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There are very few people who I consider to be personal mentors, extremely trustworthy individuals in my life who I can look to for fitness, health and longevity advice, or people who I think put out truly “cutting-edge” health information.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is one of those people.

Dr. Mercola is a board certified family physician who had seen tens of thousands of patients before transitioning to a full time internet journalist, as he felt he could help far more people than he could in private practice.

It turns out he was right…because every month he has ten million unique visitors and 80 million unique visitors each year. has been the most visited natural health site for the last 12 years and is now translated into six different languages.

Dr. Mercola's passion is optimizing mitochondrial health, and during today's discussion, you'll discover:

-How Dr. Mercola built into one of the most popular health websites in the world…[14:00]

-Dr. Mercola's unique system that allows him to digest dozens of books each month while taking a quarter billion+ steps over his lifetime…[19:15]

-Why you should wear blue light blocking glasses during the day, not just at night…[24:30]

-How to ground your computer and keep your laptop and monitor from destroying your health…[26:35 & 35:20]

-Why Dr. Mercola eats both seafood and one surprising compound found in seafood every day of the week…[29:20]

-The little-known biohacks Dr. Mercola uses to maximize his mitochondrial density…[36:50]

-Why scrambled eggs are very bad for you, and what you can do about it…[41:30]

-The myth about iron levels and a crucial test you must take to keep iron from “rusting out” your body…[53:55]

-The best book Dr. Mercola has ever read on strength training, and how he combines it with a special hack called “EWOT”…[20:20 & 79:10]

-Dr. Mercola's take on whether or not quantification devices like rings and wristbands are good or bad for you, and what he personally uses…[60:45]

-Why Dr. Mercola limits protein intake, and how he strikes a balance between anti-aging effects of muscle and aging effects of too much protein…[67:30]

-How to make your own “anti-aging” cocktail…[72:30]

-A unique one-two combo you can use prior to saunas to maximize your detoxification, fat burn and fat cell death…[75:10]

-Two ingredients Dr. Mercola sprinkles on his garden soil to get 10x+ production of cherries, organic produce and more…[87:40]

-The liquid dropper that Dr. Mercola takes on every airplane ride…[94:10]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

Tripping Over The Truth

My interview with Dr. Minkoff “Why You've Been Lied To About Cancer”

My podcast with Dr. Mercola's girlfriend Erin Elizabeth on Lyme disease

-The book “Deskbound” by Kelly Starrett

Negative ion generator

Eizo computer monitor

Iristech software for reducing blue light on monitors

Swannies stylish blue light blocking glasses

Laptop grounding cable

Organic fish roe

Induction burner for cooking foods at low heat

DIY Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

HARAPad anti-radiation laptop pad

Whole House Charcoal Water Filter structured water filter (use 15% discount code “friendofben”)

Tank-free reverse osmosis filter with remineralization

Neobdyium magnet

Ionic ocean minerals

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor's Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Gerald Pollack's book “The 4th Phase Of Water”

Dumping Iron: How to Ditch This Secret Killer and Reclaim Your Health

DeltaSleeper SR1 Device

Oura ring (use coupon code “ben” and you’ll get 5% off your purchase and free shipping within the USA)

Magnetico sleep pad

Ben's article on strength training and anti-aging

Ben's article on using NAD+ and pau d' arco bark tea for anti-aging

-This one-two combination of d-Ribose and niacin pre-sauna

Ben's article on “hacking your sauna”.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

Quicksilver Scientific IMD Intestinal Cleanse (use GREENFIELD15 to save 15%)


Clearmind NI focus unit

Ben's podcast on the Quantlet 

Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Dr. Mercola or me? Leave your thoughts below and one of us will reply!


Addendum: Ben's notes on the DeltaSleeper/PEMF discussion:

The info below regarding the “Ramazzini Team” study on PEMF and cancer does not take a genius to figure out. The Ramazzini team followed what is commonly known as an initiation-promotion protocol. Male and female Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed in their mothers’ wombs and then for the rest of their lives to 50 Hz magnetic fields at an intensity of either 20μT or 1,000μT (200 mG or 10 G). At the age of six weeks, they each received a single 0.1Gy dose of gamma radiation, a known cancer agent.

So let's take a look at what we have here.

1. The six week old rats were given a single 0.1 Gy dose of Gamma radiation. A KNOWN cancer agent. Gamma rays are classified as ionizing. This means they have the power to cause permanent cellular damage. See Below: Primer on Electromagnetic Fields.

2. They were exposed continuously for the rest of their lives to 50Hz magnetic fields at either 200 milliGauss or 10 Gauss fields. This is completely unnatural. The Earth's magnetic field is 3-6 milliGaus (0.3-0.6 Gauss). The SR1 creates a field exactly within this natural range. I don't believe the 50Hz magnetic pulse itself would cause any damage however the SR1 device provides a much lower frequency pattern.

So basically, these rats did not stand a chance of not developing cancer.

Further into the report we find the following from Fiorella Belpoggi, the Scientific Director of the Institute who notes that:

“No Cancer Seen with EMFs Alone”

In an interview, Belpoggi said that they are planning to publish the results of a concurrent experiment in which rats were exposed to power-frequency EMFs, without any other treatment. “In our preliminary data, ELF EMFs alone didn’t appear to show an increase of cancer in experimental animals so far,” she disclosed. “The main result of our experiment,” she said, is that “ELF EMFs have a synergistic effect: They are able to enhance the effects of a well-known carcinogen at low doses that was negative at those doses in the same experimental model.”

