How To Upgrade Your “Third Eye”: A Physician’s Top Tips To Optimize Your Pineal Gland For Better Sleep, Meditation, Melatonin Balance, Plant Medicine Experiences & More.

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The first time I had Dr. John Lieurance—my brilliant, kind of crazy, super-fringe doctor friend—on my podcast, we recorded the show out in my guesthouse post-sauna and cold pool amped up on fringe butt suppositories and nasal sprays.

In that episode, “The Crazy Future Of Medical Biohacking: Skull Resets, Suppositories, Nasal Sprays, Nebulizers, Sound Therapy, And More“, we talked about everything from his Amazonian herbal rapé nasal spray to nebulizing glutathione for viral issues to NAD suppositories and plenty more.

The show was a big hit, and so I invited Dr. Lieurance back for a second episode all about melatonin, because he has firmly established himself as a melatonin expert with his book Melatonin: Miracle Molecule (you can download the ebook for free here). Now, melatonin itself is long past fringe—in fact, recent data shows that Americans spent nearly a billion dollars on melatonin supplements in 2020, representing a 42.6% year-over-year increase—but as John and I discuss in that episode, the benefits of melatonin go far beyond sleep support, and John contends the optimal dosage is hundreds of times higher than what you'll get from a bottle you pick up at the drugstore. (By the way, that episode was recorded over Skype, which was not nearly as interesting as the circumstances of the first interview, but the content was beyond interesting.)

So, who is John Lieurance anyway?

Well, in addition to developing products that are unlike anything out there on the market, John is a naturopathic physician and chiropractic neurologist. Most of his career has been spent focusing on balance disorders, tinnitus, hearing loss, and degenerative neurological disorders, like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, along with stealth co-infections like Lyme (which Dr. Lieurance has had himself), chronic inflammatory response syndrome, and mold illness.

After hefty periods of travel or sleep disruption, I often reset my circadian rhythm using Sandman, the high-dose melatonin suppository that John developed through MitoZen Scientific, the company he founded after years of research. I have also used his MitoFast for fasting, Zen for meditation and breathwork, his neuroprotection compounds for plant medicine, and MitoZen's travel hacker kit for jet lag.

Melatonin has been coined the “hormone of darkness” because it is produced in the pineal gland, which functions at its highest between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. each night. Shaped like a pinecone and seated deep within the brain, the pineal gland is an active neuroendocrine transducer—on stimulation it secretes hormones, thereby translating neural information into hormonal information.

The pineal gland has been a source of great interest to many, from ancient philosophers to modern-day scientists. While the specifics of how and why the pineal functions are still not entirely clear, throughout history there have been theories indicating that it may provide a gateway to a higher level of consciousness and connection.

The following article is a never-before-seen chapter adapted from the upcoming hard copy of Dr. Lieurance's book, Melatonin: Miracle Molecule. The hard copy will include four new chapters and an expanded conclusion (in the meantime, you can get the free ebook here). In typical fashion, John veers off of the scientific conversation into more ethereal ideas. His hope is that this information offers you the potential for a higher level of consciousness and sparks a journey into a deeper exploration of your own unconscious mind.

The Ancient History Of The Third Eye & The Source Field

The pineal gland has long fascinated philosophers, scholars, and spiritual leaders from many cultures and religions.

In the 1600s, Rene Descartes called the pineal gland the seat of our soul. The Romans proclaimed the pineal gland to be the supreme gland. In Hinduism, the pineal is referred to as the Eye of Shiva; in Buddhism, it is the Eye of Wisdom and Compassion; and in Egyptian culture, the pineal gland is known as the Eye of Osiris, Eye of Horus, and Eye of Ra.

The concept of a mystical “Eye” or “Third Eye” dates back to ancient civilization but today is perhaps even more widely recognized as the practice of yoga, crystals, and chakra-opening are now mainstream.

