Q&A 417: Dry Vs. Infrared Saunas, The Best Blood Tests For Biohackers, Early Cancer Detection, How To Fix Brain Fog, & Much More.

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Listener Q&A:

What Are The Best Blood Tests?…29:30

Derek asks: What is the best protocol for testing for a young biohacker who has a limited budget, around $300-700 per year for testing? I'm looking for the best way to optimize my diet and workout.

In my response, I recommend:

How To Fix Brain Fog…42:50

Jacob asks: I've been experimenting with nootropics for quite awhile. I host a podcast of my own, and lately, I've had a few incidents where I jumbled up my words and experienced a bit of brain fog. I avoid eating rancid, corrupted oils and use a variety of nootropics. Just wondering if you have any ideas and advice on why I might be experiencing brain fog and what I can do to overcome it.

In my response, I recommend:

Dry vs. Infrared Sauna…58:00

Morgan asks: I'm on the verge of buying a sauna, and I can't decide between a traditional or infrared sauna. In spite of the many health claims of both types of saunas, I can't find a lot of concrete evidence to support them, especially with infrared. My goal is longevity, and because I'm a 51-year-old skateboarder, I want to recover quickly. So I want to know your thoughts on both types of saunas and which way you think I should go.

In my response, I recommend: 

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23 thoughts on “Q&A 417: Dry Vs. Infrared Saunas, The Best Blood Tests For Biohackers, Early Cancer Detection, How To Fix Brain Fog, & Much More.

  1. Tanner says:

    Hi Ben – you mentioned having a fan at the top of your sauna to push the heat down. I’m curious which one you use. Do you have a link.

    Thank you, enjoy your content!

    1. Anything like this should do the trick: https://amzn.to/3alwjoo

      1. Tanner says:

        Thank you!

        PS: I’ve been devouring your book Boundless. Thank you for writing it.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Ben,
    Great episode! I tried the melatonin to help with my sleep and it has really helped – started with 5mg and am now up to 10mg which has been giving me great sleep. The bottle mentions that it shouldn’t be used for longer than 4 weeks – is this something that I should be worried about taking on a regular basis? If so, any recommendations for helping to make sure that I keep sleeping great, but without the melatonin if I need to go off of it for a little bit?

  3. Brendan says:

    Hi Ben, as a follow up to the piece on the woman who could smell disease, check out Owlstone Medical. They have devices that perform breath biopsy, very interesting and links to what you were talking about.
    (No affiliation whatsoever, I did look at their technology as a potential for monitoring VOCs in waste water during MSc research)

  4. Meagan says:

    Im trying to get to the vagus nerve hacks but cant seem get it to come up in my podcast app when I search the title? Is it because its older? Im assuming this one https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/podcast/341/

  5. Dave Fellows says:

    Regarding how quickly you heat up with Dry vs Infrared saunas. I’d say that depends heavily on what sort of infrared sauna you have. I currently have one of these ones that have 4x 250W bulbs and the amount of heat they put out is nuts:
    I end up sitting only about a foot or so away from the bulbs so after only 30 sec, I’m already starting to have sweat run down me. After 5 minutes, if I lift my forearms so my elbows are pointing down then I’ll literally have a drop of sweat falling of my elbows every second!

  6. Jamie Lent says:

    Hi Ben, You spoke about the clearlight red light therapy light that attaches to the sauna door. I am very confused about the difference between that and the Joov light. I am actually on the waiting list for the clearlight one….but have been since May.
    Can you offer any advice on your preference if you have one! I know you have both! :)

  7. @ScottysHobbys @GreaseMonkeyFitness says:

    Hey Ben and Jay, what are your thoughts on “detox binders”, like clay and charcoal, when using the sauna? Are these a must? I plan to ask a more in depth podcast question relating to my work environment and suggestions for detox. Thanks!

  8. Dr. David Richardson says:

    Where was the info promised on reversing grey hair? I cant find it anywhere??? thx!

  9. Do you recommend an alternative to Stratagene? Just wasted $45 following your link, for no export.

    1. Following up to mention I went with SelfDecode. Total cost including accidental purchase of StrataGene pathway diagram and 2015(!) course was about $130 for those looking to get in the $300-$700 price range that’s how much the SelfDecode/StrataGene combo resulted in cost.

      1. Kim says:

        Thank you for the info on selfdecoder test

  10. Courtney Loftus says:

    The connection between Parkinson’s and Toxic Mold exposure may explain this phenomenon.

  11. Clint says:

    To the guy who wanted info for under $700 … get a library card, free and unlimited knowledge , every book Ben mentions is available there.

    To the guy with no brain fog before experimenting with drugs… then has brain fog experimenting with drugs…stop taking the drugs dummy.

  12. Peri says:

    Hi Ben, my name is Peri. I love your podcasts and your books.

    I wanted to inform you about the epigenetic clock test based on dr Hovarth’s research study. I have taken this test and while I am 31 years old it told that I am 40. I have to say I was surprised as I live very healthy, have cold showers daily, exercise 60 mins per day and do multiple sports. I never drink or smoke and eat only Mediterranean diet and never any junk food. My 23andMe test and raw data used in SNPedia shows no signs of early ageing or any significant SNPs related to diseases.

    Basically I look 25 and I feel 20 but the test said that I have heavily methylated islands in my genome. But when I asked them for a solutions they pointed me out to two articles which say that when athletes got their blood sampled for methylation then they found heavily methylated genes which were also related as oncogenes. So it was actually good that they were methylates.

    My question to you is how can I take this test seriously that when the methylation shows accelerated ageing or probably not because of some genes being methylated to prevent cancer??

    And they agree to it in this article here: https://www.mydnage.com/blogs/1573241903

    So how can I trust these results if I am indeed healthy but it tells me I am 40 years old?? Thank you for your time.

    Test taken: https://www.mydnage.com

    1. This is the sort of thing I go over in a one-on-one consult. You can get more info here: https://BenGreenfieldCoaching.com

  13. Brad says:

    Is “Dry Sauna” the right terminology? Barrel Saunas are typically referred to as “traditional saunas,” “wet saunas,” or “steam saunas.”

    The heat is anything but “dry” in my barrel sauna because I throw a lot of water on the rocks. The steam adds way more heat stress to the body because the body absorbs heat much faster in a humid environment. (Humidity intensifies cold stress in the same way Compare walking outside on a cold day vs jumping in ice water or walking around in the cold while being wet.)

    I stay in the sauna for 25 minutes. If I did not repeatedly add water to the rocks, I would not be all that hot at 195 degrees after 25 minutes. With the steam, I am hot and sweaty after the first five minutes.

    I have seen at least one sauna advertised as having both infrared panels and a traditional heater. Perhaps the infrared panels are steam resistant in that model?

  14. Victor Giammattei says:

    Thanks Ben, you’re one of a kind and amazing. On this podcast you recommended using StrateGene–that a person can export their 23&me genome mapping and get a StrateGene’s analyses. This is no longer the case with StateGene’s new test & analysis.

    1. Dustin says:

      Thanks for backing up what I found as well. I did export my raw data on FoundMyFitness.com and got a pretty extensive 50 page report that helped quite a bit to understand myself. Only $25 also.

  15. Mark Featherman says:

    You mentioned flying to Austin for a conference. What precautions and advice do you have for plane travel in these times?

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