The New Drinkable Euphoria Compound That Will Completely Transform The Energy Drink Industry: Feel Free With JW Ross.

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JW Ross
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If you've been paying attention to my social feed recently, you've no doubt seen me throwing back—nearly every day—a small blue bottle of absolutely euphoric, energizing goodness that is one of my favorite new discoveries of late for energy, workouts, sex, a better mood and much, much more.

Inside the bottle is a tonic of ancient plants from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where the ingredients have been used both socially and in wellness for centuries. The formula is called “Feel Free” and was invented by today's podcast guest JW Ross—also known as Jerry Ross—as a unique and potent blend of the earthy and spicy tones of the ancient tropical plants kava and kratom, along with refreshing pineapple juice, coconut, and premium sweet stevia leaves.

JW Ross is a lifelong innovator and investor in the international business and financial world. He has been married for over 20 years, and he has two grown children who are also active in business and finance. JW Ross currently lives and works in Santa Monica, California where he is an avid yoga practitioner.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How JW Ross got involved in the nutrition industry…06:42

-The ingredient JW Ross discovered living in Asia that is the key to the Feel Free product…19:00

-How to mitigate some of the harmful effects of kratom…24:56

  • People in Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. use kratom their whole lives and are perfectly fine
  • BASE blood test for liver enzyme evaluation
  • Ben has had a lot of Feel Free over the last few months with negligible changes in liver enzyme markers

-The effects of finding the magic formula of kava and kratom…27:45

-The best strains of kava and kratom in the energy drink…34:36

  • 3 main strains of kratom
  • How it's dried is a factor in the chemical makeup
  • A single tree can have leaves with green, white, and red veins
  • Will turn red if left in the sun after picking
  • Article on indica and sativa:
  • Kratom is from Indonesia; kava from Vanuatu
  • Study how native populations use the plants and mimic that
  • Full profile of the drink:
    • Pineapple juice – for Vitamin C
    • Coconut cream – better delivery of fat-soluble compounds across the blood-brain barrier
    • M Stevia leaf (Reb M/rebaudioside M) – does not have the aftertaste of ordinary stevia
    • Kava
    • Kratom
  • The coconut cream acts much like C8 (use code BEN to save 10%) or MCT Oil when added to coffee, which enhances the effects

-Best time of day to take the product, and if it affects sleep…43:41

  • 1/2 shot in the morning; 1/2 mid-morning
  • One after lunch; one in the afternoon
  • Work long days and be happy doing it
  • Vivid dreams after taking the product

-How to deal with nausea when taking kratom…47:12

-Why kratom is still illegal in a number of U.S. states…50:48

  • The FDA made kratom illegal in 2015; this decision was overturned due to popular demand
  • 6 states passed laws mimicking the federal law: Arkansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Vermont, Rhode Island; cannot order Feel Free in these states
  • 6 states have established kratom testing standards; more are expected in the next decade or so

-Other products coming down the pike from Botanic Tonics…56:23

  • Launching next year:
    • Sleepy Time formula
    • Energy formula

-And much more!

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36 thoughts on “The New Drinkable Euphoria Compound That Will Completely Transform The Energy Drink Industry: Feel Free With JW Ross.

  1. Amy says:

    Any idea how many grams of kratom is in this product? I bought it not knowing it was in the Feel Free Tonic (nowhere on the website does it mention there is kratom in this product). I thought it was just Kava. Now I have been feeling some withdrawal symptoms from it when I don’t have it. Wondering how much kratom I’ve been ingesting!

  2. Brent says:

    I tried this immediately after hearing the podcast. The first few times was interesting, but was left with a pretty bad “hangover”, bad mood the next day, etc. After doing more research, it seems like Kratom is an opioid (or near equivalent) with wildly addictive properties and the creator simply traded one addiction for another. Really not impressed with the lack of research done for the podcast and this product feels simply dangerous. Ben, I really respect how thoroughly researched most things are on your podcast, but this feels like a miss and is potentially putting a lot of those who listen to you in danger. It would be great if you did a deeper dive into this, without the owner of the company on, so we can get a true deep dive into ALL of the pros and cons.

    1. MD says:

      I’d love to hear a follow-up to this as well. A cosign for daily or regular use of this product seems a bit reckless.

  3. Tim says:

    Got here from your ad….8 hrs of energy. Just wait till you use it daily and you get next to 0 buzz or energy from it. Then your energy levels tank without it. Go ahead try it….. Youll start needing siesta like Ben which isnt easy when you don’t work from home.