It's important to understand the difference between EMF's in something like a DeltaSleeper and EMF's from higher power devices, so keep reading…

EMFs are classified as ionizing or non-ionizing according to their frequency.  Ionizing fields have very short wavelengths and frequencies between 1016 Hz. and 1023 Hz. These fields are above visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum (1015 Hz.) and include cosmic rays, gamma rays and X-rays which have the power to knock electrons off their nuclear orbits and cause permanent cellular damage.

Non-ionizing fields have longer wavelengths and frequencies below 1014 Hz.  Although they have less power than ionizing fields they are still capable of having biologic effects.

Important EMF modalities in medicine today are non-thermal applications of non-ionizing radiation. Medical applications of non-thermal, non-ionizing EM fields include non-union fracture bone repair, neuronal stimulation, nerve stimulation, tissue regeneration, immune system stimulation, osteoarthritis therapy, wound healing etc.

Non-ionizing fields are classified as thermal, which means in biological terms, causes gross tissue heating, or non-thermal, indicating no gross tissue heating is involved.

And the SR1 Device is a non-ionizing, non-thermal device. Furthermore, is switched on for just 22 minutes per use.

The Earth's magnetic field ranges from 0.3 Gauss – 0.6 Gauss. The SR1 Device field strength falls within this range. They are in effect “Copying Nature” with that technology.


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114 thoughts on “Killing Fat Cells, Fixing Mitochondria, Growing Superfoods & More: The Official, Much-Anticipated, Mind-Blowing, Geeked-Out Podcast With Dr. Mercola.

  1. Philippe says:

    Hi Ben! So glad I listened to this podcast, great content!

    Any thoughts on this protocol to enhance NAD+? do you see any red flags?

    -8 ounce Pau d’Arco tea

    -1 tsp Sunflower lecithin

    -1000mg Niacin (nicotinic acid)

    -4000mg d-ribose

    Blend everything together, drink it. Then go for exercise or hot shower to activate blood circulation (I don’t have a IR sauna… yet). If you have some more resources on the combination of niacin and D-ribose feel free to shoot everything at me!

    Thanks for the inputs and keep the information flowing, I enjoy every of your podcast!

    1. Sounds solid. Try a hot/cold contrast shower (10 sec hot/20 sec cold) for more profound effects.

  2. michael rosen says:

    The link for the Acoustimeter 2 (recommended by Dr. Mercola) brings up a page in amazon that doesn’t clearly elucidate which of the meters on the page is the one he recommends, please assist, thanks!

    1. Can you share which link you're referring to?

  3. Cassandra Collins says:

    I got a little confused about Dr Mercola’s comment about how we should be eating nutrients as Whole Foods as opposed to components whenever possible, but then immediately went on to say that he only eats egg yolks without the whites…? Seems slightly contradictory to me…

  4. Richard says:

    Hi Ben, Dr. Mercola,

    Great podcast. I am totally in agreement with Dr Mercola, I grew up on the beach in Australia and was pretty much always very healthy, it does not get any better than that. Sadly life moves on and sometimes those things can be lost until the mid life crisis or seachange happens and they are regained….soon I hope for my wife and I….

    To the question…. many experts are now expounding the importance of mitochondria and how to optomise the mitochondria health. Nowhere am I hearing or reading how to test – check – measure your mitochindrial health? There must be methodology more than lack of illness….

    As I understand the Mitochondrial function profile is made up of the following individual tests:

    ATP profiles;

    NAD (functional B3);



    Cell-free DNA;

    Glutathione Peroxidase.

    Thanks for your thoughts on mitochondrial testing?

  5. Matt Wilson says:

    Hey Ben and Dr Mercola, I have what claims to be the first tabletop Reverse Osmosis filter and the holding tank is so small that you can clean it everyday very easily.

    They exhibited at the Bulletproof conference and I picked one up. Id love to know if this solves the issue you were referring to.

    Loved this episode, as I’m a member of Kruse’s site and always see Dr Mercola as “online” in the forums. Thanks for this fellas!!

  6. Tonja says:

    Your thoughts on Monoatomic Gold for the brain, sleep, anti aging. Angstrom silver for detoxification.Clinoptiilolite Zeolite & Diatomaceous Earth?

    1. Hey Tonja, these are great questions to call into the podcast! You can do this by going to and keeping it under 45 seconds. They stay tuned for our response!

  7. Pati says:

    Hey Ben, what are your thoughts about IMD intestinal cleanse product and Diaotamtous Earth? Both have silica. Is it that IMD has other more concentrated ingredients, more potent?

    1. Hey Pati! Start by reading this:… then call this question into the podcast at and we'll cover it on there.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Hi Ben,

    I have a question about the Mercola podcast and the decision on what I should purchase Would you recommend a point of entry carbon filter (Aquasauna type) then an RO under the sink. Then what would be the next step? Need a structured system. Can this go under the sink? Is it an attachment? Or is there another option? And also what about the minerals? Dr. Mercola mentioned the Sea minerals which he has on his website but the comments to the product are around plants. He mentioned in your podcast it was as a supplement. Do you do drops into your water after it has passed through all the other systems, gotten structured then pour it into a glass jug where the drops go in? Then put it on the magnets in the fridge in holding? The RO strips minerals out – do we then put drops back in and would it make the water taste fishy? Can you use celtic sea salt and achieve the same benefit?

