Fertility Secrets You’ve Never Heard Of, Overcoming Painkiller Addiction, & Meditation Tips With Adam Wenguer the Founder of Element Health.

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how to overcome painkiller addiction
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My guest on today's show is Adam Wenguer, who has grown to be a friend of mine after we met while training at a gym in Miami Beach, Florida. 

After suffering a spine and leg injury while entering college, Adam was treated with pharmaceutical opioids which led to an intense, but all too common, addiction. On his path to recovery, he became immersed in Zen Buddhism, health, and wellness, and began his lifelong path into spirituality. This eventually led Adam to study and graduate with a degree in applied physiology and kinesiology as he sought to bring greater physical healing to others, as he had done for himself.

Adam was raised in Miami in a Cuban-Jewish household and attended the University of Florida. He started martial arts at a young age and continues an extensive Jiu-Jitsu practice as a black belt as well as training in boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing.

For more than a decade, Adam was a strength conditioning and health coach at a renowned 5-star wellness and training facility, working with a wide array of professional athletes, company executives, and individuals seeking optimal health. Many of his clients were suffering from the same ailments—sleep issues, anxiety, inflammatory disorders, and a general emotional and spiritual disconnect. This led Adam to take a more holistic approach towards coaching his clients, combining advanced physical training with meditation and utilizing more ancient and shamanic healing arts, while incorporating a wide array of natural medicines and compounds including CBD. In 2017, Adam founded Element Health (use code BEN15 to save 15%), one of the leading suppliers of the most potent and high-quality full-spectrum CBD products in the world.

Adam spends the majority of his time with his wife Kristen, their son Max, and their two dogs on his farm in Florida where they consciously and sustainably live on the land. Adam hunts deer and wild boar (literally by hand) while also fishing year-round to ethically provide his family and friends with the most nutritious protein available. In his free time, Adam continues to teach, train, and compete in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He is also heavily involved in the study of plant medicine and the shamanic approach to healing. Adam finds the deepest joy and his true purpose by sharing the healing techniques of his intense journey with as many people as possible.

In my last podcast with Adam, “The Official CBD FAQ: Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Know About CBD, Combining Psychedelics With Cannabinoids, Smokeable Ayahuasca, Microdosing With Plant Medicine & Much More!” we got into Adam's intense history of growing up in Miami (and many topics ranging from fighting and drug use to plant medicine) and then we dove deep into the science of CBD. We referenced over 10 different studies on its mechanism of action, differentiating CBD from THC on a compound level, discussing the endocannabinoid system, and much more.
In today's show, we dive into why you should consider training in martial arts (especially jiu-jitsu), optimizing your endocannabinoid system to improve longevity and recovery for hard training, little-known ways to increase fertility, overcoming addictions to painkillers, other drugs, and much more.

During our discussion, you'll discover:


-Adam's journey with infertility…25:39

  • MMA and bodybuilding at college
  • Using steroids for an extended period of time for bodybuilding has effects 
  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • Zero sperm count at doctor’s check
    • High doses of drugs for restoring fertility
    • Depression and anger
    • Stopped taking the prescribed drugs
  • Started meditating every day after his dad passed away
  • Meditation every day with gratitude practice
    • Visualized fertility and pregnancy
  • Plant-medicine ceremonies
    • Smoking Ayahuasca 3-4 times a week
    • Connecting to the collective consciousness
    • Connecting to my father and my son
  • Had sperm count checked again and had a normal count
  • Podcast with Jay Campbell

-Use of cannabinoids and production of CBD products…43:20

  • Element Health (use code BEN15 to save 15%) droppers and gummies
  • THC can be kind of feminizing; tends to impact testosterone
  • Researching CBD and its effects
  • Large companies genetically modifying hemp
  • Dosages
    • Small amounts during the day
    • CBD also works well with caffeine in preventing that crash by maintaining your levels of adenosine
    • CBD with tea
  • Researching cannabinoids and infertility
    • Endocannabinoid receptors on testicles, sperm cells, and eggs
    • Endocannabinoid system
    • No studies on taking CBD for infertility
    • Adam and his wife taking CBD
  • Adam uses CBD during the day to focus

