A New & Potent SARMs Stack For Muscle-Building, Fat-Loss & Anti-Aging: How To Use MK-677 and RAD-140

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MK-677 RAD-140 stack
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Let’s face it. Steroids suck. I’ve told you that before, so I won’t kick that horse to death here. But let’s say you want the same anabolic, muscle-building, fat-loss or anti-aging effects that hormones and steroids can give you—but without the headache, side effects, or damaged organs. Enter the MK-677 RAD-140 stack, two of the most studied selective androgen receptor modudulators (SARMs), particularly for increasing muscle and reducing body fat.

SARMSs are “therapeutic compounds,” according to the USADA, that mimic anabolic agents like steroids and testosterone, without the same side effects. USADA points out that the difference between SARMs and other popularly known anabolic agents is that SARMs have fewer androgenic properties, which permits SARMs to target tissues much more directly and reduce the host of known negative side effects experienced with steroids. Quite simply, SARMs provide the benefit of steroids without the dangerous and annoying mental and physical reactions to steroids.

Anyways, SARMs have been suggested as possessing promising potential to be effective and safe solutions to fight many effects of illnesses, fatigue, and aging, without using pharmaceutical drugs, and also as a fringe, little-known addition or alternative to popular, more well-known nutrition supplements. In other words, this stuff goes far beyond a multi-vitamin, creatine, or fish oilthough these supplements still have their place in just about everybody's health and wellness protocol.

For example, in the last decade, multiple studies on selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) have demonstrated that SARMS improve physical function and bone health with no negative side effects to the prostate and your cardiovascular health, suggesting the potential use of SARMS to fight aging and disease, increase muscle and fight muscle wasting diseases, reduce the effects of cancer cachexia, and prevent or improve osteoporosis symptoms.

But let’s say you don’t have cancer, muscle-wasting, or osteoporosis, and you just want to look good naked, build muscle, or lose fat. In this case, you may want to look into an MK-677 RAD-140 stack.

In this article, I’m going to fill you in on everything you need to know about an MK-677 RAD-140 stack, from the differences between the two to their ability to work together as a one-two combo for amplifying results to dosage recommendations and much more.

Disclaimer: SARMs are absolutely, 100% banned by USADA, WADA, and most other global sporting organizations for both in-competition and out-of-competition. You should NOT use these if you are competing in any such sanctioned sport as it definitely falls under the banned category of a prohibited class of anabolic agents.

MK-677 RAD-140 Stack: What Is MK-677?

Let’s start with MK-677, a SARM that most users turn to for muscle building goals such as bulk, recovery, and improved muscle mitochondrial health. MK-677 is an oral hormone that provides anabolic results without the type of dangerous anabolic side effects that I highlight in detail here.

MK-677, which is also known as “Nutrabol”, is an oral hormone, meaning that doesn’t involve painful subcutaneous or intramuscular injections or topical creams and lotions. MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue. What is a secretagogue? A secretagogue is simply a chemical the promotes secretion. So essentially, MK-677 is just a hormone secretion inducing compound. More specifically, MK-677 is a compound that induces the pituitary gland to increase production of human growth hormone.

Growth hormone, (often labeled “GH”), is a hormone you’ve probably heard of before. It is secreted by the pituitary gland and regulates variables such as body weight and composition, muscle growth, bone growth, blood sugar levels, and metabolism. It possesses many metabolic functions, is most active in children and adolescents and naturally, as you age, growth hormone production in your body slows pretty dramatically, bringing along with this growth hormone decrease a multitude of the common side effects of aging.

The effects of a growth hormone deficiency or a decline in growth hormone from aging include:

  • Lower bone density
  • Increased body fat
  • Muscle wasting
  • Reduced energy

Maintaining elevated levels of growth hormone has been shown to help curb many of these effects of aging, along with a variety of certain illnesses and disease.

If you’re getting older, or you suffer from an illness or disease that causes muscle wasting or bone mass? If so, your physician may have already recommended growth hormone to you. The benefits of exogenous growth hormone administration in adults has been shown to include:

  • Improve exercise endurance and capacity
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Improved bone density
  • Managed body composition

If you get your hands on growth hormone, it is typically prescribed as an injection. The injection goes directly under the skin, often into abdominal tissue, for relatively swift and effective results. But let’s just say you don’t want prescription, needles or hormone injections. Then keep reading.

MK-677 RAD-140 Stack: What Does MK-677 Do?

What does MK-677 have to do with increasing growth hormone in the human body? As I mentioned, earlier growth hormone release by the pituitary is a natural result of consuming MK-677. When you ingest MK-677 it can kick start the pituitary gland to increase or promote the production of natural HGH in the body. MK-677 is not taken via injections in the way you would take other common SARMs such as GHRP-6 or ipamorelin. You just take it orally, usually via tincture or liquid, or occasionally in a capsule or tablet.

When you take MK-677 orally, it achieves three additional effects: it has the potential to increase actual, endogenous function of growth hormone releasing hormone, reduces levels of a somatostatin in your body that shuts off growth hormone release also inhibits the signaling of somatostatin.

So what’s the research behind this stuff?

Let’s take a look:

In a 1998 study, researchers discovered a therapeutic benefit of MK-677 as something called a “nonpeptide spiropiperidine” in eight healthy male adults. In these subjects, researchers found that MK-677 promoted healthy nitrogen balance when combined with caloric reduction. The researchers found that this positive nitrogen balance was reported between days two and days seven of the study. Nitrogen balance in the body simply means that nitrogen intake is greater than nitrogen loss. There are three basic stages of nitrogen balance.

  • Positive nitrogen balance: this is the ideal state for muscle growth and it is a good indicator of the body and muscles’ ability to recover. Positive nitrogen intake with minimal nitrogen output means quicker recovery. A positive nitrogen balance is called an anabolic state. In an anabolic state, the body is not wasting away (catabolism).
  • Negative nitrogen balance: this can be a dangerous state for frequently active people to be in, especially bodybuilders, weightlifters, or anyone trying to put on or maintain muscle. If positive nitrogen balance is anabolic, negative nitrogen balance is the complete opposite. Negative nitrogen balance contributes to muscle waste, fatigue, immune system weakness and diminished recovery capabilities. A body depleted of nitrogen inhibits your ability to naturally repair damaged cells.
  • Equilibrium: as you probably guessed, this means that the body is consuming just as much nitrogen as it is excreting.

There are a couple ways you can maximize a positive nitrogen balance. One way is with the use of compounds such as MK-677. The other is by increasing either amino acid or protein intake. But you must consume a lot of extra protein to achieve a positive nitrogen balance and sometimes that is difficult to do, especially if you’re restricting calories or fasting.

There is another side to MK-677 that researchers have explored: improved sleep. Side effects of anabolic steroids range anywhere from increased body and facial hair in women to small testes and breast tissue in men. But they also affect the chemicals in the brain, and as a result, can cause psychological disturbances, including sleep disturbances. A range of issues arise from altered brain function, and sleep and sleep quality are a couple such consequences. Any method you use to increase muscle size, an anabolic state, or nitrogen balance should not come with dangerous psychological effects, and it also shouldn’t prevent you from sleeping. Restful sleep, especially REM sleep, is essential for personal and physical health, and using SARMs such as MK-677 replacing anabolic steroids or extremely high calorie intake from excessive protein can improve sleep quality.

For example, in 1997, a study in Neuroendocrinology investigated the use of MK-677 for improved sleep in young and older adults. Young adults took doses of MK-677 in three 7-day-long sleep cycles. They ingested the MK-677 at bedtime. Older adults participated in two 14-day-long treatments. Both groups experienced a 50% increase in REM sleep. The results suggested MK-677 improved not only the quality of sleep but corrected relative hyposomatotropism of senescence, which is basically the body’s decline in growth hormone that occurs when aging.

Are There Side Effects Of Using MK-677?

As with any other compound, correct dosing and usage of MK-677 is the key. In studies that looked at how MK-677 increases muscle mass, the dosage was key. Side effects of MK-677 are usually the result of a handful of two things: improper dosage and extended use. Reported side effects of MK-677 are typically the result of unnaturally high levels of growth hormone in the body from taking too much too often.

But when dosed properly, the side effects of MK-677 are minimal to none compared to the results you get from taking it properly. The results from using MK-677 are evident in just a couple of days and with proper dosing and stacking, include:

So here’s how to use this stuff the right way (and if what you read below in terms of dosing is complete greek to you, then click here to read my first article on SARMs).  You can safely take up to 25 mg per day of MK-677, preferably taking 12.5 mg at night and 12.5 mg in the morning. As with anything, there is no need to go overboard and take more MK-677 if you do this right and cycle/stack properly to get the best benefits and avoid side effects.

Speaking of stacking properly, let's move on the SARM that pairs perfectly with MK-677…

MK-677 RAD-140 Stack: What is RAD-140?

If your goal is to increase muscle, chances are you're spending a lot of time in the gym weight training. And if you’re trying to shed weight, you’re likely moving a ton and being careful with what foods you shove into your gaping maw. But as a human being, you have limits. At some point, no matter how often you lift or how dedicated you are to your training, there will be a weight that is simply too heavy for you to lift, or a threshold low number of calories you get to.

To develop muscle beyond these limitations or to overcome a serious fat loss plateau, you often need to find a way to increase your workout performance to be able to push past the limits and continue to build and increase muscle. That's where the SARM RAD-140 , also known as Testolone, comes in as a potent addition for a SARMs protocol.

RAD-140 is a potent, orally bioavailable, nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulator, which means it provides similar effects as anabolic steroids but without the negative side effects – primarily because of the selective nature in which it acts on muscle over other bodily tissues. This specific SARM blasts your body with a mild boost of testosterone and interacts with the hormonal receptors in the tissues in the same the way larger doses of testosterone do to generate a magnitude of anabolic effects, but without the estrogenic side effects that plague regular anabolic use, as well as other testosterone related-side effects, including increased risk for heart attack.

On many broscience and bodybuilding forums, RAD-140 has been reported to possess even greater anabolic properties than testosterone, and is often used between cycles of steroids to maintain muscle building or fat loss progress.

So what does this stuff do, exactly?

First, it increases muscle. Not only does RAD-140 increase muscle gain for folks who take it but it does so quickly. For example, many athletes and bodybuilders use RAD-140 to bridge the gap between their steroid cycle or prohormone cycle, since it allows them to use testosterone between anabolic steroid cycles without damaging their livers in the process. So if they used to experience suppression or decreased strength in between steroid cycles, they can take RAD-140 in between these cycles to maintain the strength built while adding bulk, all without the traditional side effects of testosterone.

Second, it increases the anabolic effects of anything you take with it. Many testosterone users will argue that RAD-140 is even better than other prohormones or steroids on the market for its ability to reinforce the effects of testosterone without the side effects. It is often used as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy in men with low testosterone levels, without the risks for developing prostate cancer or accelerating the progression of existing prostate cancer. RAD-140 can also be used by men who are sensitive to gynecomastia (man-boobs) since it doesn't create the same estrogenic effects as growth hormone and testosterone. RAD-140 doesn't convert to estrogen in the body, so you won't have to worry about “moobs” (man-boobs) or the water retention that accompanies high estrogens.

Based on this, different groups of people could potentially benefit from the use of RAD-140, including:

  • Men with decreased testosterone levels due to abuse of anabolic steroids or general health issues that cause hypogonadism
  • People using steroid cycles who are looking to bridge the time between their cycles to maintain results without damaging their organs.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders in need of more performance but who desire to avoid potential negative side effects of traditional performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Men sensitive to gynecomastia side effects when using testosterone.

RAD-140 is still in Phase 1 of trials, so there are only a few studies on this SARM. RAD-140 is currently being prepared for use in patients who are suffering from cancer-related weight loss. The study is using RAD-140 because of its unique ability to select tissue. RAD-140 also appears to be very stable with high bioavailability and as you’ve already learned, is highly anabolic but without the effects of products such as anabolic steroids. The first phase of the study on RAD-140 in humans who suffer from deadly weight loss due to cancer cachexia (which literally means the wasting away of muscle caused by cancer) was initiated after researchers discovered its impressive ability to stimulate muscle weight without anabolic reactions. The study also reports that RAD-140 promotes the stimulation of the seminal vesicles stimulated by testosterone, resulting in more sperm, thank you very much.

