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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup!

In this weekly post, I share with you my most interesting discoveries of the week, including the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with opportunities to learn, giveaways, discounts, and more!

My Latest Discoveries: New Things I'm Trying, The Latest Life Hacks, Books I'm Reading, And Much More!

Feel Like A Superhuman In Just 38 Minutes

A couple of months ago I featured Gary Brecka of 10X Health on my podcast

…and the guy's blowing up all over the place because of his protocols, particularly his Superhuman Protocol that we talked about on that podcast episode.

Gary has over 20 years of experience in biohacking and functional medicine. A trained biologist, he optimizes human performance through nutrition, evidence-based science, and innovative technologies, many of which we discussed in our show like oxygen, red light, certain nutrients and supplements, movement protocols, quantification, and a whole lot more.

In Gary’s words, the Superhuman Protocol is essentially taking all of the good things from the outside and bringing them in—magnetism, oxygen, and light.

The Superhuman Protocol involves a series of steps that, when taken together, energize and divide your cells, increasing oxygen levels and promoting efficient light absorption. By subjecting your body to the potent natural forces of magnetism, oxygen, and light, Gary's protocol can enhance your skin's health, lower inflammation, and enhance circulation and oxygenation.

The full Superhuman package includes a 10X Theralight 360 HD Bed v3, a Hypermax Oxygen Generator System, and a Purewave PEMF Mat. Using Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) programs that mimic the body's natural frequencies, the Purewave PEMF Mat restores cellular function naturally. The PEMI technology promotes circulation, blood flow, oxygenation, toxin removal, and metabolism stimulation. HyperMax can improve your health, fitness, and well-being in just 15 minutes a day. It's compact, doesn't require a cylinder, and uses medical-grade TPU nylon to avoid harmful VOCs. The bag comes with a high-flow mask for optimal oxygen use during workouts.

The 10X Health Light Bed is a non-invasive treatment that helps improve soft tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and alleviate acute and chronic pain without any negative side effects that come with prescription drugs. The Superhuman Protocol incorporates this treatment, which uses Photobiomodulation (PBM Therapy), by having you lie on a near-infrared light therapy bed. This bed allows you to absorb all the nutrients from the sun with light, making it the easiest and most relaxing part of the protocol.

Don't be overwhelmed by the steps and devices—the entire protocol takes only 38 minutes – and it counts as your exercise session for the day. Also, the full package is a big financial investment (100% worth it if you can manage it), but you can also purchase different parts of the protocol separately to work into a routine with lower-priced or even free components like earthing, sunlight exposure, and breathwork.

Click here to take a closer look at the 10X Health’s Superhuman Protocol.

New Book About Turning Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine

My friend and former podcast guest Dr. William Li, who first joined me on the episode “We All Have Cancer (& How To Starve Cancer With The Foods You Eat).” just published a fantastic title Eat To Beat Your Diet. The book is full of little-known tips about foods and ingredients that elevate metabolism and cause white fat to convert into metabolically brown fat, but a few of my highlights include:

-Your metabolism steadily decreases from early adolescents to adulthood and doesn't even increase during puberty. Seems counterintuitive, but maybe that's why teenage obesity seems to be a growing issue. It then levels out during adulthood all the way out to sixty years old.

-Mibegron is a pharmaceutical that when used off-label can jack brown fat conversion rates up super high. Problem is, the side effects like high blood pressure, swelling, headache, and bloating are pretty severe. So plants/herbs are better for this.

-Foods that activate brown fat include spicy foods, menthol, green tea, and soy.

-Horned melon, shimeji mushrooms, and slippery lobster all activate fat-burning pathways. Look 'em up. Weird.

-Dr. Li eats a MediterAsian diet: Mediterranean meets Asian. The book has some pretty good tips/recipes for that, and it makes sense as the fertile crescent and the Orient are two places where you can find good longevity diets that don't taste like cardboard.

Those are notes from just a few pages I had folded over. You can get the book now by clicking here. I highly recommend it and my previous podcast with Dr. Li here. Enjoy!

A Quick Little “By The Way”

I'll make this quick…

…Earth Day is coming up soon!

So I want you to check out my latest Earth Day product guide, where I feature some of my favorite partners to celebrate our planet and how you can promote a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

You'll find some of my favorite products from brands like Ultimate Longevity, HigherDose, and LettuceGrow, and I'm excited to hear what you think of them!

Click here to check out my Earth Day product guide. 

*NEW* 6-Week Transformation Challenge Announcement!

Ready to live boundlessly?

My team will guide you through how to drop stubborn fat, gain lean muscle, enhance your recovery and sleep, and become the most boundless, highly-focused version of yourself.

In fact, 250+ people last year were in the same situation as you. They used this challenge to build the momentum they needed.

You can hear from past participants, check out before/after pics and get more details right here.

