Ancient Aliens, Fallen Angels, Hidden Secrets Of The Vatican, The Coming Superhuman Race & Much More With Tim Alberino.

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Timothy Alberino isn't your everyday explorer.

With a title like “the modern-day Indiana Jones,” he goes beyond the tales of cinematic adventure to seek out the world's deepest secrets. From lost cities and civilizations to legendary creatures, Timothy's expeditions delve into the paranormal and beyond.

Known as a modern-day Indiana Jones, my guest on this podcast, Timothy Alberino is a consummate and quite controversial explorer of all things paranormal and beyond. This isn’t Hollywood fiction—it’s Timothy’s reality. His relentless quest has taken him across the planet, from the dense jungles of the Amazon to the looming mountains of Tibet, unearthing relics of lost civilizations and chasing tales of mythical creatures.

However, there's more to Timothy than just his intrepid adventures. He's a scholar, a researcher, and a prolific writer. His deep dives into esoteric topics don't just stop at field explorations. After years of rigorous study, Alberino has garnered an expansive knowledge base that enables him to dissertate with authority on a wide variety of esoteric topics, including theories on alternative history; ancient mythologies, megalithic architecture; giants, Bigfoot, and other cryptids; UFOs and alien abduction; transhumanism and emerging technologies; occult conspiracy; and Christian eschatology. These efforts culminated in his book, Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam's Dominion on Planet Earth, a tome that not only captures his findings but challenges its readers to look at the world differently.

In our discussion today, Timothy will take you on a journey through his experiences, shedding light on the reasons that drew him to the world of the paranormal. He'll share the core concepts from Birthright, exploring the hypothesis of ancient entities sharing our space on Earth. But it doesn’t stop there. The plot thickens as he shares revelations about the Vatican's pursuits in anti-aging and longevity research. Is it a mere scientific endeavor, or is it a precursor to the dawn of Transhumanism?

As you tune in, be prepared to travel through time, spanning eons of history and diving into possible futures. It's not just about answering questions with Timothy Alberino; it's about understanding the intricacies of the questions themselves.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Tim's story…07:15

  • Was never a troublemaker – didn't drink or do drugs
  • Got kicked out of high school at 18 years old
  • Tried to travel to Scotland and Ireland
    • Was deported for being a “Yankee”
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain
  • Became depressed when he arrived back in Cleveland
  • Wanted to escape Suburbia America
  • Met Alfonso Felix, a Mexican missionary who was speaking at his father's church
    • Inspired Tim to travel to Peru with him
  • Eventually moved to the Amazon jungle in Peru
    • Became interested in the paranormal and Peru legends
    • Megaliths and stories of giants, aliens, etc.

-How Tim became interested in the paranormal in Peru…13:15

  • Wandered around all of Peru for two years
    • Had very interesting experiences
    • Returned to Cleveland
  • Got married to a woman from Cleveland, and they moved back to Peru
    • Lived ten years in the Amazon basin
  • Insatiable appetite for adventure
  • Insatiable appetite to encounter God
    • Was willing to sacrifice everything to attain it
    • Isolated himself in the wilderness
    • Fulfilled his quest to encounter God

-Tim's thoughts on entheogenic substances…16:54

-Consciousness, Ayahuasca, and demonic possession…18:37

  • There's a field of consciousness
    • All of us are intrinsically connected
    • Tim believes psychedelics allow you to sort of tap into this “internet of consciousness”
      • Puts you in a vulnerable state
        • Susceptible to manipulation and deception
    • Perceptual reality or realm
    • Conscious entanglement
  • There are environments in which psychedelics might be useful. You often hear about the good stories, you don't hear about the bad ones, and the bad ones are pretty dramatic
  • Detox center Takiwasi, in the Peruvian Amazon basin
    • People go to detox from an addiction to heroin or something but some are dealing with what appears to be something like demon possession afterward
    • They traded one problem for another, and you don't hear about those cases
  • Tim has witnessed people get absolutely ruined by ayahuasca
    • Possessed by a “visitor”
    • Similar to demon possession
    • Often happens to addicts who use Ayahuasca to detox from heroin
  • Tim has witnessed several ayahuasca sessions
    • Shamans invite the spirits of the jungle to interact with the person undergoing Ayahuasca
    • Shamans have described the Ayahuasca experience to Tim
      • Entities enter the circle and then visit each of the people present
        • Look at them in the face and examine them closely
        • When they find someone suitable for whatever it is they are searching for, they enter that person
    • Low-dose psilocybin changes the intent and the environment
      • Doesn't allow mediation through the Shaman
  • Humans are at a disadvantage when encountering other entities
    • Entities are more efficient and experienced at dealing with us than we are at dealing with them

