Q&A 419: A New Way To “Spot Reduce” Fat, Are Plant Anti-Nutrients Really That Bad, The Dark Side Of Daylight Savings Time & Much More.

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  • Very good read for those of you concerned about so-called “anti-nutrients” in food…5:45
  • Be Careful How You Prepare Your Food: Advanced Glycation End Products Shorten Lifespan! Read about it…22:45
  • Well, wow. Bodybuilding supplement promotes healthy aging and extends lifespan, at least in mice (and turns out the stuff is dirt cheap)…28:40
  • Spot reduction (AKA “regional fat loss”) appears possible—if you combine explosive resistance training for your “fat” muscle group followed by aerobic endurance training (e.g. jump squats + cycling) Read about it here…32:10
  • I could totally get behind this initiative to ditch daylight saving time by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine…35:59

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Listener Q&A:

Breathing through the nose vs. through the mouth…48:10

Thomas from Copenhagen, Denmark asks: Many breathing experts, including James Nestor that appeared on your show, advise to exhale through the nose. However, you and your recent writing and other breathing experts advise to exhale through the mouth. Can you please dive into that difference, please?

In my response, I recommend:

Simple Detox Tips…1:00:15

Scott asks: I'm an auto technician at a dealership here in Massachusetts. I am routinely exposed to a number of toxins— including, but not limited to, brake dust, cleaning chemicals, carbon monoxide, and more recently, hydrocarbons in the form of gasoline due to a fuel pump recall. I have an N99 carbon filter mask. I get fresh air whenever possible, and I work out regularly. I've been on point with nutrition. I'm willing to invest in the sauna at some point, but in the meantime, I'd like to know the best way to detoxify from these daily toxins, other than finding a new career.

In my response, I recommend:

Blood flow during sauna sessions…1:06:50

Sheldon asks: I just recently listened to your podcast with bodybuilder Milos Sarcev. He mentioned that he takes his essential amino acids, creatine dextrose, pre- and during-workout to gain muscle mass because of the increased blood flow to the muscles during a workout. My question is, do you get the same benefit by doing the same thing, pre and during a sauna session with the increased blood flow?

In my response, I recommend: 

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15 thoughts on “Q&A 419: A New Way To “Spot Reduce” Fat, Are Plant Anti-Nutrients Really That Bad, The Dark Side Of Daylight Savings Time & Much More.

  1. Chris Hammond says:

    Ben , thank you for what you are doing and promoting a better world through personal actions and goals that benifit us all. Please continue coverage of the oxalate situation . As a big user of my healthy garden foods chard kale rasberries sweet potatoes beets kale purslane ect. and now with major joint damage I had NO idea until recently about this problem. I also used plenty of almonds nuts cocoa chia seaseme tumeric cinnamin (super foods ) . Oxalates ,what a healthy disaster that may take a year to recover from. It’s not just a kidney stone issure as radioactive tracers show the glass like structures deposite all over the body. As this information is not yet wide spread Your Lead could help untold numbers improve proformance and Prevent pain. Namaste

  2. Mike B says:

    Just curious what kind of bags you use for Sous Vide and if there is any concern with cooking in plastic bags?

  3. Meagan Cross says:

    Thanks for this podcast the anti-nutrients is a huge rabbit hole, Ive just started reading the paper you posted. Its almost summer in the Australian tropics & leafy greens are everywhere, I was freezing so I dont waste any. So if you boiled then froze in cubes that would work better for green smoothies?

    1. Chirs Hammond says:

      Hey Meagan I also froze my garden greens that were so beautiful and healthy looking so as not to waste them. Also used plenty of high oxalated (super foods) nuts seeds sweet potatoes chia tumeric cinnamin. Now I have joint issues that may take a year to recover from as the oxalates are deposited wide spread in my body. Please read more on them. They do not just make stones . Radio active tracing showed they lodge all over the body if you have less than perfect metabolic function.

  4. andrew says:

    where can i buy the ha-ppe?

  5. Alex says:

    Hi Ben

    You make a comment that only an “idiot” would dump kidney beans from the can onto their salad or meal.

    Just wondering, if the canned beans/chickpeas etc. are sitting in a water bath, is that not equivalent to soaking them?

    If you were to use canned beans etc. would you remove from can and then soak for a further period, despite them being in a liquid since canning?



    1. Meags says:

      Good question! I wondered that

  6. Scott @greasemonkeyfitness says:

    Thanks again for answering my question, I have lots of homework! I know you like the Thorne products, I do too, but would there be more benefits to a liposomal form of glutathione?

  7. John Foto says:

    A little frustrated with regards to the report about Oxalates and how they can cause kidney stones and joint pain. Have been making my “Super Smoothie” with raw kale, spinach and almonds being the base. In this podcast you said that you would not recommend using these 3 foods in your smoothie but your Super Smoothie included these 3 food item. Is this newly learned information?

  8. Bill Montgomery says:

    It was mentioned that nose breathing boosts HRV. I have been doing it so maybe that is why my parasympathetic has shot through the roof. I thought it was the CBD but I used CBD before and it never went that high. You think that the nose breathing is the cause?



  9. giovanna salas-crawford says:

    thanks for you information, it is always on top of everything out in the world of podcasts
    Sometimes i need to be with a notepad and a pen to take notes, i really appreciate the simple ways you teach us to just go back to basics like get sun, clean water, connect with nature, eat clean and charge the human battery.
    about spot reduction, I believe I heard you mention a topical cream with menthol to help with that, am i right?
    and in the same topic, to spot the stomach area, so you will say that work hard some crunches or other ab workout and then move to 30 minutes of steady cardio will help with that?

  10. Patrick says:

    Ben, thanks for all you do! Boundless and your podcasts have inspired me to take a deeper dive into my health and wellness practices. I have lost 35lbs since March and have implemented a daily 16/8 intermittent fast. In addition, I just did the longevity panel through wellness FX and I’m excited to see what I need to narrow in on. Just wanted to express my gratitude for all the passion you put into your work so we can all try to be better versions of ourselves.

  11. Anthony Guastella says:

    Ben, are any of your fiction books in audio version?

  12. Randy James says:

    Is there any way to mitigate the negative effects of advanced glycation end products? For example I seem to remember hearing (it may have been on your podcast) that mustard powder on charred meat or vegetables would be a good idea?

    1. Both spirulina and glycine seem to have some positive effect. Check out research by Dr. James J. DiNicolantonio: https://amzn.to/37Qtdb9

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