Held Hostage: How The FDA Is Keeping You From Using Your Own Stem Cells (& What You Can Do About It).

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“Held Hostage. The FDA ruled last week that your own stem cells from your own fat are a drug and only they have jurisdiction over them. All stem cell treatments using your own cells in the USA now must be from bone marrow. Japan, Panama and many other progressive countries have moved in the opposite direction and have approved stem cells from your fat for their citizens due to the high safety and efficacy rate. This affects all of us. Big Pharma is now regulating your body. Legally.”

My podcast guest on today's show, Dr. Tami Meraglia is a double board-certified MD, who recently posted to a private Facebook group we are both part of the message above. I found this post so disturbing that I invited her on my podcast to discuss the current state of stem cells and legality in the US and we take a deep dive on this show.

Dr. Meraglia is the author of the nationally best-selling book The Hormone Secret and the CEO of Global Stemology and Seattle Stem Cell Center—the only stem cell clinic in the nation that provides complimentary hormone, nutrition, and inflammation programs to every stem cell patient. She is the keynote speaker for the American Academy of Anti-Aging and conferences in the US, Canada, Asia, and Dubai. Dr. Meraglia has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox National News, and has hosted multiple radio shows. After an illustrious career in the ballet, she discovered that she had a great talent for chemistry, combining that with her intense desire to make a difference and a career in medicine was launched.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Tami's history in the realm of stem cells and how she began using them in her practice…8:55

-How the FDA is currently regulating stem cells…15:26

  • Many stem cell clinics store their cells at U.S. Stem in Florida
  • U.S. Stem uses a collagenase enzyme to break down fat and access the stem cells
  • U.S. Stem was issued a cease and desist by the FDA
    • Anything that is more than “minimally manipulated” (by the FDA's parameters) has become a drug, and therefore must be regulated by the FDA
    • It must go through a pharmaceutical manufacturing process
    • Extremely expensive process; pharmaceutical companies will profit handsomely while delivering an inferior product
  • “Why should the FDA say we have the right to one source of stem cells and not the other?”
  • The next wave of stem cell scrutiny will be with bone marrow
  • Big Pharma perhaps sees stem cell industry as a threat to the status quo, hence this legal action
  • Pain is a perceptive thing; the procedure isn't really painful
  • Bone marrow transplant is as good or better than fat

-How concerned consumers can get involved with this issue should they wish to do so…26:40

  • An attorney has been retained by several previous stem cell patients
  • It's a waiting game
  • The judge ordered all stem cells stored at U.S. Stem to be destroyed
    • Thousands of people wrote letters asked for a stay on the motion, and it worked
  • Visit USStemology.com if you'd like to be involved

-The current legality of non-autologous stem cell sources…32:45

  • very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELS) are not stem cells
    • antigen-specific immunoglobulin expressing cells
    • synonymous with adult pluripotent stem cell (APSC)
  • Dr. Halland Chen
  • CoQ10
  • NAD antioxidants
  • VSELs require a light and temperature stress
    • They pass the blood-brain barrier

-The type of protocols co-administered with stem cells to increase their efficacy…36:20

  • Can't be done with the typical Western medicine mentality
  • If your stem cells are seeds that are growing, the soil in which it grows matters a great deal
  • There's “clean” lifestyle and there are things that help the stem cells and the mitochondria that supports them
  • Stem cells are attracted to areas of inflammation
  • Don't waste them on the gut when the gut can be healed in other ways
  • Modern farming practices make our soil deficient in magnesium

-The upcoming documentary and masterclass Tami is producing…41:15

  • Fasting to up-regulate stem cells
    • Intermittent fasting is ideal for most
    • 24 hour fast is necessary for some
    • Every spiritual discipline in the world includes fasting

-Under the radar procedures related to stem cells Tami does in her practice…44:05

-Why Tami is a strong advocate for the use of progesterone…56:11

  • “If there was a fire in my house, I'd grab my children and my progesterone…”
  • Sleep problems are often because of a progesterone deficiency
  • A lot of men are on progesterone (if estrogens are high)
  • Stimulates “osteoblasts”
  • Use caution in administering it (recommend by doctor's prescription)

-Whether or not PEMF is used for the upregulation of stem cells in bone marrow…1:01:30

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Books by Tami Meraglia, including “The Hormone Secret”

Bruce Lipton's book “Biology of Belief”

Dr. Dawson Church's book “Mind to Matter

BGF Podcast: The Single, Most Comprehensive Stem Cell Procedure Known To Humankind: How A “Full Body Stem Cell & Exosome Makeover” Works.

