Mind-Blowing Biohacks You’ve Never Heard Of, Deep Sleep Enhancement Tricks, Upgrading Your Immune System For Travel, Minimalist Time-Hacked Workouts & Much More!

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Two years ago, in the post, “11 Indispensable Lessons I Learned From The Biohacker’s Handbook Of Exercise,” I introduced you to my biohacking friends from Finland – a pioneer of holistic medicine in Finland, human technology and self-quantification specialist, Teemu Arina; superfood hunter and nutritionist, Jaakko Halmetoja; as well as Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, MD.

Then, just a few months ago, in the article “14 Biohacking Secrets I Discovered In The Brand New Biohacker’s Handbook,” I announced that their entire, 544-page “Biohacker’s Handbook”—an absolutely stellar read jam-packed with tips, tricks, and hacks I’d never before seen—had been released in the English language and is the ultimate addition to any health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast’s coffee table or bookshelf (if you're in the US, you can pre-order here and use 10% code BEN to save).

In that article, I shared with you 14 biohacking secrets I gleaned from the brand new beautiful hardcover book, which my guests on today's show – the authors of the book – describe as the “definitive guide to upgrading yourself and unleashing your inner potential.” Five years in making, Biohacker’s Handbook: Upgrade Yourself and Unleash Your Inner Potential has more than 540+ pages, 1560+ references, and hundreds of illustrations. It is “the missing manual of the human body” and an essential addition to the library, work desk, kitchen, gym, suitcase, and bedroom of anyone with a genuine interest in optimal human performance, health, and well-being. You can click here to get the new book, and use code: BEN for a 10% discount.

The same guys who wrote the book also put on the extremely popular Biohacker Summit in global hotspots such as Helsinki, Stockholm, Estonia, London, and Toronto—summits where I've personally spoken and where many brands have hit it big for the first time, including Four Sigmatic, Oura, Goodio, and Ambronite. Biohacker Summit is one of the top optimal human performance & health conferences on the planet that focuses on combining ancestral living with modern biohacking practices.

The upcoming Biohacker Summit 2019 is the 5th year anniversary edition that will be organized on 1-2 November 2019 in Helsinki, Finland with the theme “Optimize Your Day 24/7” and includes a wild-plant foraged VIP dinner, upgraded parties, a fantastic expo floor to play with new biohacking devices, and much more. You can click here and use code: BEN for 10% off tickets to this upcoming summit in Helsinki, Finland.

You can also get a bundle of videos from all previous summits by clicking here (use 10% discount code: BEN). 

My first guest on this show, in which we take a deep dive into Biohacker’s Handbook, is Dr. Olli Sovijärvi. He is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in Finland. In 2006 he graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Licentiate degree in Medicine. In 2010–2011 Dr. Sovijärvi completed an integral theory degree at John F. Kennedy University, focusing on psychology and philosophy. For the first five years of his career as a physician, Dr. Sovijärvi was employed by Finland’s first medical recruitment agency. He has worked at nearly 50 different clinics and ERs around Finland. Dr. Sovijärvi has also acted as consultant to various companies and service providers operating in the fields of wellness and health technology. Between 2013–18, Dr. Sovijärvi practiced medicine at a private clinic that specializes in nutrition and holistic health care. At present, Sovijärvi focuses primarily on the production of scientific content for preventive health care and wellbeing. He is a co-author of the Biohacker’s handbook and co-founder of Biohacker Center. He also runs training sessions and presentations on the topics of biohacking, performance optimization, nutritional issues, and maintaining the intestinal balance. In his free time, he is an exercise enthusiast and an electronic music DJ.

Teemu Arina, my other guest, has a professional career of two decades as a technology entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, and biohacker. Mr. Arina is one of the forefront thinkers on the digital transformation of learning, work, leadership, health, and—eventually—the future of humanity. His work focuses on studying the intersection of man and machine and ways to improve productivity, health, and wellbeing with biological and technological tools. He is a co-author of the Biohacker's Handbook, co-founder of Biohacker Center and curator of Biohacker Summit. In 2015 he received the Leonardo Award under the title “Humanity in digitization,” in 2016 he was selected as Top 100 Most Influential People In IT, in 2017 Speaker of the Year by Speakersforum, and in 2018 Leadership Trainer of the Year by Turku School of Economics. In his free time, Teemu enjoys foraging, photography, and hiking.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Olli doesn't use an alarm clock to wake up…12:30

-Why Teemu is fascinated by birch and maple sap…20:30

-Dynamic coffee blends, chocamine powder, the best way to make ghee and more…32:00

-The efficacy of slapping one's self with birch leaves in the sauna…45:30

-Some unique hacks for the workplace…51:40

  • Stand, move around as much as possible
  • Hydrate often
  • Eating disrupts the flow (no casual social contact)

-Evening and sleep routines…53:00

-“Stacks” that Olli and Teemu use…1:14:05

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Click here to get the new Biohackers Handbook, and use code: BEN for a 10% discount.

– You can get a bundle of videos from all previous Biohacker Summits by clicking here (use 10% discount code: BEN).

– You can also click here and use code: BEN for 10% off tickets to the upcoming summit in Helsinki, taking place Nov 1-2, 2019 in Finland.

