“Thank God”…For Bitcoin, Raw Goat Milk, Colostrum, Yogurt, Liver & Meat, With Robert Breedlove.

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February 24, 2022

Robert Breedlove, author of the book Thank God For Bitcoin, is a Bitcoin-focused entrepreneur, writer, and philosopher. He was raised in Tennessee attending Southern Baptist Churches but spent most of his adult life “spiritual, yet agnostic.” Through his explorations down the proverbial “Bitcoin rabbit hole,” Robert found himself becoming reacquainted with Christianity at the age of 33. He was particularly inspired by Austrian economics and the teachings of Jordan Peterson, which helped him reconcile his purely objective outlook on reality with its more subjective dimensions of valuation, morality, and meaning.

Robert calls himself a “Freedom Maximalist” and believes he has found his life’s work in the Bitcoin space as a contributor to the separation of money and state. Through his writing and media work, Robert aims to elucidate the importance of freedom and self-sovereignty across all spheres of human action. You can find Robert on Twitter (@Breedlove22) where he posts about Bitcoin, macroeconomics, and philosophy.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The journey to becoming a “Freedom Maximalist”…07:45

  • Entrepreneurial Strategist out of college
  • Spent years optimizing tax strategies (tax code has ~9 million words, very difficult to know all of it)
  • Became CFO for a startup event planning company; health and software companies followed
  • Began CFO consulting company in 2016
  • Got involved in cryptocurrency in 2016
  • Smart Contracts” (self-executing contract) such as a vending machine
  • Nick Szabo
  • The entire financial industry is a “smart contract.” Any work function that can be adapted into an algorithm is called a dry code and can be provided more efficiently with a smart contract.
  • Nick Szabo podcast

-The Creature and its cronies fight for survival in the digital age…19:00

-What is money, anyway?…32:07

  • Robert's podcast, What is Money
  • Money is one of the primary motivators of human action, for better or worse
  • Is taxation theft or not?
  • If people really dig for answers, and they understand what money is, they'll eventually find Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin meets all the qualities of “sound money”: proof of work, scarcity, limited supply, etc.

-How the Gold Standard began its descent into obscurity after World War 2…41:08

-Why strong private property rights are necessary for prosperity to thrive…49:06

-The superiority of Bitcoin to any other financial medium…56:14

  • 5 traits of “sound money”:
    1. Divisibility
    2. Durability
    3. Recognizability / Fungibility
    4. Portability
    5. Scarcity
  • Satoshi
  • Bitcoin is the only sensible option for those who truly understand the nature of money
  • Robert only holds U.S. dollars and Bitcoin in his portfolio
  • Swan Bitcoin

-Health protocols and biohacks common among Bitcoin enthusiasts…1:04:57

-And much more!…

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