Alternatives To Alcohol & Plant Medicine, Growth Through Ayahuasca, A Shower Routine That Grows Your Brain, Is Eating Bugs A Mind-Control Experiment & More With Mike Cernovich.

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Embark on an exploration through the multifaceted realms of journalism, literature, and filmmaking as I dive into a compelling discussion with Michael Cernovich, a cultural luminary dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of superior existence.

In 2015, Cernovich penned the best-selling book Gorilla Mindset, offering the world invaluable insights on living a better life. He maintains an ongoing exploration of culture and current affairs and specifically focuses his work on answering the question, “What is on the other side of fear?

His film on media propaganda, Hoaxed, was a top 10 independent film for two weeks in a row and dominated the charts on Apple TV and iTunes in the documentary category. Hoaxed trended as one of the top 10 most streamed films before it was banned from Amazon without explanation.

Cernovich was instrumental in bringing the story of Jeffrey Epstein into popular consciousness, as he filed a lawsuit to unseal previously hidden court files in a case involving Epstein. Cernovich has broken dozens of stories of significant interest and obtained files proving a powerful Congressman had settled a sexual harassment lawsuit secretly. As a result of this discovery, the Congressman resigned.

He currently writes primarily on Substack, often about parenting, and on Twitter, where he has over a million followers. Some days Cernovich focuses on political subjects, and other times he discusses mental health, fitness, trauma, and the use of plant medicines as well as the demonology and other controversies surrounding Ayahuasca.

As part of his philanthropy, Cernovich has contributed and raised money for a veterans charity that focuses on finding solutions for PTSD and drug and alcohol addiction through the use of ibogaine.

Cernovich is not just a truth-seeker, philanthropist, and storyteller but also a devoted husband and father of three (who is eagerly anticipating a fourth child).

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Mike Cernovich…06:06

-His experience with Ayahuasca…08:11

-What’s on the other side of fear…11:00

  • Substack article — “The Fear” — a meditation on fear and how fear holds you back
  • Fear is the nasty little demon that influences everything you do
  • A look at what's on the other side of that fear is a lack of:
    • Believing in yourself
    • Valuing yourself
    • Trusting yourself
    • Trusting other people
  • A lot of it is the imagination and stories that you've told yourself
  • Plant medicine brings you knowledge and helps you realize where certain feelings come from

-Living in the era of increased distractibility…16:02

-Smart drugs, nootropics, and micro-dosing with plant medicine…20:33

-Crazy Gorilla mindset morning routine…32:19

-Helmet-wearing controversy…47:46

-Mindfulness exercises when walking…50:58

  • Hearing the sounds of your shoes on the ground
  • If you have a problem, go for a walk
    • You will calm down and get into a state of walking meditation
  • Ben tries to do 10,000 steps a day

-Dealing with nasty comments on the Internet…55:34

  • Tries to understand the person that is nasty to him
    • He used to be that guy in the past
  • Sometimes, he gets annoyed at people who comment on an issue they don't know anything about
  • Learning to get over himself
  • On the Internet, people see an avatar, not the reality
  • Having the spectacle brings people to conversation

-Mike’s “Eat bugs, live in a pod” tweet…1:00:51

-And much more…

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