In the meantime, RAD-140 carries the benefits of testosterone injections without the risk. The studied and reported benefits of RAD-140 include:

It is important to note that because this specific SARM is so new, no serious side effects have yet been observed or noted as are usually seen in anabolic steroid users.

How to Use RAD 140

Most RAD-140 comes in an easy-to-use liquid form that you simply drip into your mouth via a glass or plastic dropper. This is perfect for users who want the anabolic effect of testosterone, but who fear painful injections or sticky topical creams or gels. You also don’t have to try to cram a large horse pill down your throat.

When you place RAD-140 liquid in your mouth, make sure you swallow it first and follow it with a full glass of water. It is also important to remember that once you open your RAD-140, you need to use it the same day. That should be easy because you are supposed to take this stuff daily for optimal gain. Researchers suggest that when using RAD-140 at the recommended dosage, at levels between 20 and 30 mg, you don’t need to take RAD 140 for more than a 12-week cycle. Then, after taking a break for 4-12 weeks, you can start it up again.

Stacking and cycling is the best way for optimal gain to fight issues such as muscle wasting, resistance to lean muscle gain, or resistance to fat loss. When stacking MK-677 with anything, you can do so with a supplement that complements the MK-677 compound, and RAD-140 is a very good SARMs for this effect.

MK-677 RAD-140 Stack: Why Not Just Take Testosterone?

So why not just skip the SARMs and take testosterone? Let’s talk about testosterone and its link to prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, shall we? When testosterone users, either men or women, partake in testosterone treatments by either injecting it into their bodies or absorbing it through their skin as a topical cream or gel, dangerous side effects are nearly guaranteed, especially with the higher dosages many physicians now prescribe.

Side effects of testosterone treatments can alter your physical and psychosocial health, and common side effects associate with taking testosterone include but are not limited to:

Shall I continue? And these are just the symptoms you can see or feel.

Excessive testosterone use can also increase calcium in the blood, cause liver damage, and cause yellowing of the skin. I should also mention that your performance in bed won’t be impressive either, because testosterone can cause premature ejaculation or the inability to orgasm altogether.

Recent studies have also revealed some pretty concerning issues with respect to the long-term effects of testosterone use. For example, physicians are now studying testosterone treatments and the risk to your health as you age, and have linked exogenous testosterone dosing to diseases such as Alzheimer's and prostate cancer.

In 2014, a study was conducted to look at the risks for testosterone treatments to develop or accelerate prostate cancer in men. The study looked at traditional, more dangerous testosterone treatments as well as safer alternative forms of therapeutic treatments such as (you guessed it) the SARM RAD0140. The study determined that using SARMs was just as beneficial at preserving neural health and protecting men from neurodegenerative diseases. The same study confirmed that a SARM is effective in addressing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, both of which can be aggravated by low testosterone levels.

The study also looked at the prostate health. Not only do many men lose the ability to get solid erections as their natural testosterone levels take a nosedive during the normal aging process, but their risk for prostate cancer grows significantly as well. Testosterone treatments and injections only make this worse, and I welcome SARMs as a safer alternative that doesn’t bring on the same risk of cancer.

So yeah: needles full of testosterone up the right butt cheek or a tincture of SARM’s under your tongue? I’d personally choose the latter.


Taking MK-677 or RAD-140 individually will give you results, but an MK-677 RAD-140 stack (25 mg per day of MK-677 and 20 mg per day of RAD 140 for 12 weeks; then, after taking a break for 4-12 weeks, starting up again) will yield even better body composition, muscle gain, anti-aging, and fat loss results. 

Please keep in mind, I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice.

You should always talk with a licensed medical professional before taking SARMs. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

Have you tried an MK-677 RAD-140 stack? Let me know in the comments section below how your body responded, and anything else you’ve found to work well in combination with these SARMs.

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406 thoughts on “A New & Potent SARMs Stack For Muscle-Building, Fat-Loss & Anti-Aging: How To Use MK-677 and RAD-140

  1. Dave says:

    This is so full of misinformation it’s unreal. The amounts, half life and pure nonsense is in this article is dangerously misguided. This article should be taken down for how wrong it is and for this chap Ben about to ruin people’s hormone panel and testosterone production and life. Complete crap and your natural production will cease at his ill advised amounts and will need a pct. You’re way better off on trt levels of test, this mans a complete liar and inot for the money only not your health.

    1. Wade says:

      Would love a little data that refutes the information in this article.

      Calling a man a liar needs to be backed up with facts.

      1. Mark says:

        I think they are basically commenting on the lack of information about a pct. All sarms are suppressive and rad is one one the most suppressive. There’s lot of literature one Google search away to show this. Buvsupressive I mean it will suppressive your body’s natural testosterone production and a post cycle therapy is a must. I agree information on pct and sarms suppression should have been in this article.

    2. tim collins says:

      What a garbage reply. You take the time to spew your opinion with no science based explanation. Thanks for the chuckle

    3. Casey Mclean says:

      Totally agree first of all never need to run RAD longer than 6 weeks safely but with mk 677 continuously for up to really 3 months at least.
      You should gain a good 10 to 15 pounds of lean real muscle safely at 20mgs a day of each with the mk at night. Experienced Anabolics go to 30mgs each az I add 400mg of Masteron and bounce my test back up after the rad is finished. Harden up y’all

  2. Jimi says:

    Would there be any benefit to do a 4 week cycle of one

    SARM (Rad140) and then an immediate 4 week cycle of another (YK11)? Not necessarily those two or in that order? Instead of using just one for 8 weeks or stacking them for a 4-8 week cycle?

    1. Chris says:

      The reason why it is best to cycle anabolic substances is because they shut down your natural testosterone production. The longer you take an anabolic substance the longer it will take for your body to restart its natural production. In fact you can cause permanent shutdown of natural testosterone production. A typical cycle is 8-12 weeks on, 4-8 weeks off with a PCT in between.

      1. David says:

        What is a PCT?

    2. Chris says:


      Pardon me, I misread your comment. 4 weeks is typically too short SARMS. They don’t really start building a lot of muscle until 2-3 weeks in. However, my understanding is that YK-11 and RAD-140 actually pair really well as a stack.


      1. Jimi says:

        Thank you for your thoughts. My thinking is 4 weeks on Rad-140 would lead to attenuation which would need an increase in dose. So by switching to the YK-11 for the second 4 weeks a person could get similar benefits without having to take large doses.

    3. Steve says:

      You will absolutely get benefits, just not as pronounced. When I was new to all this I took very low doses just to be sure, and it still worked. Take your time and figure out what’s best for you, and pls use a trusted vendor like Science bio who tests their products

    4. michael cardone says:

      Not really, you’d be stopping right as the real gain in strength and size are coming. Best to do for 12 to 16 weeks. The strength you’ll have is unbelievable you hit new personal best lifts daily.

  3. Max says:

    I’m curious what the females are taking or have tried. I tried Ostarine and noticed a huge increase in appetite. I did drop BF too. I’m looking to gain muscle instead of losing weight.

    1. michelle says:

      actually, i have use all of them. s4, ostarine, lgd 4033, rad 140, and mk 677(wich i use basicaly year round). i also been on anavar for 2 cycles. as a powerlifter, i really like the lgd for both size and steght so if you dont mind of water retention i think its your best bet. but if you are looking for clean and lean mass rad 140 is great. as a female i do not experience any bad side from sarms beside crazy sex drive maybe a little mood swing but bearable. i like them all more than ananvar . for women sarms remains pretty cheap too. i hope that help…. i am sory for the bad english i do my best . i am french :)

      1. hello! as a fit woman of 56, was always muscular (ballet), i am trying to rebuild thigh muscle wasting caused by a spine injury’s extended downtime.

        i purchased rad140 liquid & ostirine liquid. do i need mk677, too? for optimizing upcoming training & pt for legs (core, arms, chest are fine), i am creatine-allergic, so should i stack all 3? all insight appreciated, this is new to me, but exciting! thank you for your consideration.

        1. Steven says:

          Hey. Try the ostarine first and then decide

    2. BodyMan says:

      I would suggest S-4 in low dosage. Start 10mg for first week. Then increase 5mg each week tell you reach 20mg or 25mg. For women it is not wise to take more than that. Side note: listen to your body and how it’s reacting to S-4 towards the end of each week. Notable sides effects especially in high doses above 25mg for women. Yellow tint in vision/blurred vision at night time (is not permanent, only while taking S-4) , again this is effecting people at higher doses and maybe that 1% of easy effected people. Be safe and listen to your body! Happy gains!
      P.S. this can also help with cutting fat as it’s known for cutting cycles. Or just keeping that hard dry (ripped) look.

      1. angela c carini says:

        i am new to this so if you don’t mind, what is S-4? Thank you for your help!

  4. Yan says:

    Is it ok to store RAD 140 in fridge ? I bought 3 bottles at once, and I initially put all three in fridge then read few articles that Room temp is fine. I now put one out in Room temp and the other 2 resting in the fridge still. I know the high heat/light would have impact on molecules, what about the temp in the fridge would do?

    1. S.Jvt says:

      I can tell you, any molecule needs to be stored cool, i have a chem background 🙂.

      My rad 140 12 week cycle was from Brawn. Took 12 mg a day. NO supression!! No anything, no hairloss nothing negative. Gained lean mass not much but enough for a 1st cycle 2 kilogram, lost fat 7,%.

      What strikes me everyone talks about suppression etc, i have none nor any sides at all. My backpain misaligned discs are gone. My schouldcaps that were damaged lifted 70% without any pain in week 5 cycle. Woke up feeling like on a 24/7 preworkout awake sharp and ready to gym so positive mood etc. Blood pressure stable enough. Age 51, contest looks and felt like 18 again.

      So now offcycle, eh pains come bit back but and this is amazing lifts and strenghts stayed the same.

      But……maybe its cause i use Arimestane next to it that i had no supressions etc like many have and now i feel no pct needed at all so i did something right i figure.

      I do wonder how a fluid version would work but caps i can dose safer.

      Hope the info helps.

      1. Anton says:

        brawn is bs.. they’re filled with creatine that’s why they’re cheap

      2. Shane says:

        Hi this might be a dumb question but how many milliliters in my sirenge do I take of rad 140 per day?

        1. Jason Crossman says:

          Depends on the strength! How many mg/ml is it? 10mg or 20 mg?
          The droppers are 1mg.
          So if you want 10mg a day it’s either one dropper or half a dropper.

        2. Derek says:

          My bottle of RAD 140 said “ 10mg per 1ml” so on my dropper that equaled out to one full dropper for a 10mg dose. Another Example would be if I wanted to take 15 mg then I would need 1- 1/2 droppers to achieve that dose. So hopefully that answers your Question.
          But just remember that what “my bottles” dosing was at I can’t be sure of yours. So please check your label first to verify what your dosing will be. I’m not sure if there all bottles are created equal like that or not

      3. Dee says:

        The ones that usually have suppression issues are the ones that simply take a too high dose. Especially when they stack sarms, each with high dose. As long as you stick to the recommended amounts and lower those amounts when you stack more than 2, most will be just fine. Some however are more sensitive, which is why beginners need to ease-in with a low dosage and slowly increase while “listening” to their body.

  5. Pierre says:

    How can one call MK-677 a SARMs?? It has nothing to do with a SARMs.

  6. Dwayne says:

    Taking Mk-677 at night, 10 mg, does everyone experience the hunger…I am not. Just started 3 days ago. Thanks

    1. Rob says:

      I get hunger for the 1st two days. Make me think of food rather than actually needing it.

    2. Bro Doctor says:

      If it’s real you do

  7. Jens says:

    I bought mk677 but in liquid and on the internet it says I only have to take 25 mg per day but I have it in ml how many drops should I take

    1. Dave says:

      It depends on how many mg total are in the bottle vs the total volume of liquid. Usually it will say XX mg / ml on the bottle somewhere. Devide the mg you need by XX and that is how many ml you need.

  8. Peebis says:

    Interesting how a lot of articles will repeatedly say there are all these benefits without the side effects, but then always say to take 4-8 week period off between cycles. If there’s no side effects then you wouldn’t need to do that. How about you explain WHY you should take rest period off the stuff? I’ve personally had good results with RAD140 from Proven Peptides but take small dosages and only do it every other day for about 2-3 weeks. It definitely has a preworkout effect when it comes to motivation, slight aggression, and a general feeling of muscle “hardness”.

