Why Viruses Are Crucial To Life On This Planet, The Link Between Air Pollution, Glyphosate & Pandemics, Loss Of Biodiversity (& What We Can Do About It) & More With Dr. Zach Bush.

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Zach Bush, MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care, who first joined me for the episode “Why You Can’t Get Away From The Toxin Glyphosate (& What You Can Do About It).

He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. Dr. Zach founded Seraphic Group and the non-profit Farmer’s Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health. His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health. His education has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.

During this show, we get into the viral pandemic, the George Floyd crisis, how we can save our planet, your microbiome and how to treat it properly, and much, much more.

Hand-in-hand with this podcast, I highly, highly recommend you listen to the four interviews that my friend Rich Roll conducted with Dr. Zach Bush:

Zach also recently recorded an excellent interview about viruses with Del Bigtree of The Highwire, which you can listen to here.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Zach's thoughts on the global reaction to the coronavirus pandemic…7:30

  • The reaction in Fiji (where he was living) was on community
  • Awareness that the focus was mostly on Italy, the U.S., China, etc. not on them
  • The effects of COVID-19 pale in comparison with respiratory disease in developing nations

-Whether or not we should fear viruses…10:00

  • The “demonization” of the current virus was inaccurate scientifically and extremely harmful to the response to it
  • More were killed by the response than by the virus itself
  • Viruses are incorrectly labeled as a part of the microbiome
  • Microbiome = “small living organisms”
    • Viruses are not “alive” like the microbiome is alive
    • None of the genomic workforces, even found in seeds, are found in viruses
  • A minuscule amount of genetic info is contained in a virus
  • Viruses alone cannot kill people
  • Much more dangerous to be admitted in an ICU with COVID than to have the Ebola virus

-The importance of viruses to life as we know it…18:30

  • The number of viruses in the air (1031) is 10 million times the number of stars in the universe
  • There's a similar number of viruses in the ocean, and the same number in the soil
  • If viruses could kill human beings, we never would have proliferated as a species
  • Viruses predate multicellular life by billions of years
  • 50% of the human genome is shown to be the result of viral insertion
  • Retroviruses perform critical functions to life
  • Adaptation and biodiversity are the codes of life on the planet
  • There's no such thing as static biology; always looking for the next best adaptation
  • The biohacking community is forcing biological adaptations in the human body via change in lifestyle, environment, etc.
  • Knowledge of the viral kingdom in and around us is crucial to understanding how we can foment these biological changes
  • Viruses that affect humans originate in humans
  • We do not produce antibodies to viruses; we produce antibodies to proteins made by genetic info held by viruses

-How dramatic changes in the production of food in 1976 led to the current pandemic…26:25

  • Viruses are engineered by the human body to have a specific target
  • A virus in the body doesn't cause sickness unless it reaches a concentration level that overwhelms the genomic data
  • Between 1976-81, the understanding of viruses related to the human body changed
  • Coronavirus events 1200 and 700 years ago
  • Human blood banks contain HIV virus as far back as 1967; first case of AIDS wasn't until early 1980s
  • 12,000+ pandemics worldwide since 1976 (influenza, flu, other viruses)
  • We need to be plugged into nature in order to be resilient and balanced with nature
  • We've been separating from nature via technology for hundreds of years
  • Millions of people have HIV latency; carry the virus and show no symptoms
  • Glyphosate is rampant via pesticides and herbicides; spreads genetically modified seeds throughout the agricultural ecosystem
  • Essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body
  • They are processed via the Shikimate pathway, which is blocked by Roundup; inhibits the production of other essential amino acids
  • Rise in Hepatitis C cases in 1992, the same year wheat began to be sprayed in the U.S.
  • A genomic update occurs as a result of genetic modification of food
  • Map showing glyphosate use in the U.S. between 1992-2012
  • COVID-19 hotspots are synonymous with high glyphosate spraying
  • Clumping of the COVID virus leads to high mortality rates
  • Hubei Province in China is the highest spray of glyphosate as well as the highest use of antibiotics in pork production in the world
  • COVID-19 does not cause the illness; it is the dramatic changes in the environment that create toxicity when exposed to the virus
  • Histotoxic hypoxia
  • PM 2.5
  • ACE2 receptor
  • Changes in the lung as we age, which upregulate ACE2 receptors beyond normal functions
  • People with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease are most susceptible; all 3 are treated with ACE inhibitor and statin drugs
  • A more sensible approach would have been to promote a plant-based diet, remove statin drugs from seniors, and halt influenza vaccines