-Adam's experience with in-vitro fertilization…56:20

  • Froze sperm at 38
  • Started a procedure
    • 19 viable eggs, 5 embryos
    • The embryos were genetically tested for like Down syndrome and other conditions
  • Pregnancy is a miracle – having a son
  • Wife continued MMA training during pregnancy
  • Followed a nose-to-tail diet 
    • Raw, a lot of quality dairy
    • Fermented vegetables, sauerkraut, and kimchi
    • Keeping probiotics very high, antioxidants but keeping in mind that sometimes too much antioxidant is not a good thing
  • Weston A. Price kind of diet

-Adam's opioid addiction and his meditation practice…1:06:00

  • Leg injury doing Muay Thai and kickboxing
  • Opioids – took oxycontin, heroin, and cocaine
  • Felt great, but over time needed higher doses
  • Stopped taking drugs, but felt withdrawal symptoms
    • Getting off drugs cold turkey
  • Cause of addiction – avoiding facing emotions
  • Taking meditation classes based on
  • Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn
    • Mindful meditation
    • Listening to God and hearing what He wants to say and what He wants you to feel
  • Came back after the course to help teach the class
  • Muse (use code BENGREENFIELD to save 20%)
  • Raised Jewish but had stepparents that were Christian and Catholic, so had a reverence for religion
  • Zen Buddhist meditation center – Meditate like your head's on fire

-Adam's martial arts practice…1:17:13

  • Started martial arts very young
    • Karate at 4
    • Gave up training at 7 and concentrated on fitness, bodybuilding
  • You need to train for defense
  • Started training in martial arts again at 27
  • Jiu-jitsu
    • Spiritual and intellectual martial art
    • A game of life and death
    • An ego crusher
    • 10 years to get a black belt
  • Only 10% of people that start jiu-jitsu make it to blue belt; blue belt usually takes one year
  • Of that 10%, only 1% make it to black belt; took Adam years to get his black belt
  • Got his black belt in June, 2021 from Jonatas Gurgel, former head coach of American Top Team
  • Discipline Is Destiny by Ryan Holiday
  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

-Final thoughts from Adam…01:29:05

  • Cultivate friendships that go deep
  • Appreciating good friends that have helped along the way
  • Optimize relationships; there's nothing as meaningful as your relationships 
    • With God
    • With other people

-And much more…

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2 thoughts on “Fertility Secrets You’ve Never Heard Of, Overcoming Painkiller Addiction, & Meditation Tips With Adam Wenguer the Founder of Element Health.

  1. Renzo Sevilla says:

    I’ve tried many different brands of CBD and most were either too weak or watered down with additional and questionable ingredients. In a market flooded with different CBD brands, Element Health was the first one I found with not only the potency to get a noticeable effect but the purity of label that you would expect from a “health” product. In addition if you compare costs, Element Health’s CBD is substantially less expensive. I use it for sleep, relaxation, and the numerous health benefits from CBD.

  2. Joseph Casal says:

    I was referred to Element Health products surprisingly by my Neurologist in N.C. when I had an appointment for my sleep issues. I tried so many sleep supplements without success and eventually used Ambien but the side effects were too much for me. My bloodwork was great and most of my hormones were in ideal ranges but it seemed I had excess levels of cortisol and other stress hormones which wasn’t a surprise since I work 10+ hour days in finance and still manage to workout 6 days a week. Burning the candle at both ends and constant overthinking even when I should be sleeping. Fast forward a year and I was randomly introduced by my chiropractor to your social media page back in December. I was already hooked on your biohacking and nutritional content but then I saw your endorsement of Element Health products and I knew then your recommendations were spot on. I use only 40mg of their Max Strength oil sublingually about 30 minutes before hopping in bed and I sleep DEEP. My Whoop device showed drastic increases in REM and deep sleep within 2 days of using the product. I can see why you swear by this stuff. Now I am interesting in using during the day, probably around 11 or 12 when my workload and pressure is totally insane. I listened to the 2 podcasts with you and Adam and you said that you take very high doses before bed. What doses do you recommend for daytime use for an individual like myself who seems to respond well to the lower range?
    Thank you for bringing Adam on as a guest. Really enjoyed this one and it’s great to see passion and so much positive intent behind the owner of a brand like Element.

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