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Welcome to Ben Greenfield's Weekly Roundup and Cool New Discoveries!

Ben Greenfield's discoveries, from the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts and more!

New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I'm Trying, Books I'm Reading, And More!

– An Addictive Granola I'm Digging The Hell Out Of

A few weeks ago, I told you about Magic Spoon Cereal, which has a host of the old-school comfort food flavors we enjoyed as kids—like Coco Puffs and Fruit Loops—but with totally healthy, guilt-free, low-carb ingredients. But what is one to do about granola? Turns out I've cracked the code on that too (you're welcome). It's called “Nutola” (use code: BEN to save 20%) and it is going to bring that amazing sweet crunch back into your life. With only 4 net carbs, it's an oat and honey free granola that tastes absolutely addicting and is:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Paleo
  • Vegan
  • Low Sugar – 4 net carbs

The few simple ingredients include superfoods such as coconut, almond, carrot, prune and Himalayan sea salt, so you get more bang for your “caloric buck”:

  • Himalayan Sea Salt – highest mineral content but very low sodium
  • Carrots – high in beta-carotene and vitamins
  • Almonds- improve heart health and brain function
  • Prunes – magnesium, potassium, and keeps your digestive system regular
  • Coconuts – contain MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides)

Plus unlike other granolas, it contains no grain (most grain-based granolas are just carbs and sugar with vegetable oil). I guarantee you're going to go nuts over Nutola. Just Click here, and use code: BEN to save 20%.

– How I'm Nourishing My Gut Fast After My Giardia Bout

A few weeks ago, I told you about my giardia bout and how “colostrum” is one way to get your gut back up to normal fast after something like this. Colostrum is also a very potent way to increase growth hormone, gain muscle mass, and stabilize the gut during hot exercise, especially for endurance athletes.

The brand I'm using is “Renegade Colostrum,” which is low-heat spray dried, chemical-free, and 100% natural with no fillers of any sort! It also contains natural chymosin, which protects and ensures bioavailability as it passes through the gut. This stuff is sourced only from top quality producers due to their high level of growth factors and complete absence of detectable contaminants (e.g., pesticides, heavy metals, bacterial pathogens) as it is certified organic and is sourced from grass-fed cows.

Beware of cheaper de-fatted colostrum brands…

…”Scientific studies on whole colostrum show that some of the bio-active components necessary to provide the health benefits of a true colostrum are fat-soluble and found in high concentrations only up to 6-8 hours after birth and removal of that fat would result in the removal of important bio-active components.” – Dr. Donald H. Lein, chairman of Population Genetics and Diagnostic Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University.

Renegade Colostrum (use code: BEN to save 15%), which is never defatted, has a fat content of about 21.7 percent! Research shows that the fat “holds” approximately 50 percent of the IGF-I growth factors. In a controlled laboratory study at Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, New Ulm, however, it was found that some popular imported brands of colostrum have an extremely low fat content of less than five percent. Many widely marketed brands of colostrum have immunoglobulin counts ranging from 25 to 40 percent; these products are usually filtered or standardized specifically for immunoglobulins but all other components removed. Renegade colostrum has not been filtered, standardized or manipulated in any way. They only work with producers whose philosophy is to produce a product that is 100 percent first milking and complete. Some products touting high immunoglobulin levels contain 30 percent or more. In Renegade Colostrum, the immunoglobulin content is 22.11 percent, which indicates a high level of growth factors and reflects the fact that the product is not de-fatted but rather represents a complete colostrum powder.

In summary, the unique qualities of Renegade Colostrum:

  • Keeping the fat – Ensures that the colostrum is complete with over a broad spectrum of growth factors, immune factors, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals!
  • Being certified organic – Free from harmful pesticides and contaminants.
  • Sourced from a large selection of happy cows – Ensures you get the full range of growth factors and immune factors for full-spectrum protection, as well as giving you the comfort that no cows or calves are harmed in the process.
  • Harvested in the first 6hrs of birth – Essential if you want real colostrum and not transitional milk that's unfortunately sold by most other brands.

This stuff rebuilds your body from the inside out…and is formulated by my friend Niraj, the “Renegade Pharmacist” who I interviewed here.

You can go to to get your Colostrum.

Podcasts I Recorded This Week:

Secrets To Building Muscle & Burning Fat At The Same Time, Spiritual Enhancement Through Gardening & Music, Sleep, Superfoods & More With Drew Canole

This episode was brought to you by Joovv (code: BEN), Vuori (save 25% with my link), and Kion Bar Back To School Sale (code: BACK2SCHOOL).


Peptides Unveiled: The Best Peptide Stacks For Anti-Aging, Growth Hormone, Deep Sleep, Hair Loss, Enhanced Cognition & Much More!

This episode was brought to you by Organifi – RED (code: BENG20), Four Sigmatic (code: BENGREENFIELD), Birdwell (code: BENG), and Kion (code: BGF10).


Articles Published By Me And Kion This Week:

The Dark Side Of Peptides: Why You Need To Proceed With Caution When Using These Powerful But Potentially Carcinogenic Molecules.

The Best Way to Brew Coffee: A Guide To 8 Popular Methods

My full article feed and all past archives of my articles are here if you want to check out past articles.

Special Announcements:

::: FREE Sexual Vitality Summit Starting Today :::

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In this ground-breaking, sexual health event, 28 experts, doctors, and sexologists reveal the newest, most innovative procedures, safe natural solutions and life-changing restorative protocols for people across the gender and generational spectrums.

I'll be participating and speaking specifically on:

  • Supplements that are proven to work…
  • What your body may be lacking…
  • Pros and cons of testosterone replacement therapy…
  • And more!

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I’m putting the finishing touches on my new book, “Boundless“.

Jam-packed with knowledge from the trenches and the lab that is instantly accessible to the layperson, health professional, and extreme athlete alike.

In it, you’ll find the most up-to-date, cutting-edge research on every strategy, tool, biohack, and resource for enhancing performance, fat loss, digestion, recovery, immunity, cognition, hormones, sleep, and longevity.

Boundless is the last guide you will ever need to unlock all the expert advice necessary to live a joyful, adventurous, and fulfilling life.

Head to and register to be the first to get updates on my new book coming to everywhere you can buy books early next year.

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Upcoming Events:

– September 12 – 15, 2019: RUNGA Immersion, Napa Valley, California. I attend this total mind-body reboot retreat each year with my wife, Jessa, to connect with a handful of friends and YOU can one of them! I would love if you could join me at this retreat. Click here for details on this incredible event!

– September 27 – 29, 2019: Spartan World Championships, Squaw Valley, California. Right beside Lake Tahoe, this epic venue was once host to the 1960 Olympic Winter Games. Join me there for the greatest obstacle course race in North Tahoe Lake, Olympic Village, CA. Sign up here!

View Ben's Calendar Here

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Drinking water is NOT the best way to hydrate – and yes, I’ll be doing a podcast with the author of the book Quench about this soon: the link to learn more.

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