-Why COVID-19 became a global pandemic…53:49

  • Viruses are crucial to life on the planet; have always been around us
  • Glyphosate exposure inhibits scissor mechanisms in our genes
  • Air pollution causes viral “clumping”
  • Medications increase expression of ACE receptors
  • COVID-19 became a much bigger issue than a typical coronavirus for all the reasons listed above
  • “We're dying of our own toxicity”
  • Flu season occurs during high carbon exposure (typically in mid-November after leaves fall off, harvest is completed, etc.)
  • It's not the virus; it's the body's relationship to the virus in relation to the amount of carbon in the environment
  • Coronavirus peaked in March-April, when carbon levels are at their highest globally
  • Herd immunity = balanced genomic relationship to the virus (exposure to the coronavirus is a good thing)
  • We don't need a vaccine; the human genome will be in balance with the coronavirus in due time (as with SARS, MERS, etc.)
  • The reaction to the current pandemic is contradictory to what science has been revealing for the last ~30 years

-An informed and rational response to the current COVID-19 pandemic…1:03:00

  • A sterile ICU is the worst place to be after exposure to a coronavirus
  • An ideal ICU: breathing natural air, allowing bacteria to proliferate, bringing the body into balance with nature
  • The microbiome is a gift to prevent and treat infection
  • Need to create cities that are integrated with agricultural settings
  • Farmer's Footprint
  • The future will be a regenerated planet; learn to build and engineer within the context of life
  • A paradigm shift of perspective regarding human life and the environment is necessary for our survival
  • Species are going extinct at alarming rates (10k fold increase in the last 35 years)
  • Scientific orthodoxy is not prepared for the changes that need to occur for life on the planet to proliferate
  • Consciousness is rising; evident through both the positive and negative responses
  • The current pandemic caused the entire world to focus on one thing (similar to how meditation causes you to focus on one thing)
  • Air pollution in Hubei Province (ground zero for coronavirus) went down to lowest levels in 40+ years due to a reduction in air pollution
  • Mortality often goes down when access to pharmaceuticals or access to sterile ICU's is restricted
  • Only use oil and fossil fuels when the earth can handle it (summer months)

-How regenerative farming differs from organic farming…1:17:15

  • Organic farming is a list of “don'ts”
  • Change in focus from the highest yield of product to highest quality and nutrient density in the soil
  • Healthy soil makes healthy plants which don't need herbicides and pesticides
  • Change demand and relationship between humans and the land where food is grown
  • Taking care of biology can reverse years of dysfunction in a short time (days, weeks, months)
  • Halting spraying of herbicides and pesticides can renew life in the soil as early as the next planting season

-What the Black Lives Matter movement can teach us about the earth's microbiome…1:23:00

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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84 thoughts on “Why Viruses Are Crucial To Life On This Planet, The Link Between Air Pollution, Glyphosate & Pandemics, Loss Of Biodiversity (& What We Can Do About It) & More With Dr. Zach Bush.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this Ben! I’ve been following Dr. Bush for years and everything keeps coming down to this – we need to fix the health of our soil and our planet to fix our own health…and nature is giving us every kick in the ass to wake us up to our own demise. I call it the “ego of man”, Dr. Bush calls it narcissism. Either way, until we commune in nature with humility for its intelligence we are operating on a time bomb. I’m grateful this is being called out and I will do my part to spread the word, be involved and contribute to the solution. Deep respect….

  2. Lee says:

    Great information and great work. I did a blog post that has links to studies a while back and the research supports what you are saying. This is the link to my blog if anyone doubts what you are saying they can find the research that proves the statements you have made are true.

  3. michael says:

    Ben do you know where to find the link Zac mentioned re glyphosate use in Europe? (saw the one for the states, thanks!)

  4. Paul M says:

    All the information Zach presents really resonates with me and makes sense, but are there any data or research to validate the PM2.5 argument?

    1. Ed says:


  5. John says:

    This is special to here this level of scientific truth. I love Dr Zach Bush. As an entity to speak the truth to help humans heal. And come into a homeostasis and save our Species. 70-100 yrs. until extinction according to Dr. Bush. The Global Elite have there plans going perfectly.

    I am so happy that a reductionist trained MD scientist has such a deep profound spiritual expression. Zach Bush for his ‘flow’ with Zach is magical!!! Two truth tellers. I am so appreciative to here these truths.

    Magical Scientifically Truth! So appreciative !!!!!!!!!!!! (:

  6. Tanya says:

    This is amazing! So interesting! Zach Bush can you address the world!? 😄 thanks Ben for always getting the most interesting guests on your podcasts, I can’t stop listening to them all.