    Most of you will likely try it cause you trust Ben. Do your self a favor treat it as a drug not a suppliment. It’s an opioid antagonist anyone who uses daily and says it has 0 negative side effects are in denial (typical addict behavior/ thought process)

    I took it for a year or so every other day or 3 days when I started. Yes never noticed much downside. Then I started chasing the buzz or energy I didn’t have anymore and began daily use when life got more difficult then usual (work + school + life balance etc), then 3x daily. 15 years later I unfortunately still use it but now just one 3g dose of leaf in the morning with my coffee (no extract ever) so I can have the motivation to get out the house. If you just don’t care and gonna try do yourself a favor and stay under 6g daily. Once you get up to 12-18+ grams you will witness a hard energy crash, sweats, sleep issues, and if your prone to anxiety/depression it will amplify that also.

    The only benefit of this stuff is the massive antioxidant load naturally contained in the leaf. Trust me the buzz disappears and you eventually just chase feeling normal. Unless you plan on using to kick way harder narcotics do yourself a favor and stay away.

    1. Tim says:

      PS. I have used nearly every drug under the sun, except h*roine and Kratom is the only thing that “got” me using daily and only substance I’d say I’m actually addicted to. Like 99% of people backing it, i believed it happened mostly because it was touted legal, non addictive, and believed everyone when they said no more addictive then coffee. Trust me I can go weeks easy without coffee.

      When life got rough why not…. Morning dose, energy fades mid day, 1-2 o’clock another dose, and hell I sleep great on it, one dose to relax and hit the sack at the end of the night.

      Kratom you better understand addiction and the weening game (which barely ever works) or some seriously low energy & mentally distraught days when attempting to kick it if you have a tolerance. Shit is not fun, no joke. Anyone who thinks it is, has probably been through way worse withdrawal off harder substances before.

      I tried when I was 19. Got addicted in my mid 20’s…. Now 35. Thankfully the stuff doesn’t destroy your body because I would be in rough shape if it did. I still respect it’s antioxidant profile but can’t say it outweighs it’s addictive qualities.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    In the podcast several times taking a “shot” was mentioned. Is a shot 1 oz?

  5. So, I ordered the Feel Free. I took it for three days and so far stopped for two. I liked it. It sure kept me going. Also, I noticed my HRV went through the roof. One guy on Reddit said his went down. There are lots of comments about dangers but there are benefits too. I think a person needs to be careful, but like I said I think it will be useful from time to time.

  6. Tom Elliott says:

    Has anyone tried making their own version of this? I have all of the ingredients, so figured I’d give it a try. I’m just not sure the exact quantities of each … does it say on the bottle? Seems like a cheaper option than $96/every week or so.

    1. I have, but doesn't seem near as effective.

  7. Travis says:

    Listening to this podcast and then reading the comments was pretty eye opening. Ben hills himself as an “immersive journalist”, but the clear core question about the safety and addiction risk of kratum goes unaddressed in any meaningful way. Let’s be real, Ben is a schill, nothing more, don’t expect a balanced view when he stands to profit, and always maintain a stance of caveat emptor on any product Ben “recommends”.

    1. J says:

      Hey, Mr. Bickle! It’s spelled “kratom.” Please spell check before gracing us with your opinions. Also, if you don’t have definitive insights into BG’s personal business dealings, please refrain from commenting. Best, J.

      1. Amy says:

        Hi! I’m having a really hard time with getting a reply from Botanic Tonics. They have a guarantee which states if a business on their store locator is out of Feel Free, take a photo of the display case and the store and email to receive a free case. Whoever answers the emails at [email protected] is VERY rude with absolutely no customer service. My husband and I enjoy feel free but find we sometimes have to drive all over the place to find it where the website list it’s stocked. I eventually found it at another location but don’t know why the company will not stand behind their guarantee. My husband reported the same store earlier and eventually had to correct the date he went there and was able to provide time stamped photos and the company refused his claim and said he “changed his story”. Botanic Tonics is very poorly managed and there’s no way to get in contact with them.

  8. KatieLou says:

    When do you think it will be available for OS shipment, ie Australia. Listened to podcast sounds an amazing product, and I can truly relate to JW having had that same awkwardness in social situations, and having to rely on alcohol to feel comfortable to converse.

    1. Frank Morgan says:

      Been interested in this since living in Thailand . Also would love to know if this can be shipped to Australia

  9. BoK says:

    I would like to know if the people who developed the kratom addiction were just using the dried herb or the concentrated extracts.

    1. Jared says:

      It’s all addicting, although extracts will make it worse quicker. It acts om the mu opiate receptor, just like heroin, oxy, etc. And also on serotonin similar to tramadol. Withdrawls have a double whammy of serotonin on top of the opiate. Withdrawl lasts approximately a week in the acute stage with sweating, Diarra, anxiety, depression, restlessness and an inability to sleep. Just take a look at reddit to get an idea.

  10. joni TIPPING says:

    totally cranked by the sleep and dream component!!!

  11. Matt says:

    Hi Ben – any recommendations on what to stack this with to enhance effects – i.e. specific nootropics, CBD, MCT, etc? Thanks!