    1. I would suggest checking out and then let me know if you have any questions.

  9. Todd says:

    Hi Ben – It seems that there is a bunch of ways to produce healthy water for our homes. I know you have an RO system, but you’ve also talked about restructuring as well as re-mineralization of your water. It’s starting to become confusing with what the best options are, plus, it’s easy to get lost in all the different options as well as the cost of different filters that you need to buy. I’m currently drinking distilled water that I make at my home, but I know there is mixed reviews on this. I also purchase Fiji which I heard is good, but it comes in plastic bottles, which I know is a potential source of concern. When you and Dr. Mercola mentioned that good water can help with mitocondria, it really makes me want to find a good solution for my family.

    I would love to find a highly effective filtering method that creates healthy water and does not cost a ton of money in filters. Can you point me (us) to a system that you would recommend we check out based on your personal experience and all you’ve learned about this? Thanks!

    1. Check out my latest email on the Aquatru or head to <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  10. Tony H says:

    Hi Guys,

    You mention that using ionic trace minerals for water that has been ran through reverse osmosis is great. The link you provided sends us to Mecola’s page where it is for plants. How can we use this for ourselves/is it safe? What is the dosing?

    1. I would use these:… Let me know if you have any further questions.

  11. A recommendation was given on the podcast about where to start with the niacin but nothing was said about the d-ribose starting point. Any recommendations on that or can we just start with the 15 gms right out of the gate?

    1. From Dr Mercola: I have stopped using D ribose and now believe that it may actually be harmful. I have substituted benfotiamine 10 mg twice a day which increases intracellular ribose.

      1. Varun says:

        Is there any more news on this? As I use it as a pre-workout, around 5g, 3-4 times a week. Would you recommended this?

        1. I personally am not opposed to the use of D-Ribose as a very low glycemic index source that has a variety of other benefits described here:… it is a key ingredient in one of my favorite adaptogenic herb complexes called "TianChi".…

          1. Varun says:

            Thanks for getting back to me Ben, still gotta give this a try!

  12. Patrick says:

    what is the ribose – niacin protocol for the sauna?

  13. James says:

    Hey Ben,

    The link to the tank free RO filter doesn’t bring up the correct items (all items have tanks).

    I’ve searched Amazon and Google and can’t find such a filter.. bad googling I suppose.

    Hoping you can provide a direct link to the tank less filter you referenced (believe it was Aquasana)

  14. kt says:

    Interviews like these make me want to bang my head against the wall. If Dr. Mercola’s (and, in some cases, Ben’s) advice is the path to optimal living, I think I prefer the alternative. Walking 4 hours a day on the beach while reading a Kindle? Cooking meals on an induction burner? I think there’s a reason Dr. Mercola has never been married or had any children. Good god, man. The purpose of life is to LIVE, not simply exist!

  15. Michon Rackley says:

    I was listening to the podcast about blue light and computers. Besides the glasses, which I need to wear computer glasses and am on the computer for 9 hours a day for work, I would like to know more about turning down the blue light. It was not clear how to do that and I could not understand clearly the pronunciation used. I have a mackbook at home but a Dell PC at work where I may not have control over the settings due to security so I probably would not be able to download software.

    1. You would need to download software like Flux <a href="http:// (” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(” target=”_blank”>( or use a computer screen cover found here:

  16. robin maisel says:

    Going back to Mercola’s sauna protocol, he said he does exercise AFTER the sauna and not before, like I have been taught – niacin, exercise and then the sauna. Am I missing something?

    1. You can use the sauna as a warmup like that, but in terms of studies for increasing EPO, detox, etc. best to be warm already when you get into the sauna…

  17. Shane says:

    Ben, Being on well water if were using an under the sink RO system what would you recommend for a filter on our showers? Love the excellent information you keep putting out. Thanks

  18. Ken says:

    Ben, I also bought an EarthPulse device based on your podcast and have been using it. Can you let us know if it is safe to continue using it. Thanks

    1. Absolutely. Especially in inflamed, injured or jet lagged!

  19. Yazmin says:

    Hi Ben,

    Awesome but confusing at times especially when Dr Mercola said ” No, no , no….”
    Anyway I do trust your judgement and recommendations ie rather follow your bio hacks.
    These bio hacks are expensive to maintain.
    Can we have someone who biohacks within their means and with easily available hacks?

    Many thanks

    1. Yazmin if you have a specific biohack you want in your means, call it into the podcast and we'll cover it on there –

  20. Mike Garcia says:

    Ben, Great podcast, I have been a fan of Dr. Mercola for many years, so awesome that you got him on. Ben can you point me to any studies or credible information showing that fluoride in water is bad for health. I have a friend who believes it is safe and will only look at peer reviewed studies, which show that fluoride is safe. Thanks for your help.

  21. Tim says:

    A great listen – a golden asteroid of information!!

  22. Erik Hinkie says:

    Great podcast. I really appreciate the incredible wealth of information, and on such diverse topics.

    I’ve heard you talk a lot about water filtration systems. In a search for a point of use and potentially portable solution, that can also filter fluoride, I got turned on to Berkey water filters. I’m curious if you have run across these folks before and if you have an opinion on their product line.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. I am actually a big fan of the berkey water filter. It works pretty well although it won't filter out extremely fine particulates and chemicals like the reverse Osmosis filter would so you may wind up with a few more per ticket within your water.