-Tim's take on the recent reported sightings in Peru…28:29

  • Doesn't think this was a supernatural experience
    • Physical experience
    • Entities in possession of exceedingly advanced technology
  • Field of consciousness is an “Internet of Consciousness”
    • Can access the internet, but we cannot be inside of the internet
    • Physical beings on the Earth and off the Earth who are accessing this field of information
    • Demon possession and disembodied beings
    • Physical biological beings interfacing with us telepathically through the “Internet of Consciousness”

-Potential for entities or “lords” of a different realm now present on Earth…41:55

  • Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam's Dominion on Planet Earth by Timothy Alberino
  • Primordial indigenous creatures
    • Bigfoot
    • Hominid
  • Entities not indigenous to Earth
    • Extraterrestrial beings
    • Likely live under the oceans
    • Interact with us
    • Fallen Angels
  • Entities that visit the Earth
    • Not from here and don't live here
    • Likely have a base here
  • Disembodied entities, like demons
  • Tim's book, Birthright, establishes the fact that the biblical narrative presumes the existence of extraterrestrials
    • Presumes the existence of ETs
      • Pre-exist humans
    • Angels make up an advanced, extraterrestrial civilization Tim calls the Elder Race
      • They fly around in our airspace in advanced aerospace vehicles
      • Involved in this activity, both good and bad
    • It's difficult for Christians to make the transition from paranormal thought to practical thought
  • The ancient texts, Ramayana and the Mahabharata talk about flying machines called Vimanas
    • Advanced technology from the Antediluvian, or pre-flood era
      • Mercury engine flying machines
  • Global cataclysm mythos with similarities in many cultures and religions
    • Wars between the gods and their armies and the humans and theirs
    • Involves floods and earthquakes, both the conflict and the cataclysm
    • Destroys almost all of life, with conflict and then the cataclysm

-The kinds of technologies alluded to in Tim's film…57:50

-How the Vatican's involvement in anti-aging and longevity could lead to Transhumanism…1:10:21

  • Tim believes the Church of Rome is going to have a significant role in crafting the doctrine
  • Apotheotheism – the belief that the gods exist and we shall become like them
    • The glorification or deification of man becoming a god
      • We're in the “hybrid age”
      • Development of genetic technologies
    • Setting the stage for complete technocratic control over society
      • Control every facet of human existence
  • Post-human race or post-human apocalypse
    • Two important questions:
      1. What does it mean to be human?
      2. Should we preserve our humanity? Is our humanity worth preserving?
  • We're the first generation that has to ask these questions
  • Tim's YouTube channel

-And much more…

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6 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens, Fallen Angels, Hidden Secrets Of The Vatican, The Coming Superhuman Race & Much More With Tim Alberino.

  1. Ashleigh B. says:

    Ben, I applaud you for keeping an open mind! Although I do not reach the same conclusions as your guest, I think it’s more important than ever not to put blinders on when considering alternative theories with regards history, religion, and science. I was tickled by the notion that universal consciousness is like tapping into the internet – not sure if that’s an apt analogy, but it’s definitely worth considering!

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      I appreciate the thoughtful feedback Ashleigh

  2. Buzz Flye says:

    Good host and great guest for this particularly top-notch episode.
    Ben throws a lot of crap against the wall on his website, but I stick around for content like one.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I really enjoyed this one! With all the news reports and documentaries that are circulating right now on this topic, it was definitely very welcome from my end to hear a Christian perspective on it all. Thanks for another great one, Ben!

  4. Tammy says:

    I have to agree with the above comment. Ben. Are you a man of God? I feel this led to a very anti human tone. I am very disappointed at how both of you are considering this technocracy agenda as a done deal and that it is a good thing. Or I should say Tim. I am thankfully in my fifties and want no part of this new religion. I will stick to God and Jesus. Thanks for hearing me out.

  5. Mark Stephen Oliver says:

    What he’s talking about in the church of Rome and ushering in a new type of religion.. Is basically the New world Order and this is not a good thing…tampering with God’s creation is wrong..
    Good podcast though… We’re being governed by those fallen angels…

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