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Click here to check out my coaching program to see how I can help you achieve your goals this year, and use code CHALLENGE10.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Q&A 454: What To Do If Mediterranean Diet Hurts Your Gut, The Benefits Of Isometric Training, 9 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Social Life & More!

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How To Steam Your Nether Regions For Better Blood Flow, Pelvic Floor Health, Digestion & Much More: Rediscovering The Ancient Practice Of Vaginal Steaming For Health and Healing – Part 2.

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Podcasts I Was Featured On This Week:

Author Ben Greenfield’s Unconventional Methods for Better Health and a Happy Marriage

Product Of The Week:

::: Save 20% On Pure, Stimulating Nicotine Gum :::

One of my go-to gums for a long, grueling day of writing and other work is nicotine gum.


Nicotine is a potent cognitive stimulant and has been shown to improve motor skills, attention capacity, memory, and reaction time, and may even have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects, serving as a potential therapeutic for Parkinson’s Disease (read more about the benefits of nicotine in this Self-Hacked article).

However, most nicotine gum is full of artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and other nasties, so for the most part, I usually avoided it and instead opted for nicotine toothpicks.

That is, until I found Lucy Gum—a much cleaner, sugar-free, and aspartame-free nicotine gum, with 2mg, 4mg, or 6mg of nicotine per serving. It’s a huge improvement on the texture and taste of existing options and is, unlike Nicorette, actually enjoyable to chew.

I often keep a pack of Lucy Gum in my home office for those days I know I’m going to need a little extra in terms of my ability to focus, recall, or be highly productive.

Optimize your mental and emotional performance with Lucy's intelligent nicotine alternatives and use code BEN20 to save 20% on your first order.

Upcoming Events:

Health Optimisation Summit: June 17th – 18th, 2023

Don't miss the opportunity to join me at The Health Optimisation Summit in London! This is your chance to be part of a community of 2,500 like-minded people and learn from world-leading health speakers. You'll be able to fast-track your health journey, discover cutting-edge secrets and hacks, explore the latest tech and gadgets, and find the cleanest and healthiest supplements and nutrient-dense foods. Don't miss out on this incredible experience! Learn more here.

HUM2N: June 19th, 2023

With a limited guest list of only 20 individuals, HUM2N is focused on personalized health and wellness coaching. The event will feature a panel discussion between me and Dr. E (the founder of HUM2N), followed by an audience Q&A session. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to experience at least one biohacking treatment such as NAD+ IV, Cryo, or Hyperbaric Oxygen, as well as enjoy lite bites and beverages in partnership with Loui Blake – HUM2N CMO and serial entrepreneur in the healthy food space. Non-alcoholic beverages, mocktails, and organic wine from Dry Farm Wine will also be provided. All attendees will receive a Superhuman 2 protocol worth £750 that they can book at their convenience. Learn more here.

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Kion Product Of The Week: Brand New Kion Protein Bar

You know I’m a huge fan of Kion.

They combine the cleanest natural ingredients into complementing supplements (and foods!) that help you unlock your body’s natural energy.

And their new Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar is out of this world delicious.

Not only that but it is made with only real, whole-food ingredients—giving it balanced macronutrients for clean, stable energy.

The Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar’s complex flavors and texture come from real, natural, whole-food ingredients such as…

  • Organic almonds
  • Organic cocoa nibs
  • Organic chia seeds
  • Organic coconut, and
  • Organic honey

And it contains 11 grams of satiating protein from grass-fed whey protein isolate to support your active lifestyle.

I promise you, you’re going to love this new protein bar. Click here to try it.

Asking A Quick Favor About My New Book Boundless Parenting: Tools, Tactics & Habits of Great Parents.

I just wanted to quickly thank all of you who ordered a copy of my book, Boundless Parenting: Tools, Tactics & Habits of Great Parents.

After two years of interviewing some of the top parents on the planet…

…. from crazy macho Alpha dads like the controversial “Liver King” and Spartan race founder Joe DeSena…

…to peaceful backwoods, unschooling, off-grid gardeners, and homemakers (including my children’s wilderness survival instructors and my own wife Jessa)…

…to outside-the-box thinking fitness icons like Kelly and Juliet Starrett, Paul Chek, and the Vega “Fat Fueled Family”…

…to a host of other entrepreneurs, billionaires, single moms, and dads, my own dear parents, pastors, education experts, legacy builders, wealth managers, and many others who have created impactful, happy, and resilient children…

…I’ve finally put the finishing touches on a 600+ page parenting book that is the most comprehensive parenting book that exists. It’s like the blueprint for raising a human.

If Boundless Parenting does make even the smallest impact on your life, I would love it if you could help me spread the word far and wide, by:

Thanks again for all your support!

With gratitude,

Ben Greenfield

P.S. I can also give special discounts for bulk purchases of my books. So, if you would like to use them for a Bible study or a book club, please email [email protected], and my team will get you set up.

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