  23. Cody Durant says:

    Hey Ben,

    I used to go to gradschool with a woman who is very involved in BioChar in upstate NY. Here’s a link to her site and an article I came across in case you’re interested.…

    Keep up the great work!



  24. Jdoggs says:

    Hi Ben. Top notch podcast. Do you have any data on how any of this improves performance? And when are you going to win an Iron Man?

    1. You need to read my book at – this is not just about performance. It is about health + longevity + performance. And I feel I have all three dialed in pretty well. Although I'm no longer competing in Ironman!

  25. John says:

    Hey Ben!

    I just participated in a study at Wake Forest for a sound-based technology called HIRREM and it is literally changing my life. I am mentioning this because I know you have talked about neurofeedback (and Clear Mind in this episode) and thought you might be interested. Here’s a link with more info:…

    The short of it is: HIRREM is a closed-loop feedback system. Your brainwaves are converted to tones and played back to you through headphones. The study I participated in was two weeks. For this period, you spend about 6 hours each day reclined in a chair listening to your brain. While I was noticing effects during the sessions, the biggest changes have been unfolding since I have been back home.

    Unrelated, I would love to hear an interview with Artour from if you could swing it.

    Keep up the great work! I really appreciate and enjoy it!



  26. robin maisel says:

    Hi Ben,

    Would love some clarification as to Mercola’s sauna protocol which he states is for anti-aging, while yours is to optimize performance. I’ve enver heard of taht distinction before when it coems to sauna use. Can you clarify what the difference is and why, what he does, promotes more of an antiaging benefit?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. He was referring the fact that I do things like dumbbell curls and squats in my sauna and perhaps that is too "stressful" on my body because I'm going after combo of performance and health vs. just health…

  27. Katie says:

    Hi Ben, Top notch podcast, thank you. Do you have thoughts on the Berkey Water Filter? It’s a charcoal filter combined with a fluoride filter. Thoughts on combining this with the Hydroenegiser Structure Water filter? Thank you for your time.

    1. I am actually a big fan of the berkey water filter. It works pretty well although it won't filter out extremely fine particulates and chemicals like the reverse Osmosis filter would so you may wind up with a few more per ticket within your water.

  28. Lucrae says:

    I am surprised that Dr. Mercola recommends the induction cooker since these do produce a strong EMF field, as a previous commenter said. And then he goes on to state that scrambling eggs oxidizes the cholesterol, which has been disproved. It makes one question the validity of everything else he is saying.

    1. Chris says:

      I’m a bit puzzled, how such an expert so concerned with magnetism, earthing and emf, doesn’t know that an induction hob doesn’t work with just any metal pan. And especially why not.

      Inductioncooking only works with magnetic pans. I’m not going to rehash the Wikipedia entry. But safe to say Ben, your cast iron skillets will work just fine.

      Knowing how you hacked your sauna, I’m looking forward to your adventures with induction hobs.

  29. Brian says:

    Hi Ben in this Podcast what time were you talking about the Induction cooker?

    I would like my wife to listen

    Thanks Brian

  30. Ken says:

    Ben, You mention that the Oura ring can be put in airplane mode. Have you checked out the Whoop band? Do you know if that can go in airplane mode? Thanks for all you do.

    1. Haven't checked it out fully yet, but looking into it!

  31. Larry says:

    Great job Ben in driving more traffic to your sight. You hooked a whale of a guest. This should make you a sweet profit.

  32. Larry says:

    How does genetic engineering differ from conventional breeding?

    “With genetic engineering, scientists can breach species barriers set up by nature. For example, they have spliced fish genes into tomatoes. The results are plants (or animals) with traits that would be virtually impossible to obtain with natural processes, such as crossbreeding or grafting.

    Jeffrey Smith, Institute for Responsible Technology

    At a Glance

    When GMOs came onto the market in 1996, the conventional wisdom was that these new plants and foods were fundamentally different from more traditional varieties because each contained a “foreign” gene—one not found “naturally” in that plant, and often from an unrelated species. That’s what scientists call transgenics. It’s also what spurred the invention of the derogatory activist term, “Frankenfood,” which is often accompanied by scare pictures caricaturing the process. Anti-GMO activists claim the moving of genes between species could upset the balance of nature or cause new allergens. Anti-GMO activists claim the moving of genes between species could upset the balance of nature or cause new allergens.


    Scientists see it differently. In most ways, breeding using genetic engineering is fundamentally similar to those used for thousands of years—by nature and humans. In selective breeding, the plants’ natural ways of reproduction are turned to human ends. Before we knew what DNA was, humans were moving the genes we found useful into our best crops. For more than 80 years, breeders have routinely used radiation or chemicals on seeds to scramble plant DNA to generate new traits, a process known as mutagenesis. “Wide cross” hybridization has given rise to plants that do not exist in nature. All of these are unregulated and foods grown from these plants can be sold as organic.

    Since the development of the science of genetics, we have become even more precise in manipulating the DNA of plants to refine the breeding process. More recently, scientists pioneered gene editing and forms of cisgenesis —making genetic changes using the plant’s own genes or genes from the same species. Although cisgenesis does not involve the transfer of foreign genes, critics of biotechnology claim it still violates the ‘natural order’ and poses unknown risks, and are demanding gene edited crops be regulated as GMOs.

