Alternative Cancer Remedies You’ve Never Heard Of, Animal Venom, Urine Therapy, Nicotine For Viruses & More With Jonathan Otto.

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Picture this: A seven-year-old boy, glued to the television, has his heart pierced by the plight of a starving child from a world away.

His young eyes are the same that, years later, would peer through the lens of a camera, capturing stories that demand to be told. This boy, my guest Jonathan Otto, grew up to be a man who wouldn't just watch—he'd act, creating waves in the realm of investigative journalism and humanitarian aid.

As a result of volunteering throughout his adolescent years, Jonathan, at the age of 18, became a Youth Ambassador for the charity, World Vision. World Vision organized his first volunteer mission to Africa. Faced with the despair and hopelessness of poverty, Jonathan’s passion to help others grew deeper.

From an Australian Youth Citizen of the Year to a fearless creator who has had brushes with death in Africa, Jonathan's life reads like a script from one of his own documentaries. But this script is real, and it's filled with selfless acts of bravery, not for glory but driven by an indomitable desire to uplift humanity. Not even the loss of a comrade to thieves' bullets could deter him from his mission. Instead, it solidified his resolve, funneling his zeal into his charitable endeavors and truth-seeking.

Jonathan's quest for uncovering and addressing concealed afflictions has transcended into the health and wellness sphere, leading to acclaimed docuseries like “The Truth About Cancer” and “The Truth About Vaccines (with Ty Bollinger),“Diet Against Disease (with Dr. Joseph Mercola),” and his own groundbreaking series “Bible Health Secrets” and “Autoimmune Secrets.” These works aren't just films; they're his crusades for truth, crafted to enlighten and empower audiences worldwide. Jonathan is happily married to his wife, Lori. They are committed Christians and regularly speak at their local San Diego, California church.

You're about to journey with Jonathan through discussions that might unsettle yet fascinate you, delving into alternative health topics that challenge mainstream narratives. We'll uncover the healing enigmas of animal venom and confront the controversial discourse surrounding the therapeutic practice of urine therapy—a testament to his daring exploration into health's less chartered territories.

This episode isn't just a dive into the unconventional; it's a spotlight on a life that embodies the relentless search for truth—a life that has captivated international audiences through TV broadcasts, print media, national news, and radio. Brace yourself for an encounter with the man behind the lens, where the pursuit of wellness transcends the physical, tapping into the profound depths of the human spirit and the power of unyielded conviction.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Jonathan Otto?…06:22

-What attracted Jonathan to alternative health topics?…10:32

-Jonathan’s problems with censorship…13:19

-Animal venom and its connection to disease…15:08

  • What do we think of when we talk about toxicities
  • The issue of venom in pesticides is real
  • Do a Google search and have a look at what is being used in pesticides today
    • Scorpion venom, spider venom, cone snail venom, and various types of pit vipers and kraits
  • Venoms are synthesized via peptides and used as pesticides
  • They get into our food supplies, and we consume them
  • Has it been proven that as we consume these peptides, there's an increased risk of certain diseases?
  • There are lots of different dots that need to be connected
  • Glyphosate – people won lawsuits because of the cancers that are caused by these chemicals
    • The patents give them away
    • The ingredients used in our food supply to kill insects end in the food we eat
    • These same ingredients are used in laboratory models to induce tumorigenesis
  • Turbo cancers
  • People are aware of pesticides and eating organic
  • Toxin-Like Peptides In Plasma, Urine And Faecal Samples From COVID-19 Patients – a study on venom peptides in COVID-19 patients
    • Took urine and feces samples from COVID-19 patients
    • Found toxin-like peptides almost identical to toxic components of venoms from animals
  • A study from the Office of Justice Programs and the US Department of Justice
    • Conotoxins: potential weapons from the sea
    • Potential biological weapons
  • There's no regulation; they can put them all through the environment – air or water

