Working Out Hard With “The Big Pygmy”, Saving Villages in the African Jungle, Animal Psychology & Much More with Justin Wren.

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7 May 2022

Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren is a mixed martial artist, humanitarian, and founder of the non-profit Fight for the Forgotten. A native Texan and a high-school wrestling powerhouse, Justin won 10 state championships and was a five-time All American and two-time National Champion before becoming one of the youngest professional MMA athletes at the age of 19. Shortly after, he became the youngest heavyweight cast on the most-watched season of The Ultimate Fighter TV show at 21 years old.

After battling depression, suicide, and drug addiction, Justin experienced a life-changing journey living with the Mbuti Pygmy people of the Congo Basin Rainforest. When he returned he founded Fight for the Forgotten, which today has expanded their impact to serve the Batwa Pygmies in Uganda, and stateside initiatives including bullying prevention and character development programs for public schools and martial arts academies.  
Justin has inspired millions through his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience, Mike Tyson's HotBoxin', the Ed Mylett Show, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NBC, CBS, and TEDx Talks, along with his book Fight for the Forgotten. Today he is the host of his own inspirational podcast, Overcome with Justin Wren. A 15-year veteran of professional MMA, Justin is on a six-fight winning streak and is currently training at Onnit Gym ATX in preparation for a comeback in Bellator MMA in 2022.

In my conversation with Justin, we dive into everything from fitness to parenting to animal psychology, and even our soul-crushing cardio workout at Onnit Gym in Austin, TX prior to our podcast, during which he walked around with a trashcan in case he felt the need to vomit (we'll blame it on the spicy sausage he had for breakfast).

By the way, here is the workout that almost made The Big Pygmy puke, in case you're curious, which was at least 4 rounds of all-out cardio with a functional exercise in between each set:

  • 2-minute sprint on the Airdyne bike to 20 Spider-Man push-ups – 4 times, no rest.
  • 2-minute sprint on the rower to sled push and pull – 4 times, no rest.
  • 2-minute sprint on concept 2 ski ergs to 20 kettlebell swings – no rest. (use code GREENFIELD to save 15%)
  • Bonus: the last 2-minute set of each cardio was nasal breathing only.

Justin was also joined here by his life partner and producer of Overcome, Amy Edwards, host of The Amy Edwards Show. Enjoy!

In my conversation with Justin Wren, you'll discover:

-Ben's workout and diet while on the go…08:32

-Boundless origin stories…11:01

-Ben's journey as a human guinea pig and investigative journalist…17:05

  • Homeschooled in Idaho
  • Keen on tennis as a player, coach
  • This led to an interest in human physiology

-How Ben defines “biohacking”…21:40

-Non-negotiable elements of high-quality sleep…33:19

-Justin shares stories of saving villages in the African jungle…42:12

-Preparing mentally and physically for living in Africa…1:11:10

-Motivation for Ben's new parenting book…1:19:56

-Secrets to a great relationship with your spouse and children…1:33:05

  • Scheduled 2-3 days retreat minimum twice a year
  • Meditate 10 minutes at beginning and end of day
  • Pray together before going to bed
  • Does not focus on the achievement obsessed culture
  • Teaching life skills via game nights

-Justin does the animal psychology quiz with Ben…1:40:51

-And much more!

-Upcoming Events:

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