Part 2: How To Identify The Lies That Popular Media Spews About Wellness (& My Reply To “The Most Overhyped Wellness Promises, Debunked”)

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The popular website Vice published a controversial article last week entitled “The Most Overhyped Wellness Promises, Debunked.” Chock full of skepticism about keto, colonics, charcoal, and more, the article created plenty of buzz—both good and bad—across the internet…

…and in today's podcast, I'm going to address the Vice article in full, including debunking plenty of the BS that was in the article, presenting research-based facts about so-called wellness myths (including a few that will surprise, such as the truth about charcoal toothpaste and sea salt), and set the good folks at Vice right.

Enjoy, and be sure to leave your own comments and feedback in the comments section below.

You can find Part 1 of this series, where I debunked the first 22 “myths” found in the article here.

Now, here are my responses to Myths 23-44:

– Myth #23: Red yeast rice supplements aren’t that effective at lowering cholesterol…7:08

  • Red Yeast Rice: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage
  • Contains monacolin K (same thing found in statins)
  • Some forms don't contain doses as high as found in literature
  • Can affect cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure
  • Greater insulin insensitivity
  • Prevented increases in cholesterol levels in rats
  • Decreased tumor levels and cancer cell growth
  • Red yeast rice supplements contain only trace amounts of monacolin K (check label carefully)

– Myth #24: You should not eat your placenta…11:30

– Myth #25: Microwaves are not bad for you…15:38

  • The Two Sides of the Story: Is Microwave Radiation Harmful?
  • Dehydrates, hurts the taste of food
  • It may not be bad for your food, but it may be bad for you
  • Non-native EMFs

– Myth #26: Crystals do not store healing, stress-relieving energy…18:55

– Myth #27: You do not need a colonic to power-wash your intestines…24:20

  • Is a Colon Cleanse Actually Beneficial? What You Must Know…
  • Can be helpful for some people
  • Limited research to show its efficacy
  • Need to repopulate the colon with a probiotic after a colonic hydrotherapy
  • People feel amazing after the therapy; release of bile by the liver
  • May be worth investigating if you have chronic constipation (after other resources have been exhausted)

– Myth #28: Don’t drink red wine because you think it’s healthy…28:33

– Myth #29: Epsom salts don't relieve muscle pain…36:54

– Myth #30: You can’t cure depression by working out…40:30

– Myth #31: Meditation isn’t always soothing…43:40

– Myth #32: Cryotherapy doesn’t help your muscles recover…45:52

– Myth #33: Food intolerance tests are based on shoddy science…48:28

– Myth #34: Eating soy isn't going to give men boobs…50:48

-Myth #35: The birth control pill does not cause breast cancer…53:33

-Myth #36: Hydrogen water isn’t better water…58:20

  • What is Hydrogen Water? Benefits & Effects – SelfHacked
  • Hydrogen affects 63 different diseases because of impact on free radicals, cells, etc.
  • H2 safe for stroke patients
  • Parkinson's patients show improvement
  • Protective effect in the brain, specifically hippocampus
  • Anti-inflammatory effects, and anti-oxidative effect
  • Bottom line: Ben doesn't agree…

– Myth #37: You don't need to work out on an empty stomach to lose fat…1:03:23

– Myth #38: Vitamin IV drips don’t do anything for healthy people…1:06:24

– Myth #39: The fat-burning effects of high-intensity interval workouts have been exaggerated…1:08:57

  • Fat Loss Showdown: Does HIIT or Steady State Cardio Burn More Fat?
  • Study showed 3x greater fat loss in a HIIT regimen vs. steady state
    • Post-exercise oxygen deficit
    • Increase in metabolic rate that stays longer than steady-state exercise
  • HIIT may have appetite suppressing effect
  • Ben agrees that some of the claims have been exaggerated; however, HIIT is superior to steady state training

– Myth #40: The concept of a “superfood” is misleading…1:12:04

– Myth #41: There’s no reason for healthy people to avoid nightshades…1:14:40

– Myth #42: Celery juice won’t cure your health problems…1:17:55

– Myth #43: You can lose weight without cutting carbs…1:21:07

– Myth #44: There are no known health risks associated with eating genetically modified foods (GMOs)…1:24:00

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Estrogeneration by Dr. Anthony Jay

BGF Podcast with Dr. Craig Koniver

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18 thoughts on “Part 2: How To Identify The Lies That Popular Media Spews About Wellness (& My Reply To “The Most Overhyped Wellness Promises, Debunked”)

  1. Doug j says:

    My ex tried this product, a 21 day program, and she went from 180 to 155 in a month. It is cheap and scientifically effective. My aunt and niece are starting this week and we are excited to see the results!
    If anyone wants a product that works, try this out! Feel free to message me if you need advice!!! The BEST weight loss program without a doubt!