    Science and Politics

    Scientists challenge the concept of “foreign genes.” Humans have dinosaur genes and genes from every species on earth in our DNA. Humans and bananas share around half their DNA; that doesn’t make humans “half banana” – nor does it make those shared genes “banana genes.” They are just genes and they are useful to bananas and humans in different ways. While humans and nematodes and dogs and birds share genes, they express themselves differently. That’s why scientists are uncomfortable with the term “foreign genes”— it’s scientifically meaningless.


    Early ancestors of several modern food staples.

    Most plant scientists view transgenesis — moving genes between unrelated organisms —as just another step in the 10,000-year history of evolution and human-guided plant breeding. Nature does it naturally. Sweet potatoes were modified at least 8,000 years ago when bacteria inserted its DNA into the wild ancestors of today’s vegetable, conferring its sweeter, more edible flavor. Farmers have been accidentally making GMOs for millennia by grafting plants, such as a tree that bears delicious fruit with one that has disease-resistant roots. Cells on either side of a graft swapped the entire nuclease of a cell, energy-generating mitochondria and chloroplasts – organelles that carry out photosynthesis and have their own small genome.

    “It’s genetic engineering done by mother nature,” said Ralph Bock of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Potsdam, Germany.

    Modern forms of genetic engineering, most scientists say, are a more precise way to add desirable or subtract undesirable traits. Throughout history, breeders have manipulated plant development through sexual crossing. Almost all the foods we eat today are not “natural”—they have been modified, or in some cases created from almost inedible wild plants.

    food and genes-large

    Conventional breeding and genetic engineering do not describe single techniques. Instead, they encompass a spectrum of breeding methods used to achieve the same goal: the modification of a plant’s genetics to create something that tastes better, has stronger pest resistance, is more nutritious, etc.

    Breeders employ a wide range of techniques in the development and refinement of plants and animals.

    Interspecies crosses, also known as hybrids, have been occurring since the 19th century. The result is the mixing, through sexual reproduction of two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species or genera that would never mate in nature (although some natural hybrids have occurred). Modern and ancient forms of wheat, peppermint and a tangelo are examples.

    Polyploidy, which is chemically induced hybridization, increases the amount of genetic material in a plant to do things like increase fruit size or improve fertility. Examples are seedless watermelon and kiwi fruit. Protoplast fusion is a technique in which plant cells are fused, often using an electric field, to move beneficial traits from one species to another.

    Mutagenesis, developed in the 1930s and still used today as an “acceptable” alternative to genetic engineering,” involves radiating or chemically dousing seeds in laboratories to create thousands of unknown random mutations in the hopes of finding beneficial traits. More than 3,000 plants have been produced this way, including the sweet Ruby and Rio Red grapefruits (irradiated with thermal neutrons), versions of durum wheat used in premium Italian pasta, Calrose Rice and the Oso pear.

    Although all of the above listed techniques have been used by farmers and scientists to create fruits, vegetables and other plants that were not found in “nature,” they are all considered “conventional” and undergo no special safety or allergen tests. The food products of these random gene alterations can be sold as organic despite their “unnatural” origins.

    Genetic engineering emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. Molecular techniques were developed to move precisely target individual genes in plants rather than rely on scattershot techniques like mutagenesis. Scientists considered it the next-step evolution in gene breeding but many advocacy groups did not. Despite the fact that transgenesis was more precise than conventional breeding, it was subjected to intense regulatory review.

    Transgenesis, usually using agrobacterium-mediated transformation, is the most common form of genetic engineering. It uses a harmless bacterium and has the ability to transfer a portion of its DNA, carrying a new desirable trait on its back, into a plant’s DNA. This technique was used to develop the overwhelming majority of GMO drugs, such as insulin, used safety (and uncontroversially) for decades,as ell as crops including herbicide tolerant and insect resistant varieties.

    RNA interference (RNAi) techniques allow scientists to switch off specific genes within the plant itself—a form of cisgenesis (which does not involve mixing of species)—to eliminate undesirable traits. Recombinant DNA techniques allow them to insert genes to add desired traits. The Arctic Apple and Innate potato whose genes for browning were silenced, are products of RNAi technology, and are not regulated as GMOs.

    CRISPR/Cas9 and other gene editing techniques are the newest, most precise forms of genetic modification. These allow researchers to move around or delete targeted regions of a genome and introduce variations, to develop crops or animals with desired traits. There is a great deal of regulatory uncertainty over genome editing—critics of GMOs are pushing to have cisgenic breeding regulated in the same way as traditional transgenic crops. Several products, including a mushroom that resists browning, have escaped the scrutiny of the USDA, which has ruled that it doesn’t need to approve new varieties created without the use of foreign DNA. However, products designed as food for humans are still reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

    The Takeaway

    In many — if not most — ways, there is little practical difference between conventional breeding, genetic engineering and gene editing. The variety of methods used by these various approaches share many similarities when it comes to outcome potentials.

    All three approaches bring with them a certain randomness. Critics of genetic engineering spend a lot of time focused on the potential for unintended consequences of humans redesigning the genetic material of a particular plant. But this is characteristic of virtually every technique used by breeders, whether conventional or genetic. There have been instances, for example of conventional breeding resulting in crops that are toxic to humans. Those include the Lenape potato and the organic “killer zucchini”.

    Cornell plant breeder Margaret Smith was asked by Grist if there is some fundamental difference when comparing conventional breeding and genetic engineering in the way genetic material is swapped. None that are known, Smith said:

    “We’re learning more every day — just look at the revolution in epigenetics — and that could change the way we approach this. But my message on this is that we shouldn’t just stop because there are unknowns. Every technology has unknowns. We just have to be as thoughtful as we can.”

