390: Is Nicotine Healthy, How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last, A New Way To Fast & Much More!

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Oct 4, 2018, Q&A Episode 390: Zero Gravity Beds, How Hydrogen-Rich Water Works, Is Nicotine Healthy, and How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

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Listener Q&A [00:39:50]

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick.

Zero Gravity Beds [00:39:59]

John says: Several mattress companies promote these zero gravity beds. Do zero gravity beds (or incline beds) improve sleep quality or impact muscles in any way? Also, can unplugging these beds remove the electricity to improve sleep?

How Hydrogen-Rich Water Works [00:50:27]

Andrew says: After your recent podcasts and the hydrogen water generator giveaway, I have become really interested in hydrogen water. In your podcast with Tyler Lebaron, you mentioned that hydrogen water's antioxidant effect does not blunt the hormetic response of exercise. Can you explain a little bit more of what you mean by that? Would hydrogen water counteract adaptation to muscle growth or endurance training?

In my response, I recommend:
My podcast with Tyler Lebaron on Hydrogen-Rich Water
Water and Wellness molecular hydrogen
Kangen countertop water ionizer
H2Bev molecular hydrogen drink (use code: BEN for 10% discount)
-HRW molecular hydrogen drink – use code: GREENFIELD to get a free promo package with your first purchase of the tablets, including a ‘to go' stainless steel double walled gasketed vacuum bottle, a branded phone back ring and a branded USB, value $30!

Is Nicotine Healthy [00:57:51]

Gabe says: In the last year I have gone from cigarettes, to vaping, to patches, and most recently have been using non-tobacco nicotine patches. I was wondering your opinion on using those and using nicotine in general. Is it all good, or all bad? When should it be used or not used?

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last? [01:09:39]

Scott says: I have a question on Stem Cell Therapy. Is the treatment a permanent or temporary effect? It seems to me that it would be permanent since you are essentially rolling back the clock on the cells. But at the end of your podcast with Dr. Adelson, he said that people often come back to him in a few years – which makes it seem temporary. Can you clear this up?

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26 thoughts on “390: Is Nicotine Healthy, How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last, A New Way To Fast & Much More!

  1. Lambda Winner says:

    This is pretty interesting and I hope that it will be good to think about and i hope that it will be nice to check out here and I hope that nicotine is not promoted that well because it’s unhealthy.

  2. Lambda Winner says:

    I think that there are some interesting changes that we can keep thinking about this and I am glad that it will be interesting because I hope that more people can keep thinking about and change which is pretty interesting.

  3. Marc says:

    Ben, been off and on nicotine for years. In my experience the cognitive impact is off the charts. Negative impacts have been 1) addictive, 2) withdrawls, 3) neuropathy, 4) nausea, 5) every time I use it I get a sore throat and freak out that I have given myself cancer.

    Negatives win, but even then it’s been hard to give up.

    Curious if you saw this recent study linking nicotine to gene mutations / cancer expression and if you have, do you give it any credence: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24947164

  4. Mark says:

    How much nicotine is too much? (find my heart is racing a lot and I get winded when chasing my kids around, I’m guessing you’d file that under “too much”?)

  5. Evan says:

    What brand nicotine toothpicks do you use ? The link just takes me to the amazon generic page.

  6. Mike Spiessbach says:

    hi, you mention there are 3 pictures somewhere out there with the back support stuff you described. Is there a place we can find the pictures / diagrams. Thanks for the amazing content. PS LOVE MY KION COFFEE…..

  7. Jd says:

    You mentioned weed and nicotine can hurt a child’s brain….are their ways to test the extent of the damage of these people and what recovery procedure would you recommend to reverse any damage, thanks.

  8. Dan says:

    Loved this episode. If delaying your morning meal by 90 mins do you also need to delay having your morning coffee or do you think you could still have a black coffee on waking?

    1. Yes you could still have black coffee.

  9. Dustin says:

    Hey Ben, love the podcast! You mentioned your hydrogen water generator in your basement. Would you say hydrogen water is preferred over structured water or can you structure the hydrogen water?


  10. C.T. Blackmore says:

    Hey Ben – Big fan man. Intro music challenge accepted. I’m ready for a change in the Ben Greenfield power intro myself ;). I’m a writer/producer based in Nashville, TN…and would love to take a stab at it for ya. If you’re interested, just tell me where to send an idea or two. Feel like it could be a way to give back for all the times I rob from your knowledge… Any songs/styles/intro inspiration from you would definitely help steer it in the right direction. Either way…appreciate all you do man. Thanks!

    1. Hey there, sorry for the delay. Can you email my assistant, [email protected] Thanks!

  11. Trey says:

    Hi Ben,

    I appreciate everything you do for the health/wellness community. Regarding the suggestion of ingesting Creatine 2g at a time max, do you have any references or more information on this? I have never heard there was a limit to how much Creatine you could absorb at once.


  12. Scott says:

    Hi Ben,

    Can you provide the link to that Nicotine gum/lozenge spreadsheet your assistant created?


    1. I don’t have the spreadsheet, but this is what I use: https://amzn.to/2IZgRz0

  13. Brad says:

    Hey Ben, thanks for answering that question on nicotine I was actually just thinking of submitting a similar question myself. I am wondering what your thoughts are on vaping. Is there a healthy way to vape? What is the worst part about the ingredients of Vape juice?

  14. Troy Kinder says:

    What Hydrogen water system do like better? Trusii or Kangen

  15. Doug says:

    Hi Ben, Love your podcasts (including the humor). Could you please provide a more detailed explanation of your liver cleanse? I’ve always wanted to do a liver cleanse but didn’t want the sugar from the apple cider vinegar. Thank you again for all the great info. Cheers, Doug

  16. stephan bonam says:

    Hey Ben,
    Love your Podcast! thank you for all the great information!

    i have noticed that a lot of your affiliations do not deliever overseas.. i live in Europe and Asia..
    perhaps you can bring that in with some of them..


  17. BRIAN says:


    1. Mitch says:

      Wow Brian, you really have some shit you need to work out. I’m sorry for whatever you’re dealing with, but please don’t take your problems out on other people. Would you say that to Ben’s face?

    2. Chris says:

      Brian seems like a cool guy..

    3. John says:

      Brian represents the lowest level of awareness you’re ever likely to see. He lives outside 3D reality.
      It’s mind-boggling there’s someone who’s smart enough to use a computer and yet they have not noticed that other people have a different perception of reality…in this case what’s funny or not or “what’s interesting”. I find it very interesting and insightful little tid bits about someones life experiences as it may provide a deeper understanding of that individual. The banter between Ben and Brock is usually humorous and lightens up the show. Ben and Brock…already know…the Brian’s of the world represent a very small minority (1 out of 200,000+) who exist in a limited 2D world oblivious of the bigger 3D picture.

  18. Anthony J Llabres says:

    Would like to hear periodic updates on Ben’s US STEM Cell and Docere Clinic experience.

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