Is He The Most Self-Quantified Man On The Planet? Tracking Telomeres, Heart Rate, Electrostimulation & More With Quantified Bob.

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Meet Bob.

“Quantified Bob”.

Quantified Bob has tracks his life tirelessly, and has reams of data and insight on how the human body responds to everything from varying amounts of starch intake, to electrostimulation, to artificial light to different diets to cognitive performance training and beyond.

Bob Troia is a serial entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of digital innovation and emerging technologies for nearly two decades. A left- and right-brain thinker who is equal parts technical, creative, and analytical, Bob is as comfortable talking about business strategy, marketing, and product development as he is discussing programming, design, AI, hardware, and human physiology.

He is actively involved in the quantified self and biohacking movements, focusing his passion on the intersection of self-tracking and personal analytics, health and wellness, behavior design, technology, and life optimization, documenting his personal efforts under the moniker “Quantified Bob”.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Quantified Bob got his name…[11:35]

-How you can account for all the different potentially confounding variables when you're testing and tracking data…[13:00]

-Why Bob hacked and tracked his glucose, and what he found…[17:10] 

-How you can self-test your water quality, and what Bob found by comparing tap water to filtered water…[31:10]

-The best way to monitor air quality in your home or office…[45:15]

-The most surprising thing you can change in your bedroom that may give you a better night's sleep…[50:00]

-How to track your “rate of aging”…[54:10]

-The unique form of neuromuscular electrostimulation that Bob uses…[62:30]

-The craziest or most intriguing self-quantification experiment Bob has planned…[67:50]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

23andme genetic testing


MyBasis watch

The Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitor


Ketonix Breath Ketone monitor


Home water testing kit

Trace liquid minerals

Foobot indoor air quality monitor

Allerair central air filter

The new Molekule air purification system

Titanovo telomere testing kits

D-minder Vitamin D testing

My podcast with Jay Schroeder on ARPWave

ARPWave practitioners

Periodic fasting diet study

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12 thoughts on “Is He The Most Self-Quantified Man On The Planet? Tracking Telomeres, Heart Rate, Electrostimulation & More With Quantified Bob.

  1. Paige says:

    Would you need to add minerals back in after using zero water filter?

  2. michael says:

    So if i follow this link :…

    Wich test should i buy?

    great podcast! B&B! :)

  3. Brett Lilley says:

    Bob – Fantastic podcast and the post soccer stats really hit home with me as I see the same kind of favorable response based on ketone levels and blood sugar. The key difference maker in how my body responds to high intensity training at “night” (playing forward for soccer), is the “temperature.” It got me thinking so I have tested this out repeatedly through high intensity training with yoga sculpt in a heated room. I get an incredible glucose response during and goes to post exercise (talking like up to 180 or so if intense enough in the heat) and then after workout I generally fast for that night and blood sugar slowly comes down (made mistake too many times to eat when blood sugar elevated and not in relaxed state) and ketones start creeping up (measured via blood) and then basically skyrocket to a ketotic state and then sleep in this state. Measures such as heart rate (goes down to lowest at 43) and glucose and other markers seem to optimize post training session in the heat. When I have to be “on” for work, this is how I strategically plan training sessions. Anyways, I kept thinking that you must be one metabolically flexible dude bouncing back and forth from ketones and glucose (of course, not mutually exclusive).

    As a side note based on experimentation because I am into all of the same stuff you are (live in apt. in chicago and yes, definitely remember dreams better now with lower EMF — bought all the meters and placed bed accordingly and made sure to have open deck, sunlight exposure)….great work and keep it up. And Ben, thanks for all the fantastic information.

    1. Bob says:

      Thanks, Brett! Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Actually, one of the observations in my glucose tracking experiment was how oxaloacetate helped to “tighten” the range of my glucose readings so there wouldn’t be as much of a swing.

      Something I didn’t mention on the podcast was that even if I had several post-match drinks with my team, it had no noticeable effect on elevating my fasting glucose reading the following morning vs. when there is no soccer + oxaloacetate.

  4. Mike says:

    I’m a little worried. Being Irish, do you think I should be worried about having smaller Telomeres?

  5. PR says:

    Zojirushi SM-SA60-BA Stainless Steel Mug – the best coffee mug to keep it hot! Amazon….

  6. As a health care provider I recommend Telomere testing to my patients and we use SpectraCell. It is a blood draw and does require a health care provider to order the test.

    1. Brett Lilley says:

      Thanks Janine…I started measuring my telomeres on annual basis 3 years ago (will have my results likely in a week or so) – Very interesting to see the change over time

  7. sean says:

    the espresso machine “milk frother wand” is great for reheating coffee! … if you have an espresso machine.

  8. Clayton says:


    Thanks for your life’s work. There aren’t many people who can say their day to day work changes thousands or millions of lives for the better. Yours does.

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