  33. Trent says:

    Hey Ben,

    For the Pau D’Arco blend you mention in another post, how much oil do you add to the soaked bark before blending to make an adequate amount of phospholipids? Thanks.

    1. About two tablespoons of the sunflower lecithin in the shownotes above.

  34. Kerri says:

    Curious as to why Ben recommends Inositol Hexaniacinate. I did a LOT of research on niacin and when you are taking higher doses, it seems that the only safe niacin is free form niacin. And part of the point of taking the niacin prior to a sauna is the massive vasodilation you get when you flush, which helps you to detoxify.

    I found that so long as I take the niacin almost immediately before the sauna, or even when I get into the sauna, I actually don’t even notice the flushing because you are already starting to vasodilate and get warm skin.

    1. Andrew says:

      I’d actually love hearing Ben’s opinion on Nicotinic Acid vs. inositol hexanicotinate. Ben seems to be the only source that I have seen recommending inositol hexanicotinate. Dosage and timing recommendations would also be appreciated. Only heard on the podcast recommending “high dose niacin” in the past.

      Some other resources that I have seen are recommending taking the niacin 3 hours before getting in the sauna rather than during the flush stage because it takes a while for the fat cells to start to lyse. Ideally you’re in there during that stage to remove the toxins that are released. Ben any thoughts?

      1. The Niasafe that I recommend is non-Flushing, doesn't produce the annoying tingling sensation, and is very easy on the liver while still giving you a very similar effects to other forms of niacin. Plus, it's made by Thorne and they make incredibly clean products. The one I recommend is here:

        1. Steven Marshall says:

          Ben, can you check/update this product link, as it errors out.


          1. Thanks for the heads up- I will get my team on it ASAP!

          2. Rachael says:

            Did Thorne stop carrying this? I would like to purchase through their website since I have an account with them but I cannot find it besides on Amazon. If they no longer carry it, would NicaCel or their Niacinamide instead?


  35. Tim says:

    This isn’t a health podcast anymore, it’s a consumption podcast. “What can I buy to help my performance?” gets asked too much.

    Starting to feel like rich white people performance porn. Boring and becoming offensive.

    Bring back the real interviews.

  36. betsy maldonado says:

    Ben Dr. Mercola is right you disseminate information the best out of ALL podcasters than anyone out there. You deserve the compliment and to accept the compliment even though it obviously makes you uncomfortable. Personally, I think you are better than Dr. Mercola and Dr. Jack Kruse and I trust the information that you put out more than I do either of the aforementioned.

    I paid $100 per month to be part of Dr. Kruse’s private membership for about 6 months and although he is a genius and extremely smart his personality has serious issues specifically because he can’t get along with many people or the general public. THAT to me is a huge RED FLAG that although Dr. Kruse has a few key things right he is MOST DEFIANTLY missing something HUGE within his protocols, and I don’t know what it is but he is not hitting the nail on the head. He was never personally mean to me but he was to other people in the forums and that is why I stopped following him.

    I think indicators that PROVE someone is on the right track include ALL their cylinders firing evenly on a consistent basis. Of course we all have hiccups, due to being human, but in general if we are getting it right the cylinders fire evenly and balanced the majority of the time. A few of the basic areas to be balanced in that I look for in people I want to learn from include, but is not limited to,… Good health, high intelligence, healthy sex drive, strong immune system AND a balanced personality that can engage with all types of people. I personally have a long way to go to balance all of these but this is what I am striving for and the indicators I look for in people I want to learn from.

    With the above in mind: I have followed you for quite some time and the reason I stay is because I see you working very hard to equally balance all the areas I mentioned above of health, mind AND community and I see you getting results that seem to be leaning more towards being equally balanced than most “experts” out there that have all sorts of PHD and above credentials behind their names. Additionally, quirks included, which we all have, to me you actually come of as really caring and equally available to those who are ultra superhuman and to the general public no matter where we are in our journey of becoming super human. This makes you kick ass more so than both Kruse and Mercola in my opinion.

    Totally off topic… I wish I could shoot Dr. Mercola’s photos for his website because whoever does his photography is doing a crappy job and he should fire them. His photos look like he has cancer or is really sick which makes me think he doesn’t know what he is doing. I don’t say this to make fun of him at all if he let me I would shoot his photos for free and I know I could do a way better job. A friend of mine knows him and she told me he looks much healthier in person than the photos on his website.

    1. Betsy says:

      I forgot to add… That if I needed brain surgery I think Jack would be the best pick out there because while your brain is exposed he would be sure to have all the right lighting in the room and use light frequencies as part of the surgery. As far as I know no other neurosurgeons do any of that. He also has a CT protocol he has everyone do for a certain amount of months before surgery and may use some form of cold therapy during surgery but I can’t recall exactly. Even though he doesn’t have optimal health completely hones out, who does, his neurosurgery stuff seems like the best out there.

  37. John Bennett says:

    Can you suggest units for niacin/d-ribose?

  38. Barry says:

    Question: Does a touch screen computer vs a Non-touch screen computer ( I mean desktops/laptops only) have a difference in radiation? Would a touch screen give off more radiation because you’re constantly touching the glass?

  39. Janno Joona says:

    Hi Ben!

    Awesome podcast, great information!