    1. S.J. says:

      Hi, i am starting today with rad 140. Brawn 4 mg caps

      It makes sense what you said, every other day low dose. I was 2 weeks on Brawn Arimestane, felt it at the end of day one libido first then 2nd day rest kicked in. Took 1 30mg caps only a day and felt great. I am 51 and even without it feel still 21 so it can only add to that i think.

      Technically if i need to pct i can use Arimestane. No sides nothing even when i went second week 2 caps a day. Here is what i noticed though. I did better on 1 caps then 2 it is that powerfull that it seemed to powerfull on 2 caps got me a bit overloaded i felt.

      I wil start with rad 140 today and see where it ends after 4 weeks and come back here to post.

      Thanks for the thoughts on it.


      1. S.J. says:

        Btw you can see me on our insta and connect.


        My V shape physique and build yet i am not a pro 🙂.


    2. Jens says:

      I bought mk677 but in liquid and on the internet it says I only have to take 25 mg per day but I have it in ml how many drops should I take

      1. S.J. says:

        Sorry Jens no idea, btw German?

        i use rad 140 Brawn and now on day 7 i woke up shocked, my body looks amazing, no sides on 3 caps a day now total 12 MG.

        1 Arimestane 30 before sleep also from Brawn and my bp is good, cortisol at night low and it shows.

        MK i am curious about but i skip liquid and i stay with Brawn and especially i buy from reputable store only here means no fakes. Liquid is very diff from capsuls and tricky from my experience. Have you started MK yet?



      2. Terrance R Hankins says:

        I ml is 25mg/ the whole syringe.

  9. Ben Dover says:


    i just finished a cycle of Rad 140, i chose Rad after reading this article. I felt great for a month, like a god amongst men. Other men would pay me conpliments about how pumped i looked and id get stiff (erections).

    Im now off cycle , my dick wont work and my balls are shrivelled… i cry allot… my nipples are so sensitive (red raw) and i cant stop touching them…

    what should i do ?

    i thought Sarms were safe 😭

    1. Barry McCockinner says:

      I can’t tell if you’re joking or not LMAO. I did a cycle of Rad140 in Pill form. And honestly my dick wouldn’t get hard sometimes after but i think it’s just cause i’m gay. Rad140 will bring you out of the closet i hope this helps!!

      1. Corey says:


    2. Dover ben says:

      Sounds like your playing with weener boy.

    3. Mavado says:

      Haha what a wuss you dont know how to use that like a man.

  10. Mark says:


    Rad140 will suppress your natural testosterone in 28 days at leat by half. Why didn’t you mention this in your article?

    1. Burdado says:

      Dude, it’s maybe because you did not PCT correctly.. Sensitive nipple=high prolactin,

  11. Prosenjit Prabirkumar Sarkar says:

    Hi Ben, writing to you here since I couldn’t find the answer on the Facebook group page.

    What’s the best time to take MK 677 and RAD 140, considering GH and insulin don’t agree with each other?

  12. REBIRTH says:

    Hello, guys

    I’m going to start my first cycle of RAD 140 10mg for 8 weeks.I bought it from Umbrella labs. Hope , its legit and will update you guys after 8 weeks. right now I’M 78 kg with 20 % fat I guess ;-)

    1. Mark DeBoe says:

      Where did you get SARMS from? Thanks

      1. Terry Hetzel says:

        PureRawz has the best stuff

    2. Skip says:

      Science.Bio😏 don’t wonder if it’s legit. Know it! There Top Shelf Quality. No worries.

  13. Maurice says:

    Hey guys. Most of the advice you people give on here is excellent.
    I have a couple of questions. First one is about a stack!

    Will a Rad140 + MK677 + S4 be a decent enough stack. What’s your opinion please?

    Secondly, should I have any concerns if a year ago I was told I was pre-diabetic? MK677 is known to cause insulin resistance.

  14. Robert says:

    I’ve never seen such a biased article on a product that will deliver no results. You understand nothing about science and your fondness for buzz words to get your point across is terrible. The claims in this article of what MK-677 can do for you are so far beyond exaggerated!

    You realize people are going to read this and think they are going to be superman by taking this “magic pill” you’re pushing? It’s people like you in the supplement and bodybuilding world that should be writing articles.

    1. Daniel says:

      I’m not sure why you think that this product or stack will “deliver no results”. I’ve always considered myself in descent shape with good muscle mass. Six months ago I weighed 195 and was looking to put on a little more muscle and strength gain. I came across this article then and decided to do this same stack. 4-5 weeks into the cycle i started making significant gains in my lifts. I added 40 lbs to my bench press, and roughly 50 lbs to my dead lift and back squat. Not only that, but I had people start to ask me daily what I was doing different and asking me if I had started steroids. By the end of my cycle I weighed 216. Now granted 4 lbs of that came off a week later as I think some of it was extra water retention. Since then I’ve had several friends use this cycle with similar results. If you are someone who works hard in the gym but has stalled out on building muscle, this stack is perfect. Maybe you have taken these before from a site that sold you a diluted product, as there are many that do from what I understand. But I am telling you the claims in this article aren’t the least bit exaggerated.

      1. Dawson says:

        So did you do two stacks? 2 months of RAD AND 2 Months Mk677? 20 mg a day of both?

      2. Taine says:

        Ive started my cycle today, in going to be on it for about 12 weeks i hope this stack works as i just had a gut feeling it would

        1. Skip says:

          If you go 12 weeks, Get some Clomid. Or Some Pct even if it’s just (bpi A-HD).

    2. Bill says:

      Dude, chill out! The research on these products is clear. There’s a reason SARMs and similar products are banned from competition. Perhaps you should do your own research because there is loads of information on these products and countless testimonials from former gearheads who love this stuff.

      Do you realize most of us who read Ben’s material are not fools who blindly follow the leader or that Ben actually wrote a rather conservative article?

    3. Hank Quinn says:

      Robert is a tool who trolls because he’s lonely and hates himself. And, he’s upset about his bitch tits. Daniel you’re spot on with your assessment. The MK-677 and RAD-140 combo is the honey pot

    4. SarmMAN says:

      Let me guess. Doctor? Pharmacologist? or just self proclaimed “googler” . Let me also guess “you dont even look like you workout bro”. People like you get me because you are always so quick to call yourself knowledgeable in a particular subject, yet you cant back it up in the gym, nor with your brain. Go away dude.

    5. Rich says:

      Im on my second cycle of Testolone and it works almost exactly as described above… actually I was able to stop my testosterone and maintain most of my muscle gains during my off cycle, and now on my second cycle I’ve surpassed my old PR’s by week 3. I did front load and do 40 MG a day for 1 week then 30MG for a week, and now 20MG for the remaining 10.

      The only thing that is left out that should be considered about Testolone is that it is one of the most powerful SARMs available and it is suppressive to natural testosterone if taken at higher doses for long periods. Taking 30mg or more for 8 weeks or more will result in some suppression of natural testosterone production.

      Also for those using liquid and cant stand the taste / feeling… aim dropper to back of tongue and wash down immediately with grapefruit or orange juice. They are very absorbent and the citric acid cleanses the palette well.. lol

      That said, I will bring my testosterone injections back but at a lower dose since I am prone to high E2 levels during TRT.

      As for strength and muscle gains.. I’m 185 lbs and stopped lifting for 2 years so I was pretty out of shape. On week 6 of my first cycle I benched 255, squated 315, and deadlifted 395. That’s damn near my natural PR’s when I was 5 years younger and lifting regularly for years. Thats 35 lbs away from the 1,000 lb club.. I was shocked.. and sold.

    6. Bob says:

      I actually didn’t think that at all after reading this. Makes me wonder why you did?

    7. Joe Kaplan says:

      I agree Robert,
      This guy clearly has no idea what he ‘s talking about.SARMS do work,but nothing like he says in this article.As for him saying steroids suck,at least with steroids you can read into studies and experiences.Steroids are only unsafe if you abuse them.With SARMS, nobody really knows the long term effects or what could happen.I have done many cycles of SARMS and steroids.I have stacked many SARMS together and have tried most of them.YES,you will see decent results,but not even close to even a very mild steroid.It is no magic pill,infact…..there is no such thing.So,are SARMS worth it ? Yes,they work well,but again,this article was clearly written by science and a salesman and not someone who has actual hands on experience.He s just tryna sell product.

    8. Steve says:

      Agreed. Tell people to take an experimental product which is known to have side effects, whilst demonizing an endogenous hormone which does have important health benefits in the correct dosage for the deficient male.

      Utter BS.

      1. JL says:

        Stfu meathead

  15. Cheyne says:

    hey ben,

    thanks for all the awesome info! I have been doing some research and I have found mk-677 comes in tablet, liquid and powder form. What is the best way to get the best out of the SARM?

    1. For more information regarding the sourcing and administration of SARMs and peptides, please post your questions to the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice: Facebook.com/groups/GetKion/

      1. Jack Satterlee says:

        A quick follow up to your MK Rad stacking analysis. (Great article, as usual). When a supplement says to take first thing in the am on an empty stomach, how long after taking the supplement should I wait to eat?

        1. Typically depends on the how quickly the supp is absorbed. Typically waiting an hour or so is fine for most.

          1. Ainsley says:

            Hey Ben,

            After reading this article I purchased some mk677 and rad 140 and have been taking 10mg rad and 15mg mk677 every morning for the past month and a bit. The last few days I have been experiencing very puffy, sensitive nipples. I realize after reading this article again my dosing is off. I just ordered capsules and would take one a day of each. Do I stop all together? Will this stop and reverse these side effects?

      2. Danny leighton says:

        Hey ben I have this stack too, but the rad 140 is capsule form is it still as good ?

  16. Edrieone Jeriel Diaz Sotero says:

    Hi Ben

    Great Article, sorry if this question has been asked. Currently taking MK2866 at 25mg and Rad at 20mg daily. Recently got my blood test results, some suppression of my Free test but not a complete shutdown of my HPTA. What my doctor was concerned with was my raised cholesterol and raised liver enzymes. My triglycerides were at a normal range and HDL was raised, but my LDL was quite high. I know that some people have reported this as being side effects of use Sarms.

    Wanted to know if in your opinion results such as this at the amount Im taking is an indication of the lack of purity in the Sarms or is it just common side effects and that I should aim to dose lower.

    P.S. I have done previous cycles of Test-E with results only showing complete suppression of HPTA, however I experienced increase in acne and lethargy I associated with estrogen imbalance. With my current SARMs cycle no acne, no lethargy, great sleep and improvements in strength during a caloric deficit.

    1. I recommend posting this to the Kion Community. It’s a completely free online community of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice. Facebook.com/groups/GetKion/

    2. Phillip says:

      The rise of cholesterol is due to Ostarine or 2866. I had the same problem while on it thats why i wont use it again. Meanwhile rad140 actually lowers your cholesterol, and is a much higher anabolic compound. I am on 10mg a day for 6 weeks now going for 9. So far gained 11lbs mostly muscle, 2 inch thicker chest and quads, 1 inch biceps, 30-40lbs Higher bench squat etc. Almost no down time in recovery, and only sides are some night sweats, and slight lower sex drive.

  17. Dennis Pryor says:

    Ben. Great info however you fail to mention where to buy the combo at a discount? What say you?



    1. Sorry, sourcing has changed since the article was written… Will make the proper edits. In the meantime, I recommend referring to the Kion Community for SARMs and Peptide recommendations. Both are topicd that come up regularly: Facebook.com/groups/GetKion/

  18. dan says:


    Last year I made some significant gains using a stack of rad 140, mk677, lad 4033 and gw 501516 (two, 12 week cycles of all four, 8 weeks in between, no pct). Gains were up to 25 lbs of weight and 50lbs on the bench press. The one negative is my insulin resistance increased substantially, which I do not like at all. I wear a dexcom G6 and am Type 1. I simply set another profile on my pump to compensate but i am looking for another option (see below).

    Can you recomend a way to stack the rad140, lgd 4033 and 501516 without the 677 (suspect this is the cause of the IR.)? My goal is predominantly strength gain with recomposition. Would like to know if a PCT would help keep more gains during the descend.

    1. Ben says:

      Hi Ben,

      Which website would you recommend the most?




      And is pills or drops better you think?


      1. Shawn says:

        I think the liquid is better. I Cant stand the taste so I went on amazon and purchased empty capsules and just use the dropper to fill the capsules. way easier to deal with lol no damn weird ass latex taste lol

      2. Spartan2037 says:


      3. Stacy says:

        Sarms4you is a scam , tons of bad reviews. Purerawz and Proven Peptides are good sources.