Animal venom showing up in people

-How can you protect yourself?…27:31

  • Filtering the water
  • Eating organic
  • Distilled water
  • All venoms bind to nicotine receptors
  • Nicotine patches
  • If somebody is infected, they need to get access to something that will bind to the same receptors that these poisons will bind to
  • So much of chronic diseases across the board are related to venoms
    • HIV
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • STD-related blood diseases
  • Nicotine is effective on anything from
    • Tinnitus
    • Low hearing
    • Tourette's Syndrome
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Aggressive brain tumors that have an eight-month survival rate
    • Autism
  • How much nicotine is needed?
    • 7-14 mg as patch
    • Patches are from 7 to 21 mg
  • Lucy Nicotine Gum (use code BEN20 to save 20%)
  • Rugby Nicotine Patch
  • Venoms bind to the α7 nAChR (α-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor)
  • Venoms block minerals like sodium, copper, calcium, and potassium in the body
    • All deficiencies can be because of venom
  • A study showed that with the application of nicotine, tumor formation dropped by more than 2 times
    • In 24 to 72 hours
  • Patch is the cleanest way
  • Vaping and smoking
    • You're talking about 600 added chemicals in cigarette or vape
    • 70 are known to cause cancer

-Urine therapy…39:33

  • How do you create an anti-venom?
    • Inject a large mammal with venom
    • Then take the blood out
    • Then spin the blood and get the serum
    • It's a reaction of the blood and then a purification of the blood
  • There is nothing more completely regenerative than urine
  • The most incredible job big pharma did with vaccines wasn’t convincing people that they could load themselves up with destructive things and that it would be fine
  • The most incredible job big pharma did was making us disgusted at the most powerful medicine that exists
  • Urine is certainly one of the most studied substances in modern medicine
  • Stem cells in urine
  • The discovery of stem cells in urine was really shocking
  • Stem cells in urine replicate at a rate of 1.0×10⁸ (100,000,000) in a 3-week period
  • The amniotic fluid is mostly urine
    • The fetus is drinking urine about every three hours
    • The role of urine in fetal development
  • The cycling of urine
    • Taking in the stem cells
    • Absorbing the stem cells
    • Gets urinated again
    • Getting to the exterior of the body of the fetus and trans-dermally

-The use of urine in cancer treatments…47:26

  • Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Miracle Cure that Medical Science Has Never Revealed! by Martha Christy 
  • Jonathan drinks his urine
  • Benefits Jonathan experienced drinking urine 
    • Solved chronic fatigue problem
    • Improved skin 
    • Resolved gut inflammation
  • Companies are making millions from urine
  • Various products are made with urine
    • Murine for eye and ear infections
    • Urea is used for the skin and for burns and even kinase for cancer therapies
  • The history of urea as a hyperosmolar agent to decrease brain swelling
  • Clinical trials were done on urine
    • The remarkable turnaround in people's health from literally a few urine injections into subcutaneous fat
  • Simply drink your own urine or urine enemas
  • Carlo Brogna's study on COVID patients – Toxin-Like Peptides In Plasma, Urine And Faecal Samples From COVID-19 Patients
    • PCR tests were designed to pick up venom peptides
    • Some people were negative in the nose, but positive rectally up to 7-8  months
    • The study showed that what actually developed had more to do with venom peptides with the  ability to replicate in the gut
  • In some cases, tumors were being injected directly with urine
    • In other cases, urine was simply being administered in the subcutaneous fat
    • Or drank orally
    • Puts the cancer into remission
  • Essentially, your own autologous anti-body administration, via the administration of your own urine as an anti-body source
  • There is no single toxin in your urine
  • Every culture in the world practices some form of urine therapy

-How do you actually drink urine?…56:26

  • Get your first clear morning urine
  • You've been fasting all night, which is why you're generating more stem cells
  • Browsing Urine Metabolites
  • Your body will get used to it, and the urine will start to taste differently
  • How much to drink?
  • There are studies that show when people drink their entire output, the results are incredible
  • Dr. Ed Group drank 1 gallon a day for 10 months and did 270 tests
    • With incredible results, like his gums regrew

-What is RIGVIR therapy?…1:00:33

  • A therapy for cancer that was invented in Riga, Latvia
  • Chemo is like a carpet bomb to the whole body
  • The holy grail for cancer would be something specifically targeting cancer cells
  • Urine stem cells are like RIGVIR on steroids
  • RIGVIR is an ECHO (Enteric Cytopathogenic Human Orphan) virus from healthy children's intestines
    • Injected into the cancer patient
    • Specifically targets and destroys cancer cells
    • A treatment in Latvia for melanoma and sarcoma
  • Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren is the only one doing it in the US
  • Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) will aim at tumors
  • Tumors behave like amoebas
  • Mesenchymal stem cells instruct the tumor on what they should be