    Like Jamie, I would also like to mention my concerns about induction cooker. I happen to be very sensitive to magnetic fields and we also have it in our house. I want to get rid of it soon, because I feel very sluggish when I am cooking on it and I have measured an extremely strong magnetic field around it. I have spoken to many environmental specialists and scientists who are researching the effects of nnEMF and they do not recommend induction cooker. So this is something you might want to research a little further.

    Thanks for the podcast!


    1. John says:

      Here’s a Youtube video showing *high* EMF readings from an Induction Stove:
      Dirty Electricity and Pulsed Magnetic Fields from Kitchen Stove.

      4 different measuring instruments are used, all indicate high EMF.

  40. Mark DeBoe says:

    What is a good place to start with dosing the niacin/d-ribose pre-sauna? And how do I progress up in dosing? Thanks

  41. Gabriel says:

    What are the 9 dollar UV glasses Mercola mentions at 28:00?

  42. Mike C says:

    Awesome podcast Ben! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Neal says:

      Uvex blue blocker glasses that you can get on Amazon.

  43. Mel Heide says:

    Great podcast. Do you have the link for the EWOT system and the Pau D’Arco Bark (already prepared) that Dr. Mercola uses?

    1. Dean says:

      I just want to ditto that question I would like to get that Pau D’Arco Bark.

    2. From Dr Mercoal: I use fine ground Pau’d Arco inner bark from a source that is not yet commercially available but we should sell it soon. Have also incorporated white willow bark and Hawthorne berry that I have yet to discuss with Ben. They are from same as yet commercially unavailable sources.

    3. Sell your house fast fresno says:

      There is a powdered version of the Frontier brand that Ben recommends. Not sure if that is much different than the one Dr. Mercola is going to be selling or referencing but it’s available on Amazon:…

  44. Dr. Matt Schmidt says:

    Dr. Mercola is one of those guys where you get some good information. Mixed with completed insanity, scare tactic click bait, and product placement. I can see how you’ve taken some pages from his book for your own health career, however, those are the more disappointing parts of your content.

    1. Gabriel says:

      It would help if you point what is wrong

    2. Jerrod says:

      But, but, but this is the guy that brought us Vitamin D mania! I couldn’t agree with you more. That and Ben and the rest of the health gurus out there jumping from one miracle cure to the next is a bit indicative of their true intent.

  45. Tannauz says:

    Great Podcast you too.

    Love your humor Ben.Keep up the great work!

    For Dr Mercola’s info there are people with compounded Methylation mutations and SNP that cant seem to store enough ferritn, regardless of age or gender and they need more iron. How does one in such situation make sure that the iron is not turned toxic, compounding an already lack of SOD and glutathoine production?

    Ive been studying water units for a long time and searching for the perfect water system unit that does everything. I came across this company who seems to have the right idea but they have never tested their water for anything! Would you guys be willing to check it out and tell me what you think please?…
    There is also this company making interesting claims.

    Can you have show on water purification systems. I can send you some links for your research.

    How can we put all these tedious methods of bio hacking our water in to one concise operational system. It’s almost 2017 and we still are fiddling around how to create healthy bio available water!

    1. Gabriel says:

      sorry comment is for post below

    2. nauzy says:

      Not sure what your response means..,

      will you please elaborate?

  46. Tannauz says:

    Great Podcast you too.

    Love your humor Ben.Keep up the great work!

    For Dr Mercola’s info there are people with compounded Methylation mutations and SNP that cant seem to store enough ferritn, regardless of age or gender and they need more iron. How does one in such situation make sure that the iron is not turned toxic, compounding an already lack of SOD and glutathoine production?

    Ive been studying water units for a long time and searching for the perfect water system unit that does everything. I came across this company who seems to have the right idea but they have never tested their water for anything! Would you guys be willing to check it out and tell me what you think please?…
    There is also this company making interesting claims.

    Can you have show on water purification systems. I can send you some links for your research.

    How can we put all these tedious methods of bio hacking our water in to one concise operational system. It’s almost 2017 and we still are fiddling around how to create healthy bio available water!

  47. Anthony says:

    Time for you to make stylish Blue Blockers at a reasonable price. Big gap between Swanni and UVEX…=)) Another business opportunity.

  48. Jerrod says:

    Do you have any experience with non-blue blocker blue blocking lenses? It’s an emerging technology. I run an optometry practice and I have seen some recent products that block some or most of the harmful blue light while remaining mostly clear. Specifically, Crizal Prevencia, which is an anti-reflective coating, and Essilor SmartBlue filter on their EyeZen computer lenses come to mind. There’s also a company called BluTech that produces indoor and outdoor blue blocking coatings that are much more palatable to most consumers than something like the Gunnar glasses you’ve recommended in the past. I’m wondering if these lenses, which do not block all of the blue light but the supposedly most damaging and circadian changing blue light, are good enough to impact health positively.

    1. Jamie G Ward says:


      Great questions and maybe I could chime in…

      During the day, and if I am indoors in artificial lighting in a public situation (i.e. I have other people around me under crappy light) I wear a pair of crizal Prevencia. However, I am based in the UK. If I lived in the states I would go for the Bluetech. I am actually getting a pair made.

      If I am working in my office surrounded by my staff then I actually wear a much darker lense, specifically BPI 550 tints. These can be thought of as similar as Uvex. I also wear these in really bright environments such as supermarket (grocery store to you USA folks). I also wear these at night if aritificial light cannot be avoided.

