349: Why Athletes Get Sick, How To Biohack Survival, How Often Do You Need To Workout & More!

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March 30, 2016 Podcast: 349: Why Athletes Get Sick, How To Biohack Survival, How Often Do You Need To Workout & More!

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Rachel Browne, the NEW Podcast Sidekick.

How To Biohack Survival

Sebastian says: He's from the Great White North and has an interest in bush craft and survival. He's wondering if you have any biohacks for survival, say you have nothing on your back but a backpack, what would some biohacks be? Ie. Creating a fire and using the charcoal to clean your system afterwards? It would be cool to hear what you have to say about this and would be great if you got a survivalist on the podcast in future!

In my response, I recommend:
Kevin Carr's running tips
Tampon survival
Condom tricks
Ice fire
-Spit fishing
Book: Emergency by Neil Strauss
-Mention upcoming podcast with Aron Snyder

How To Box Breathe

Mark says: He's been experimenting with box breathing at work during stressful meetings etc and when he's doing Heart Math. Can you elaborate on the protocols for box breathing, when and how often can you use it etc?

In my response, I recommend:
Box Breathing app

How Often Do You Need To Workout?

Kyle says: He's a huge fan of the show and loves listening to it. He wants your opinion Ben on daily workouts. He's seen people who do 300 burpees/day, barbell squats every day, 30 min jump rope sessions every day. What's your opinion on doing these kinds of workouts? Are they really that good for you?

Can You Eat A Kombucha Scoby?

Rick says: He loves the podcast, his question is about SCOBY's. He's wondering if you can blend them or chop them up and put them in a salad?

In my response, I recommend:
Kombucha podcast


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8 thoughts on “349: Why Athletes Get Sick, How To Biohack Survival, How Often Do You Need To Workout & More!

  1. Ben, Kyle asked about routines – I’m currently doing a uni assignment on pre-performance routines for sport (eg. matty lloyd throwing the grass up before a set shot in footy, or the amount of times serena williams bounces the ball before serving in tennis) – I’d like to hear how you would plan a pre-performance routine for a sportsmen, what steps you would take in developing one for an athlete (from a coaching perspective).

    I know this isn’t endurance-based, but maybe PPRs could be used before short running intervals or strength training (which we know is necessary for endurance folks)?

    The assignment is due this friday, but don’t worry, i’m about halfway through it.

    (we were given about 6 weeks to do this).

    Hence, I’m hoping you can answer this quickly (please).

    1. Call it into the podcast Dougie – speakpipe.com/bengreenfield

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Ben, love the podcast :) What would you consider the best type of stove? Gas, electric, magnetic? Thanks!

      1. Mike says:

        Just checked out, learn lots of things :) you didn’t really mentioned about the stove though. However I checked the comment section and saw you replied to one question, seems like you use propane gas stove correct? I use gas stove too, but I recently heard about benzine pollution from burning propane gas, so I wondered. Seems to me using stove outdoor or somewhere with good ventilation would be the best option still, cos electronic or induction sounds like electric/magnetic pollution as well.

  3. T says:

    Hi Ben,

    Just signed up for the cold shower challenge. How do I gain access to the private facebook page?


  4. Matthew says:

    Hey Ben,

    Just wondering if chipotle seasoning provides a similar benefit as ceyenne seasoning.



    1. If capsaicin/red peppers are in there, yes.

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