      4. Jburch71 says:

        Narrows labs

    2. michael cardone says:

      Its the MK-677 that mess with your insulin levels. I have type 2, and if I take the MK-677 in the AM with the Rad-140 I get dizzy and have equilibrium issues. So I take the Rad-140 in the AM and the MK-677 a couple of hours before bed. Doesn’t bother me to be dizzy as I’m sleeping…

  19. Ashton says:

    Great article and i found it very helpful. I ended up here because I’m taking mk677 alone with no stack and wanted to know the risks / benefits of it and if I was needing to do any type of pct or anything like that. Good read, and keep it up man !

    1. Shay says:

      Where did you find the MK677

      1. michael cardone says:

        www.chemyo.com for all USA made high quality 3rd party tested SARMS. and also www.ratsarmy.com

  20. peter says:


    I just bought GW 501516, LGD 4033, RAD 140 and a bottle of PCT. I’m 46 male. I’m average body with a little tummy and love handles. I use to play soccer semi pro and haven’t worked out with weights in a year. I’ve been working on my cardio for a month now, burpies consistently , eating well. What is a good 8-12 week plan?

    1. Depends what your goals are.. If you prefer a more direct, customized approach, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to BenGreenfieldFitness.com/coaching and then choose a 20 or 60-minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I'd also recommend going to the website and searching the articles/podcast for putting on lean muscle, gaining strength, etc.

    2. Jimmy says:

      Interested in knowing how this worked and what brand of RAD 140 did you purchase?

  21. Fergus says:

    Great article, I recommend the facebook group Sarms Peptides RCs to you and your readers as well. New knowledge being shared all the time, and always helpful when people ask questions.

    Feel free to remove this if not allowed.

  22. exploring says:

    Great article as always Ben. I have a really naive question. Can I stop taking it anytime I want to? May be after using it for 12 weeks. Will the results stay or they will go away? Moreover I hope no PCT required with this.

  23. Zachary Scioli says:


    I’m currently on a low dose accutane 20mg per day for acne and oily skin. It has worked wonders for me and I feel normal ( good) I’m wondering if taking this combo would affect my hormones in a way that could affect my skin. Would it be ok to take these while on low dose accutane ?

    Thanks in advance!

  24. Anthony says:

    Hi Ben,

    Where’s the website that I can purchase this?

    1. I'm not currently able to recommend one, but this is a great question for the Kion community. It's a free online community I built of like-minded people who both have advice and are seeking advice! Facebook.com/groups/getkion/

      1. Pete says:


        I just bought GW 501516, LGD 4033, RAD 140 and a bottle of PCT. I’m 46 male. I’m average body with a little tummy and love handles. I use to play soccer semi pro and haven’t worked out with weights in a year. I’ve been working on my cardio for a month now, burpies consistently , eating well. What is a good 8-12 week plan?

        1. Tba says:

          how did that go? , i am your age and would like to rund simular Sarms RAD 140 and MK-2866 maby even som Anavar,
          especially your PCT and what did you use for PCT and was it enough? I’m going to use Novadex and Clomid (and Essentiale Forte N if Anavar is added) but is it necessary with any estrogen or cholesterol adjusting during cycle or in PCT? and what to use?

          I have been training for many years, but new to Arms and Sarms

    2. Christopher Baker says:

      Instagram: Juddy1966460 will have everything you need. Yw!

  25. Chris M. says:

    Hi, Ben. Extremely disappointed w/ the company reccomended for RAD. Communication is nonexistent. Placed order Thursday, 9-27-18, and zero feedback. Would you care to relay the message to cancel my order, please? I’d appreciate it.

    Order #13806 (September 27, 2018)

    1. Goose says:

      Lol, Ben ain’t your secretary, I recommend Receptorchem.co.uk, I’ve always had very prompt service from them and it seems to be legit.

      1. Chris says:

        You’re welcome to laugh; and, thanks for the recommendation, Goose. He did pump them in his article, though. Paid or not doesn’t matter to me. Moreover, he’s been kind enough to reach out for others so I thought I’d post my feedback. Either way, I’m a big boy and take responsibility for my actions.

    2. Anthony says:

      What was the company? I couldn’t find the website to purchase this.

      1. Chris says:

        Hi, Anthony. It’s sarms warehouse. He may have removed them from the article. I haven’t reread it. I would not buy from them, fwiw.

    3. Camron says:

      Did you get your money back?

  26. Andrew says:

    I recently started a cycle of MK-677 and RAD-140, and then I tweaked my back working out. Not sure how long I’m going to be out. It’s been a week with no gym so far and I’m still hurting, so it could be a while. Is there any benefit to continuing the cycle of MK-677 and RAD-140 while I’m not lifting, or should I stop and wait until I resume working out? Much obliged for any guidance you could provide.

    1. That's up to you, as mentioned in the article, some experienced benefits other than muscle gain.

    2. Mikey says:

      Keep using the MK-677 is what I would do as I used it and healed my shoulder .. but I only used it at half dose. Found it was too strong at 25mg since I only weigh 72kg half dose was fantastic. also look into Magnesium Gel from Chemist works, natures way is the brand and it has arnica which also heals soft tissue. Magnesium gel is now used by sports coaches all around he world and a fantastic product.This stuff (the natures way Mag gel) also helped with my lower back when i pulled it, it was healed in no time. and no, I dont have any shares in Natures Way. its worth a shot.

  27. Dustin says:

    these two are great sarms!! I’m stacking them with others but in just two weeks of use, they’ve improved my workouts by leaps and bounds! I’m a disabled vet with multiple sclerosis and starting sarms has been a life changer!

  28. Anthony says:

    What is the Discount and where? I don’t see that info. Thanks Ben!

  29. Zapning says:

    Hey! I have a some problems with gyno and just found out about my prolactin lvls.. I quit all steroids some years ago but found the MK 677 very interesting! Im going to the doctor in some weeks about my prolactin but you wrote that its easy to control the prolactin sides, would u please elaborate?

    I have tought estrogen where my problem in about 5 years and i could not understand why my PCT never worked. I alway did my research but with no luck.

    1. Matthew Mullen says:

      2nd this. Please reply Ben

  30. Carl says:

    When should I take the Rad 140? Do I take all 20mg with the first dose of 677 in the morning or do I split it like Ben suggests for the 677?

    1. jon says:


      Did you ever receive an answer to this question? when to take the RAD 140? at night, all 20mg? or split, 10mg in the morning, 10mg at night?

      Thank You

      1. One dose a day is fine… You could split if you wanted to experiment.

  31. Sal G says:

    Ben should I hold in my mouth or swollow instantly ? Thanks

    1. Mauro says:

      Is this stack correct:

      Anamorilin – 50mg

      Mk677 – 25mg

      Lgd4033 – 10mg

      Rad140 – 20mg

      Methyldiazirinol – 30mg

      M1T – 5mg

      Laxogenin – 25mg

      1. Hi Mauro, all of my recommendations are in this article. If you prefer a more direct, customized approach, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/coaching

      2. Gord says:

        You dont need to use all those at the same time. Pick 2 or 3 at a time.

      3. jaycut says:

        do you want to kill yourself??

      4. Stacy says:

        You have just shown you don’t need to be taking anything until you get off your ass and look at the free research all online everywhere. Learn what they do and where they impact your body chemically . Unreal anyone would consider such a stack. You have redundant substances competing . That’s like asking should I take testosterone cypionate and prop together or HGH and MK-677 to make sure you get enough substance to hit em all. Get real.

    2. Brian says:

      Some hold it and then swallow, or swallow right away and some just spits them out…depends on the giver and their mood.

  32. Sal G. says:

    Mr. Greenfield i purchased both MK 677 and RAD 140. How would i go about measuring the drops? Thanks

    1. Ben D. says:

      A measured pipette is your best bet. I used a syringe for a while until I got one.

  33. Sean says:

    Been taking these for a few days now and I feel very lethargic and my muscles are super tight, even with stretching. Is this normal? I run out of energy probably 80% faster on these. Is this an adjustment phase? I’m doing a keto diet if that matters.

    1. Vegard Kr says:

      Being on ketose Will make i feel tighten, run fast out of power cause ur body turns over fat instead of carb. The metabolism of fat to energy tales alot more time then sugar. So i feel like i ha e milkacid all over

      1. Sean says:

        But I’ve been fat adapted for a while and have better energy on keto than I did before, and it’s by a long shot. It’s like one of these does something with that process.

        1. Gord says:

          Mk677 will make you very tired until you get used to it. Try a lower dose or take it at a different time of day.

    2. Robb says:

      The MK677 causes periods of (sometimes extreme) lethargy in many users. It’s nothing to worry about, and most men find it manageable. It also tends to lessen by itself after awhile, maybe a week or two.

    3. Stacy says:

      Sean ,.
      Cut your MK in half until your body adjusts then increase if needed. He didn’t go over that part and it’s real. If cutting in half doesn’t work , go every other day and you will be fine.

  34. Jose Rivera says:

    Appreciate the write on this stack. I have personally done these two together and found that the Rad caused me to break out in hives. I understand you’re not a doctor but thought you might have some insight….Do you have any information on why that might be? Too high dosage or stay away completely?

    1. Sorry, I haven't encountered this and am not a doc so can't really give recommendations on this. Good question for the Kion Community: Facebook.com/groups/GetKion

  35. Derek Brown says:

    Thank you for this great information. Do you know how long MK-677 stays in your system (detectable) after you stop taking it? Thank you.

  36. RJ says:

    Hey Ben,

    Great review! Can Rad-140 make cholesterol go up?

  37. Moni says:

    Hi Sir, Could I use only mk 677 or is there any stack with it necessary?

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this… But yes, it's been used as a standalone and should produce noticeable results. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever

  38. Matt says:

    Hey Ben!

    28-year-old gymnastics and CrossFit athlete. T looks great, just wanted to experiment with MK 677 and RAD 140 to put on some mass and see how it impacts strength. I am a little concerned that RAD 140 might negatively impact T after the cycle. If I am already hormonally at optimal levels, would you recommend not messing with it?

    Much love.

    1. That's completely up to you, as is stated in the article there aren't many studies on it. You might want to post on this forum Facebook.com/groups/GetKion.

      1. Evan says:

        Bean greenfield you are a jack ass and have either no integrity for posting this article, or no intelligence, not sure which it is.

        First of all, sarms ARE steroids and they have the exact same negative side effects of testosterone when it comes down to shutting down your natural test production (talking about RAD here, not MK) and while some people can get away with no PCT, the majority of people cannot. Just look at poor Ben Dover’s comment to see what I mean. You completely neglected talking about a post cycle therapy, or getting your blood work done.

        Your information on MK is mostly correct, except that it’s not a sarm, it’s a gh secretagogue, which I know you mentioned, but you literally called it a sarm, which it’s not. You’re going to ruin a lot of kids lives here who are just going to take your word for this and jump on sarms without knowing that’s it’s going to shut their balls down and turn them into a girl for awhile, possibly permanently damaging them. You’re a cunt, and btw you’re also a weak pussy, if you took sarms that’s laughable

    2. James says:

      It only binds to the receptors directly to avoid the side effects of traditional testosterone. As with any SARM or any anabolic substance in nature, a light and easy PCT should combat side effects if any. AI’s like Arimidex, Novadex, Clomid, or Exemestane should do the trick but you shouldn’t worry much about RAD-140 hurting your T levels if you’re following protocol. Good Luck.

  39. Matt M. says:

    Hey Ben- thinking about using SARMs for the first time and stacking 4033/501516/2866 with the main goal of building lean muscle, but curious what you’d stack if you were looking to build lean muscle.2. Would you suggest 8 weeks on/4 weeks off, or 12 weeks on/4 weeks off for first time user? 3. Mahler’s PCT for those 4 weeks? Thanks!

    1. Travis Grill says:

      If you’re going to run a cycle you don’t want to take 2866 and 4033 at the same time. They will compete for receptors and will result in added suppression which may cause unwanted side effects. I would suggest running one or the other but you can stack it with GW 501516. Run 4033 at 6-10 mg daily for 8 weeks or ostarine(2866) at 25 mg daily for 8 weeks. Then you can experiment with running 12 week cycles. It would be wise to run a mini-pct of clomid/nolva for 4 weeks. I usually run clomid for 4 weeks as 50/25/25/25 (those numbers being mg per day).

