What Happens To Your Body & Blood When You Race Back-To-Back Spartan Races?

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Two years ago I did back-to-back triathlons at one of the most difficult triathlons in the world, and tested my blood before and after to see what happened. You can see the results at “What Kind Of Damage Happens To Your Body After You Do A Hard Workout, Triathlon or Marathon?

And now, the crazy blood-testing experiment is back, this time to see what happens inside your body when you do back-to-back Spartan races. Watch the video below to see what happens to everything from cholesterols to testosterone to Vitamin D and more, and leave your questions in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Body & Blood When You Race Back-To-Back Spartan Races?

  1. Rob Yontz says:

    Thanks for doing this experiment Ben. Do you have HRV and RHR daly results that we could see correlated with these blood results?

    -Rob Yontz; SGX L2

    1. I do not have an HRV correlation with these blood results. I'm hoping to do that in future self testing experiments.

  2. Candy Hendrix says:

    I was in a research study for IBS for a year. After doing a Spartan Super on Saturday, I had my blood tests on Monday after fasting. They said my blood work was all over the place. I did not drink alcohol after the race. Definitely, not a great change, but I did have a lot of bruises and I was 52 years old. I am a runner and did a marathon a month before the Spartan.

  3. triduffer says:


    Very interesting post. It would useful to give some context to the measurement error associated with the testing. Many of the differences that you note would appear to be within the measurement accuracy that one would find from successive tests–without a Spartan race.

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