook on hydro-dissection and treating joints and connective tissue…1:03:03

  • Products that come from your own body
    • Plasma
      • Plasma has platelets and growth factor
      • Favorite product for hydro-dissection 
      • Platelets can be separated from plasma
        • Platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma
    • Nanofat
      • Can be injected with a needle
      • Longest-lasting solution
      • Banking your own fat stem cells for future use
    • Bone marrow
      • It can be a bit inflammatory
      • It can be very helpful
    • Placental matrix
      • From a placenta that was donated at a C-section
      • Tends to have an anti-inflammatory effect on connective tissues
    • Peptides
      • Doesn’t have stem cells, but has growth factor
      • Many different peptides can be used
      • Peptides that you can use both in joints and in connective tissue
  • Cheap products that relieve impingements and compression and open up fascial planes like 5% dextrose and saline injections

-And much more…

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  1. Islahuddin Niyazi says:

    I still remembered Matt cook was pumping vaccine in Ben show. You might be smart but I think you sold out your soul with big pharmaceutical companies. You should be ashamed to your self.

    1. Ann-Emma Daily says:

      Nothing new, m8. Take 99.99% of Griftfield’s content with a grain of salt. The content about his personal faith is the remaining 0.01%.

  2. Scott Pressler says:

    Has Cook apologized for promoting an untested experimental technology (not a vaccine) resulting in millions of injured and dead humans?

    David Martin on ‘BEST CASE’ of Covid VAXX: ‘We’re Talking About 600 Million People Incapacitated’

    Jamie Foxx Has a Blood Clot in the Brain From the Covid “Vaccine”

  3. Tamari Wahbe says:

    Thank you very much for sharing these valuable insights .
    I leave between Geneva ( Switzerland ) ,Dubai (UAE) & Beirut (lebanon)
    How can i consult with Matt Cook ?
    I Am reachable on +4179 2004963
    Much appreciated .
    Wahbe Tamari

    1. Call his office at Bioreset Medical in San Jose and let them know you heard the podcast!

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