In the mid-1980s, a black stone pyramid, measuring less than a foot tall, was found in Ecuador. The mysterious pyramid had an eye on the top that was remarkably similar to the Eye of Providence found on the U.S. $1 bill—a symbol that has provoked much discussion and even controversy for its inclusion on the currency.

While the history of the pyramid is still unknown, it is indisputable that the Third Eye is a primitive conception and believed to serve as a means to receive energy and information from a greater source.

So what is this greater “Source Field” or energy that is thought to originate in the pineal gland?

Source Field energy is experienced by many in the near-death experience or, for some, a psychedelic experience with substances such as Ayahuasca, psilocybin, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ketamine, and 3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA or ecstasy). It’s a state of consciousness in which your pineal gland provides a sensory experience without any sensory input. Those who claim that they have experienced source energy say that it is hard to put into words, but descriptions have included it as a light, the feeling of being one with the universe, and a deep state of love.

In the late 1960s, my friend and colleague Dr. Russell Reiter was the first to prove through modern-day science that the pineal gland has a significant physiological role. Dr. Reiter has been instrumental in discovering many of the marvelous health benefits of melatonin, most notably for its ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Since the pineal produces melatonin, when the pineal gland dysfunctions or fails, it can initiate or accelerate the aging process and disease.

This small gland is vital for health and lifespan. The pineal also releases DMT, which is associated with feelings of love and connection to others. A paper published in 2018 by researchers in the U.K. purported that DMT simulates the near-death experience, wherein people report the sensation of transcending their bodies and entering another realm. A recent article of Ben's (How To Make Your Own DMT Naturally: Tips, Tricks & Biohacks To Activate Your Third Eye Pineal Gland.) delves into DMT and how you can induce its production in your body.

Although I don’t advocate using DMT recreationally, I am a proponent of using psychedelic medicines in the right setting to work through emotional trauma and to become more spiritually aware. These medicines can create a profound and mystical experience that many will refer to as the single most significant experience of their life! Many of those medicines work through melatonin & DMT pathways and the pineal gland.

Whether it is called The Field, Source Field, Quantum Field, Torque Field, or Morphogenic Field, this energy is thought to be the true nature of what creates all matter. Now, this is very real and provable energy. The following three notable figures are among those who have studied the Source Field in depth.

I want to first talk about Alexander Gavrilovich (1874–1954), the Russian and Soviet biologist and medical scientist who originated the morphogenetic field theory and discovered biophotons—photons of light in the ultraviolet and low visible light range that are produced by a biological system.

Gavrilovich conducted a fascinating experiment with onions after theorizing that many lifeforms, including plants, eggs, animals, and vegetables, had both positive and negative sides. He noticed subtle energy coming out of the top of the onion which he then directed to the side of another onion. Gavrilovich then observed a higher rate of mitosis or cellular growth in the area just adjacent to where the tip of the other onion was directed—which was not even touching but at a distance. Gavrilovich concluded that this energetic field coming out of the tip of the onion was providing an environment for more robust growth, what he called a “life-generating field” or “life-giving radiation.”

Now I'd like to discuss Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev (1908–1983), a Soviet astronomer and astrophysicist.

At the height of his career as one of the top scientists in the country, Kozyrev was imprisoned by Stalin. While in prison he had many hours to sit, reflect, and meditate, and he began to have a deeper understanding of gravity, time, and the Source Field. Kozyrev's observations of how bacteria grow freely in a spiral pattern led him to theorize that all energy is in this spiral pattern, which makes sense when you look at everything from the quantum all the way up to the planets, solar system, galaxies, and even the entire universe.

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was an Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst, a member of the second generation of analysts after Sigmund Freud. The author of several influential books, most notably Character Analysis (1933), The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933), and The Sexual Revolution (1936), Reich became known as one of the most radical figures in the history of psychiatry.