-Combining urine with compounds that kill cancer cells…1:03:03

  • Plant-derived compounds shown to kill cancer cells:
    • Curcumin: Derived from the turmeric plant, curcumin has shown potential in targeting CSCs in various cancer types.
    • Berberine: Found in various plants, including Barberry, berberine has shown anti-CSC effects in different studies.
    • Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG): A major component of green tea, EGCG has demonstrated potential against CSCs in certain cancers.
    • Piperine: Found in black pepper, piperine has shown the potential to enhance the effects of radiation by targeting CSCs.
    • Sulforaphane: Found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, it has been investigated for its potential to target CSCs.
    • Resveratrol: Found in grapes and certain berries, resveratrol has shown some potential against CSCs in certain contexts.
  • When you take a drug, and you deliver that with a mesenchymal stem cell, it will then go specifically and attach to the tumor, and the drug will be effective
  • The drug could be a natural substance
  • A report presented at the annual meeting of the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology in Atlantic City
    • Research showing the effect of human urine on cancer cells
    • Researchers found that normal human urine contains valuable ingredients or elements that are capable of curing deadly or killer diseases
  • Many pharmaceutical drugs are urine-derived
  • Consuming urine in different ways
    • Nebulizing or intra nasal spray
  • The benefits of using aged urine
    • Urine is a natural preservative
  • Optimizing Health Metabolically – Discussion Between Dr. Nasha Winters & Dr. Mercola

-Cancer centers and resorts…1:06:15

  • The Hope4Cancer Treatment Center in Cancun in Tijuana
    • Probably the world's largest holistic Cancer Therapy Center
  • Jonathan went there to educate doctors about urine therapy
    • The goal is to teach people to do it at home
  • Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski clinic in Houston, Texas
    • Texas Medical Board tried to take away his license
    • Using horse and human urine extracts for cancer
    • Brain cancer – world-leading results

-Jonathan’s courses…1:12:15

-And much more…

I. Animal venom showing up in people

II. Use of animal venom in agriculture

III. Nicotine:

IV. Urotherapy

  • Sharing A Life-Saving Ancient Remedy. The Golden Therapy to Health
  • Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy
    • Metabolites found in urine:
    • Urine therapy for cancer:
    • Urine therapy through the centuries, including historically for cancer:
    • Information on urine-derived stem cells:
    • Differentiation Capacity of Human Urine-Derived Stem Cells to Retain Telomerase Activity
      • “Researchers found that collecting urine over a 24-hour period results in approximately 140 clonal stem cells.
      • “In the 20-40 years age group, approximately 75% of USC clones displayed positive telomerase activity, whereas in the 50 years age group, 59.2% of the USC clones expressed positive telomerase activity. USCsTA+”
      • “Overall, as a safe cell source, telomerase-positive USCs have a robust regenerative potential in cell proliferation and multipotent differentiation capacity.”
      • “Urine collected over 24h from one individual will generate approximately 140 clones (or 10 clones/200 mL urine), which will expand to greater than 1.0×10⁸ (100,000,000) cells over a period of 3 weeks.”
    • How Stem Cell Therapies Can Provide New Ways To Stop Tumors From Spreading Or Growing Back
      • Stem cells for cancer therapies
      • “Accumulating evidence is also showing that cancer stem cells can differentiate into multiple cell types, including noncancerous cells. Researchers are taking advantage of this fact through a type of treatment called Differentiation Therapy.”
      • “We believe that stem cells can provide potential treatments for cancer of all types in many different ways.”
      • “For example, Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from bone marrow naturally migrate toward and stick to tumors, and can be used to deliver cancer drugs directly to cancer cells.”
      • “Researchers can also genetically engineer stem cells to express a protein that binds to a desired target in a cancer cell, increasing the efficacy of treatments by releasing drugs right at the tumor.
    • A Comprehensive Review of the Therapeutic Value of Urine-Derived Stem Cells
      • Urine-derived stem cells (USCs) represent a newly discovered type of stem cell with biological characteristics similar to those of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs), including their doubling time and immunophenotype. USCs are noninvasive and can be readily obtained from voided urine and steadily cultured. Based on advances in this field, USCs and their secretions have increasingly emerged as ideal sources.
      • USCs may play regulatory roles in the cellular immune system, oxidative stress, revascularization, apoptosis, and autophagy.
    • “Scientific American: “Only 2 to 5 percent of cancer deaths are prevented by chemotherapeutic drugs, and their side effects are devastating.” – Informed Consumers Pharmacy”
    • The Golden Secret for Health and Longevity
    • Reports from the book:
      • Report # 25: H-11 For Cancer, by Dr. J.H. Thompson, 1943, published in the British Medical Journal, (7/31/43). In the late 1930's and early 40's, many medical researchers such as Dr. Thompson, were experimenting with an anti-cancer urine extract referred to as H-11. Many of the hundreds of researchers who had conducted the studies on H-11 in cancer treatments over approximately a 12-year period experienced excellent results which unfortunately were ignored by the medical community. The researchers reportedly demanded that a medical research council be set up to review their complaints, stating that their research findings on successful H-11 cancer treatments were being unjustly ignored by the medical establishment.

