The Weekly Sunday Spiritual – Spiritspan, Socialism, A New Horror Flick & How I Read The Bible In One Year.

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After an extended hiatus of my usual Sunday spiritual ramblings, which you can find in their entirety here, I've decided to resurrect (pun intended, I s'pose) my brief weekly foray into all matters spiritual. After all, I firmly believe we are a “soul with a body” not a “body with a soul”, and so I'd certainly be remiss not to supply you with tips that go beyond lifespan and healthspan and instead also dive into what I'm gong to call “spiritspan”.

Anyways, this new spiritual series will be pretty straightforward: you can expect a quick and easy-to-read bullet-point digest of spiritually meaningful discoveries I've encountered throughout the week, which may also occasionally foray into political, economic, family, and other matters that may not fall under the body, brain and biohacking umbrellas.'

So without further ado, here we go…

1. Socialism: I was blown away by a thought-provoking read on the great manipulation of minority-voters, government power-grabs, and a brief history of problematic socialistic tendencies in America, from one of my favorite newsletters by the great historian Bill Federer: American Minute. Here's the article in it's entirety. If you dig stuff like this, I do recommend subscribing to the American Minute newsletter also. Here's one quote that may give you an idea of what to expect: “Was the increase in single-parent black families after 1960 a legacy of slavery, or might it be a legacy of the welfare state ushered in by the War on Poverty?” Food for thought indeed……

2. Movie that rocked my world: Nefarious is a new twist on a horror flick that left me reeling and on my knees in passionate prayer for a good time afterward. No spoiler alerts here, but I can tell you that it does not include the typical gratuitous, nightmare-inducing violence of the average Hollywood horror film, and instead contains a deeply spiritual message that may make you rethink your entire perception of God, Satan, demons, angels and more. It is probably one of the most meaningful movies I've watched in the past ten years.

3. How I go through the entire Bible each year: Every morning, within a few minutes after waking, I turn on my 12-18 minute-ish reading from the Bible In One Year app (which, if you visit the website, you will see is also available as a podcast in any podcast player, or as a book here). Narrated by Nicky Gumbel, a vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in Kensington, London, it includes a series of daily sessions exploring the Christian faith, following the Bible in one year program to understand the Scriptures better. It has over 3 million subscribers worldwide. Drawing out a theme for each day from the designated Bible readings, Gumbel's exegetical writings on the Proverbs, Psalms and New and Old Testament excerpts are packed with insight, wisdom and application. I listen to my entire session while I'm washing my face, tooling around the quiet morning house, prepping coffee, and doing my morning routine.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Sunday Spiritual. How about you? What have you found spiritually meaningful this week that you'd add in? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I read them all. 

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One thought on “The Weekly Sunday Spiritual – Spiritspan, Socialism, A New Horror Flick & How I Read The Bible In One Year.

  1. Gram says:

    I love your Sunday Spiritual. I love how your heart and soul come through your words. I love words. Words are useful. Words are powerful. I love learning new words. I love reading stuff that gives me cause to look up new words. Exegetical is my new word of this day. Thank you.

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