  2. Ron says:

    As someone who has been using the kitchari cleanse and hates the celery part (its a pain in the ass to be juicing all that celery) does this mean I can pretty much skip that part of the process?

  3. Tom says:


    I noticed you mentioned doing a probiotic enema after you did the colon cleanse. Do you have any recommendations for a good clean probiotic enema product? Also Would a coffee enema or an oil enema wipe out probiotics in the colon? I typically do a coffee enema followed by an oil enema with sesame oil and a little castor oil, in your opinion, would repopulating with a probiotic be necessary after that?

  4. Nora Edwards says:

    I think with wine they are very slightly correct in that some people use the health benefits of wine to drink to excess. which like everything else, the excess is yes excess and not healthy in any way. Basically, their entire article is worthless and untrue.

    1. Nora Edwards says:

      another sort of point of order, Sweet potatoes and yams are not nightshades.

  5. Corry Fitzgibbons says:

    would it be possible to link to the studies that show benefits of Hydrogen water, I can only find that japanese study that refutes the efficacy. My step father has parkinsons and it would be helpful if I could recommend. Thanks

  6. Michael says:

    Ben, Ancient Minerals is Mg Chloride not Mg Sulphate.

  7. Ryan says:

    Hi Ben,
    My wife had a tonic clonic seizure after a 24hr fast, eating only 2 cups of bone broth that day.. her first seizure 42 years old. Not saying this caused the problem, but it may have provoked it for sure. All the doctors want to do is give her anti seizure meds. She went to hospital and EEG, EKG, CT, MRI, basic blood work all came back normal. The paramedics at my house at 3.30AM said her blood gluocose was 96.
    What testing do you recommend for her to do so that she can figure out what was the source of the seizure?

    Much Appreciated !

  8. Jonny says:

    The study that found intact genes from plants in humans blood ( has been completely debunked ( The first comment on the article in question summarized clearly why this ‘finding’ is nothing more than contamination.

  9. TimmyD says:

    Did anyone figure out SNPs for the man-boob conversation and GPR30? I couldn’t find it on the raw data explore on 23andme and some googling mostly returned SNPs for me that don’t exist in my data

  10. Steven says:

    Crystals store information since the semiconductors in your computer are made of silicon crystals ? I’m not sure I should laugh or cry at the nonsense in this episode.

    1. EEProf says:

      Laugh, it healthier 😂

  11. Steven says:

    Microwave ovens emit radiations even when not in use ? Can you elaborate ?

  12. Dale AKA Healthnut says:

    Sounds like the website needs some shrooms or maybe they had to many… Love listening to you on my
    morning fasted walks. DAILY!

  13. Mary says:

    Ben, I have mad respect for your intelligence and your passion. There is no way I will read the Vice article. I’m not going to give the “we hope you die sooner people” or whomever is behind this nonsense the website traffic. Really enjoyed this podcast! Thanks!

  14. kem says:

    I think Ben is using MgCl (magnesium chloride) not MGSO4 (epsom salts). We use magnesium chloride in the outside bath. I don’t think it is a therapeutic dose but certainly a soporific one. Not sure the effect isn’t due to 40 º water, the Southern starry sky (the Southern Cross and Magellanic Clouds are easily seen from the bath) or just being there alone, but it works a treat.

    Both MgCl and MGSO4 are both cattle supplements and cheap as chips.

  15. EEProf says:

    So, so right about working out and depression. I was put on Lexapro years ago, got fat and had no male energy at all. I got off it and started going beast mode in the gym. After a hot and sweaty workout I felt great and certainly NOT depressed. I worked out like this for about a decade and one day my daughter told me I was an “Aging Athlete in a Fat Suit.” That’s when I finally discovered that exercise without nutrition just cures the depression. After 2 years of keto and biohacking my testosterone, I am lean, mean and have, according to a woman at the gym (the age of my daughter!), “the body of a 25 year old.” I had not seen my abs in close to forty years and now I do–and so do the ladies, gents. I also get greeted every morning with the most potent indicator of all of male health and I had rarely if ever been seeing that after I hit 40.

    Another myth is that you cannot halt and reverse sarcopenia–you can, I have, and one word: creatine.

  16. Tom says:

    Microwave cooking:

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