The Biggest Common Keto Mistakes (& How to Fix Every Metabolic Problem With A Low-Carb Diet In Just 7 Seconds)

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My guests on today's show are coming back for a three-peat. They first appeared in the episode, “Probiotic Enemas, Digestive Enzyme Myths, Breathing 10 Kilograms of Oxygen, Low-Protein Diets & More!” then appeared again in, “How I’ve Been Able To Gorge On Delicious Gluten-Filled Foods Without Feeling Like I Swallowed A Pair Of Motor-Powered Scissors Tearing Up My Intestines.

They are Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart.

Matt Gallant is an entrepreneur, poker champion, ex-rock guitarist, serial entrepreneur (who's built 13 companies in the last 20 years), strength and conditioning coach with a degree in kinesiology, and the CEO and co-founder of a company called BiOptimizers.

Wade T. Lightheart is the host of the AWESOME Health Podcast, a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, and Cofounder of BiOptimizers. He is also the author of several books, including the best-sellers “Staying Alive in a Toxic World” and “The Wealthy Backpacker.”

Matt and Wade have cracked the code on solving the major metabolic deficiencies that block you from thriving on keto.  They've actually turned hundreds of people onto keto over the last couple of decades. Unfortunately, most struggled with three core metabolic issues—which Matt and Wade never knew how to fix until recently. They began doing hundreds of hours of research and testing on the different nutrients that could help solve these challenges.

It wasn’t easy. It took them pouring through a TON of studies (which we talk about in today's episode)… massive amounts of real-world testing… until they ultimately discovered the perfect combination of nutrients for optimizing fat digestion, energy metabolism, and fat loss enhancement.

They're thrilled to finally reveal solutions that solve all of these problems—in just 7 seconds… and gives you a new level of energy that rivals coffee.  Smooth consistent bowel movements and fat loss on a low-carb or keto diet are now possible. These results are made possible by a solution we talk about in today's show—a solution that takes just 7 seconds to open the lid of a bottle, pour the capsules in your hand and throw them in your mouth.

This episode is for you if you ever experience digestive issues when you eat high-fat meals…

…such as constipation, diarrhea or a meal just sitting in your stomach…

…or if your intense exercise or peak athletic performance has taken a dip since you switched over to lower carbs…

…or if you want to experience a new level of energy, mental clarity, and focus without relying on stimulants.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Interesting biohacks Matt, Wade, and I did prior to recording the podcast…7:23

-What nutrigenomics is…24:20

  • 7 keys to biologically optimize your diet:
    • Sustainability
    • Lifestyle
    • Genetics
    • Allergies
    • Gut biome
    • Biofeedback
    • Goals
  • 3 categories:
    • Aesthetic goals
    • Performance
    • Health (anti-aging)
  • Geography of one's ancestors influences the proper diet for us

-Vegetarian genes…30:45

  • AMY1A (amylase)
  • LCT, MCM6 (lactase)
  • FUT, SHBG (fiber, dietary, B12)
  • FLAD1 (biosynthesize omega 3 and 6 from polyunsaturated fatty acids)
  • BCML1 (polymorphisms)

-Ketogenic genes…38:10

  • CPT1A – arctic mutation for fatty oxidation
  • FAD 1, FAD2
  • ADRB2 (saturated fats)
  • APOE2 (satiation)
  • FTO3 (body fat)
  • LPL
  • APOC3
  • PPAR Alpha (coastal adaptation)

-How Wade's genetics influenced his current diet…47:30

-The biochemistry of kApex and how it addresses some of the fundamental mistakes of keto…53:23

-Specific uses and applications of kApex…1:09:10

  • 7 keto DHEA raises metabolism by ~5%
  • Increases 3 different enzymes in the liver
  • Activates PPAR Alpha
  • Even if you don't need it for its nutrigenomics benefits, people love the simple energy boost

-Interesting biohacks Matt, Wade, and I have planned for after recording the podcast…1:17:30

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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29 thoughts on “The Biggest Common Keto Mistakes (& How to Fix Every Metabolic Problem With A Low-Carb Diet In Just 7 Seconds)

  1. Mealtho says:

    I would prescribe anybody attempting to get in shape to attempt these custom keto dinner plans as they truly have been a gift from heaven for me —>://

  2. scott says:

    Sorry Ben, but this podcast was a joke. Matt introduces himself by saying he’s taken a “very powerful” prescription drug (let’s face it…he downed some uppers) to “get ready for the call.” Anybody that needs to get high in order to get on a phone call to talk about their company and product isn’t somebody I’m interested in listening to. Both of these guys get through their days by downing drugs. I’m much more interested in somebody who’s figured out life in a much more natural, and arguably healthy, way.

  3. Robert says:

    Hey Ben, It seems you abandoned your typical practice of controlling the interview and pretty much let Wade have his run of the show with his product infomercial. There was obviously some good information here but I felt continually annoyed hearing Wade dictate to you/the listener where the direction of the show was going to go. Maybe he over did it on his stimulant dose but whatever I found myself struggling to listen to the end.

    1. Robert says:

      ^Matt not Wade

  4. Patrick Hansen says:

    So I must be a sucker because I bought this product. Paid a good amount for it…here is the issue.

    Serving size says “2 tablets” so with 60 it seems like it should last a month, roughly.

    Get the bottle and label says “Take 2 capsules with each meal, but may take up to 4 with each meal AND 4-6 upon wakening”. That said if you take the max, you will be out of the bottle and $70 in 3-4 days. Very very misleading.