Olli’s testosterone hacking guide (use 10% discount code: BEN)

Olli’s deep sleep optimization guide (use 10% discount code: BEN)

BioMed Green Plus cubes

Birch Sap

Sprout Powder

Ambronite meal replacement (use code: BENGREENFIELD for a 20% discount)

FourSigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend Mushroom Extract (for Agaricus mushroom) (15% off with code: BENGREENFIELD)

C8 Caprylic Acid

Ceylon Cinnamon

Madagascar Vanilla

Organic Cayenne Powder

FourSigmatic Chaga (15% off with code: BENGREENFIELD)

Omica Organic Stevia

Chocamine powder

Neurosonic vibration tool (Use code: BIOHACKER for a 5% discount on the device)

Powerplate vibration plate

Jumpsport Mini-Trampoline

– Ben's wild plant pesto recipe from Instagram

Deep sleep enhancement article Olli wrote for the Ben Greenfield Fitness website

Bemer PEMF mat

– Olli's evening supplement stack: magnesium, zinc, taurine, phosphatidylserine, theanine, fish oil, curcumin, selenium, resveratrol, and EAAs

Acupressure spike mat for sleep

Pzizz app

Sleepstream app


NUCalm (discount applied at checkout, 65% off the first month of any new monthly subscription)

– The Oura Ring

Health Meditation (Guided By Sadhguru) – YouTube

Black LED light blocking tape

JOOVV Go (use code: BEN for a free gift at checkout)

MobilityWOD balls

Ben's podcast on the NeckNest

O2O2.com Facemask

Biohacker’s chocolate (use code: BEN for 10% discount)

Longevity tea

– Book: Inner Engineering by Sadhguru

Boneco air humidifier

Airinum air mask

Eurolyser Smart

– Optimal mental recovery “stack”: Red light/infrared therapy + spike mat/spike pillow + PEMF or Bemer mat + binaural beats with noise-cancelling headphones + meditation + certain supplements (reishi & lion’s mane) + essential oil of lavender, power naps to maximize mental recovery

– Optimal business man’s workout “stack”: Vibration plate + electrical muscle stimulation + X3Bar + elevation training mask + cacao/coffee/cordyceps/beetroot juice for business man’s workouts during breaks

– Self-quantification “stack”: Tracking recovery with morning resting heart-rate, morning saliva cortisol, urine test strips, Ketonix for evaluating state of ketosis & fasting, night-time HRV (Oura), day-time HRV and periods of recovery (Garmin Vivomove HR), blood sugar fluctuation with Freestyle libre (combined with application of agaricus blazei, berberine, cinnamon, Jarrow Formulas Glucose Optimizer, etc.), pulse oximeter (ihealth Air), blood pressure (ihealth Clear), quick sampling of hsCRP / homocysteine in the future (portable Eurolyzer Smart 700/340)

– Sauna “stack”: Niacin, FourSigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend, cinnamon, vanilla, curcumin, ginger, holy basil, oregano.

Episode sponsors:

Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations, Kion blends ancestral wisdom with modern science. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10.

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Teemu, Olli or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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23 thoughts on “Mind-Blowing Biohacks You’ve Never Heard Of, Deep Sleep Enhancement Tricks, Upgrading Your Immune System For Travel, Minimalist Time-Hacked Workouts & Much More!

  1. Martin says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge about and experience with biohacking! I love the Sadhguru Health Meditation. Keep spreading the love and the light and stay antifragile!

  2. LENAR ABBASOV says:

    Ben, or Teemu: can you please specify the exact model of the Garmin watch Teemu is using? There are so many types, and it seems to an older model in the Garmin line-up… Really appreciate it!

  3. Darrin says:

    Hi Ben, do you have any info on where to get the salt that Teemu mentioned in the podcast? I’ve been searching for a while and haven’t come up with anything for an Indonesian mountain salt mine? Thank you so much!

    1. I tried on the podcast, it seems like it's something that isn't sold anywhere, but that he gets straight from the source.

  4. Dave Fellows says:

    Hi, what was the name of the continuous HSCRP monitor? I recall it was pretty expensive but interested in checking it out. Thanks!

  5. clint moran says:

    Amazing notes and links!!!
    Many thanks for doing that.

  6. Mark says:

    In this episode you mentioned a pillow that you recomend for back sleepers. Can you share that? I could not find it in the show notes

  7. Livet says:

    How / when do you guys get to even get an actual date?

  8. Cara L Zaller says:

    Is there a less expensive option for the vibration mat for sleep? $5,000 is not in my budget but I need help with getting better deep sleep. I already use the Joov and haven’t seen any improvements in that area.

  9. Brennan Buchan says:

    Thanks for all the info and your obvious passion for your work! Was wondering if you could elaborate a bit more on the Niacin IR Sauna Protocol? Do you recommend a 1x/wk approach or more of the 30 day Hubbard-esque protocol? What dosage of niacin do you recommend using? Does it matter what form of niacin (flushing vs non-flushing)? Thanks guys!

  10. Scottie says:

    Looks like Oura “Moment” feature only available for iPhone right now. Android coming later this year..

    1. Fernando says:

      Thanks for that. I was wondering after not seeing it on my android.

  11. Chuck says:

    Does anyone commercially sell butter from cows which primarily eat wild herbs rather than mainly grass?

    1. https://www.gourmetbazarmonaco.it/collections/alpine-raw-butter-delights

      This is what I use. Expensive but heavenly delicious.

  12. Bill Greenfield says:

    Really really boring

    1. Bob Carson says:

      Great contribution!

  13. Trevor says:


    I noticed you didn’t mention using blue light blocking glasses in the sleep section. Do you still use blue light blocking glasses, and if so, what brand?



    1. Yes, I still use them. I like RA Optics: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/raoptics (Code: BEN10)

  14. Jose says:

    Hi Mr. Greenfield,

    Do you know if the Viper 2.0 vibrating roller emits a significant amount of EMF?

    Thank you!

    1. No, they use lithium ion batteries which don't emit EMFs, they simply are used in many devices that emit EMFs. The roller doesn't have any sort of wifi, bluetooth, etc that would cause an issue either.

  15. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I already have the book. Very helpful information for longevity. Sure hope after 10 years of trying to
    have my hamstring back, I may find a golden nugget that will assist by trying some of the hacks. What a blessing all of you are to me!

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