  12. Edward says:

    Ben, you recently did a podcast with Cameron George and Tru Kava. How does Feel Free kava compare?

    1. Different, because it has kratom in it. More euphoric/energetic I think. I like both.

    2. Nick says:

      Kratom is also a natural painkiller.

      1. Hi Nick! For all the benefits of Kratom, check this out:…

  13. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the podcast, I will be buying some from the site now. Like anything in life moderation is key. If you have to lean on anything all the time it becomes a crutch. Balance balance balance.

    1. Boyd says:

      well said

  14. michael says:

    When podcast hosts I respect start promoting the highly addictive opiate kratom, they lose a lot of credibility to me. I have been addicted to it before, it wrecked my world and took 3 months of withdrawals before I felt normal again. When I was on kratom, I would never introduce it to new people (only share it with people who I knew were already on it). The karmic implications of introducing poeple to an addictive drug is too high. Check out the subreddit /quittingkratom for more perspective on how addictive this is. Ironically this dude calls it Feel Free, but truly the addiction is a prison. I have done lots of drugs over the course of my life, but kratom is the only one I have been severely addicted to. Its sneaky, gets promoted as healthy, it can really sneak up on you. Beware. Kava on the other hand is good news, but it’s super unethical to mix it with kratom. I could go on.

    1. Thx for sharing! What did addiction/withdrawal feel like for you?

      1. michael says:

        I appreciate the quick response and follow-up question.

        I would have to take kratom every 3 hours or my mood and energy would tank (substantially bellow baseline). As time went on the duration of the buzz would slowly shorten, but if I took the kratom sooner than 3 hours, it would not have the desired effects but make me feel even worse. There is a sweet spot with kratom dosage, more is not better. So eventually I would have a nice 30 minute buzz, but 2.5 hours of feeling like crap, while keeping an eye on the clock waiting for the 3 hour mark so I could redose and feel decent. Even during the quality buzz, I may have more focus, but my memory and retention of information was down. I was easily triggered and irritable, which severely impacted my romantic relationship. The good high could easily be destroyed by something annoying. I would have to bring kratom with me everywhere I go, and align the buzz with an important meeting or meal with my significant other. The negatives began to outweigh the positives. I kept putting of quiting, because I had before, and knew what the withdrawls would entail, and didn’t have time with my work to deal with it.

        Read stories from the quitting kratom subreddit. The withdrawls are no joke. The first few days were the worst, severe depression, no energy, insomnia, fatigue night sweats, it is exactly how I imagined heroine or pill withdrawls. Then about a month of super low energy, fatigue, depression. Then about 2 more months of being just below baseline, low motivation, depression, lower energery. All while I was taking supplements and health foods and doing everything I could with my herbal and health knowledge to mitigate the withdrawls.

        I’m really concerned about this getting more popular in the health community. It can really damage people.

      2. Michael J Longfield says:

        I think it’s so easy to get addicted to kratom, because it gets promoted as healthy, so it’s really easy as an addict to justify your usage. Also, it’s a functional drug, so you can still engage in family and work-life. You can still live a normal life for the most part, unlike most other addictive drugs. Initially, it was a wonder drug for me. My pain was reduced, I could get so much more done in a day, hard work started to feel recreational. But as time goes on, you can’t function without it, and the negatives increase while the positives become short-lived and vulnerable. It does not take much digging on the internet to get this perspective. I’m not an unusual case.

    2. matt says:

      from what ive seen, the people that get addicted to kratom were previously addicted to harder opiates. is this true for you or no?

      1. Michael says:

        No. I was never into opiates. I never had a drug addiction (although at times drug habits). I always felt resilient to addiction because it was always easy for me to quit daily tobacco smoking cold turkey with no withdrawal. I used powdered Kratom and never extracts.

    3. Joanie says:

      I agree Micheall,

      I too got addicted K, and it has very hard to get off of. Not only is it psychologically addictive, but when you quit there are physical withdrawls. RLS, Insomnia, fatigue, depression and anxiety I know sugar and coffee are addictive as well but even tho I’m addicted to both i don’t obsess about them when I’m not using them. I quit alcohol and tho it was challenging to quit I feel that Kratom is harder because its so functional and there’s no hang over, so no physical remorse the next day (at least for me) thanks for you post

      1. Thank you for sharing this perspective Joanie!

  15. James says:

    Too many podcasts on how to get high.

    1. Boyd says:

      if by too many podcasts on getting high you mean people are providing a potentially great alternatives to the most abused substance on earth (alcohol), if used in moderation which could be said with anything, we simply can’t get enough of imo

      1. James says:

        Getting comfortable in your own mind and body probably the healthiest alternative.

    2. J says:

      James, Please don’t be a puritanical buzzkill! The buzz is not the problem. Potential addiction & negative health side effects are the salient issues. Those don’t seem to be present here. Chill, bro. Have a Feel Free! Best, J.

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