  7. Linda C says:

    Dr Zack Bush is a brilliant man. I listen to him on the GMO revealed, Supplements revealed that Jeff Hays produced and your podcast. He has the right, as all of us the right to free speech, regardless if it is factual or not. The comments on Black Lives Matter, where breathtakingly obscene. A self proclaimed Marxist international organization (which is also trademark). Calls for destruction of family, destruction of a country (USA) and involved in violence is not what I would expect from Dr. Bush. Please also research Change.org. Too bad must now reassess the value of Ben and Dr. Zack Bush.

    1. mike says:

      They do not claim to be a marxist organization. They do not call for the destruction of the family or the USA. This is straight up false fake news fear propaganda. But beyond the specific org Black Lives Matter is also a movement made up of all kinds of people with different beliefs. Its really not that radical, we are just saying black people matter, and deserve to not killed by police, that’s just basic human rights yall, calm down, it ain’t that scary.

  8. Michelle Dinsdale says:

    Zach Bush MD is about the only person who has made sense of the Coronavirus so far! I’ve been intrigued by every interview I’ve listened to where he talks about this.
    How do we get him to address the nation on this? We need to get him out there! 😃

  9. Rog BFishin says:

    Zach Bush continues to keep me on the edge of my seat. Not many sparks the internal energy that puts me in motion to help change the world so future generations are assured a divers biological healthy future. I hope to here Dr. Bush more on the podcast. Now that I have again adjusted my values and beliefs I hold new truths to share as I help those I come in contact with.

  10. Chris says:

    Hi Ben,

    Will you direct me to your “jello” recipe which includes glycine? You mentioned it here and on Joel Greene episodes. Made with coconut water, you said. I’d love to try and have nightly as you mentioned.


    1. Inogen Mackenzie says:

      It is possible to get vegan glycine supplements, thus not engaging with the animal abuse industry.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Very enjoyable podcast but I was surprised that he didn’t mention ANYTHING about the bio weapon facilities that have been manipulating viruses for decades? This is not something that evolution gave to strengthen us but are being made to use for mass destruction of people. I do believe his info on viruses but not the man manipulated ones!

    Also, I was quite shocked that such a smart man would fall for such bs from BLM (which could care less about black lives). They are destroying the communities and doing NOTHING to help them. This is just to promote their fascism and using the so called care of black people to do it. Talk about rascism! Disgusting!

    1. Devin says:

      i think he was trying to draw parallels between our consciousness of something being off. We as a majority, know that racism is wrong just like we know the industrial ag system is wrong. Sometimes the first step isn’t always the right step but it is required to get the ball rolling. I don’t believe he put it together properly but i thought 1 it was a good try in connecting a very big problem and 2 the first step is always needed in teaching the masses something new.

    2. Barndog says:

      I agree, where is the insight into genetic analysis of what the current coronavirus is and (possibly a separate issue) how we respond to man-engineered viruses, or are we ruling that scenario out altogether?
      I appreciate we could be responding to viruses and flu in a more health-preserving way (both mental health and anatomical health), but are we to expect our bodies to respond to human-engineered biochemical initiatives (and vaccines) in the same way? The varying degree of symptoms suggest otherwise.

  12. Eleanore says:

    Loved this episode. I was thrilled to hear Zach speak about the importance of BLM as it relates to the protection of biodiversity on the planet. The more diverse a community is, the more sustainable/regenerative it is (across all spectrums— farms, businesses, economies, etc) People love to proclaim the fact that health is connected to food and soil webs, but love to ignore the fact that food is connected to agriculture which is an industry steeped in systematic racism and classism. Thank you Ben for allowing Zach to say his piece and encourage you to bring more speakers and thinkers entrenched in anti-racist work in the healthy and fitness world. Because we are not healthy until we are all healthy.

  13. One of the best interviews on viruses I’ve heard. Chocked full of information – completely fascinating. And the last 15 mins or so was a truly inspiring round up that really showed the breadth of Zach’s wisdom. Thanks so much Zach..

  14. Hey Ben!

    Big fan. As a 61 year old Exercise Physiologist and adventure athlete, I always love learning new stuff from you. I’ve heard Dr. Zach before and love his knowledge of viruses and regenerative farming. Outstanding! Here comes the BUT! As a Mexican American, I was deeply saddened by Dr. Zack going way out of his lane on BLM! As a former history teacher, I know you stay clear of politics, which I appreciate you for providing a safe place to focus on health and performance! If Dr. Zack doesn’t know, he should. BLM is a Marxist organization. Not my labeling, it’s their own! Concerning life. Marxism/Socialism has murdered over 100 million individuals on this planet in the last hundred years! I have three kids older than you and look proudly at you Ben as I would my own son. But I was ready to share this episode as I do many of yours before Dr. Zach went on his rant! No judgement. I will continue to listen to him on his expertise and ignore is ignorance!