      1. Ryan says:

        Could you email me have few questions [email protected] fbook is that same name if that is easier. appreciate the help if you can. Understand if you cant.

  40. Chef Dave says:

    Ben, any knowledge of BP/Heart-rate being elevated by MK-677? If so, suggestions to remedy this. The obvious would be: Dont take MK-677, but if there are more nuanced ways to deal with these issues, holler! If the culprit is not MK-677, do you know of any other SARMS that have a reputation for raising blood pressure or heart rate? Greatly appreciate your time and thank you in advance.

  41. nolan says:

    Can I run the rad 140 and mk677 with sr9009 for mitochondria health benefits? Also any thoughts of plusing a 100mcg shot of GnRH triptorelin for a pct? ps: I have a healthy thyroid thanks to thyreogen A-2 russain peptides! I recently came off the cardanine lgd stack, I was able to go from 177lbs to 194lbs just under 2 months of strength lifting 1 muscle group a day @ 5 days a week all while on the ketosis diet. Thanks in advance!

    1. I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. I would personally steer clear of GnRH. While it promises the moon, I have seen far too many follow-up blood work/lab results in which the false positive of recovery proved to be a complete failure following their post cycle. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

    2. HG says:

      how are you dosing with the SR9009?
      Im reading its 20-30mg/day but daily total dose needs to be spaced 10mg at 2-4hrs….

      1. Nolan Singroy says:

        I am not dosing with SR9009 I am wondering if it would be beneficial to add it to the stack above given its wonderful attributes of mitochondria growth -> https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5085709/

  42. Claude nault says:

    Bonjour je voudrais comment me procurer le mk 677 et le rad 140.merci.

    1. Davis says:

      Salut Claude, vous pouvez l’obtenir ici http://drs-labs.com/organic-compounds/37-rad-140.html et ici http://drs-labs.com/organic-compounds/35-buy-mk-677-ibutamoren-mesylate.html sous forme de tablette.

  43. Landon says:

    Great article. What website do you recommend to purchase these SARMs?

      1. Gabriel says:

        The end of your article talks about a discount code for SARMs Warehouse. Is there still a discount code for your listeners?

  44. Scott Culbertson says:

    Ben. Just heard there has been a bill introduced in congress to ban all sarms. Any insight or thoughts on this?

  45. Scott Bartell says:

    I have been using this stack for a little over a week now and so far so good. My question is how much water weight is normal? I started off before using this stack at about 228lbs. After the first 2 days I went up to 234 and now I’m at 238. Even in ketosis I am gaining weight. I know from this article it will subside after about 2 weeks but I just wanted to make sure the amount of water weight is normal or not. Thanks.

    1. Cameron says:

      I have heard that a potassium supplement can help reduce the water retention associated with MK-677

  46. Gui says:

    Im looking for a sarms that help for a tendon injury and osteitis pubis

    I tried bcp 157 without any improvment


    1. Dan says:


  47. Michael Miller says:

    Ben could you clarify this?

    “When you place RAD-140 liquid in your mouth, make sure you swallow it first and follow it with a full glass of water. It is also important to remember that once you open your RAD-140, you need to use it the same day. That should be easy because you are supposed to take this stuff daily for optimal gain.”

    I assume you mean that once the vile of RAD-140 is opened you must use it daily until it is empty?

    1. Travis Grill says:

      Yup once the vial is open just make sure to use it on a daily basis.

  48. Aaron says:

    Hey Ben, I see I’m a little late to the party, but I was hoping to get that coupon code you mentioned for the MK-677. I can’t find it anywhere on this page : (

  49. Rachael says:

    I was pretty stoked to get some of these only to find out that they don’t ship to Pennsylvania. Any idea what’s up with that?

    1. They are unable to ship to PA due to PA laws.

  50. John Adams says:

    ive been taking Rad140 for 8 wks. Finding out that it is on the banned WADA list, do you know how to flush it from my system or how long it stays detectable?

  51. Bill says:


    Two Questions:

    I currently get TRT every two weeks. I started because LGD/ Ostraine combined basically shut me down. My levels were around 150..I’m 29 years old. After browsing your site, it seems you don’t like Testosterone. Any recommendation on how to come off the Test without losing my gains/ crashing completely?

    Would there be any issue with taking Rad-140 in addition to the TRT?



    Read more at: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/article/biohacki…

    1. Bill, check out all my resources on Testosterone: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/article/hormones…
      Look into this, as well: https://mikemahler.com/nutrition-supplements/aggr…

      And always feel free to book a one-on-one consult with me! https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/product-cate…

    2. Josh says:

      At a 15mg/day dose of RAD140, after 10 days my free test was at 23 pg/mL (bottom end of the recommended range is ~46?). Felt AWFUL. Anxiety and sleeplessness like never before. People may underestimate the potential suppressive effects even at recommended dosages.

      1. James says:

        It all depends on you personally. I dosed at 30mg per day, and suffered no side effects at all! Then again, my doctor says I have a really healthy, functional thyroid which may be a factor. Anyways, so yes, a lot of people report that they notice a kind of lethargy either during week 2-3 or week 3-4 with RAD140. But after that, it stars to level out and go away as your body adjusts to it. All that being said, everyone is different but I had no side effects with RAD140 whatsoever, aside from getting straight shredded, and sort of feeling like a god when in the gym lol. But we’re all different.
        My suggestion would be, if you already started a cycle, continue through with it unless your side effects are getting in the way of day-to-day life; it may just be your body readjusting.
        I personally ran RAD for 8 weeks, although I was feeling so good I wanted to go for 12, but I figured I would keep it standard for a first time cycle. It is hands down my favorite compound so far, and once finances permit, I’m going to run an 8 week cycle of RAD, with MK677 weeks 5-8 (1 month)

        I bought some MK first out of curiosity and to take a couple of days worth just to see if there were any notable severe reactions. Within 4 days I did notice I was a bit bigger, albeit they were very wet gains, so Im definitely going to start the RAD before I take any more MK. The MK will DEFINITELY increase your appetite a lot, so be ready to keep a check on that. And….yeah, psyched to start my full stack cycle, dont be discouraged by the bit of lethargy/suppression, it should balance out. Maybe run a good test booster along with it to stay stable. 2 of my favorite ingredients are Ashwaghanda and Shilajit. They are adaptogens, which primarily just decrease cortisol (stress hormone) quite a bit, and as a by-product, may enhance Test levels. So those 2 are healthy to take anyway, aside from that, for T boosting, you want ample all the B vitamins, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and selenium. DAA or D-aspartic acid is a good booster for about 2 months. Other stuff can also help, panax ginseng, nettle leaf and beta-sitosterol (these will actually just bind to sex-hormone-binding-globulin SHBG, so it wont INCREASE test, but it will increase about of free test) etc. etc. Oh, and the micronutrient known as Boron is pretty damn good at T boosting also. Both shilajit and boron you can get in a pretty cheap supplement walmart supplies, which also has fenugreek which may have some, pretty minor but possible, benefits. Hope any of this helps, all the best!

    3. Scotty Vee says:

      Ben is not citing the latest studies in TRT accurately at all. The estrogen related issues can be managed easily with armidex. Recent studies have refuted almost all health concerns including cardiac and prostate issues. TRT patients actually have less cardiac events, better bone density, higher libido.

      SARMs aren’t well studied yet but are interesting and promising – it’s dishonest to claim they’re safer than TRT.

  52. wassa28 says:

    would placing the liquid mk677 in a capsule reduce the effects in any way, I found taking it orally from the dropper was causing irritation to my throat.

  53. Mike Stucki says:

    I just bought the RAD 140 and MK 677. How much of the dropper is equal to 12.5mg (of the MK 677) and how much of dropper is equal to 20-30mg of the RAD 140? It’s not clear on the bottles.

    1. One full dropper should be equal to 25mg for MK-677, and 15mg for RAD-140 for SARMS warehouse products. To be extra precise, I always advise people to just grab an oral syringe from a local drug store for $1-2 if you don’t already have one in your household.

  54. Jimmy says:

    Can you advise on best PCT for a newbie who has not used before. Planning on a RAD140 and MK677 8 week cycle. Then 8 weeks off etc.

    Thank You

      1. Andrew Harris says:

        link is DOA

        1. Thanks. It's been updated. Mahler's T-Booster + EC Combo.

  55. Jason Jones says:

    Ben, how man mg’s are in each drop? If you recommend 10mgs/day is that 10 drops? thanks

    1. Typically 1 dropperful is 10mg!

  56. Benny Elias says:

    This article is wrong in a lot of areas. Very Dylen Gemelli-ish…. Disappointed with Ben Greenfield putting his name on this. He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I had a feeling there would be a link to buy at the end….this is one long sales pitch.

    1. Joe Obrien says:

      I totally agree. How many times he contraindicated himself and also ignored studies that show testosterone can alsoh help the brain in many ways. And I loved to hear about how testosterone lowers your sex drive. Haha! Fact check please. Well testosterone is the main male sex hormone and is used in ED treatments. Now there are altered steroids that can mess with libido but even then testosterone should be the base of any cycle that includes over types of altered steroids like EQ. This article is very self serving and only puts out the information in a way that makes testosterone sound bad. Seems have side effects as well. Maybe this is geared towards newbies more then veteran lifters.

      1. Scotty Vee says:

        Yea plus one man, this is an ad lol

    2. Jay says:

      Same. The ‘facts’ about Test really threw me off. It’s not like it’s niche knowledge. The studies are prolific and widely available. It’s now unclear to me how much of the rest of it to believe of if it should all be taken with a grain of salt. It’s a bit worrying considering the reach and social media savvy.

  57. Ham says:

    I did an experiment where I took 15mg RAD-140 and 15mg MK-677 for 3 weeks. On week 2 I also did 15mg MK-2866. I had a huge boost in strength where I went from squatting 270lb for 8 reps to doing 370 for 8 reps, but most of the strength was lost after I stopped. Also, be careful with testosterone suppression with RAD-140, I did not do blood tests before and after which I probably should have because suppression is common. My left testicle had a slight aching sensation for a week after, and libido was slightly lower. I won’t be doing anymore SARMS for several months so I can recover, and next time I will just do MK-2866 alone since there is less suppression and strength is maintained after stopping.

  58. Steve says:

    Ok, but this definitely contradicts what the article states. Do you plan on updating the article to reflect this suggestion?

  59. Alex says:

    How does this article compare to your previous article on lgd-4055? Is this better, safer, more effective, or just different? Thanks in advance…

  60. Jason says:

    Hey, basic question how long does RAD 140 take to kick in?

    1. Warj1990 says:

      Almost all SARMS take 2 -3 weeks to start noticing.

      My experience was around week 3, LGD-4033, I went and did my usual squat weight. Did my sets and was feeling like that was really light and easy. So I tossed on more weight, again easy…a little more weight…poof a new PR. Wasn’t even thinking that when I showed up to workout that day.

  61. Keith says:

    Hi Ben, I was wondering if you had any issues reported with SARMSwarehouse.com? I ordered via your link on August 14th, and still have not heard back from them after multiple attempts to contact them regarding the status of my order, and unfortunately, there is no contact phone number listed.

    1. Keith, I have not… that is really odd. Please email my team at [email protected] with subject line "SARMS WAREHOUSE"

      1. Clay says:

        That’s B.S., you’ve had plenty of issues reported on this board going back to June, and you keep telling puerile you’ll look into it, but no follow up from you. I had the same problem with them by the way, and to anyone else reading this thread I would think twice before trying to do business with a company that won’t fulfill orders or return emails.

        1. Daniel Wilson says:

          I am new to all this but my experience with Sarms warehouse has been great! My orders come fast and I’ve emailed them about a product and they responded back. I am not in any way affiliated with the company or any other. I I do have a problem I’ll be glad to post it. My trainer uses them too and has had a good experience too. He referred me to them

  62. Paul says:

    Hey Ben, on Episode 371 you talked briefly about taking Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster and Estrogen Control as a post cycle treatment. Is that the best option for a post cycle in your opinion or would something like clomid or HCG along with aromatase inhibitors be a better option? Thanks in advance.

    1. Warj1990 says:

      Just a simple PCT and only to make you feel better.

      RAD140 is omly slightly surpressive.

      S4 would require full PCT.

  63. Mark says:

    Hi Ben I’m almost 51 now do you suggest using this stack as a one off the rebuild some lost muscle?

    1. Warj1990 says:

      Mk-677 for sure! I would do the LGD-4033 for building. I say this because diet is important, you have to eat to build.

