Ben’s Current Recommended Fasting Protocol, The Extreme Power Of Combining Fasting With Spiritual Disciplines, How An Addicted, Angry Weightlifter Started A Church & Became A Pastor & Much More With Shane Idleman.

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My guest on this podcast is author, speaker, and pastor Shane Idleman, who has written 12 compelling books with a unique perspective on a wide variety of subjects. His books include…

…and many others, which you can download for free on his church’s website.

What makes Shane's story truly inspiring is the fact that he abandoned a promising career as a Corporate Executive in the health and fitness industry to pursue a dream that God instilled in his heart following his commitment to Christ. In his words: “While I had focused on prosperity, wealth, and success, I had starved my soul. I tried everything that the world had to offer, but ultimately, I found that it offered little of lasting value.”

When asked why he thinks that his books are being so well received, Shane added: “The overwhelming response simply reflects the need that we all have for the truths found in God’s Word.” Shane is the founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in Southern California, 60 miles North of Los Angeles. Shane also hosts a podcast at Idleman Unplugged Podcast. You can also find Shane on Instagram , Twitter ,YouTube channel.

During our show, we mention a few other podcasts I've done on feasting and fasting including:

After I discovered Shane, I started working on getting him on the show. I'm so glad we finally made it happen, and I hope you enjoy and appreciate his take and our discussion on health and theology as much as I did.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Shane Idleman?…06:19

-Shane’s background and destructive lifestyle…09:44

1991 on Roids age 22

-How Shane returned to God…17:18

  • Shane pursued everything but God
  • His life began to fall apart
    • Broken marriage
    • Alcohol
    • Arrogance
    • Became a mean and angry man, punching holes in the wall
    • Eventually got demoted from district manager to manager
    • Caught in a lifestyle full of sin and addiction
  • Help! I'm Addicted: Overcoming the Cravings that Overcome You
  • Returned to God as a prodigal son
    • Finally surrendered everything to God
  • Ben growing up as a Christian
    • Alcohol and parties in college
    • Still going to church on Sundays
    • Non-present world-obsessed father and husband
    • Realized he was going to lose everything
  • God has to break the rebel within
  • Shane started preaching the word of God and became very passionate about it
  • Also started talking about health and fitness
    • If we're not disciplining our body physically, we're not disciplining our body spiritually
  • Ben’s experience with temptation
    • Jesus Prayer and breathing
    • Helpful way to retain focus on God in times of stress, in moments of sleeplessness and temptation
  • The Jesus Prayer: The Ancient Desert Prayer That Tunes the Heart to God by Frederica Mathewes-Green
  • Disciplined people struggle less with spiritual routines
  • The apostle Paul on physical and spiritual discipline
  • Self-discipline and feelings 
  • There's a big connection between gluttony and pornography

-The importance of self-discipline for spiritual growth…34:23

  • Books to re-read on Ben’s bookshelf
  • Ben’s praying time and physical discipline with his sons
  • Physical discipline is important for spiritual growth
  • Breathing and meditation as waiting for the Lord
  • Christianity is a relationship but requires discipline
  • Most people are guided by the flesh
  • Temptation is about immediate gratification, spiritual disciplines are about delayed gratification 
  • Ben’s thoughts on stoicism and discipline in the light of God
  • Shane is a skeptic by nature
  • We are saved by the grace of God and repentance, not because of our work
    • we work out our salvation
  • The key is not to achieve perfection but to get up when you fall and finish the journey
  • Sitting is the new smoking
  • Podcast with Gary Brecka
  • Physical discipline goes with spiritual discipline
    • the quality of life and productivity is important
    • lack of physical discipline leads to depression

-How trials and tribulations make you a better man…47:40

  • Don’t hold yourself to perfection
  • The most important is to get back to a bandwagon
  • Trials and tribulations want to get you out of your way
  • Man's Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
  • The Book of Job
    • God gives and God takes away 
  • Ben’s gut issues and how he deals with it 
    • Great at helping people with gut issues

-Shane’s book and his fasting protocol…50:40

-Health-related topics from a biblical perspective…1:14:35


1998 five years clean of steroids at age 29—dedicated my life to the Lord a year later


Family pic 2022


I tore apart a member’s refrigerator

-And much more…

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