    Be blessed my Brother!

    1. Guy says:

      I agree 100% with Annie. Dr. Zach Bush went way out of his lane on BLM, and for that reason, I will no be sharing this amazing podcast episode. Great info until the rant!

      1. Arnie Fonseca Jr says:

        Thanks Guy! It kills me that he went off the cliffs! So good until the end. Wished I could have edited it out! So sad!😞

    2. Inogen Mackenzie says:

      Well said. How about addressing the REALLY abused – non-humans have suffered at the hands of humans throughout our history. We have the capacity to turn this planet into a paradise for all life and the innocent should come first.

    3. mike says:

      8million people die every year under capitalism due to lack of clean drinking water. 7.5 million die a year under capitalism due to starvation. If it wasn’t for socialist nations global poverty would be increasing. So much socialist boogieman fear propaganda.

  15. R. Elizabeth says:

    Ben, I would love to hear you interview Dr. Barre Lando regarding his take on the topic of viruses, germ theory, and what really makes us ill. He is highly trained in bio-terrain medicine, German New Medicine, and many other natural healing modalities. I’m curious what overlap and disagreements he might have with Dr. Bush.

  16. Ron says:

    Aloha Ben: I know you and Rich Roll have a good following and it would be great if Zach’s information and solutions could be more widely known. Since you’ve be on Joe Rogan’s podcast and I’m assuming you can contact his show team, a guest recommendation from you would go a long way in helping get Zach’s message to a large number of people.

    Mahalo from the Big Island

  17. Chip says:

    I thought this was an interesting interview and I think what he says about pesticides,gmos,big food and glyphosate is a really important conversation we should be having. We have a lot of work to do in all areas to create a better world for the future. I do take issue though with the off hand comment he made about a “plant based diet”. I went to te Farmer’s Footprint site and there was no mention of animal husbandry in regards to their concept of regenerative agriculture when it comes to healing our soil.

    Did I miss this somewhere on the site? Are they advocating the continued use of petroleum based fertilizers,which are not regenerative,but not glyhosate? Something seems amiss to me.

    Other than that, I think he had some thought provoking perspectives.

  18. Akwasi says:

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  19. Marissa says:

    This podcast gets a 100 thumbs up. It was inspiring and informative. I am grateful. It may be the only podcast I’ve listed to twice to get it all in my head. What a smart and grounded human.
    Thank you Ben for putting him on, for letting him freely speak, and for linking us up with previous podcasts he has been on.

  20. Tim says:

    Interesting until the BLM BS.

    Protesting is as American as apple pie. But what I saw in Chicago on Friday were not protestors. They were dressed in all black, with umbrellas (to mask their appearances from helicopters), enough rope to supply a hardware store, spray paint and mortars which were fired at police officers. Futhermore it appeared they were moving in coordination. Those people are not protesting, they’re domestic terrorists.

    BLM directly funnels donations to ActBlue

    See here: What the hell is ActBlue? And why is it showing up on so many Democratic candidates’ campaign finance reports?And here: Fired-up liberals raise $1 billion on website for candidates

    Unfortunately, Black communities and businesses are the scapegoats and sacrificial lambs for the ravenous parasites #maoistsnowflakes and the DNC.


    1. Chris says:

      Hey Tim – what else did Q tell you or was it Faux BS. You should go to Chicago and see for yourself … but don’t approach the Trump militia – they will take you down. Remember to cover your pie hole.

  21. Su says:

    People keep thinking the reason they can eat gluten in europe is because of the lack of glyphosate but i think its not because we still use it. I live in Portugal and if you google online it will appear as one of the countries that banned its use in public places but i know for a fact that its still used. I think our products are different because of our water. In most of europe nobody adds fluoride to the water so the water used in farming is much cleaner than the US

  22. Alex says:

    Zach Bush has some interesting things to say about biology, but he needs to stay in his lane and not opine on complex political issues concerning #BlackLiveaMatter, which is a dangerous organization rooted in far left critical race theory that only makes us more polarized by race and ultimately hurts the cause of black people by making us all more racist against each other.

    1. AJ MAIMBOURG says:

      So, you really think YOU have the knowledge to tell Dr. Bush what he should and shouldn’t do? Wow!! I think you need to go over that part again, as he explains how the microbiome works and the reactions it can cause. He is an EXPERT in the cause and effect of the microbiome, and you missed the whole point, obviously.