Reich called the Source Field “Orgone.” He postulated that the energy created during orgasm was a magnification of this Source Field energy that would spontaneously create life, rather than the process as being more of a chemical reaction or a reaction through DNA. What was revolutionary about Reich's work was that he claimed that the field was creating life rather than life creating the field. His electrophysiological experiments led to his “discovery” of microscopic vesicles (he called them “bions”), which Reich hypothesized were instrumental in originating life from nonliving matter. Reich did an experiment in which he took old dead hay or grass in water and let it soak for a week to ten days. Surprisingly, tiny amoeba grew spontaneously in the sterile solution, despite conditions that should not have allowed for their development.

The enigmatic Source Field—which is thought to originate in the pineal gland, and may be related to melatonin production—is undoubtedly a riveting subject that will likely continue to be discussed and studied as scientists and philosophers seek to understand this greater energy.

Meditation, Prayer & Breathwork For Altered States of Consciousness

Meditation and prayer throughout many ancient and religious beliefs have been known to provide deeper insight into the true nature of oneself and life itself.

What may be less known, though, is that meditation and prayer can also produce real, beneficial physiological shifts. Breathwork is another component of a mindfulness practice that has been proven to improve health and well-being.

Meditation may promote melatonin production. In this study entitled “Meditation, melatonin, and breast/prostate cancer: hypothesis and preliminary data,” the researchers concluded that regular practice of mindfulness meditation is associated with increased physiological levels of melatonin.

Tibetan Buddhists would use meditation practices for extended periods of time which they believed could provide access to higher levels of consciousness (which they called Rainbow Body) through tapping into this very Orgone field Reich discovered. These Buddhists would practice meditation for many hours, finding a deep connection with the Source Field through an open and active pineal gland.

In Taoism, the Source Field is referred to as Tao. Lau Tzu lived in the 6th century BC and was the author of the famous book Tao Te Ching. Taoism practices include meditation in caves in complete darkness. The Taoist perspective on this practice is described in the book Darkness Technology:

“The darkness actualizes successively higher states of divine consciousness, correlating with the synthesis and accumulation of psychedelic chemicals in the brain. Melatonin quiets the body and mind in preparation for the finer and subtler realities of higher consciousness (Days 1 to 3). Pinoline, affecting the neuro-transmitters of the brain, permits visions and dream-states to emerge in our conscious awareness (Days 3 to 5). Eventually, the brain synthesizes the ‘spirit molecules’ 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) and dimethyltryptamine (DMT), facilitating the transcendental experiences of universal love and compassion (Days 6 to 12).”

In the late 1980s, this article by Iona Miller, Pineal Gland, DMT & Altered State of Consciousness proposed that pineal melatonin is converted into DMT (just before the onset of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when you dream. Does that mean that these natural, endogenous, and psychoactive molecules are literally fueling your dreams?

The hypnagogic imagery state just before you fall asleep fueled by melatonin’s conversion to DMT during an activated moment of the pineal gland. This also seems to be what Tibetan, Taoist, and Kabbalistic masters and religious prophets share. Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches the technique of waking up at 4 a.m. when melatonin peaks to meditate in his courses. In fact, when I did his training we woke up twice for a 4 a.m. meditation and I have kept this practice going ever since.

I have personally greatly benefited from a regular breathwork practice and found that breathwork, properly done, has accelerated my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing process.

This window immediately before falling asleep seems to be a natural gateway into a spiritual and divine world. Certain psychedelic medicines such as psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, Ayahuasca, or 5-MAO can be an opening for some to understand this. The medicines work by waking you up or uncovering a veil to a more real reality than what you experience in the physical world.

Is it possible that the pineal gland–the “Third Eye” which in many of us has atrophied through the course of toxins and chronic stress–is integral to the evolution of your consciousness?

This was a widely held Hindu philosophy that considered an opened Third Eye as a reawakened pineal gland. So, could your healthy activated pineal enable abilities such as out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, connection with divine beings, access to universal intelligence, remote viewing, and astral travel, and ultimately your spiritual evolution?

It’s thought with work that the pineal could be more active which could allow it to potentially be a stronger “radio antenna” for your perception into Source Field.

