#307: Is MCT Oil A Scam?, How to Measure Your Neurotransmitters, Downhill Running Tips And More!

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Feb 4, 2015 Podcast: How To Measure Your Neurotransmitters, Downhill Running Tips, Is Kratom A Healthy Sleep Aid, Why Weightlifting Shoes Have An Elevated Heel, and What It Means If Just One Of Your Armpits Smell.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Skywalker Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick and Audio Ninja.

How To Measure Your Neurotransmitters.

Karin says: She wants to know what you think of the Pharmasan Labs Urinalysis kit for measuring neurotransmitters. She ordered one from her naturopath but then heard it as a scam. She is trying to manage her anxiety naturally.

In my response I recommend:
Primal Body-Primal Mind (pages 279-284)
-using mood/symptomatic screening to guide amino acid supplementation with something like Aminos or MAP

Downhill Running Tips.

Downhill Girl says: She has spent her off season recovering from an IT Band issue (fixing some muscle imbalances) and is now training for a spring marathon. Her A-Race has a lot of downhill and she is worried about re-injuring her IT band by actually training on hills. Are there other ways to train for downhill running other than running downhill?

Is Kratom A Healthy Sleep Aid?

Abby says: She is wondering if she should be worried about using Kratom as a sleep aid. She has tried almost everything else – but this plant actually works for her. She has read some scary stuff online about it. Should she be worried?

In my response I recommend:
-Vapor Boost Sweet Dreams blend
Valerian Root

Why Weightlifting Shoes Have An Elevated Heel.

Cory says: He would like to know why powerlifting shoes have an elevated heel. Wouldn't that promote Achilles tightness and change your biomechanics? Also, when you squat do you do it with no shoes on – for increased foot strength and balance?

What It Means If Just One Of Your Armpits Smell.

Allie says: She knows we like poop questions but here is a pit question. She doesn't wear deodorant and doesn't usually have an issue with BO but when she gets stressed or excited she notices that only one of her armpits gets smelly. Why would it only be one? She is glad to have people like us to ask these types of pressing questions ;)


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15 thoughts on “#307: Is MCT Oil A Scam?, How to Measure Your Neurotransmitters, Downhill Running Tips And More!

  1. Natcha_Maithai says:

    I disagree with respect to the neurotransmitter testing. The test has some value when it is interpreted with the understanding that it is the excreted metabolites and not direct measurements of the neurotransmitters. Whether the values exhibit high or low, and whether that shows depletion or overproduction depends on which particular metabolites and the clinical contexts (i.e. symptoms). The same interpretation rules apply to hair mineral analysis because it is what the body secretes, not necessarily indicative of what is in the body. Like, if my client has really terrible symptoms but low toxic minerals, it usually means she's not detoxing them rather than that she is low in toxic minerals. Perhaps you could get someone who run one of these urinary neurotransmitter testing companies to run one for you, and then go over it on your podcast.

    1. That is a good suggestion for a podcast topic.

  2. rvanderm says:

    Oh my God! Have you seen this video yet??? Bulletproof Coffee Is A Scam! -> https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/14b6025ad…

    1. The link appears to be pointing to your gmail inbox…

  3. tflang79 says:

    what type and brand vaporizer do you use for the vaporboost sweet dreams? thx

    1. Just get the one from VaporBoost: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/vaporboost – I have an older ecigarette model but the one from their website is way better.

  4. zvolo says:

    Ben, sorry for asking this. What is the name of the movie you could not remember?thx

    1. Better Living Through Chemistry!

  5. wackerb says:

    FYI, you can't have jet lag of more than 12 hours. Imagine stepping back and forth across the international date line. Biologically there is no difference although you are changing time zone plus and minus 24 hours. Similarly, imagine flying in a really fast plane around the world and landing in a time zone 1 different from your start. Though you've traveled 23 or 25 time zones, the biological difference is 1 hour. Adaptive strategies may differ whether it is plus or minus, but never more than 12 hours.

  6. rvanderm says:

    Thanks for the expose on MCT Oil. I suspected that the oil in it's natural state was healthier. Dave Asprey's not going to be happy with this post. You may have cut back on a bunch of his profits with this one post. :-)

    1. I didn't say that. I said that they have different uses. There is a place for MCT and Coconut oil on my shelf at all times.

      1. rvanderm says:

        I guess my point is this . I make a Bulletproof coffee every morning which I love and I have while fasting for 4-6 hours. I think the concept (which is Dave's) is amazing. I have made it with his Brain Octane and his MCT oil and I have made it with Coconut oil. Honestly, I have never noticed any difference between these three. I feel just as sharp and have just as much energy with the coconut oil. And now it sounds like using coconut oil actually has other benefits. It has all four classes of MCT including Lauric Acid which is the healthiest.
        Out of curiosity, in what circumstances would it be advisable to use MCT?
        I guess in a colder race it stays liquid where coconut oil often becomes solid. Though with the heat at Kona? I have heard that MCT oil can go bad in heat.

        1. I used MCT during this experiment – https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2013/05/low-c… also check out my newer protocol over here – http://thornefx.com/ben-greenfield-thornefx-triat…

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