      1. Alex says:

        I didn’t question anything he said about the microbiome, which is his area of expertise. I found that stuff interesting and valuable. What I questioned is his getting on a high horse and opining on political issues concerning the controversial and complex subject of #BlackLivesMatter, which is NOT his expertise. I dislike when people who get known for one thing then start believing that their fame or prominence gives them authority to make pronouncements about complex political issues. You get this all the time with dumb celebrities and athletes thinking that they need to voice their views about politics, and when they voice those views, they almost invariably sound silly and uninformed and just repeat things their like-minded peers have told them. I don’t need these people to do this. If I want to hear an uninformed political opinion, I can go talk to my crazy next-door neighbor. I don’t need microbiome experts to tell me what they think about #BLM.

    2. Jason says:

      Agreed. His liberal leanings discredited much of what he said in my eyes.

  23. Steve says:

    I’d like to hear Zach Bush interviewed along with or by a scientist or doctor who isn’t afraid to ask hard questions about his theories. He makes a lot of claims that go against what we know. I don’t think he’s got much to support some of the conclusions he leaps to and promotes There is a LOT of fudging in his discourse and a lot of glossing over stuff.

    Zach says: ” the evidence that’s coming out of New York is that we had a mortality rate from this syndrome of 88%…Nearly 9 out of 10 people dying from a single condition” Where does he get this from? Best we know so far, NYC had an overall mortality rate between 1 and 2 %. OK later, after he drops that shocker he says it’s 88% for ICU patients. His hypothesis seems to be that getting admitted to the ICU is what kills people, not the virus. There may be some large factor of inaccurate care in the ICU,especially early on not knowing what to do, but to make the leap misses the point that many people died at home. It can and probably was both factors. People die from the virus. People may die from improper settings on a ventilator, wrong drugs, poor understanding of the virus effect on the body, etc.

    There was a huge leap in deaths at home during the wave of infection – how does that fit into his theory that virus’ don’t kill, doctors do?

    OK, I found where he cherry picked the 88% from. It was an early April JAMA article misprint that stated 88% rate for intubated patients and that was corrected on April 24. Month before this talk. But I wouldn’t expect him to stay up to date on this, it’s not like he’s building theories based on misprinted data while spinning it to say ICU when it was only the ventilator patients, keeping it at 88 when it was corrected to 24% and spreading them around…um….no, this huge inaccurate number is not important enough to mention twice and base your theory on it !


    Again, he’s off the wall: “There’s not enough genetic information for a virus to be lethal in and of itself.” What is that supposed to mean? Aids virus isn’t deadly? Oh, I get it, he is sounding really contrary by saying “hey, falling from a 10 story building can’t kill you in and of itself” No, it’s hitting the ground that does it. Face palm.

    He goes on to prove his point that a virus can’t kill by say “what about Ebola, maybe you think that proves that virus can be deadly. But no, he says ” the answer is no. The mortality can be in the 15% to 30% range, which is huge mortality. But again, we had 88% mortality from ICU care in New York.” Going around in circles, if ICU patients had an 88% mortality (actually 24% rate for ventilators) then just fudge that. And, you see, Ebola is not really deadly because it’s only 15-30% who die. Oh, well, that’s nothing! I mean that like saying heart attacks are not deadly because only 30% die.

    This guy is just full of it:

    He says: “, if these viruses were against us, if it was possible that viruses would jump up and kill a human being, we would have never developed on the planet. ” First, talking about jumping up and killing us is just reframing to make it sound silly. Bacteria don’t jump up an kill us either, but you can die of an infection and people do die from infections whether the bacteria jump up and kill or not! Then he conclude that no virus could be deadly because we would have never developed on this planet. REALLY? He is now saying that if there were ever anything deadly to humans then all humanity would sucumb and never develop. Let’s extrapolate to tigers. If tigers could jump up and kill you (they can jump and they can kill you) then we would have never developed on this planet. So, um how do you explain that we developed?

    Maybe not everyone gets killed? Oops, so much for that bold claim. LAME argument Zach.

    He makes or implies other lame unsupportable claims such as, if there are so many virus in the world than none could be dangerous to us. Again, turn that around to any other thing.

    Here’s one more: “the viruses are actually engineered very specifically by the human body to have a specific target.” REALLY? The human body engineers viruses. This is ground shaking. And to think that science doesn’t even know it yet. Only Zach. How did he find out?

    OK, I’m sure that there are some good things in this guy’s world view that we can use. I mean that and don’t disagree with his overall way of looking at things. But he plays so fast and loose with his “science”, it’s hard to take his conclusions and theories seriously and I just don’t have time to look up everything he claims to be true. Good luck you guys. Remember, it doesn’t have to be true – it just has to make you feel good to believe it.