Many spiritual practitioners meditate with the goal of a complete dissolution of all fear. They theorize that there are only two states: fear and love. Through enough practice, the objective is to drop all fear and filter the entire experience of the physical world through pure love. This would be considered enlightenment—a form of awakening or self-realization.

Ram Dass said this about his experience when he was in the presence of an enlightened being:

“The universe disappears. Only his eyes exist. A flow of love, wisdom, consciousness passes between you. It is just his stillness, his presence, the incredible love that flows from him, the deep compassion you feel. You feel as if you were naked before his glance. He sees through you, he knows all – past, present, and future. He does not judge but simply acknowledges how it all is. Even a moment of such compassion can be liberating.”

Why do I get into fields in my book on melatonin? It’s in an attempt to open your eyes to the idea that your pineal might be involved in more than melatonin production. When properly functioning, the pineal can open you up to experience a higher power that has the ability to support your health, vitality, and life span.

The precursor to melatonin is serotonin, a neurotransmitter derived from the amino acid tryptophan. Within the pineal gland, serotonin is acetylated and then methylated to yield melatonin. Serotonin regulates various states of consciousness. Serotonin is a feel-good hormone that increases alertness and happiness while also supporting a relaxed state.

The Third Eye is thought to observe the spirit world or ethereal world and translate it into a meaningful understanding of the physical world.

It is in deep states of relaxation that your body enters a heavy parasympathetic (relaxation and regulatory) state. It’s this same state that is associated with sleep, deep states of meditation, and as I will explore next, the potential for spontaneous healing through the release of exosomes.

The Pineal Gland, Meditation & The Role Of Exosomes

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches his students to use a particular breath to actually improve the pressures around the pineal gland.

I’ve taken his advanced course and his techniques result in a powerful experience that is similar to taking psychedelics. There is a feeling of universal connection, love, and gratitude for being alive.

Becoming more aware of this energy or “doorway” can allow you to be connected to something that many religions speak of that unite us all. However, this is an energy that is not yet detectable with modern science. I know some might read this and think it's a bit “woo-woo,” but research is soon to be published on those meditating with Dr. Joe Dispenza that suggests that exosomes—packets of RNA which carry information to other cells and parts of the body—were higher in the blood of meditators. This is significant because exosomes have regenerative and healing properties.

We use exosomes in my practice to heal various injuries and degenerative conditions that occur in the body, such as osteoarthritis or even stroke.

Exosomes can be injected just like stem cells, as exosomes are the healing substances delivered by stem cells once they arrive at their target.

Our clinic began using stem cells in 2005, which we extracted from both fat or adipose tissue as well as bone marrow. Around 2015, exosomes became commercially available to doctors for clinical use in regenerative medicine. These exosomes, which can be derived from placental stem cells, carry the information to repair and heal through messenger RNA. They can be injected into the central nervous system through an intrathecal injection (injection through the spinal canal), as an intravenous injection, into soft tissue such as rotator cuff or other tendon injuries, or into joints to rebuild cartilage. In my clinic, we do this under high-definition ultrasound.

Is it possible that when you connect with your pineal with certain intentionalities, such as to heal a foot or your brain, that your body responds by releasing exosomes that will carry the information you intend?

source fieldI believe this is what's happening. If you look at a graph of all the energy spectrums and what a small part of it is the “visible light,” you can appreciate there are so many frequencies and wavelengths you cannot see visually and must use a different receiver than the eyes to detect them.

Could this perhaps be the Third Eye? Or is it possible the pineal is more like a radio receiver?

Crystals within the pineal can become activated through a piezoelectric effect—the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress—resulting from the force created by the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that normally pumps throughout your brain and spinal cord. This clear fluid cushions the brain and spinal cord, protecting them from injury, while also serving as the nutrient delivery and waste removal system for the brain.

source fieldThis image of the flow of CSF shows how the circulation goes through what's called ventricles in the brain. These ventricles are like canals carrying the life-giving nutrients the CSF delivers to the brain and spinal cord. The pineal sits right at the end of the third ventricle and the CSF has most of its pressure around both the pineal and pituitary glands.

