One Comprehensive Health Test To Rule Them All? How To Get An At-A-Glance “Clarity” Report Of Your Genetic Age, Death Risk, Gut Health, Ideal Diet, Exercise, Sleep & Much More.

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Drs. Matt Dawson and Mike Mallin are multi-time repeat podcast guests on my show and the lead physicians at Wild Health, a genomics-based personalized medicine clinic with locations and physicians all across the United States. I first interviewed these guys in the episode “How To Use Precision Medicine To Enhance Athletic Performance, Defy Aging, Balance Hormones, Fix The Heart & Much More.,” then again in “Why Your DNA Is Worthless (& What You Need To Focus On Instead),” and finally, a few months ago, in the episode “Biohacking Your Brain With Precision Medicine, Genomics, Psychedelics, Advanced Nutritional Strategies & Much More!.”

In this episode, they're back to reveal a brand new, impressively comprehensive biomarkers test that they've had a team of MDs, PhDs, data scientists, and software developers working on for over a year. It takes into account genetics, the epigenome, microbiome, environment, and more, and they call it “Wild Health Clarity.”

Dr. Dawson is a precision medicine physician in Lexington, KY, co-host of the Wild Health Podcast, and has been obsessed with performance optimization for as long as he can remember. He received scholarships to play two sports in college even with “minimal talent” because of his voracious reading and implementation of any fitness or nutritional techniques that would give him an edge. Dr. Dawson continued that obsession in medical school, and as a physician, he has won national awards for education, innovation, and leadership. He has lectured in over 20 countries and trained thousands of other physicians through live lectures, online education, two textbooks, and an educational app. Dr. Dawson combines his training in genomics and functional medicine to give personalized, precise medical guidance. His obsession with performance optimization has morphed from, initially athletic, to now mental performance and longevity.

Whether you're a professional athlete or a grandparent optimizing your mental clarity and mobility to keep up with your grandkids, Dr. Dawson is passionate about helping you perform at your absolute peak.

Dr. Mallin is a physician in Bend, OR who is obsessed with health performance and precision medicine and is co-founder of the Wild Health Podcast. He completed medical school in South Carolina and trained in emergency medicine in Salt Lake City, UT. There, he competed in several ultramarathons and found his love for the mountains and performance. Mike currently practices in Bend, OR and Lexington, KY in his precision medicine clinics. He is also co-founder of the Ultrasound Podcast, an educational podcast that has taught thousands of physicians all over the world how to use ultrasound.

**I reference a video portion of this episode in the audio. However, that video file is not available for the episode. Sorry for any confusion. However, below is my Health Report Summary and a PDF of my entire Personalized Health Report to help you follow along.

Health Report Summary

health report

Personalized Health Report

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How Matt and Mike's report is different from all the other reports out there…09:45

  • Obsessed with precision medicine
  • Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) give incomplete genetic info
  • Multi-omics (blood biomarkers, microbiome data) are difficult to quantify thoroughly
  • One single report to optimize health and maximize healthspan

-How the report is utilized—from doctor to patient…14:30

  • Overall assessment (tree of life)
  • Begin with an overall objective score (91 out of 100)
  • Get the number, then discuss how to raise the score (contextually discussed with patient)
  • Epigenetic age: 43
  • Chronic disease risk calculator
  • Longevity genes

-Sleep and circadian genetics…18:25

  • The only thing in Ben's report that could be improved was sleep
  • Oura Ring data is used as a reference
    • Wearables don't pick-up everything; do not factor in afternoon naps
  • Deep, REM, total amount of sleep were slightly lacking
  • An afternoon nap or meditation session may help alleviate sleep issues
  • How do you feel when you wake up; do you use an alarm to wake up
  • Certain gene SNPs affect circadian rhythm
  • Examine multiple SNPs simultaneously
  • Resting heart rate elevation during first half of the night indicates eating too late
  • Subjective feedback from the patient about food intake and sleep (data from the Oura ring) is important

-Diet and nutrition…27:00

  • Begin with macronutrients: carbs, fat, saturated fat, protein; proceed to micronutrients and methylation
  • Carb intolerance score is primarily from genetics
  • Gives an idea of what the body is best for converting into energy
  • Higher LDL increases risk of cardiovascular disease (but take data into context)
  • The report isn't meant to stand on its own; it's a reference point to practice precision medicine
  • Begin with general recommendations to account for conflicts in the report due to multiple labs giving data
  • Recommendations are editable by the physician


-Vitamins and micronutrients…46:20

-Balancing gut reactions vs. genetic pathways to superfoods…49:45

  • What do you like? What have you tried in the past
  • Very few set in stone guidelines; lots of room for experimentation
  • Know how to pursue a particular diet like the carnivore diet
  • Other things to contextualize like SIBO or microbiome problems