    1. Kim Smith says:

      Zach Bush MD is a triple board certified doctor that is an educator as well as having done scientific research on creating new chemotherapy before gathering an incredible research team of his own. He is a well known speaker around the world. What he speaks of is scientifically documented not conjecture.

    2. Chris says:

      Steve – I agree with you somewhat. I think Zach has some interesting theories, but no conclusive science behind their efficacy in the immediate need for solutions to COVID-19. Long term I like where he is going on how we can be proactive … Germany will eliminate glyphosates by 2023. Think he is right on about the BLM movement and how we should be pressed to address it. However, Zach is a little lose with his statistics – ie. the 88% mortality rate in NY and the 250 million unemployment which in a country of ~ 330 million with a potential work force of 205 million would put our unemployment rate at 122% … not possible. Again interesting theory that have potentially have good longterm outcomes. Zach has a socially responsible patriotic and human heart. Think he was a little off base with Dr. Fauci and the gates Foundation.

    3. AJ MAIMBOURG says:

      I read these comments from you people and am amazed at how you can even THINK of questioning a 3-time board certified physician who has devoted his entire life to the research he puts out to us. As far as a doctor or scientist asking him hard questions, you won’t find any that will because Dr. Bush will bury them. Sorry that Dr. Bush’s level of intelligence and his PROVEN research is beyond your grasp, because you are really missing out.

      1. Random says:

        No man is a god and all should be questioned and scrutinized, the fact that people haven’t been critical of academia is evident by all of the bad science. Having degrees doesn’t make you infallible, it does put you in a position of power depending on the field and with power comes responsibility. People manipulate data often, question everything.

  24. Karina says:

    I love this episode! I shared it with all my friends and family! I love his approach and vision of how the ICU should look like in the future! Totally resonate with that! We are one with the Universe we breathe it in and give back with every exhale.

  25. Giacomo R. says:

    I think that Dr. Bush’s explanation of the connection between virus mortality and pollution was a bit too simplistic. It felt like his analysis deliberately selected examples that support his thesis while ignoring others that would otherwise contradict it. In this regard, I would be particularly interested in hearing Dr. Bush’s opinion regarding the causes for the high mortality (25-40m people) from the 1918-20 Spanish flu. It can’t be blamed on PM 2.5 (maybe in big cities but not in the country side), glyphosate or the inconsiderate use of antibiotics in animal breeding. Are all Virus really a positive force of nature? Or is it like bacteria where you can have good and bad ones?

    This is not to say that it is ok what we are doing with agriculture and transport: I do believe that we are destroying our planet and the extensive use of pesticides, antibiotics is shameful and we will pay a high price for it. I just don’t think that pollution alone can be blamed for Covid-19 mortality. I also think that it is a reckless behaviour from a Doctor to say on a highly followed public forum like this one that we should catch Covid-19 or else we will lose an important “DNA upgrade” and pay the price later.

    1. Steve B says:

      I would have to agree Giacomo. I thought the same regarding the Spanish flu. This seems more correlative than causative. Anyone can pitch a hypothesis when it fits their narrative.

      However, I do agree that using glyphosate will have negative issues on our environment and health. I am someone who buys organic foods as a way of voting with my dollar.

      Thanks for the podcast Ben and thank you Dr. Bush for doing what you do. I appreciate the information and am doing my part to protect the environment and our health as a species.

      1. Giacomo R. says:

        I have to apologize here. I re-read my comment and I realize that it could be understood as ungrateful. So first and foremost thank you Ben for bringing so many interesting topics and experts. I have learnt so much thanks to this podcast and your Boundless book.

        Regarding the environmental impact of our agriculture system, I also am very worried and only buy organic food, grass fed beef, etc. However, I also realize that this is an extremely privileged position and that a large proportion of the people living on the planet including many living in rich countries, simply cannot afford an “organic lifestyle” as well as many of the great products that Ben regularly reviews and talks about in his podcasts.

        As someone working in banking running numbers all day I can’t avoid putting my analytical hat on and wonder whether a no glyphosate / no GMO / all organic world is even an achievable target if we wanted to bring a well balanced diet on the table of every human being on the planet. “Feeding the planet” will become more and more important theme in the coming decades, as global warming reduces arable land while world population continues to grow and poor countries become wealthier (therefore increasing calories intake and share of animal protein consumption). I worry that, unless there is a technological breakthrough, the only answer to feed everyone will be to increase yields with genetic manipulation and chemicals. I hope I am wrong.