    I have decided to keep it and take 2/ day to see if I notice any change, but not hopeful. The amounts of Keto 7-DHEA and Dandelion Root are very minimal on each “serving “

    I’m a huge fan of Ben but really wish he would do a minimal supplement discussion for us everyday folks…between the mats, the dick light, powders, teas…you need a small fortune to keep up.

    Last thing, I did feel the title of this podcast was misleading because they never really talked about the “biggest keto mistakes”, rather it was all an infomercial ….I got roped in. 😩

    1. Matthew Engler says:

      agree with this! Not sure what the biggest keto mistakes are… unless the big mistakes are going keto even though your genes may not respond well to it… and don’t do keto unless you take Apex!

      1. Matt Gallant says:

        The biggest keto mistakes are:

        1. Doing keto without having the genes for it.
        2. Not optimizing fat digestion
        3. Not optimizing your energy on it

    2. Matt Gallant says:

      Hey Patrick, sorry to hear you feel mislead.

      You can kApex for optimizing keto digestion (most people are using 1-2 caps per meal). The bottle will last you a month.

      Or you use it for energy, and most people are using 3-5 caps first thing in the morning. If you do this the bottle will last you a month.

      And yes some people are using for both in which case you’ll most likely need 2 bottles.

  5. Josh says:

    Wade mentioned Modafinil was not a good fit based on a genetic test. Which test? Thanks!

    1. Matt Gallant says:

      That was me who mentioned it.

      I downloaded my genes from 23 and me and uploaded in

  6. Matt C. says:

    Hi Ben. A few times in the podcast you and Matt mention Adderall and somewhat scoff at the notion of utilizing the medication. Do you have a podcast or article that shines more light on potential side effects of the drug? Thanks.

    1. Matt Gallant says:

      The addictive side of Adderall is my personal concern. I’ve never tried it for that reason.

  7. Geeta says:

    “Convert fat to water…”?? Are you guys listening to what you are talking? Didnt hear such a bs before..

    1. Alex says:

      Erm…. Yeah. That’s how metabolism works. Fat breaks down into carbon dioxide and water

  8. Peter says:

    Great podcast as usual! Ben I heard you mention you use NAD patches. What is the brand name you use? How frequently do you use them and where can I get some? Thanks for all the great content you provide!

  9. Cody Mead says:

    Hey Ben! Great podcast, and I’m interested in giving this product a spin. I wanted to share a quick factoid with folks looking to buy: When I applied the discount code form the podcast, I actually ended up paying $2 more than if I had accessed the website without the link. It’s really odd, but check it out for yourselves.

    1. Berenice says:

      Hi Cody,

      It is Berenice here, your Happy Health Concierge with BiOptimizers. We apologize for this experience with our service. In order for us to assist you, could you please email us at [email protected]? That way we can go through your order and verify all the charges. We’ll be more than happy to help you!

      Thank you in advance!

  10. Dmitry says:

    To the genes section,

    well, the one can pull his/her particular gene data BUT there are be dozens on SNPs related to the gene. How to identify whether you’re “Yes/No/Maybe” within this one particular gene?

    1. Matt Gallant says:

      You hire a nutrigenomics expert.

  11. Chris says:

    Hey, I want to start with that I am a lover of the podcast, been listening for a couple years now. I know you have mentioned in the past about where to take your 23&me results to get read online but I am drawing a blank on it at the moment. I would love to be able to read my genetic sequence. Its just in numbers and letters at the moment which seems like its encrypted lol

    Thanks for the information


    1. Cody Mead says:

      Chris, I’ve sent mine to and Both were helpful and inexpensive options. I’m sure there are more out there.

  12. Kyle K. says:

    Don’t bother listening. This is basically an hour-long infomercial for their bullshit supplement. Losing credibility by the day, Ben.

    1. Marc S. says:

      I have been listening for about 3 years now. All in all, Ben delivers quality content. I have noted that older podcasts seemed to develop more organically and Ben strived to really connect with the listener. However, lately, it seems things tend to Organify and the need to Thrive push the message of the show. I understand a man has to feed his family and pay for all of the goodies Ben gets to acquire as a result of his efforts. It just feels a little less genuine and down to earth than it used to. IMO. In any event, I will continue to listen to one of the best Podcasts on health and wellness out there.

    2. Stefanie Hilton says:

      I tried this supplement both with meals as directed and first thing in the morning. I noticed absolutely nothing in both instances. What a disappointment!!!

      1. Matt Gallant says:

        Sorry to hear that Stefanie. The grand majority of users have been reporting amazing results.

        Please make sure to get a full money back refund. We protect our clients for 365 days.

    3. Jason McEwing says:

      Agree 100%. It was just an infomercial pushing their products. Very disappointing. Ben’s podcast was a go-to for me but has lost credibility. Seems more of a push for products.

  13. About 23 min in the podcast stopped…oddly just about the time Lightgeart commented that we listeniers probably think we are bored old men, with time on our hands..etc I was indeed wondering just that. Fuck, how do you spend so much time at this, unless you dont have a day job. Im 77 and just wanting to feel some better, and hold off some of the obvious aging processes.

    I think the research you do is cool, but im more interested in your findings, than your searching. Ok, the searching is interesting, but so far from where I am its not even funny.

    PS..Im a student of Ida Rolf, and Ive been practicing manual therapy for 50 years. Im not a health nut, as much as a student of human nature. J

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