A council was set up in 1948. However, despite thousands of laboratory studies and hundreds of cases of clinical proof demonstrating the efficacy of H-11 in treating cancer, it was set aside by the council as an accepted medical treatment for cancer. The clinical and laboratory findings on the use of this extract on cancer patients were reported in the British Medical Journal by Dr. J.H. Thompson and revealed that over 300 independent doctors and researchers had found that H-11 was clinically effective in inhibiting the growth of malignant cells in humans.

      • Report #26: Urine Extract On Malignant Tumors, 1961, by Dr. Novak, published in the German journal, Zeitschrft Innere Medizin, (Journal of Internal Medicine). This is an extremely interesting report from a German doctor who utilized injections of a natural urine extract prepared from each patient's own urine to treat several different types of cancer, including stomach, colon, rectal, breast, lung, uterine, lymph node, and gall bladder malignancies. The results were remarkable in the majority of the 21 cases treated, and the report includes X-ray photos that corroborate the results.

CASE #2: A 60-year-old woman with metastatic malignant tumors in the epigastrium and liver was treated with urine extract. After 4 injections, both subjective and objective 144 improvement was noted, as corroborated by radiological x-rays showing marked tumor reduction. After six weeks, there were no obstructions noted in the upper abdomen, and the liver was normal. Two years have passed since the treatments, and there has been no further incidence of the cancer.

CASE #3: 52-year-old woman with jaundice (serum bilirubin 11 mg.%). Melon-sized tumor in the right epi- and mesogastrium. Exploratory laparotomy revealed advanced cancer of the gallbladder with metastases to the liver, cecum, and transverse colon. After 5 injections of the urine extract, there was shrinkage of the tumor, a reduction in the size of the liver; bilirubin dropped to 1.6 mg%. Within 10 months of follow-up examinations, the patient exhibited no symptoms; on rare occasions, stomach upset occurred.

V. Natural herbs and minerals proven to kill cancer stem cells in published clinical studies

  • Plant-derived compounds shown to kill cancer cells:
    • Curcumin: Derived from the turmeric plant, curcumin has shown potential in targeting CSCs in various cancer types.
    • Berberine: Found in various plants, including Barberry, berberine has shown anti-CSC effects in different studies.
    • Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG): A major component of green tea, EGCG has demonstrated potential against CSCs in certain cancers.
    • Piperine: Found in black pepper, piperine has shown potential in enhancing the effects of radiation by targeting CSCs.
    • Sulforaphane: Found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, it has been investigated for its potential to target CSCs.
    • Resveratrol: Found in grapes and certain berries, resveratrol has shown some potential against CSCs in certain contexts.

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13 thoughts on “Alternative Cancer Remedies You’ve Never Heard Of, Animal Venom, Urine Therapy, Nicotine For Viruses & More With Jonathan Otto.