      RAD-140 has a chance to make you loose your appetite. So your not in a building state.

  64. Mark says:

    Hi Ben I’m pushing 51 now would you advise doing 1 cycle of both to build back some lost muscle? Thanks

    1. Yes, there were quite well for that.

  65. Jason says:

    Ben, has there been any studies indicating if RAD-140 and MK-677 are best taken with or without food? Great service by SARMs Warehouse btw. Ordered on a Friday night, received the following Monday. Thanks for the discount code and keep up the great work.

    1. I would suggest taking them with food but I don’t believe any studies have been “dynamic” enough to delve into such micro-level details.

  66. Phil H says:

    Ben, do these guys still exist? Haven’t gotten a response to my emails for the last two weeks since I contacted them. Would love to buy w/ your link but won’t until I can chat with them… if they are there

    1. Phil, I like that provide, I am not sure what is going on? Could be a busy time for them? Not sure.

  67. K C says:

    “-is also important to remember that once you open your RAD-140, you need to use it the same day. ”

    Can you clarify what you mean by this Ben? Or why this is?

    Just got a bottle of some Rad-140. 30days worth of servings.

    1. Yes, I do believe there are generally 30 servings per bottle. I would not leave it stored away for a long period of time but if you are beginning usage around time of purchase or shortly thereafter that would be great.

  68. Joseph Hanson says:

    Hey Ben

    So if taking MKZ and Rad Together, you state to split MKZ into am and pm dose, but no where do you say to split up rad. Is this the suggested use, to split and take both together, or take rad all at once in the am, and mkz split up?

    Also have you done any review on HGH Renewal spray? I am interested in what you guys think about it

    1. Warj1990 says:

      Rad140 all at once, same time each day. The mk-677 has been found to be the best for ugh, don’t bother with any other compounds. Just make sure your eating properly.

  69. Rob says:

    Can you please ask them to add Pennsylvania as a state in the dropdown menu during checkout. I emailed them but haven’t heard back. Can’t complete my order.

  70. April says:

    I’ve attempted to purchase from Sarms Warehouse twice, but haven’t received my order, and now, they won’t process the order. I’ve emailed them twice and haven’t hard back from them. Any idea what’s going on with their company?

    1. Not quite sure. They are smaller and sometimes get back logged.

  71. Jordyn says:

    Is it applicable for women?

    1. Warj1990 says:

      You would want mk2866 rather than rad140.

      1. Terri Rossi Owen says:

        I was wondering why mk2866 instead of Rad140. I am a woman and i was planning on stacking Rad140 w mk677

    2. H says:

      Yes I am curious about this too. Have you tried it yet or heard more re: women?

  72. Mark says:

    Hi Ben in your previous article on IGF 1 I think you say an increase in IGF 1 could be a bad idea for many reasons, how many does taking MK differ your opinion?

  73. Ismael Cardenas says:

    Hey Ben, what are your thoughts about these two specific SARMs for someone who has a family history of cancer and diabetes? Would it be safe and not increase risks? I get labs checking these issues every six months and everything has been normal. Just wanted your opinion. Thanks

    1. Nothing is certain and I believe it would all come down to your weighed pro’s and cons. I know plenty of people who have never drank, smoked – eat extremely healthy etc and inevitably end up with cancer whereas people whom smoke and drink daily make it through life completely unscathed.

  74. michael mcdaniel says:

    Which sarms would work best for weight loss fat loss. I am 65 and exercise. Need to lose 20lbs.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Warj1990 says:

      Rad 140 acts like tren. You either eat like a horse and grow, or you feel sick every time you eat anything and melt fat off(0 appetite). It’s a 50-50 toss up to how you will respond.

  75. Amber Caplinger says:

    Is SARMS appropriate for women to use? Would there be be any negative effect when using it while you are on birth control?

  76. Mark says:

    Hi Ben will you use these products when you finish competing in sanctioned events?

    1. Yep, I plan on it.

      1. Curt says:

        Look closer. Dose timing is in the article

    2. Exactly as I describe in the article above.

  77. Rob Duke says:

    Hey Ben! Just got the 1, 2 combo, Rad-140 and MK-677. I read the article but didn’t notice any suggestions on when to dose with these two. Better to take them both together in the morning, night? Or separate them by taking one in the morning let’s say MK 677 in the morning and Rad 140 at night? Keep on keepin on! Love your podcast and all the amazing content you bring to the table. Literally, I bring different organic crazy shit to my table because of you.

    1. RAS is generally used twice daily, split – whereas MK is used once per day, at night and is one of the few SARMS I have ever seen that suggest a bedtime dosing.

      1. Steve says:

        In the article you state it’s best to split up the MK into two doses per day and use the RAD in one dose per day. This comment states the opposite. BTW have been using the protocol above in the article for three complete months with very good results.

        1. I believe splitting the RAD (morning/night) makes the most sense whereas to make things easy, take MK once per day – at night which also seems to offset the hunger urges and promote deeper REM and GH release.

  78. Eli says:


    If I’m already taking testosterone/androgel and want to start rad140 for the mentioned benefits, does the testosterone have to be reduced or eliminated when using rad140 or can it be continued ?

    1. Testosterone meaning Androgel? A bit off topic but the absorption is generally so poor on Androgel from what I have seen on people’s blood work I’d almost say its useless in comparison to an injectable TRT. Most doctors aren’t well versed in hormone replacement therapy and tend to stick with hormone therapy. Have you see your blood levels as of recent? But to be concise and answer your question – no, and no. You can certainly include alongside.

      But I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

      For more, I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. Just go to https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/coaching. and then choose a 20 or 60 minute consult, whichever you'd prefer. I can schedule ASAP after you get that.

      1. Eli says:

        Thanks Ben

        Ordered products from recommended source and received notice that that they would process my CC in 24-48 hours and ship. That is last I hear from them by a week later,…radio silence no shipping notice and no response to several email inquiries I made. Very disconcerting

        1. That is odd. I will drop them a note. I do know they had a lot of orders off this post….

          1. Eli says:

            Well still not a reply, should automated response the other day via email. Do you endorse the source you rec for BPC 157 for these products

          2. I am not quite sure what is going on….

    2. Warj1990 says:

      Simple answer: No. As a fact RAD140 has shown to prevent prostate enlargement from test use. RAD140 also acts as a cognitive enhancer. Bottom line, RAD140 should be tun with test.

      On another note since you are already shutdown you can use any SARM without much worry. If your just at TRT levels no issues with estrogen.

  79. Rob says:

    Ben, is effective to put the liquid in a capsule and swallow or must you squirt it directly in your mouth?

  80. jack says:

    Hi Ben.

    I had a kidney transplant in 1996 and would like to know if i can try rad140?


    1. I am sorry man, that is something you are going to have to talk to your doctor about. I cannot really comment.

    2. Warj1990 says:

      SARMS are not liver or kidney toxic…so you should be fine if your body is up to working out. As to speaking with a Dr… I will make this clear and to the point: These SARMS are research chemicals! They are not sold or advertised for human consumption at this time. No Dr will have a clue as to what your talking about. To keep from malpractice the Dr answer will be not to use them. Bottom line SARMS work and any of them will kick any GNC products butt, however it is a use at your own risk in your research.

  81. I am 63 and training for Spartan Beast at Squaw.

    10 weeks into MK-677 & RAD-140 cycle. Solid results – strength gain, endurance, and overall energy.

    Will cycle off at week 12 for 4 weeks.

    Any suggestion for other SARMs or supplements during off period? (I know it called an off period for a reason.)

    1. I will add GW501516 to stack next cycle.

      1. Warj1990 says:

        Off cycle is just that. Take time off to allow your body to reset. You should keep on MK-677 for about 6 months. Takes some time for your body to respond well on that one. GW is a great addition. Just remember how it works, it allows more O2 in the blood. So push yourself. Your body will over respond and your next workout becomes easier. GW is best for cardio, endurance events and training up to the event.

  82. Jerry says:

    and what about adding Cardarine as well to this?

  83. EJ says:

    Ben–sarmswarehouse website link goes straight to an existing user login screen. Can’t see a “new user” or sign-up anywhere. Am I missing something?

    1. Let me look into this for you. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

      1. EJ says:

        Thank you, Ben! The site still seems to present only availability to existing users. Looking forward to being able to order and try out the approach outlined in this article!

        1. I am looking into this!

    2. Curt says:

      I get the same results. Goes to a log in page.

      Went through two 4 week cycles of GW-501516 and LDG4033 stacked. Had some good results. Looking forward to trying this stack out.

      1. The warehouse had a huge demand… give them a week and try again.

      2. Curt says:

        Thanks Ben,

        I got my order in on July 14th and the confirmation email said the order is on-hold. I am guessing they are still dealing with the demand, but they have not responded to either of my inquiries about an ETA.

        Is it normal for them to ghost like this on customer questions?


        1. Curt- Did you use the same email and name associated with your comment? If so, I will pass that info on.

        2. Curtis Moe says:

          Yes I did. Thanks Ben. Still haven’t heard anything.

    3. DS says:

      I experience the same issue that EJ described above. The website does not allow a new client to gain access.

      1. Open registration will resume within a week while the company restocks due to an overwhelming demand

  84. Grizell ONeill says:


    Hope you can help. I feel both Mk677 and RAD140 will benefit my dad. He is 82.

    What would you say.

    Also, would or could women use it?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Grizell; It is a bit hard to advise without knowing any pre-existing conditions your father may have since he is a bit older. Based on the empirical data i’d suggest if you are inclined to do so, start with a lower dosing and assess from there.

  85. Michael Vaughan says:

    First time trying MK-677, from what I have read, this is to be taken orally. I have the 30mL bottle with a eye dropper. Am I safe to assume that 1 dropper full equates to 25 mg? Also, do I mix this with water or just drop it in my mouth? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Yes, that is correct. I always advise people to just grab an oral syringe if you don’t already have one in your household from children from a local drug store for $1-2

  86. Simon says:

    Hi Ben,

    Do you have an opinion on the safety of the solvents used in SARMS and the difference between the two that seem to be most common, propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol? I’m interested in SARMS but am concerned about ingesting a toxin for a 8 – 12 week cycle.

    1. Tricky question. I don't think we will ever find data to support the ingestion of it but I don't necessarily think it is the worst thing in the world being as people have been doing so for decades. I’d surmise the minimal amount used in conjunction with water or grain alcohol wouldn’t be any worse than catching and cooking a fish out of a local lake, lol! Again, I don't think we will ever see data to back this either way and it will ultimately come down to personal choice.

  87. Matthew Armstrong says:

    if you reccomend 25mg of rad daily…why does it come in 15ml drops? so how do you figure that out?

  88. Rob Downs says:

    Hi Ben,

    What is the difference between MK677 & MK2866?? Also, many folks have questions / inputs on the dosages in liquid form; what does 25mg equate to if dispensed in liquid form?? Is there a medical benefit to liquid form vs pill form?? Lastly, is there an added benefit to adding GW501516 to this stack? SARMS warehouse (and you) mention “third party testing / verification” – what does that entail? Thanks SOOOO much for your help & guidance. I appreciate your input!!

    1. Warj1990 says:

      Mk-2866 is an older SARM. It given many benefits to muscle toning, increasing strength, but not SIZE, so it is ideal for women. Then came LGD-4033: All the above with muscle mass added. Next was RAD-140, if you can eat while on it you will grow well. The latest is LGD-3303: it needs to be dosed twice a day due to a short half-life. 3303 is supposed to be the best muscle builder to date, but I haven’t had first hand experience with it yet.

      I know this didn’t fully answer all your questions, but maybe it puts you on the right track. As to dosing I’m leaving that up to the people selling, I take powder in a capsule.

  89. chris says:

    Hi Ben,

    can you confirm with certainty that RAD140 Does Not suppress natural production of Test. ? If it Does , to what degree it suppresses?

    Chris 58 years old – always bodybuilder naturally

    1. Warj1990 says:

      First up everything has an affect. So yes it does surpress. Before you get bummed out let me explain. The stronger the substance the more surpression. The longer it is run the more surpression. These run for 6 weeks will surpress you about 10-15%. (MK-2866, LGD, RAD140). 8 weeks to 12 weeks will be in the range of 25-40%.

      Most researchers (users) run a 6 week loop at 25mg then take 2-4 weeks off. This keeps enough natural test to recover quickly and keep gaining.

