Shark Attacks On Goats, The Ethics Of Hunting, Human Stress Resilience & Much More! (Special Hawaii Hunting Episode)

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In today's podcast, I am joined by my friends Kyle Thiermann, Chris Ryan, and Mark Healey for witty banter, philosophizing, and intellectually stimulating conversation straight from the island of Hawaii.

We – along with several others mentioned in this podcast episode, such as Dr. Peter Attia, Kyle Kingsbury, and Hawaii hunting guide, Justin Lee – took a break from hunting, hiking, spearfishing and dressing meat to gather 'round the podcasting mics.

In this conversation, you'll hear…

-A recap of the trip…6:47

  • Chris was a last minute substitute
  • Primal surroundings: goat head in the back of the pickup
  • They were all dropped off by helicopter on various spots on the Big Island
  • Ben engaged in spearfishing; caught Hawaiian lobster, opi'i fish
  • Impossible to replicate their meals in a restaurant

-Ben is asked about consuming energy bars while facing dehydration…12:17

  • If you're in an extreme dehydration situation, you're probably starving to death, so don't throw them out
  • They could potentially be used as a water filter because they're so thick
  • Coffee and beer don't actually dehydrate you
  • Energy bars have moisture in them
  • Depends on salt content, moisture level, etc.

-How ranchers on the island of Kaho'olawe used goats to prevent sharks from attacking their herd…14:05

  • Sharks would attack as they were loaded onto ships for transport
  • Ranchers pushed a herd of goats tied to each other off a cliff
  • The cattle was transported while the sharks feasted on the goats

-Discussion about the sustainability of humans hunting their own meat in the modern world…15:30

  • Hunting is necessary in Hawai'i for sustainability of the land
  • It's not cheaper when you factor in ammo, time spent hunting, obtaining permits, etc.
  • Large amounts of money from hunting is invested into environmental sustainability
  • Eradication vs. management
  • Killing an animal is a deeply personal experience
    • Everyone who eats meat should hunt at least once
  • We are what we eat: cruelty, apathy, torture, etc.

-How our thoughts shape our health…27:00

-Our understanding of human history as it pertains to resilience toward stress…33:04

  • Research suggests we become more sensitive to stress rather than more resilient
  • Chronic stressors (business responsibilities) our ancestors didn't deal with
  • Experiencing stress without realizing it, or thinking you're relaxed
    • Practice makes automatic
  • Difference between stress and excitement
  • Alpha vs. beta brain waves
    • Alpha: what you experience in “the flow”; familiar, happy, focused
    • Beta: Higher level of excitement; less predictability
  • Parasympathetic vs. sympathetic nervous system
    • Sympathetic: fight and flight nervous system
    • Parasympathetic: rest and digestive nervous system
    • Vagus nerve feeds into the sinoatrial node of the heart
  • You want high heart rate variability (HRV)
    • Vagus nerve is operating the parasympathetic system properly
  • Meditating, chanting, cold water assist with maintaining high HRV

-How stress affects rigor mortis (in hunted game) and cramping…41:35

  • Deer reach rigor mortis in 20 minutes when corralled (stressed) and over an hour when killed in the wild
  • You cramp in stressful situations while exercising due to calcium release
  • Sour, spicy taste overrides neuronal reflex
  • Golgi tendon organ limits the contraction, but is overridden by neuronal reflex
    • Other animals don't have this, and put far more stress on their muscles
    • When mom lifts a car to save the baby, the brain, because of extreme stress, overrides the golgi tendon organ
    • Brain over brawn: why humans have the golgi tendon organ and other animals don't

-The evolving understanding of convenience vs. an appreciation of our history…49:00

  • Infant formula: no colostrum, fatty acid,
  • Breast milk is a fatty, highly addictive food; you'd be obese if you drank it all your life
  • The microbiome is a gift to the environmental movement
    • Your surroundings impact your gut health

-Whether or not bottled water is cleaner and safer than tap water…56:20

-Why Hawai'i is so freaking amazing…1:03:50

  • Hawai'i had cattle ranchers before California
  • Beach as well as mountain culture
  • Cultural holocaust: Christian missionaries
  • Hawaiian language stayed alive in the cattle ranchers:
    • It was more functional
    • Perhaps reflective of the number of colors, sights, and scents in Hawai'i
    • Akin to why podcasts are popular: you can break down concepts you can't on CNN

-How Mark Healy narrowly escaped death while surfing in Fiji…1:09:45

  • Grew up on North Shore of Oahu; got noticed by important surfer dudes
  • Ended up going to Fiji for his first professional trip at age 14; had visualized Fiji for years
  • Was in one of the most iconic surfing photos in history

-Is Nature really the violent, nasty, brutish force we're led to believe it is…1:24:30

  • Hobbes: Everything eats life
  • Things that appear to be important are not in evolutionary terms
    • Human chin – where two bones come together
  • An arrow is a much better way to die than dying in nature
  • We speak of death as though it's not going to happen
    • Non-Western cultures celebrate death
    • Perhaps explains animosity surrounding hunting

-Differing perspectives on how we relate our life experiences to others…1:31:45

  • Narrative: knowing which dots to connect, and what to leave out
  • Being present and in the moment vs. on auto-pilot
  • Writing the story before it happens
  • Specificity is key. Too much information is overwhelming, prevents people from taking action (for example, charity donations)

-The role of fire and water in the history of human evolution…1:39:20

  • Source of food, amusement, protection, comfort
  • Movement of fire is reflected in the nature of human consciousness
  • They can alter landscapes, be very destructive
  • Large swaths of the Amazon have been cleared by fire
  • Podcasts around a fire never work well
  • Water is the greatest source of “awe” that we know of

-Perceived scarcity vs. real scarcity…1:43:05

  • People with nothing live as though they have everything. People with everything live as though there's not enough
  • Perspective, born of experience, helps to understand the disparity between real and perceived scarcity
  • We spend money to isolate ourselves from others as soon as we get it
  • Inconvenience puts you in touch with other people (hitch-hiking, taking the bus)

-Mark describes his business, Healy Water Ops…1:49:40

  • Many of the clients are very wealthy and successful in business and life
  • They know a red herring when they see or hear it
  • They enjoy having Mark run the show, tell them what to do; it allows them to relax for a bit

-Running a business, unschooling, and why we need to restore boredom in our culture…2:00:30

  • Treat your business like a big dog; assert dominance
  • We don't have boredom anymore with social media, smartphones, etc.
  • Silence often precedes a maturation in a relationship
  • Learn how to hunt without a guide; self-taught
  • Allow kids to work out conflict on their own
  • Preventive medicine

-And much more.

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources From this Episode:

-Book: The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton

-Book: Mind to Matter by Dr. Dawson Church

Kion Energy Bars

Kion Coffee

-Podcast: 32 Ways to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve, Fine-Tune Your Nervous System & Self-Hack Your Hormones

-Article: The History of Hawaiian Cowboys

About the Hawaiian Language

-Book: Ni'ihau: The Last Hawaiian Island

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