Dr. Dispenza teaches breathwork that directs your CSF into the pineal by locking down your muscles from the base of your pelvis or perineum up the spine and throat toward the pineal. There is a pumping action upon a full inhale with intentionality to the pineal gland. This is creating hydrostatic pressure (pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium) to the pineal, which Dr. Dispenza explains to be involved in the activation of the crystalline structure inside the pineal.

Doing things like this pineal breath that Dr. Dispenza teaches might hold some promise to improving pineal health. 80% of us have compromised pineals where they can become calcified. Toxins and chemicals that interfere with pineal gland function by creating calcifications, such as fluoride, should be avoided. Dr. Dispenza’s work along with a pineal-friendly lifestyle might be the answer to greater awareness. I will get into how to better care for your pineal later.

Another teacher of mine, Dr. Michael Ryce, from his work synthesizing several disciplines, has created a profoundly powerful tool called Stillpoint Breathing. This is a technique that he synthesized from his studies of the ancient Aramaic New Testament, which was the original scripture taught directly by Jesus Christ to his disciples.

The Greek translation of the “Creation Story” says “God sent out his spirit” whereas, in Aramaic, the original language, when properly translated, says “God sent out his breath.” There seems to be a spiritual opening that occurs with doing breathwork and certain breathing styles. Many shamans and plant medicine techniques utilize breathing techniques during their ceremonies in sessions where psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin holotropic breathing are very popular. There are also groups that strictly rely on breathing and intention such as Dr. Dispenza and Dr. Ryce.

What seems to be happening within this Source Field is an exchange of information.

This information may explain the dramatic changes in blood with meditators who achieve a certain peak experience.

Exosomes are the source of information exchange in the body wherein stem cells use exosomes to transmit the effect on your tissues for repair and regeneration through the RNA codes contained within them. The exosomes can also be released from your microbiome.

My opinion is that many of the positive effects seen through prayer and meditation are in fact through the complex collection of bacteria that number in the trillions within each of us. Your microbiome is quickly adaptable and can be influenced by your behaviors, thoughts, and even emotions. Healthy thoughts might lead to healthy exosomes released by your microbiome as well as your own cells. Environmental influences can have profound influences on the various strains of bacteria as well as neuropeptides that they release. In other words, your diet, thoughts, emotions, and sleep can have an influence on the level of the “good bacteria” and the exosomes they might release to create a healthy mental-emotional state as well as a healthy body. This makes sense that in the early days, people would feel uncomfortable in areas in which the food didn’t support the microbiome.

So variables such as your thoughts, emotions, interactions, and diet can have a strong influence on your microbiome, whereas your microbiome will respond in kind by releasing exosomes that can clear inflammation and regenerate your cells. Fascinating!

The Calcification Of The Pineal Gland

In 80% of adults, the pineal gland contains calcifications, more informally termed “brain sand.”

One of the defense mechanisms protecting your body against the effects of fluoride toxicity seems to be its deposition in calcified tissues. The symptoms of excessive fluoride accumulation in bones and teeth are known and well documented, classified as skeletal fluorosis and dental fluorosis, respectively.

Calcium deposition into the pineal gland is similar to that found in bones. The process of calcium accumulation in the pineal gland is initiated in childhood and even in newborns. Calcification is accompanied by a reduction in melatonin synthesis. Pineal gland calcification has an indirect effect on the production and secretion of melatonin.

Pineal calcification has long been reported in humans.

The occurrence of pineal calcification depends on environmental factors, such as sunlight exposure, toxins like fluoride, and increased metabolic activity. This calcification is seen in many chronic conditions.