        1. Random says:

          Respectfully, I disagree with genetic foods being of benefit. The vast majority of land isn’t suitable for agriculture, it is suitable for livestock, the Savory Institute teaches regenerative agriculture and is capable of returning desert into grasslands. I think cities need to build up to conserve land like the Japanese, that other countries should follow suit and return to a more ancestral way of eating by using livestock more. In India they have cattle but don’t eat it, instead they die of old age, they’ve been heavily medicated and become poisonous to the local scavengers, because of heavy dependence on vegetarian foods, agriculture has severely impacted erosion, precipitation, and desertification there. If they limited the cattle quantities and did animals such as sheep and goats to build up the soil and eat back over growth while also feeding those who eat meat it could be done. I think the further we move from nature the sicker we get and modifying food or creating fake meat will lead to more problems. If we went back to the culture of say, the 40’s, where people had there own garden, canned/froze, and had chickens for eggs and rotated them out for food we would develop more independence. The amount of food thrown away indicates our problem is wastefulness and the corruption that keeps poor countries from getting the aid they need. If a system was implemented where fruit trees were planted at half or a third of the amount, herbs planted in parks, fruit bushes, grape vines, I think we could help our communities, wild life, and the environment.

    2. Ben says:

      I don’t agree with everything he says either but the Spanish Flu was at the end of a terrible four year war were gas weapons were used.

      1. Mr Vargas says:

        Is it possible the Spanish flu’s virulence was exacerbated by the second industrial revolution (1870-1914)? That era saw advancements in in the production of iron, steel, petroleum, chemicals, and fertilizer. Also, the extension of the railroads meant people were traveling around the country more than ever before.

    3. kslg says:

      I wondered the same thing about the 1918-20 Spanish flu pandemic. No mention of it or its predicating factors.

  26. Dora says:

    Instead of investing millions in vaccine research, why not approach The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to invest in healing the earth.

    1. Dave says:

      Because there’s no money in that unfortunately

  27. Fred says:

    We all have to instigate the changes by not trying to fight establishment but to apply the truth in our actions and thoughts and motivate people that it is all worth it by results.

  28. Will says:

    I love listening to Zach Bush. The Covid fear Zach talks about is real, especially with everything thrown at us. His angle or take is so interesting. Ben, another of your frequent guests in the past are the Wild health guys. They have been producing a daily or weekly podcast since we went on lockdown.

    I think Zac and the Wild health guys would agree on many issues, however I would love to hear them on your podcast debating Covid. Although they share similarities they have stark differences. The Wild health guys are citing much more mainstream data. They are talking about the vaccine in a positive way. They are stoking fear about not totally the mortality issue but the morbidity issues long term.

    It leaves me as a lamen confused?

    1. youarefood says:

      I absolutely felt the same way. Zac is one of my idols, I’ve met him numerous times. I have always found him to be brilliant, authentic and just purely loving, but a lot of his facts did not seem accurate to me and would have appreciated a bit of push back and/or debate. We all know how bad Epstein Barr Virus is, and Lyme, and so many others that plague us for decades, but this virus isn’t scary? If there’s no pollution there’s no virus? Then deaths wouldnt be going up in almost every state right now and that’s with much more knowledge of how to treat it including the new drugs and less ventilators. His facts just don’t line up with what is actually happening in hospital capacity. Is he only seeing soil/glyphosate as the answer to everything bc that’s his expertise? This podcast was very confusing and depressing. Maybe he could do a follow up with Q&A. Thanks!

      1. Jonathan H Binder says:

        Agreed! So Why are hospitals filling up now in US?

        When Are masks helpful?

    2. Christianam Witek says:

      Will! Thank you so much for posting your thoughts! I am am the Mom of two and have listened to Zach Bush before and really love his views (I had my little ones on the dirt water for a while too). I as well listen religiously to the Wild Health podcast. I love theses guys and have found a great amount of comfort listening to them comb through journals, deconstruct the science with a healthy amount of question and knowledge of all things biohacking. I was left very confused by Zach’s premise as well. Would LOVE to hear a podcast with all of these wonderful doctors debating a bit! Especially with the current decisions parents are contemplating – trying to figure out how “safe” it is to send our children back to school next month. Dr. Matt Stone made comments regarding his own preschoolers and how it’s just not feeling worth it to have them in school through this next year. My family is feeling the same way regarding our four year old, however I assume Dr. Zach would have a very different opinion!

