Training Secrets From The Freak Of Nature Who Can Hoist 51 Reps Of Double 72 Pound Kettlebells In 10 Minutes.

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…a 72 pound kettlebell in each hand…

…51 reps in ten minutes.

Barely anyone on the face of the planet can accomplish this feat, but today's podcast guest can.

Mike Salemi's journey in strength & conditioning started at the age of 15 as a young and hungry Powerlifter. At his peak, Mike became a WABDL World Champion in the Bench Press and Deadlift, while simultaneously working as a collegiate level strength & conditioning coach. It was at this time that Mike was both introduced to the power of the kettlebell, and the work of respected Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek. Both have had large influences on Mike's development as a more well-rounded athlete and person in the years that followed.

Currently, as an avid Kettlebell Sport competitor, Mike has achieved the ranking Master of Sport, and became the 2017 WAKSC World Champion in the Clean and Jerk. Through his unique approach, Mike has been able to integrate high-performance athletic training using a holistic model. His dream is to continue creating educational materials and programs that support a more balanced athlete.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Mike is such a fan of the kettlebell, and he switched to it after being a freakin' world champion in the bench and deadlift…[8:00]

-The Russian military secrets Mike uses to train and compete…[10:45]

-What a sample workout looks like for Mike to get ready for competition…[12:55]

-How Mike's training approach allows athletes to train far less than their peers and achieve superior results…[18:55]

-What Paul Chek figured out about Mike that nobody else could figure out, an issue that completely reinvented Mike's performance…[23:55]

-Mike's experience with DMT and Ayahuasca…[34:15]

-How Mike fuels his body, how he incorporates intuitive eating in his approach, and how he banished his gut distress…[39:35]

-The crazy thing that happened when Mike deadlifted against Paul Chek…[44:30]

-The biggest mistakes people make when they're trying to get stronger or use kettlebells…[48:55]

-And much more…

Here is a video of my workout with Mike Salemi:

Resources from this episode:

My first interview with Paul Chek

My second interview with Paul Chek

Paul Chek and the Chek Institute

My interview with Chris Holder about the RKC Kettlebell certification

My ELDOA podcast

Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano

-Mike's e-book:  7-Steps To The Perfect Set-Up: What Your Kettlebell Swing Is Missing

Check out these videos with Mike:

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6 thoughts on “Training Secrets From The Freak Of Nature Who Can Hoist 51 Reps Of Double 72 Pound Kettlebells In 10 Minutes.

  1. Sunil Grover says:

    Great tips. No need to go outside. Can you please tell me what to eat in winter season…?

    1. You can eat seasonally if you'd like. There are websites that will show you what food is grown where you live during a particular season. Typically though, I simply ask myself two crucial questions about any food I eat: is it nutrient dense and is it digestible?

  2. Zach says:

    Recent circumstances left me with no gym and no coaches. I found a 55# Kettlebell on supersale at Dick’s and it’s my living room gym now. Excited to read up on the resources Mike and Ben are providing!

  3. John Crosby says:

    Hi, I’ve listened to podcast and scanned video but find no link to video of your workout with Mike in garage. Please provide.



    1. John, I'm still working on getting that video. Stay tuned!

  4. Corey says:

    In the Onnit interview with this AMAZING man he mentioned a kettlebell encyclopedia he was working on did he mention it to you!

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