Studies have found that the more metabolically active the pineal gland is, the more likely it is to form calcium deposits. Furthermore, researchers have conducted animal studies where gerbils who were exposed to less light than others had higher amounts of pineal gland calcifications. Darkness strongly influences the pineal to release melatonin. If the pineal gland has to work harder to produce your melatonin as a consequence of less sunlight exposure, calcification can occur.

Certain chronic medical conditions will increase the likelihood of pineal gland calcifications. Pineal calcification causing lower melatonin levels can lead to a lowering of the body’s ability to be resilient to stress adaptation. Examples of these medical conditions include Alzheimer's disease, migraine headaches, kidney disease, and schizophrenia. One consideration in regards to all degenerative neurological conditions is the lymphatic connection.

The lymphatic system is the primary detoxification mechanism used by the central nervous system. Deep sleep is the strongest activator of this system and is hard-wired to melatonin. Poor cleansing of the lymphatic system leads to the accumulation of waste, which can lead to proteins like beta-amyloid—a microscopic brain protein fragment—to build up and entangle the nerves within the brain. The “amyloid hypothesis” contends that flaws in the processes governing the production, accumulation, or disposal of beta-amyloid are the primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease. This is just one of many examples of how the pineal gland and melatonin have a vast influence on all of your organs and cells (for much more, check out my book).

How To Decalcify & Detox Your Pineal Gland

Researchers have studied a potential connection between increased fluoride exposure and pineal gland calcifications.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that some areas add to their water supply to reduce tooth decay. The mineral is present in most toothpaste because its thought that it is necessary to maintain and strengthen tooth enamel. Yet, fluoride is naturally attracted to calcium, and researchers believe increased fluoridation leads to increased pineal gland calcification.

A study in 2019 “Fluoride-Free Diet Stimulates Pineal Growth in Aged Male Rats” found those who were placed on a fluoride-free diet for four to eight weeks experienced a greater increase in the number of pineal gland cells compared with those who consumed fluoridated food and drinking water. This study found that the high level of fluoride in the human pineal gland is positively related to its calcium accumulation of the gland, leading to the conclusion that a decrease in environmental fluoride pollution may be helpful in delaying or avoiding premature pineal calcification.

These are my favorite natural alternatives to fluoride toothpaste:

  • Ozone Toothpaste: The disinfecting properties of ozone can be used to kill many different types of bacteria that cause certain diseases, pain, and tooth decay. Ozone is dissolved into toothpaste and can penetrate areas of the teeth, gums, and mouth. This is my go-to ozone toothpaste.
  • Mineral Creams/Mouth Rinses: Alternatively, you can use a mineral cream that coats your teeth in a protective film, releasing natural calcium and phosphate minerals into the enamel. A mineral mouth rinse can provide bioavailable minerals in high concentrations to naturally strengthen enamel.
  • Tooth Powder: Therapeutic tooth powder can be used daily to neutralize acidity in the mouth and provide naturally occurring minerals to strengthen your enamel.
  • MCT Oil Pulling: Oil pulling with MCT oil or coconut oil can be an excellent way to support your teeth. Coconut oil contains monolaurin, which has antibiotic properties and naturally occurring minerals. Oil pulling involves swishing oil around the mouth, using it as a mouthwash. You put a tablespoon of MCT oil in your mouth, then swish it around for 15–20 minutes. Try adding a few drops of peppermint or tea tree essential oil to create it even more effective and it tastes better as well. (Ben talks more about oil pulling in this podcast.)
  • Xylitol: Xylitol is a natural sugar and tastes sweet. This 2003 study shows that xylitol is effective at remineralizing enamel. Make sure to chew it after or between meals to get the maximum remineralization benefits.

Eliminating the consumption of fluoridated water is also necessary to decalcify your pineal gland.

If you’re on a public water system, you can request support from your water supplier, which will contain information about fluoride and chlorine—another mineral that may contribute to calcifications. As an alternative, some people will have a whole house water filter then a reverse osmosis system at the sink to have pure water to drink. Quality bottled water can be another way to avoid drinking toxins.