BGF Podcast w/ Jay Campbell

Carotenoids and the risk of developing lung cancer: a systematic review


Dr. Halland Chen

Comparison of the Effects of Testosterone Gels, Injections, and Pellets on Serum Hormones, Erythrocytosis, Lipids, and Prostate-Specific Antigen

Progesterone cream on Amazon

The Effects of a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field on the Proliferation and Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

My podcast interview with Dr. Barry Morguelan

-The Christian Gratitude Journal at ChristianGratitude.com

The Healing Power Of Prayer?

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20 thoughts on “Held Hostage: How The FDA Is Keeping You From Using Your Own Stem Cells (& What You Can Do About It).

  1. John Hughes says:

    Thanks for your podcast, Ben. It’s good information for the most part.

    There’s a few challenges about stem cells that you may want to know. When stem cells are derived from the fat, bone marrow, or umbilical cells and used nonhomologously (eg. fat cells put into knee joints), they are 99% gone from the joint within one week of administration. They have disappeared because of their paracrine effect in which they open up their contents (of about 470 growth factors) in nonhomologous tissues and they support the inflamed or injured cartilage that is present in the knees. However, they do not directly become new cartilage. But, when fat stem cells are placed into fatty tissues (homologous use), they can become new fat cells (because they are lineage committed to become these types of cells). See this lecture for more information. https://aspenintegrativemedicine.com/what-to-know…

    The FDA is correct in regulating the claims made by practitioners who promote these fat, bone marrow, or umbilical cells for nonhomologous use. Of note: Kristen Comelia’s clinic (US Stem Cell) reportedly blinded 3 people by the nonhomologous use of fat stem cells injected into the eye. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/local-news/i-t…

    Secondly, Tami Meraglia is not accurate in saying that VSELs are not stem cells. VSEls, as pluripotent peripheral blood stem cells, are cells that have identical properties as embryonic stem cells–a fact which has been proven by the scientists who discovered these cells, Dr. Henry Young, Phd and Dr. Bill Paspiliaris, MD, PhD. I personally know these scientists and have used the cells in conjunction with HBOT, oral nutrition, PRP coctails, IV nutrition and NAD+ for the past 5 years for TBI, stroke, AD, and even autism patients. These PBSCs, in combination with PRP, are the best type of stem cell for regeneration of the nervous system, especially when administered intranasally as well as intravenously.

    Dr. John Hughes, D.O.

    Aspen Integrative Medicine, Inc.

    Aspen Stem Cell Institute, LLC dba TBI Therapy

  2. Ty Bathurst says:

    Dr. Tami-

    I am a retiring Special Operations member and now Executive Director of a non-profit called Time for a Hero. Like yours we focus on regenerative medicine for Special Operations Forces to include stem cells, hbot and endocrine assistance. I was excited to hear your dialogue and was hoping that we could connect to potentially create some synergy with our efforts.
    Looking forward to chatting. I appreciate you.

    Many thanks,

  3. Dr. Tami says:

    Hi! Dr. Tami here. We use PRP as eye drops. If you find a physician in your area that does PRP they should be able to put some in a bottle for you. It might help to bring your own bottle (sterilize it with boiling water as you would a baby bottle first)

  4. Ashley says:

    How can I get involved in this issue? I am happy to sign petitions, write letters, and do whatever it takes. I don’t want the same thing to happen with bone marrow. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

    1. Dr. Tami says:

      Write to your local State Representative. Some have written to the President and a few of those letters have made it to his desk

  5. Joe Tittiger says:

    Perhaps we should as the Declaration of Independence suggests, seriously consider getting rid of the criminal and tyrannical government that we now have lording over us. Go read it. Most have not.