      S4 will cause 100% shutdown in 3 weeks! If your researching this you need PCT on hand just as if you injected test (also 100% shutdown)

      1. Rick says:

        Interesting point about levels o suppression.
        In case of running 6 weeks with a 2-4 off interval still need a PCT?

  90. A.J. says:

    Hello Ben, awesome article…sparked a lot of research for me! A few questions…I read SARMs can suppress the production of testosterone, is a PCT (post cycle therapy) recommended or even needed after a cycle? Have you any thoughts on YK11 and how stacking it with Rad 140 may be? Lastly, does SARMS Warehouse service Canada?


    1. Yes, it can be quite useful. No thoughts (yet on YK11 and RAD140) as I haven't researched it. But PCT is highly advisable and I believe SARMsWarehouse ships to Canada yes.

      1. A.J. says:

        Thanks a lot Ben! Any recommendations for PCT…like which products are most safe and effective?



        1. Start here (just don't buy the shady supplements on the site): http://www.postcycletherapy.net/

          1. Chaba says:

            Hey Ben! Could Beef Testicle pills, pine pollen and maybe yohimbe work as a pct after 12 week cycle of RAD and Mk677?

  91. Mike says:

    15 mg = how many drops ? I don’t have a scale for mg to the dosing is very confusing…

  92. DAVE says:

    so from what I’m reading 15mg is equal to 36 drops or a whole dropper pe day ?

  93. Ken says:

    Hey Ben,

    I am a 50 year old Motocross Racer and Surfer. I suffered a broken back 15 weeks ago.

    50% Compression fracture to T 11 and 12. Lots of soft tissue damage as well. Thank god I am still walking and training again.

    As you can imagine things are slow in the gym. My diet is on point greens and keto. I need your recommendation on the right Sarms or Peptides?

    Thanks Ken from Encinitas

    1. Hey Ken, firstly, I am not a doctor and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice. For something like this, I'd suggest you book a consult with me directly. You can do this by going to <a href="https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/ben” target=”_blank”>www.greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/ben and choosing 20 or 60 minutes and we'll get you scheduled to go into detail there. I'd also suggest you check these out: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2016/06/how-to-u… https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2016/05/how-to-u…

  94. Timmy says:

    I understand how much mk677 to order. However I’m confused on ordering the rad-140 I’ve seen it asked previously, but cant seem to figure out the answer. How many bottles should i order for the 12 week cycle and if the bottle is opened do i need to finish that bottle in a day as mentioned in the article ?

    1. No, you do not need to finish it in one day.

      The bottle is 15mg/ml x 30ml for a total of 450mg per bottle.

      So if you're doing 15mg/day

      1 bottle = 30 days

    2. Mike says:

      I looked there but didn’t find the dosage in drops .. just want to know how many drops equals 15mg

      1. about 1.5 droppers in a standard bottle

  95. Ken Jensen says:


    I am 47 yr old male, been on Test. cream for 18 months, at 100 mg per day. I find anti-aging clinics are now recommending Sermorelin for increasing GH. Just wondering how it compares to MK-677? If I could only take one (limited budget), which would be best for:

    – increased energy

    – fat loss

    – lean muscle gains

    – improved sleep

    – improved joint function

    I am looking at both, pricing-wise and Sermorelin seems more expensive on a monthly basis.

    1. Honestly, sermerolin is more powerful for GH. But do all this FIRST: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/11/little-k…

  96. RONALD SIMARD says:

    Not quite, you need 7 total bottles at $74.99 each for the 12 weeks- works out to $6.25 per day.

    So if their are 30 in a bottle why would u suggest 7 bottles for just 12 weeks wouldn’t 7 bottles equal 25mg 30 times per bottle * 7 equal 210 days?

  97. Michael says:

    Do you have information regarding the ingredients in the bottle other than the SARMS product itself. My inquiry with the company resulted in a reply of “alcohol only.” Can you confirm that statement. Other manufacturers use polyethylene glycol.

  98. Joshua says:

    Hi Ben,

    I placed an order through website on May 5th and got the automatic “thank you for your order” email. My card was never charged. I also sent a follow up email on May 10th but no response from them.



    1. Thanks for letting us know Josh, we'll get someone to follow up with you right away.

      1. Joshua says:

        Hi Ben,

        Would you recommend peptideswarehouse.com?



          1. Joshua says:


            Thank you.

  99. MB says:

    These guys are looking to be paid by Moneygram or Amazon Gift card. Has anyone had any problems with quality of product or shipping issues?

    1. It's because of the nature of the products they sell, they've had issues with payment gateways like Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. Quality of product I can vouch for, and I also know there are some states in the US they can't ship to. Hope that helps!

    2. MB says:

      Thanks for your feedback here. Makes me feel better about the order.

  100. ilo says:

    Your write up about dose timing is completely wrong for these substances.

    1. ryan says:

      They are wrong because he has never used them himself

  101. Chris says:

    Has anyone else tried placing an order through sarmswarehouse.com? I placed an order shortly after the article came out, my card was never charged and their customer service won’t respond to my email inquiries.

    1. We're following up with them, stay tuned.

  102. David says:

    Hi Ben,

    I am on GW+LGD+S4+TB500. My goal is to cut down my BF (recomp, currently 20%). What do you think to add MK+RAD? Is it safe? Have you ever heard about any side effect caused by this combo? Thanks!

    1. It could work for a stack, although I haven't seen that particular one…I am not a doctor and this is not to be taken, interpreted or construed as medical advice. Please talk with a licensed medical professional about this. These are just my own personal thoughts and not a prescription or a diagnosis or any form of health care whatsoever.

  103. Ryan says:

    Hi Ben

    Are you currently you using or have you ever used any of these SARM products?



    1. ryan says:

      So you are happy to promote something that you have never tried yourself ?

      1. I have researched them heavily but do not use them myself because I compete in sanctioned sports.

  104. Sheri says:

    Are there any restrictions for purchasing SARMS? I’ve tried several times to purchase them from SARMS Warehouse and keeping getting an error stating it’s “Unable to Process”. I’ve tried different cc, thinking it might be an issue with the processor, but still run into the same problem. I’ve sent several emails through the website, but haven’t been able to contact anyone. Any other sites you would recommend ordering them from?

  105. chris says:

    Hi Ben were can one purchase the two products?

    1. Follow the links above in the blog post!

  106. Jennifer says:

    Hey Ben,

    how would you recommend taking these if you are a woman, 40yr old, has hashimotos and mthfr and wants to drop about 5-7% body fat – having a REALLY hard time keto-adapted (body just won’t get above .6 ketone) and starting to feel really defeated. Regular workouts of 1.5hr Ashtanga Sessions x5/week, HIIT for 20-30min 3-4x/week, eating as Keto as possible, regular cryo sessions and infrared sauna weekly.

  107. Dustin says:

    Hey Ben hope you’re doing well there was a few things that you did miss here and I know this information because I’m working directly with a research scientist who who has been in the research with this stuff and also creates it. You had great information here for sure just to note that he recommended people take the full dose 25 milligrams and K at night time as it does have a 24-hour half life. And that is the same dosage for males or females. There is the chance of increased appetite hunger for some people as I didn’t really notice it myself but some people get it pretty bad. That usually goes away within the first week or two there’s also a potential for increased water retention and acne in their first two weeks as well again I did not experience these but I have clients who have. As for rad 140 it does offer prostate protection which is great while on a cycle but it does actually suppress natural testosterone slightly so if you were to do a cycle of this by itself it is recommended to take a small post cycle afterwards to keep your natural test levels optimal even though it can be used as a bridge or post cycle after a cycle they still recommend using other things like HCG aromasin or whatever you like to use for your post this will just help you keep gaining. As for women with the rad 140 the dosage in is 10 to 20 milligrams a little bit lower. My friend has also told me that you can run both of these as long as you want there’s no actual set time to take them and the time off as you stated there he had told me that you can stop for a day and start back up again or take as much time off as you want and start back up again you don’t really need to do a certain. Of time on and off whenever you can financially afford if you do end up running it for a period of time with the rad start to Plateau all you would need to do is bump it up another 10 milligrams he said people on it for over 10 months and they continue to make gains. Again thanks for the great information and getting this out there I have share this with quite a few people I am loving all of these songs myself currently running them leading into my bodybuilding show in two months have a great day.

    1. Clay says:

      Hi Dustin,

      I’m replying because something you said caught my interest. You stated that the RAD-140 showed a suppression effect on natural testosterone production. The reason I’m pinging on this is because I’m currently undergoing TRT utilizing exogenous testosterone abs HCG and looking for an alternative that will help kick start natural production, and if possible, INCREASE natural production from the levels I tested at prior to therapy.

      Your information seems to contradict the information put out in the original article, so I just want to double check that you stated it correctly, that RAD-140 will not show an increase in natural test production but will in fact have the opposite effect? If this is the case do either yourself, or anybody else reading this have any information on any SARMS or protocols that would help me get the results I’m looking for? I’m already sold on the mk-677 fir the benefits people I know personally have gotten from it. FYI, 47 year old male currently using 200mg of test cypionate weekly, 500iu HCG twice weekly. No known side effects, but I’ve been under treatment fir less than a year and am concerned about possible long term use effects. Thanks.

  108. Gary Patterson says:

    Hi Ben, I am a 68 year old man who grows his own wheatgrass and does green shakes, qualia, yoga, gravity exercises,etc. I have used MK 677 and found it to be good when the quality was there, however I will stick with my Deer Antler which seems to be more consistent quality wise. Keep up the good work.

  109. Don says:

    Hey Ben,
    I am a 50 year old male, 250 lbs. approx. 38-40% body fat. I’m just getting started in trying to loose weight and get back in shape. Are these two the ideal stack of SARMS I should start with? I’ve read in the comments other people talking about other SARMS. I’m a bit confused. What would you recommend to be the best place to start for me?
    Also, should I focus mainly on cardio, weight training or both.

    BTW… Love Love Love, your podcast!

  110. ryley layden says:

    Ben – what dose (how many drops per day)? And then how many bottles of each for a 12 week cycle (2)?


    1. I have measured out 36 drops being 1ml for your reference. However, you can use the full dropper as 1ml or any other oral syringe you might have. 3 bottles of each would be enough for a 12-week cycle.

  111. Fred says:


    Great article, one question, do you recomend liquid SARMS over capsule? Is there any tangible difference?

    1. From what I have seen most of the remaining SARM capsules on the market are fake. Being sold as dietary supplements they are technically breaking the law so I don’t hold their character in high regards. These compounds can only be sold for research purposes only being as they have yet to be approved for anything and are merely in developmental stages.

  112. Michael says:

    Quick Question: What is more effective LGD-4033 or MK-677 for muscle mass?

    1. If you reference my previous article I would be partial to say LGD4033

  113. steve says:

    You mentioned once you open the bottle of RAD-140, you need to use it the same day. Does this mean your dropper bottle has a one day shelf life? you said you would need 4 bottles for a 12 week cycle.

    1. Opening the bottles doesn’t void or inhibit the half-life. In fact, when stored in cool, dark (out of moisture and direct sunlight) I believe these compounds in general can sit for many months without any degradation due to the solution/suspension.

  114. Kan says:

    Hi Ben! Thanks for this article.

    I have used GW 501516 just for a month and found it to be amazing. Can I stack this too?

    Or what do you think is the works best with GW 501516?

    1. You can absolutely stack and/or mix and match based on what your specific goals are at the time being! So glad you’re having amazing results.

  115. Richard Sanders says:

    At 74 having had various injuries and surgeries, but having been an avid lifelong weight trainer, I’m looking for an extra boost that could help restore some of my former strength. Would this be a sensible choice for me?

    1. I think this stack would being nothing short of dramatic in terms of results but that is merely me, surmising.

  116. Chris says:

    Ben I remember when I first started following you years ago. You were genuine and your information was accurate. Now most of the information you feed us is clearly a way to fill your own pockets with money. Really sad to see because I envied you.

    1. Thanks Chris. The information is still genuine and accurate. Sure, there are certain things I find that allow for better living through science, and when that happens, I share them with the world and often I can profit from them too. That's a win-win in my book. However, I do appreciate your feedback here and I'm always trying to improve and get better, so I will take this to heart!

  117. Anthony says:

    I get three months worth of Testostetone cypionate which is covered by my insurance for less than the price of one bottle of rad140. Cypionate has done nothing but improve my quality of life and when used under the supervision is very safe and beneficial.

