The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More!

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Welcome to my Weekly Roundup!

In one convenient post, you're about to discover the most important things I've noticed this week, including the latest news from the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking and anti-aging research, the top photos, videos and stories from this week, upcoming events and speaking appearances, giveaways, specials and a host of other things you may have missed.

Let's do this…

Podcasts I Recorded This Week

How To Defend Yourself Against Cell Phone Radiation (And Keep Your Laptop From Frying Your Body)

Why My Barber Thinks I'm A Freak (And Crazy Health Discovers You Can Get From Your Hair, Urine & Stool)

The Mysterious Micro-Workouts, Turning On Your Butt, Overdosing With Melatonin & More With The Mind Pump Guys

Articles I Published This Week:

The Nine Most Important Pages I Folded Over In Tim Ferriss's New Book “Tools Of Titans.”

Does Marijuana Really Weaken Your Heart?

This Week's Inner Circle News:

-Inside the Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle, my private forum for personal interaction with my family and me, my amazing wife, Jessa Greenfield, releases her Inner Circle Healthy Home Workshop every month. With the holiday season upon us, learn tips and tricks to make your season a little more festive!

TV Series I was Featured On:

Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge – Episode 405

Upcoming Events:

-No more speaking events this month! I'm finishing up the year and beginning to plan all my events for next year. Stay in the loop by clicking here to follow my calendar.

-January 9th: I just announced my plans to take part in the “True Cellular Detox” program starting Jan 9 under the leadership of Dr. Pompa.

This not just another detox program…

Whether you can't seem to decimate a single fat cell and you're experiencing brain fog, achy joints and serious lulls in energy OR want to blast your brain and body performance through the roof, look good naked, live as long as possible and feel amazing while doing it. Learn more and join me by clicking here. You can also learn more about Dr. Pompa by listening to our podcast: What is Cyto Detox?

This Week's Most Popular Instagram Pic:


This Week's Most Popular Tweet:

This Week's Most Popular Facebook Post:

This Week's Most Popular Snapchat Story:

This week I continued to give you cutting edge, behind the scenes insight into my life, including the food I eat, books I read and secret workouts I do, on Snapchat. If you aren't following me, you should be. You'll see everything first on Snapchat! Click here to follow me on Snapchat so you don't miss any of the goodness!

This Week's Most Popular Pin from Pinterest:

Ben Greenfield Fitness saved to How To Get Better Sleep: “The Five Hidden Causes Of Fatigue That Most Doctors Don't Know About And Won't Test For”. Here's the podcast!


Cool New Products:

If you’re looking for a proven, potent and effective testosterone booster that actually works, and uses high-quality raw ingredients rather than cheap herbs, then you’ve finally found the solution: Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster, made by Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength company.

Leave any questions, comments, or feedback below – or any news of the week that you think I should have added – and I will be sure to reply.



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