The “Softer Side” of Biohacking, Parenting Strategies, How Ben Stays in Top Shape While Traveling & More with Reconditioned Podcast Host Lauren Vaknine.

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Today's episode is the second of three “walk-and-talk” podcasts I recorded while attending and speaking at the Health Optimisation Summit in London in May 2022.

This time I was put on the hot seat by a leading UK biohacking expert named Lauren Vaknine.

Lauren Vaknine is a holistic health and life coach, wellness educator, speaker, and host of the popular Reconditioned Podcast. As a leading voice in wellness in the UK, Lauren uses the experience and knowledge she gained during her three-decade-long journey from severe disability to complete wellness to help women heal and transform their lives. She does this by using a range of holistic healing arts in a unique, whole-person approach. This approach enables Lauren to take her clients on a journey from existing to living a life of purpose, intention, self-mastery, and fulfillment.

You can find Lauren on Instagram @laurenvaknine, her podcast, Reconditioned with Lauren Vaknine, as well as her website and her blog Her latest course, The Recondition Your Life Academy, is a 12-week live group coaching program that teaches you how to create your dream life of health, clarity, and fulfillment that you dream of and live in your purpose every day. (You can get 10% off the course, which starts in September, when you sign up and mention Ben.)

During my chat with Lauren, we discussed faith, family, how females approach biohacking, and much more. Enjoy!

In this episode, you'll discover:

-The “softer side” of biohacking and life optimization…07:40

  • Family, parenting, love, legacy
  • Feminine vs. masculine; yin and yang
  • Spiritual Disciplines Journal
  • Donald Whitney's books
  • Dallas Willard's books
  • Ben's two motivations for self-optimization:
    1. Maximize ability to live out life's impact
    2. Savor all of God's creation

-Ben's big “why” for doing what he does…11:45

  • Our “why” changes over time
  • Ben's purpose has shifted more to faith and family
  • Boundless Parenting book
  • Learning more about Scriptures and God
  • Balance between business and family

-Ben's morning routine while traveling…15:22

-Jet lag management tips…22:30

-Ben's favorite biohacking devices and gadgets…27:36

-Does Ben's wife Jessa share his enthusiasm for biohacking and self-optimization?…39:02

-Lauren's journey through health challenges…42:48 

  • Lauren was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis before the age of 2
  • Mom treated her using homeopathy but with a lot of missing pieces
  • Prescribed with chemo-based drug; damaged liver, lost her hair
  • Had to detox from heavy metals, chemo

-Ben's education philosophy and strategy for his children…46:18

-A sneak peek of Ben's new parenting book…54:45

  • Children should see mom and dad interact with all sorts of people
  • Boundless Parenting book
  • iPhones and alcohol not a big deal
  • Consequential-based parenting
  • Dedicated time with each child; and with the spouse

-When not to engage in fasting, ice baths, sauna…58:43

  • 5-minute cold shower will give benefits of cold therapy (55° F)
  • Think about what our ancestors did to optimize their bodies
  • Evolutionary mismatches in the industrial era
  • We baby ourselves too much

-Ben's Christian hedonism philosophy…1:04:55

  • “Cheat days” are a nice steak, good wine, dark chocolate
  • Puritanical vs. an adventurous life
  • Focus on quality of life with family over excessive attention to your health

-Lauren's “lightning round” questions for Ben…1:08:44

  • What supplements to choose?
  • Detox strategies:
  • Wellness is…Loving yourself, loving other people, loving God, fully
  • Ben's alternate career – writer of fiction or singer/songwriter
  • Recommended book: Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday
  • Prioritizing family and business (self-examination)
  • What one thing do you want your children to take from you?
    • How you live your day is how you live your day

-And much more…

-Upcoming Events:

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4 thoughts on “The “Softer Side” of Biohacking, Parenting Strategies, How Ben Stays in Top Shape While Traveling & More with Reconditioned Podcast Host Lauren Vaknine.

  1. David says:

    Once again, a great episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast! Honestly, I was running out of episode for my daily drive and just started this one without any expectations. But these walking conversations are as interesting as the hard sciences ones! Nevertheless, it is also a lot of frustrations listening these awesome tools, activities, and testimonials from parents. We are not all in the optimal position to follow these great tools. And it can be overwhelming and/or shaming too. I know it is not the purpose of it, but I was wondering if you had interviews of parents that started later on the run with their kids. I mentioned it on a previous episode but 15 years ago, for our first child, we did a lot of researches and applied many great tools (homebirth, co-sleeping, baby carrying, just real food, lots of books, wooden toys, lots of nature, …) but then … life has hit us big time during more than 12 years and we could not keep it up with our optimal view of parenting. 12 years is a lot in the life of a child and in the meantime, we had a third child. Of course, we did not switch to the other extreme but, listening the different interview of great parents, it is overwhelming and not sure where to start. Will you have some kind of progressive and/or corrective guidelines, or testimonials of parents who did start mindful parenting later on during their educational journey. In the meantime, thanks a lot Ben for your amazing and great work. It does help me on my own quest and hopefully, we will meet somedays.

  2. Johannes says:

    Hello Ben, Lauren,

    huge fan of the podcast.
    Does the high mineral content (ep. Mg) of celtic sea salt balance out the risk of endocrine dirupting microlplastics (which already have impact in very low doses)?
    Wouldn´t it be better to use a good stone salt (ancient oceans: e.g Himalaya, Kala Namak, persian blue salt, european,…)

    Thanks for your opinions!
    Best Johannes

    1. Lauren says:

      Hey Johannes! Thanks for the comment.
      Could you explain your question? I wondered if you were asking if using Celtic sea salt balances out the effects on the endocrine system of the microplastics from water bottles? Or are you asking if it’s better to use stone salts instead of Celtic generally?
      Thanks for clarifying!
      With love,

      1. Johannes says:

        Sure. I am currently using stone salts in order to avoid the microplastics. But i am wondering/contemplating to add celtic sea salt aswell. Here i see the benefit of the high Mg-content aswell as other minerals but the risk of the salt being contaminated with (micro)plastics.

        I wanted to get yours and Bens opinion on that matter and if you can advise safe brands (europe).

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