      And Mr. Ben Greenfield! Thank you so much for all of your amazing podcasts!! My nine year old and I listen together once in a while…. she decided you’re the healthiest family in the country and happily eats amazing, healthy foods of all sorts, does yoga and a daily in part thanks to you and your family! Again, with deep gratitude! Oh and we also like your Kion chocolate bars… yum…

  29. Julia says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!!
    Thank you Ben. Great interview

  30. Roberta says:


  31. Sue says:

    Great interview as always with Dr. Bush. I do think there is a missing element here of the introduction of 5G and its impact on oxygen molecules and heart rate variability among other things. This new environmental toxin could be what the body is responding to and working to adapt .

  32. Kate says:

    Zach has a sore throat, by the sound of it – can he not prescribe himself something? It is really hard to listen to.

    1. Julia says:

      From speaking, try to talk non stop

  33. Randy says:

    Can’t seem to find Restore in your product listings

    1. Sam says:

      The name changed to ion

  34. Suzy says:

    Ben, thank you for this show!!

    You simply MUST link Josh Trent’s Podcast interview from WELLNESS FORCE for his interview with Zach bush it was absolutely incredible! ❤️ “Humanity, Consciousnesses, & COVID-19.


    1. Sarah says:

      Thanks, the wellness force interview was really good.

  35. Doug says:

    Zach Bush for President, write in campaign begins now!

    1. I’d vote for him!

  36. kathleen kahl says:

    I have heard a few interviews with Dr. Zach since the start of this CoVid fiasco and he keeps me sane. I just pray that this dangerous and deadly vaccine never sees the light of day. Not to mention the adult mandate talk going on. Completely disturbing.

    Freedom is only one generation away from extinction. We lost so much on 9/12/2001. God only knows where we will end up in a post CoVid19 world. Zach Bush needs to take over for Fauci ASAP!

    1. youarefood says:

      Yes, you must feel so violated that the spies listen to all your phone calls and texts about collagen powders in order to prevent another Marathon, building, or plane bombing. I’m sure you don’t use any social media either. Don’t be a hypocrite.

      1. Random says:

        You must be one of those people who has nothing to hide so you don’t care, huh? Freedom is precious, our forefathers fought for it, died for it, and you lack the imagination to see how something as simple as what you buy can be used against you. There is never a reason powerful enough to have your inherent rights violated. Are you also ok with roadside cavity searches? Once freedom is lost it takes a war to regain it. Remember that.

  37. Eben Davis says:

    Not much in the way of actionable steps for the average joe wondering what to do NOW?

    1. Jonathan H Binder says:

      Agreed. I’d like some short term advice for the next 12 months.

  38. Stephen Sar says:

    This is the best analysis of the virus situation. Too bad he has fallen victim to the “White Guilt” and embraces a Marxist organization “Black Lives Matter” whose objective is the overthrow of the government. Blacks were much better off at the turn of the century. Today 75% of blacks are born with no father. Its the black culture which is to blame for their situation.

    1. Arete says:

      Funny…What I heard was when Black lives matter even virus lives will matter😂

      1. Inogen MacKenzie says:

        ALL life matters, no matter what the species.

    2. Gaia Love says:

      You are watching too much far-right fear-mongering media. Black lives matter are good conscious people seeking justice for unchecked police violence. If you don’t think there is a problem with racist police violence, then you are out of touch.

      1. Velvet Jones says:

        BS, BLM is a marxist hate group that wraps itself in the mantle of fighting for “racial justice”. I’m going to stand back and laugh when they come for you and all the other self righteous jackasses who have no clue.

        1. Chris says:

          Hey Misses Jones –

          You will be left behind and on the wrong side of history. Remember to lock your doors and keep your tin foil hat on … because Q told you to.

    3. Chris says:

      Mr. Sar –

      You are a jackass – end of story! Continue to listen to Shamity on disinformation Faux

  39. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

    Wow…Bees Knees as Ben would say and what a blessing. That hit critical mass as we would say in the Army. That was wonderful.
    Many people thought I was crazy with my way of thinking on some points Zach mentioned. I will be using startpage.com today to gather some info to professionally provide some ideas for people to think about.

  40. Marlon Elliott Burke says:

    Jesus Christ Ben that episode was intense, I have goosebumps. It critical that we get this information out there to more people. I will do my part and share with as many as I can but you, Ben, you have the voice big enough to be heard by millions of people who can then go and share this information with the others. You and I and Zach have a responsibility humanity and the earth. You guys should get Zach on to talk to Joe Rogan. He can be our best warrior in the fight for truth and survival.

    1. Mike says:

      If Ben could make Zach and joe connect that would be amazing

      1. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

        Joe Dirt? Just kidding. Which Joe?

        1. Keith S says:

          Dale, he means Joe Rogan.

      2. kathleen kahl says:

        Joe never goes this rogue. He still bows to pharm.

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