Everything You Need To Know About Hair Mineral Analysis.

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I'm all about testing and quantifying what's going on inside my body, so when Certified Holistic Health Coach Wendy Myers approached me at a biohacking conference and asked me if I wanted to have my hair tested with a hair mineral analysis test…

…I made a stop at my local barber…

…got a few strands snipped off…

…sent my hair off to Wendy's lab…

…and was absolutely shocked at the results I got in my e-mail inbox a couple weeks later. In this episode, we talk about about the results of my hair mineral analysis, and you'll also learn:

-Exactly what hair mineral analysis is and how it works…

-How you can discover things like adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues and nutrient and mineral deficits from your hair…

-What to do about heavy metal toxicities, and why some heavy metal chelators can actually be dangerous…

-How to tell if you're undereating or overeating carbohydrates…

-Where natural remedies like infrared saunas and coffee enemas fit in…

-Why even pristine well water can have some serious issues…

-And much more!


Click here to download the results of Ben Greenfield's hair mineral analysis.

Click here to download the results of Ben Greenfield's hair mineral ratios.

-Want your own Hair Mineral Analysis? Click here to go to Wendy's website and get started.

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13 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About Hair Mineral Analysis.

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Ben,

    Did you ever get retested? What are your results now?

    1. After doing the True Cellular Detox (search for it here on site) I am nearly 100% metal free!

      1. Mark says:

        did you manage to get your calcium, magnesium and sodium down too?

        1. Calcium and sodium yes, magnesium no… Likely because I supplement with magnesium before bed at night often and I use magnesium lotion.

          1. Gianna Caiazza says:

            Can you explain what you did to get your calcium down? I have high calcium and magnesium as well and they call it the calcium shell? My potassium is very low also. Did you have copper dysregulation also? By the way I’ve preordered your book and waiting on it’s arrival. May be my answer will be in there.

  2. marni says:

    Of all the therapies and protocols that you (Ben G– and, I love your show babe!) —

    Which ones have held up over time?

    I thought of this when I wrote a review for a product I heard about and have adopted from the BG show; TianChi. What I said was of all the supplements that I have tried in the last several years TianChi is the one that has stuck around– others have come and gone; but I’m still using TianChi…

    Which made me think… If you go back 3-5 years on the BG show what has actually held up and proven useful?

    1. Boy oh boy, some of the biggies…infrared sauna, cold thermogenesis, normatec boots, biomat, anything with curcumin in it, MPX100 for blood glucose, mushroom coffee and colostrum would be some of the biggies.

  3. DrGarrettSmith says:

    That HTMA is showing tons of stress (whether external or internal sourced). Restricting carbohydrates will worsen this issue. If/when you get tired of putting coffee up your butt and your potassium level tanks and stays there…feel free to contact me. My podcasts here: http://180radio.com/guests/dr-garrett-smith/

    1. joshfinlay says:

      Can you specify why restricting carbohydrates will worsen this issue? Whenever t experiment with adding more carbs into my diet the rebound hypoglycaemia causes stress. Far more, i suspect, than low carbohydrate intake does.

      1. Yep, oddly enough, however, while restricting carbohydrates excessively can contribute, excess sugar and processed carbs can aggravate! So choose the carbs wisely!

        1. joshfinlay says:

          I hear ya. The frustrating thing is, adrenal issues usually lead to gut issues, so all those low gi starches go out the window.

          (disclaimer: i don't throw food out windows for safety/environmental reasons)

  4. Colleen says:

    I sometimes listen to Wendy’s podcast but I’m still waiting for a more in depth explanation of the science or what the 100,000 tests showed. Sounds like she’s making it up as she goes along. Jack Kruse is woo woo but I believe in electrons so I think he’s on to something. Also, I’m skeptical that a regular enema contributes to gut health or health in general. Love your shows but I’m not buying this one.

    1. Wendy Myers says:

      Here is a comprehensive list of research showing HTMA, hair mineral analysis, is scientifically valid at determining heavy metal levels in the body.
      But it’s not a perfect test, which is why I like to do urine and stool metals tests as well to see most metals one has in the body.

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