  118. Mark says:

    Hi Ben does sarms warehouse supply a quality product and are they a reliable supplier?

    1. Yes and yes. From my research they are the only company I have seen that openly offers third-party/independent lab tests on their products rather than making baseless quality claims.

  119. Andy says:

    Hi Ben

    Great – more detailed SARMS info.

    How do these examples compare / differ from those previously discussed by yourself – mainly LGD-4033 and GW 501516?


    1. Will says:

      Hey there Ben!!

      Gewat write up.

      Question: When you review side effects there is no mention of how SARMS affect Kidney function.

      What info can you share?

      1. There is very little factual data beyond beyond empirical experimentation from what I have seen. I have yet to find anything that highlights it as being a concern.

        1. Will says:

          oops — was a browser issue — needed to refresh screen – thanks for addressing my question Ben

      2. Will says:

        hey Ben, think you posted answer to a different questions i asked. my questions was about if there are any deleterious impacts on kidney function.

        1. Is your question answered?

    2. Thanks for sticking with us and reading! It is a different combination that offers different pro’s and cons that may or may not be more appealing to someone. Let me know your thoughts, please!

  120. Mark says:

    How reliable are sarms warehouse?

    and do you believe theirs products are legitimate and tested to industry standards?

    1. From my research they are the only company I have seen that openly offers third-party/independent lab tests on their products rather than making baseless quality claims.

  121. Tim says:

    Ben, are there any post “cycle” feelings or effects? Like feeling weaker or gains losses after a cycle?

    Also, I’ve read that mk677 can temporarily decrease testosterone – any merit to that? also do either of these increase cortisol?

    Lastly, I know peptides are milder, but which would you recommend? Can they be used simultaneously?


  122. Horatio says:

    I believe taking Mk-677 is contraindicated if you have elevated liver enzymes, no?

  123. Will Givens says:

    The Sarms you recommend say they are not for human consumption. Sooooo…

  124. Matt says:

    Hi Ben – thank you for taking the time to do the research on these products. It’s incredibly interesting! You also wrote about a Vaxxen Labs stack (DHEA). Would you recommend one over the other, or do you feel both are comparable in terms of results?

    Thanks Ben!

    1. Hey! Thanks for sticking with me and reading. I love finding compounds that are revolutionizing through science and has real data behind it. I think they are both very comparable and both worth trying.

  125. Barry says:

    Are you using these currently and regularly?

    1. Not me personally as I'm a USADA/WADA competing athlete.

  126. Brian says:

    Looking at the bottle on their website, the bottle reads 30mg. Your article says to take 25mg. So is there only 1 dose per bottle or am I reading their bottle wrong? About how many doses are in a bottle?

    1. It's a bit confusing, I agree…

      When it says: 1 – 30mL Bottle , 25mg/mL x 30mL that means that there are 30mL in the bottle, and each mL contains 25mg.. so there are 30 dose per bottle of 25mg.

  127. Dora says:

    I am an “older” female, taking prescription testosterone (also estrogen and progesterone).

    If I want to switch to the SARMs stack, how long should I wait father stopping testosterone supplementation to start the SARM stack?

    Do I keep the estrogen and progesterone as it is now?

    Is the cycle you describe appropriate in my case?

    Thank you.


    1. Dora, to appropriately and responsibly advise you something like this it would be very difficult to do without bloodwork since you are on multiple hormones right now. What is the reason for your hormone therapy and goals?

  128. Tod says:

    Hey Ben,

    I”m curious whether or not to combine these two with my Vaxxen Labs stack I started about two weeks back? Or just work these in after? What would work best and safest approach?



    1. I would space them out, personally. Generally our bodies seem to respond to persistence spaced out over time. This would also given you a better opportunity to understand how your body reacts to different compounds and variables.

  129. Neal says:

    Thanks Ben. This is a helpful follow up article to your previous one on SARMS.

    I have had low T for years due to a medical condition and am currently taking injectable testosterone as prescribed by my doctor. However, the dosing is lower than the usual therapeutic dosage as I have a family history (father) of prostate cancer. The RAD 140 could be an alternative. Also, giving myself injections is not fun.

    From your research, are there other SARMs that could be used as an alternative or adjunct to the RAD-140?

    1. I have written a couple articles on Sarms. I think finding one that works best in conjunction for your situation will all come down to your goals as they are all vastly different.

  130. Rich Kagan says:

    I would love to get more information about SARMS and your CBD products.. Is there a number I can call? Or can you have somebody call me? 310 420-0490.


  131. Geoff says:

    Hey Ben,

    I’m a big fan of the research on MK677 and RAD140.

    I did some research awhile back and found a couple concerning studies that I wanted to get your opinion.
    “A Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (RAD140) Induces Inflammation in Rat Right Heart Ventricle: Evidence for an Androgen-Specific, Species-Specific Mechanism”
    “A ghrelin–growth hormone axis drives stress-induced vulnerability to enhanced fear”

    1. When I have some free time I will read through that study! Thanks for that. One thing I have noticed in other studies is: the data being used is dosage-saturated. When you take the bodyweight of the subject (for that example, a rat) – they generally use an amount that would be equivalent of a human using multiple grams a day which isn’t logical. On the contrary, I believe we can conclude from other sources of HGH enhancement that increased IGF-LR3 has different actions on the cells within the human body.

    2. Geoff says:

      If you do read the study on on MK677, let me know what you think on the subject, if you have time.


  132. Mark Austin says:

    Thanks for the great information Ben.

    Are there different SARMS that work through different pathways to get the same result so one could cycle between different stacks instead of between on and off and still avoid adaptation ?

    For example MK-677 works through grehlin, another may go through the GHRH pathway.

    Very grateful for your answer.

    1. From what I have been able to conclude through my research, I do not believe so. All of the SARMs are so vastly different and developed for completely different purposes I do not think you will find one that has the same pathway or function as MK677 for sake of the set forth example. However, you do pose a very intriguing point. I will continue to delve into this and see if there are any studies that suggest otherwise!

    2. Jill says:

      Interested in this too. Could I use the mk-677 while taking a break from lgd-4033?

  133. Edgar says:

    Is this combo better than the LGD4033 and GW? Because I used that combo and got NO results. So I’m wondering if the RD-140 would work better for me. I am on TRT and am not feeling good on it at all.

    1. Geoff says:

      I’m interested in this as well.

    2. I think there are many questionable variables but both combinations have proven to be excellent alternatives to AAS.

    3. mark says:

      Edgar- Where did you obtain your LGD and GW? A lot of companies sell fake stuff these days…PS TRT also made me feel crummy…

  134. Jill says:

    Can I cycle lgd-4033 with rad 140 for continuous muscle gains?

    1. Continuous? I think RAD140 would stack well with the LGD from a research data standpoint for muscle gains.

    2. Jill says:

      So you wouldn’t suggest using the rad-140 when when taking a break from lgd-4033, but using them together after the break. I just finished an 8 week cycle of the lgd-4033 and don’t want to lose ground.


      1. I think stacking them would be great if thats what your goals are aligned with. Or, perhaps try the RAD/MK stack as I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!!

      2. Jill says:

        Would the mk-677 dose be 25mg/day regardless of bodyweight? My weight is on the low side, looking to add muscle, improve bone health

        1. That is the standard assumed dosage but you can most definitely start at something lower, assess, and progress to the full 25mg.

          1. Jill says:

            Do you think Mk 677 and lgd 4033 would be a good combo? I’ve used the lgd 4033 for one cycle and was happy with it. Thanks for being somgenerous with all the responses!

  135. Warren Bowden says:

    Hi Ben thanks for the article?…… will this help strengthen tendons and ligaments also or only muscle?

  136. Simon M says:

    Ben, as with Qualia and its DHEA content, you don’t seem to care whether stuff is “legal” for conpetitive athletes. Kinda strange, as I’m sure you have plenty dropping in here.
    So just a warning: SARMS are banned by WADA/USADA.

    1. As I clearly specified here, I do not recommend for such athletes: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2016/12/how-to-g…

  137. Robert Rochowiak says:

    Can you take these if you are already using prescribed Testosterone?

  138. Maria says:

    Hi Ben;

    Does this information apply to both men and women?

  139. Kristen says:

    Ben, what are your thoughts on stacking MK-677 and Rad 140 with LGD 4033 and Cardarine? For a woman who would like to put on some lean mass and is putting in the time in the gym.

    1. that's a pretty potent stack! It would work…

  140. Kp says:

    How many approx doses are in each bottle bases on the 20/25 mg of target, any idea?

    1. MK-677 25MG -1 – 30mL Bottle 25mg/mL x 30mL – how to read that- each bottle is 30mL- each mL has 25mg – or 1mL = one serving. 30 servings per bottle

      RAD-140 15MG 1 – 30mL Bottle 15mg/mL x 30mL – for this one, you have 30 servings of 15mg, were as 20mg is advised. You need 1.33 servings (1.33mL), there for there are 22 servings per that bottle

      1. Rich says:

        MK-677…this is a “dropper bottle”…is one dose a full dropper (25mg or 1mL)? Is the dropper marked? Any benefits at lower dosages? This stuff is expensive.

        1. Technically, both. 1ml will equal 25mg so 25mg will equal 1ml! I believe each bottle contains 750 total mg.

  141. phil murphy says:

    Where does Sermorelin fit in all this – I have been injecting each night before bed 0.5 milliliters

    Sermorelin forte plus 27mg

    Sermorelin 9mg/ghrp-6 9mg/ghrp-29mg

    1. You can probably continue to take sermorelin as that's a GH precursor, although I am not familiar with exact dosage for that stack.

  142. Col says:

    Should read:

    Based on the dosing above, how many bottles will I need to last the 12 weeks? Not sure how long each bottle will last IRL.

    1. For the 25/20 recommendation:

      MK-677 25MG -1 – 30mL Bottle 25mg/mL x 30mL – how to read that- each bottle is 30mL- each mL has 25mg – or 1mL = one serving. 30 servings per bottle
      RAD-140 15MG 1 – 30mL Bottle 15mg/mL x 30mL – for this one, you have 30 servings of 15mg, were as 20mg is advised. You need 1.33 servings (1.33mL), there for there are 22 servings per that bottle.

      12 weeks = 84 days (84 servings)
      MK-677 = 3 Bottles
      RAD- 140 = 4 Bottles

  143. Mike says:

    Any search shows multiple hits of dicussions on bodybuilding websites talking about how SARMS also suppress (in similar doses to what you mentioned above) your natural testosterone production in a similar method to steroids or testosterone supplementation. Surely this has many side effects?

    1. I wouldn’t consider discussion forums the best research for any real-research. From what I have seem there are few studies suggesting as much probably due to lacking-data. However, being pragmatic, anytime you disrupt a negative feedback loop in your body with any introduction of a substance you can potentially cause suppression. In regards to that, it all comes down to your personal goals weighed against the pro’s and cons.

  144. Al says:

    Hi Ben,

    Which combination Sarms combo works better? Cardarine and LG 4033 or MK 677 and RAD 140 ?

    1. That depends heavily upon your goals! I think the articles offer a clear representation of which combination would be more suitable for you, though.

  145. David says:

    So…$150 a day? Am I reading that right?

    1. Not quite, you need 7 total bottles at $74.99 each for the 12 weeks- works out to $6.25 per day.

    2. Danny says:

      I second this. The website indicates 15mg/ml in a 30 ml bottle (RAD-14). But it states that you need to use a whole bottle in a day. Can you clarify this mismatch, Ben?

      1. I believe it leaves a bit up to personal interpretation but it is 15mg/ml in a 30ml solution. Otherwise, they’d be so expensive it wouldn't even be realistic, lol!

  146. Andy T says:

    Just purchased. Can’t wait!

  147. Danny Shell, M.S. Exercise Physiology says:

    Any thoughts for a 65 year old male, been exercising forever (weights, running, surfing) diagnosed years ago with BPH and currently taking medication ?

    Thanks so much,

    1. Yep, this would be right up your alley…

  148. NIcholas says:

    How about the MK677 and the RAD 140 capsules ? Are they as good as the liquid ?

    1. They can work, yes, but I personally prefer the liquid delivery for things like this.

      1. Jack says:

        Is there any reason the combination of Rad 140 and MK 677 would stop migraines? As an N=1 this past month has been an unexpected surprise in that regards. 0 headaches.

        1. Hey Jack, I'm not sure of the mechanism of action on this one. Very interesting though.

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