Ben's father, Gary Greenfield, is an expert on water filtration, and you can listen to Ben's interview with him here. You may also want to check out the following podcasts and articles on water:

Fluoride is also used in pesticides and some chemicals used to create non-stick compounds for pots and pans. Eat organic foods and avoid processed foods to reduce fluoride consumption. Calcium supplementation consumed in excess could be problematic, especially if you're low in vitamin D and K2. Or you may be taking too much vitamin D and not enough vitamin K2, as the K2 is needed to prevent the calcium from depositing into your tissues.

So, it is indeed possible to decalcify the pineal gland with certain lifestyle changes.

In addition to decalcifying your pineal, general detoxing practices will help to keep it optimally functioning.

Spending more time in the sun each day and limiting the use of sunglasses, regular meditations, prayer, and breathwork are all great ways to detoxify your pineal. As discussed above, breathing that works on the hydrostatic pressures in your CSF may have the strongest effect to detoxify the pineal. There are also supplements and foods that can help. Besides melatonin, there are a few others that can be helpful. Here are the ones I found to be most relevant:

  • Iodine: This vital mineral—which is found in sea vegetables like seaweed or kelp—assists the thyroid gland in regulating hormones and is one of the most efficient removers (chelators) of heavy metals from the body. Iodine chelates heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum, as well as fluoride.
  • Shilajit: This plant material has been produced over millions of years from plants preserved in dark crevices of the Himalayan Mountains. Shilajit forms a thick resin that’s packed with 85 different trace minerals including fulvic acid. Fulvic acid helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals, supporting the decalcification process.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is another excellent supplement for your pineal gland detox. This study in Pharmacognosy Magazine shows that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can prevent and potentially reverse the damage from fluoride exposure.
  • Chaga Mushrooms: The Chinese call it the “King of Plants.” In Siberia, it’s the “Gift from God.” And for the Japanese, it’s the “Diamond of the Forest.” Not bad for wood-rotting fungus! Hundreds of scientific studies have demonstrated the potent effects of the Chaga mushroom on the immune, hormonal, and central nervous systems. Studies in Finland and Russia found that Chaga is an efficient anti-tumor agent as well as antiviral. Chaga provides us with phytochemicals, nutrients, and melanin. The pineal gland uses melanin to help shield us from UV light. Siberian Chaga may be the most potent with the highest recorded levels of antioxidants according to the ORAC Scale.
  • Vitamin K: Intestinal microflora in animal tissues produces vitamin K1 & K2. You can find it in organ meats, fermented dairy products, like cheese or butter (grass-fed butter), sauerkraut, and marine oils, along with supplements like Thorne's 3-K Complete.
  • Tamarind: One study and a follow-up study from the early 2000s demonstrated that tamarind increased the excretion of fluoride in urine compared to the control group. The researchers believe tamarind may even be able to reverse the effects of skeletal fluorosis caused by ingesting fluoride.
  • Green Superfoods: Finally, eating raw, green foods that are rich in chlorophyll will also help chelate heavy metals from your blood while nourishing it. Chlorophyll-dense foods like chlorella, spirulina, and wheatgrass also increase oxygen levels, repair damaged tissue, and boost the immune system.

The decalcification and detoxification protocols outlined above do not require expensive equipment or elaborate setups. Paying attention to your fluoride and making a few shifts to what you eat can go a long way in supporting the health of your pineal gland.


The enigmatic pineal gland likely plays many roles beyond melatonin production.

As you've discovered in this article, may also serve as a connection to some kind of a Source Field, or ability to be able to enter into deeper, more enhanced states of spiritual consciousness.

In other words, the pineal gland may serve as a connection with a force that could be classified as mystical, holy, divine, God, or the creator. Whatever you may choose to call this Source Field, it's difficult to deny its existence. For centuries, thought leaders have been looking to understand and feel this energy, and scientists today continue to study the relationship between the pineal gland, melatonin, and higher consciousness. Plenty more people are also seeking to activate their Third Eye pineal gland as a way to “get high” naturally. In fact, my wife Jessa and I recently explored a ceremony together that resulted in an intense, heart-opening, meditative desire for union with the divine.