      If you are wearing glasses in the day, be sure to take natural light breaks, i.e. take off your glassess and get natural light hitting the surfaces of your eye.

      I also do not wear any blue blocking glasses when out in natural light, as Mercola said… the blue is balanced by the red in equal amounts. Natural sunlight is zero cause of concern for me.

      Hope this helps and well done for being proactive in your practice. The optician I found kept wondering why I needed the BPI 550s and said they are very good for looking at stains under UV light haha.

    2. SUPER interesting. I'll look into these! I have not used yet…thanks for the heads up…

  49. Jamie G Ward says:

    Good interview both ends guys.

    It was interesting to Joe’s take on the electric induction hob. I have one (common in the UK in rural areas), but for me, I’ve been viewing it as a concern. I measured the magnetic fields coming from it and they are through the roof, right at the height of your gonads!

    I’ve also been slightly concerned with how it affects the food in the cooking process. Is this the modern day equivalent of using a microwave? Just a bit of food for thought and I yet to draw my own conclusion on this.

    1. From Dr Mercola: I was only recently introduced to induction burners shortly before the interview with Ben. Was attracted to it because of the very low controlled temperatures foods can be cooked with. Subsequently I measured the EMF with a TriMeter and it was indeed very high. Still believe they can be safely used as long as you stay at least six feet away while it is cooking. Do not believe that it damages the food more than high heat does. However I don’t use it anymore and have shifted to a gas cooktop from Wolfe that has a patented simmer feature that can cook food at 130 F.javascript:void(0);

      1. Nuno Guitana says:

        Thank you Ben & Mercola for your clarification.

      2. Eduardo says:

        Geat comment !
        So,one of the best options for cooking is the ceramic cookware ?? Are there more ?
        Compliments froms Brazil !

  50. Joshua Finlay says:

    One of my favourites. Would love to hear more from Dr. Mercola in future.

  51. Boris says:

    I love dr Mercola! He helped me so much in the past. It’s also very useful to mention his name and idiots will identify themselves in a conversation, really fast.

  52. awesome podcast Ben, invite Dr Mercola back, there’s so much more to talk about

  53. Jerry says:

    Dr Mercola ? Seriously ? Very disappointed.

    1. Quack Meister says:

      Yes, does compulsive attention to the minutiae involved in these numerous “hacks” improve health or do they only create stress, paranoia and a smaller bank account. I’m glad they didn’t get into Mercola’s pernicious views about dental health where he recommends extractions of all teeth requiring root canal treatment and that a partial denture is preferable to implants or bridges for missing teeth.

      1. Jdoggs says:

        Ben is really scared of these posts. Why he never replies or addresses the criticism. He knows he doesn’t have a good answer and it would eat into his bottom line.

        1. Rich says:

          I don’t think that’s true at all. Ben appears to be one most honest guys out there. Why would he respond to your comment? It’s just your opinion and nothing more. Great – you have a bug up your butt about something…maybe you don’t like Dr Mercola for instance…well most people respect him. Mercola isn’t perfect – no one is. Ben’s probably taking the high road and just letting you express you opinion without comment. He owes you NOTHING. Sure some of his guests are questionable (like Tai Lopez for instance). Enjoy and learn from the information presented and be kind. If your’e a dick you don’t deserve attention or a response. Remember that.

  54. Christy says:

    I shouldn’t put words into Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s mouth. Here is the link to her youtube video on longevity/performance trade-off.

  55. Christy says:

    I felt like it was Christmas morning when I saw this post! Two of my favorite peeps in one pretty package. The performance/longevity trade-off issue is really perplexing to me with regard to the protein consumption issue. When I go low protein for over a week I notice a decrease in muscle mass and workout performance. I don’t feel so great either. Is this the trade-off? Dr. Rhonda Patrick (you should totally get her on your show. That would be like Easter morning) says that eating lots of antioxidant foods buffers that IGF-1 spike in higher protein consumption. Your thoughts would be appreciated!

    Love you and Jessa!

  56. MelZ says:

    Awesome podcast, full of great tips and resources!

    I own a couple of EarthPulse PEMF devices that I purchased for myself and my daughter based on Ben’s recommendations in two previous podcasts. I would like to see if we can get a clarification if the EarthPulse is also a “safe device”. I thought it was very safe given that it pulses at only 9.6Hz, which mimics earth’s frequency, but it is a powered device that can generate substantial Gauss readings. I’ve been using it for several months now with great results, but after Jack Kruse’s latest comments on powered PEMF devices, I am very concerned for my daughter, who is only 16.

    Ben – can you get a clarification from Jack on the EarthPulse?

    1. Basically, the Earthpulse is safe IF you're not sleeping with it on your head. It needs to be used according to instructions, under the mattress. The power is going to decrease with distance from your body. I can train you on more with a detailed call if you want: go to <a href="” target=”_blank”> and choose 20 or 60 minutes and we'll get you scheduled.

      1. MelZ says:

        Thanks so much Ben for the response!!! I do have the Earthpulse devices under the mattress. I will continue to use them as I my daughter and I have experienced very good results, not only in sleep quality, but also with recovery after workout and muscle soreness. I got it for my daughter to assist with her hypothyroid issues, and it seems to be helping as well.

        Ben – you are the best!

    2. Carlos gabriel says:

      Great stuffff.

      Other than Dr. Mercola, who are the other great people that you consider your top mentors?

      Thnks Ben

      1. Whoo boy. Great question. Some of these fellas for starters:…

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