  6. Trevor says:

    Anyone know the link Ben had mentioned about the fasting guide? I can’t find it in the podcast after going back through it, but I remember hearing it.

  7. Kimberly says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I had my Stem Cells Extracted at the Sunrise Clinic (same as Ben) Sept 2018. I had the same PA (Michelle) in fact! I was severely bruised and in major pain for over 4 weeks. The blood drained into my Penis and Scrotum causing plenty of pressure and pain. All that being said, I don’t want my cells destroyed. I want access to them and to use them. I had a shoulder injection, knee injection and IV. Overall felt great for about 3 months after the pain from the procedure settled down. After that I did not recognize any major benefit. I did but one dose back from the CRYO facility and had zero benefit.

    That is my experience and I pursued this venture after all the rage and promoting by Ben and Asprey. Is what it is… Live and Learn! I would love to hear the actual story behind a few woman being blinded at this clinic after eye procedures.

    Dear Stem Cell Bank Customer,

    On June 25, 2019, U.S. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro of the Southern District Florida entered a permanent injunction against US Stem Cell Clinic, LLC, and others, which, among other matters, required us to destroy all SVF product stored at the Stem Cell Bank. On July 19, 2019, Judge Ungaro entered an order that postponed the destruction requirement, with the postponement to expire either when any appeal of the Injunction is completed, or if the defendants choose not to appeal. Therefore, none of the SVF stored at the Stem Cell Bank will be destroyed at this time. We are currently evaluating our appeal options, and will update you as soon as we have more information.

    As always, the health of our patient community is our priority.

    Thank you,

    U.S. Stem Cell, Inc
    13794 NW 4th Street, Suite 212
    Sunrise, FL 33325
    Tel: (954) 835-1500
    Fax: (954) 845-9976

  9. michelle parlo says:

    I am now listening to the podcast. Thank, Ben for this one!!!! I wonder if we will no longer be able to do J-Pouches for colon disease (this means permanent colostomies) as small intestine is not “homologus” when used as rectum. Or how about when we take veins from arms and legs and use them in the heart. Do we no longer perform CABG procedures? This is insane.

  10. Mona Snow says:

    Check out what has happened to many alternative and complementary health websites and blogs in recent weeks: they are being de-platformed by search engines who don’t seem in any rush to block child porn or terrorism but do block discussion on vaccine safety.

    1. J-Rad says:

      1 John 5:19

  11. Michael Snazlinski says:

    In my opinion, this story is wrong on many fronts. The reality is that FDA is trying to stop hucksters that sell untested and potentially unsafe products to an uninformed public. Just because the people in these clinics wear white lab coats, that doesn’t mean there is real science or evidence-based medicine behind it. There is a sea of pseudoscience out there, and all of us should want our friends and loved ones to have access to therapies that actually have a reasonable chance of helping them.

    1. Michael, with all due respect, you are wrong. The FDA has said “stem cells removed from adipose tissue are a drug”. While the still allow stem cells from other tissue to be used, and encourages drugs which we know have serious side effects. Every patient treated consents to their procedure, no one is forced into these procedures.

    2. Tom says:

      Read the report DEATH BY MEDICINE by Gary Null, et al. 800,000 deaths CAUSED by the medical industry, every year. Hundreds of drugs causing serious side effects, Aspartame, PROVEN to cause harm, Sucralose, PROVEN to negatively impact gut flora. Glyphosate, registered as an anti-biotic and is literally wiping out life on this planet. Neonics wiping out pollinator populations. I could go on and on with examples. The Fraud & Death Administration is full of lying bought evil people and only has the interest of money for Big Ag and Big Pharma.

    3. Dr. Tami says:

      I completely agree that Stem Cell Medicine is the Wild West right now and regulation is needed. However, not all physicians doing stem cell therapy are practicing pseudoscience. I am involved in a clinical trial with 12 IRB and reportable data and follow up. The other trial I am involved with is submitting their application for IND.

  12. Erik Manning says:

    The Perspire link in your notes goes to a page that’s 7 sessions for $49 not unlimited. It’s still a great value for $49, but wanted to clarify the offer in the link.

    1. Thanks, will update that.

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