Besides melatonin supplementation, the following lifestyle practices will help support your pineal gland:

  • Spend more time in the sun each day
  • Limit the use of sunglasses
  • Meditate and pray regularly
  • Practice breathwork
  • Filter your water to remove fluoride and chlorine
  • Use a fluoride-free tooth cleaner
  • Eat organic foods and avoid processed foods
  • Avoid non-stick cookware
  • Choose pineal-friendly supplements such as turmeric, Chaga mushrooms, and vitamin K

Dr. Lieurance contends that divine connection might be the most important one you make in your lifetime. As he says:

“You can own all of the real estate, fancy boats, and cars, you can have many degrees. None of this will really help you on your spiritual journey, and in fact, is often a hindrance. A focus on material things further disconnects you from your subconscious, allowing those less-empowering thoughts and beliefs to run the show behind the scenes. Working to unearth those thoughts and beliefs may also uncover a calmer and more present state that could greatly enhance your life experience. In addition to these benefits, you might even find a powerful connection to the Source Field.”

To learn much, much more about Dr. Lieurance's groundbreaking melatonin protocol—the regimen that I followed to reset my internal clock—you can download his free ebook, Melatonin: Miracle Molecule, here, and you will also be notified when the hard copy is available on Amazon, which will include material in the chapter adapted for this article along with three additional chapters and an expanded conclusion. I promise you, this material is nothing that you've ever heard before about the pineal gland melatonin, and if you have concerns about stress, infections, toxic exposure, mitochondria, or even the effects of travel, I highly recommend that you read up how the benefits of a healthy pineal gland that can produce optimal melatonin go way beyond a good night's sleep.

What do you think about Dr. John Lieurance's work? Is the material in this article as fascinating to you as it is to me? Do you feel like you have a conception of a Third Eye? How about a connection to a Source Field or so-called “divine consciousness”? I can't wait to read your thoughts and feedback (leave them below!).

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      add on question: i also find it difficult to find suppositories and/or liposomal products… Can you advise?

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      You can find some on his website

  5. Dan says:

    Where could I buy the two peptides mentioned in another article that help the pineal gland?

  6. Michael Hogan says:

    This article is super great

  7. stephan alexander says:

    HI, thank you for this. you suggest suppositories and liposomal Melantonin in high doses… where can i get that?
    it seems the standard is 3 to 10 mg and products on the shelves would last no more than a couple days.

  8. Florian says:

    Hi Ben, great article! You mention Shilajit. Do you have protocol or any experience with it? My wife and i tried it last year and didnt feel much. Or is it the same as with the funghi extracts, pure luck if you get some effects?

  9. jim f says:

    Right on, you just forgot to tell them about zinc, how it dissolves LPS but you have to have good stomach acids or it takes a different type of zinc that is already predigested by stomach acids you want want to take the RDA amount or it would kill you, thanks for turning me onto melatonin, you should try magnesium oil that one’s a nice trick.

  10. Eric says:


    Just how do we make a comprehensible reason to justify the avoidance of fluoride where in fact the government and major institutions are advocating the use of it. Please advice.

    Thank you for guiding us the public with your rational perception on this subject.

    1. carrie says:

      If the government and major institutions are recommending something, make a 180 and you’ll do fine.

  11. Beckie Sago says:

    I may have missed this, but is melatonin ok to give children? Will it decrease their own natural production? Thanks so much, in advance. So much gratitude for you.

    1. Dr john says:

      This is Dr John. Kids produce lots of melatonin and supplementing melatonin with children is totally safe. That’s what the research shows but you’ll always want to check with your pediatrician. I have to say that but honestly many pediatricians don’t understand melatonin.

  12. Captain says:

    Yes, this is your best post yet

    1. Dr john says:


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