  1. Jason says:

    Great podcast, with fascinating info. I’ve heard about Urine Therapy a few months ago and have been experimenting. My question is around how to age it properly as I’ve found this information difficult to nail down. Should you age it covered/sealed in a mason type jar, leave it covered by somewhat exposed to air (fermenting), or leave it totally open. If leaving it somewhat open and exposed should it be fully covered and sealed in a mason type jar after a period of time? Greatly appreciate the response

  2. JSM says:

    For the few who make it this far: it seems fair to say that Ben Greenfield will have just about anyone on his podcast as long as there is money to be made on affiliate links. Please do some reading before entrusting your health to conspiracy theorists.

    Ty Bollinger

    Joseph Mercola

    1. Tom Elliott says:

      You guys, the NYT wrote a hit piece on Dr. Mercola. We should never trust Ben Greenfield again!!!

  3. Shaela says:

    A questions for Jonathan Otto:

    Is it possible for venom cause problems even years after the initial insult? My daughter stepped in a rattlesnake nest 8 years ago (she was 23 months old at the time). She’s had ambulatory and autoimmune challenges ever since. It never occurred to me that the venom itself could be a contributing factor. Is this an avenue worth pursuing, or has it been too long since the accident?

  4. KB says:

    Hey Jonanthon, How are you treating your Chronic Fatigue? Are you in remission now. I have a very severe partner with CFS/ME and wondering if the nicotine may help. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Marc says:

    I heard you say that the more you drink the better the results but how much are we talking about for the coffee enema to get the benifits ? Thanks

  6. Juliet says:

    Hello! I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, especially the part about UT (Urine therapy). I have been involved with an Ayurvedic group that practices Shivambu (UT) for about 3 years now.
    My question is about aged urine, do you use it and how do you use if you do? I’d love to hear your take on aged UT, it’s pretty potent stuff! Thank you for so much amazing info!

  7. Hi Rob, thanks so much for your feedback and your excellent question. I referenced this in my talk, where I spoke about how what we see in the urine is not the toxin itself but a metabolic form that our body has broken down and converted into a non-harmful form. Interestingly enough, they are also in tiny quantities. This is important because it is clear to me that the body is giving us this information to identify and remove what is harming the body. Think about urine as programmed water. Water has memory, and this imprint is a communication system. The most precise representation of this is the womb. This trumps any study or theory as it shows in real time that babies are not reinfecting themselves with their urine; they are healing themselves with it. The purity of their urine explains why babies are not harmed internally, with their skin or even eyes, by their urine, and instead, if babies do not produce urine, or enough of it, they die in the womb and cannot form their organs. Here, you can see every metabolite and compound identified in urine:

    1. Rob says:

      Thanks Jonathan! I appreciate the response!

    2. John says:

      Hi Jonathan, fascinating podcast with so much to delve into. I’m currently dealing with parasites in the liver. Would you still consider UT to be safe? Isn’t that one way that parasites are ejected from the body?

  8. Cormac says:

    Hello Ben!
    I was wondering if you know a cure for OCPD? ( obsessive compulsive personality disorder)
    I can’t find any good information about it online. My wife has the disorder but doesn’t admit it and therefore doesn’t wish to take any medication, and I don’t know how to help her. Maybe you could invite an expert on your podcast to help those who suffer with the disorder.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

  9. Rob says:

    To add to the above. I’ve heard the answer to that question sometimes being: “Your body doesn’t absorb the metals, glyphosate, mycotoxins and myriad other water-soluble toxins when practicing uropathy.” OK, then why does our body absorb these poisons from drinking tap water, but not from drinking urine?
    Again though, it was mentioned that there are no toxins in urine on the podcast. Thx

  10. Rob says:

    Wonderful info – thanks! I’ve read the mentioned book and others in the past. One thing that I cannot wrap my head around, and that I’d love to hear a response to… Jonathan says that there are no toxins in urine, and I’ve heard that from others who promote uropathy. However, we know that there exists lab tests to measure levels of glyphosate and toxic metals in the urine. So how can one say there are no toxins in the urine? Clearly if a lab can measure them, you’d be ingesting toxins. Please explain! Thx!

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