-Exercise and recovery…52:10

  • Most important factors: genetics and preferences
  • DNAfit test
  • Plan is for a beginner looking for where to start; make recommendations on existing plans for established athletes
  • Plans for powerlifters, runners, cyclists
  • Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) tends to be high in active individuals eating a high fat, low carb diet
  • DUTCH test

-Neural behavioral…1:00:15

  • FAAH gene determines how you use CBD
  • BDNF: take lion's mane, use sauna
  • Tips and tricks to “hack” neurological function


  • Viome test results added to the Wild Health results (use code GREENFIELD to save 5%)
  • Diversity is high; inflammation is low (ideal scenario)
  • Berberine can help with proteobacteria
  • Onegevity
  • Probiotics are difficult to change gut bacteria
  • Lifestyle and diet are important

-Cardiovascular disease…1:06:40

  • Two risk scores:
    • MESA – 10 year cardiovascular disease risk: 1.4%
    • Genetic cardiovascular risk score


  • DHEA is one of the best biomarkers of aging
  • Proceed with caution when it comes to prescriptions and medications
  • Medication should be delayed to see if individual markers get better without medication
  • Telomere lengths; data is shaky
  • Ben's epigenetic age: 43
  • Biological vs. chronological age; rate of aging=1.2

-How to take the Wild Health Clarity report…1:14:20

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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– Wild Health:

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12 thoughts on “One Comprehensive Health Test To Rule Them All? How To Get An At-A-Glance “Clarity” Report Of Your Genetic Age, Death Risk, Gut Health, Ideal Diet, Exercise, Sleep & Much More.

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  2. Truvada says:

    I have a question about stem cells therapy. Two months ago after my last marathon I found out I have a “complex” meniscus tear – medial meniscus on my left knee. My OP suggested I need to have a surgery.

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Feel free to check out Q&A 430: How To Fix Bad Knees (Without Surgery) —

  3. Willoughby says:

    Thanks BEN, sharing this informativ blog. bengreen is very effctive in my life to maintain the health .

  4. EMMA says:

    I think there is so much information out there that as in all things, moderation is key. This clearly doesn’t apply of course to those who have addictions.

  5. Thank you for drawing attention to this little-known cause of elevated transaminases. I’ve seen some reports of this in men who do Cross Fit. Didn’t find anything in the literature on women with this finding.

  6. Glownar says:

    I could have just as good a time without it as with it. I think there is so much information out there that as in all things, moderation is key. This clearly doesn’t apply of course to those who have addictions.

  7. Brent says:


    Amazing and informative podcast! I was wondering what your recommendation would be for someone getting their genetics tested for the first time.

    Would you recommend using The DNA Company or Wild Health?

    Also for a cheaper blood test kit would have you heard of and/or would recommend using and inside

    I live close to Lexington KY and plan to do an epigenetic test with Tru Diagnostic soon, so using Wild Health would be convenient. However I loved the information you received from the podcast with Dr. Karim Dhanani back in Oct 2018 using The DNA Company.

    Thanks for all the great info,


  8. Neal says:

    Are you taking testosterone or did I miss something recently? How is your total testosterone 2248 ng/dl? Or is that a typo or different units?

  9. Keith Scoggins says:

    I have been thinking about becoming a wild health patient for some time. This episode helped convince me that it is something I should do. Ben, thank you for this enlightening podcast.

  10. Jessica Inwood says:

    I’m so glad you mentioned high-intensity strength training as an explanation for elevated AST and ALT in a healthy person during your most recent podcast with Drs. Dawson and Mallin. This happened to me a couple months ago and my doc panicked. I had done an intense yoga class, gone for a long run, and lifted the day before the lab draw. I asked for a GGT and it was normal, which reassured me that the AST and ALT were not of liver origin. So I took a 3-wk break from my twice a week high-intensity strength training, and they came back normal. I lost a lot of strength in those 3 wks, but it saved me from having to pursue unnecessary testing like a Fibroscan. I’m lean (BMI 20), with practically no VAT on Dexa, so fatty liver didn’t make sense. I’ve eaten LCHF for 2 years, and I find that people don’t understand that fat in the diet doesn’t tend to cause fatty liver in the absence of carbohydrate. Thank you for drawing attention to this little-known cause of elevated transaminases. I’ve seen some reports of this in men who do Cross Fit. Didn’t find anything in the literature on women with this finding.

  11. Chad Cooper says:

    Ben, could your higher TSH be due to your liver is struggling and having a difficult time converting T4 to T3. I’m not a doctor, just a curious person. What is your BUN ratio? Anyways, thanks for the awesome podcast!

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