Q&A 434: The Hidden Anti-Aging Molecule In Your Gut, A New Longevity “Drug”, Exercise Vs. Diet For Fat Loss, Ben’s Pre-Workout Mix & Much More!

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Instagram Q&A with Ben Greenfield while strolling through sun-soaked Spokane, WA:

Q: How Do You Know If Your Hunger Is A Craving Or An Actual Need For Food?…30:05

In my response, I recommend:

Q: What Would You Tell Joe Rogan About Recovering From Covid?…33:50

In my response, I recommend:

Q: Hey Ben, Where Did You Go To College And What Did You Study?…37:15

  • Started college at 15
  • Took Athletic Therapy, switched to Exercise Physiology
  • Master's Degree: Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Human Nutrition
  • Pre-med
  • Worked 5 jobs all through college

Q: Ray Peat's Opinion On Keto Diet And Carb Intake…41:10

In my response, I recommend:
  • Strict ketosis, from a free radical and inflammation/oxidation standpoint, is not as favorable as moderate ketosis/ cyclic ketosis, carb re-feeds, and ensuring a good source of PUFA, like fish oil.

Q: Post-Concussion Syndrome Tips…43:15

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Q: How Ben Greenfield Takes Care Of His Hair…46:40

In my response, I recommend:

Q: Wired Or Wireless Earphones?…49:45

In my response, I recommend:

Q: Does Ben Greenfield Like To Run?…51:05

  • Played tennis, basketball in college
  • First run was 2 miles in 2nd year of college
  • Signed up for a 10-mile road race in 3rd year of college (took 2nd place)
  • Ironman to triathlon
  • Ran 15 to 25 to 40 miles a week for 20 years
  • Does not run now, except checking mail on the driveway – 400 meters (1 to 2 miles a week)
  • Cardio comes from:

Q: Does Ben Wear Sunscreen?…53:45

In my response, I recommend:

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8 thoughts on “Q&A 434: The Hidden Anti-Aging Molecule In Your Gut, A New Longevity “Drug”, Exercise Vs. Diet For Fat Loss, Ben’s Pre-Workout Mix & Much More!

  1. Mike says:

    A person with questionable advice, a large following with trusting, but sometimes ignorant or gullible listeners, can be dangerous, like a Chimp with a Machine gun.

    In Ben’s response to Joe Rogan’s taking of Ivermectin, Ben casually states that “When I had COVID I took Ivermectin and I was sick about a day.” I remember clearly when Ben told about his own COVID sickness and he took a literal phalanx of medications that the typical person would not have access to. He’s also in peak fitness and relatively young. He’s not your Grandma or Grandpa.

    I like Ben Greenfield’s podcasts and I like Joe Rogan’s podcasts. However both of them do a big disservice by giving questionable medical advice to their listeners. If you’ve listened long enough to Ben, you will find that he’s essentially reckless in his conduct and then has to resort to his medical knowledge to “Cure” himself. Examples-

    In the middle of the COVID crisis Ben would talk about the dinner parties he had ( I assume mask-less) and Sauna Parties (think it was a Sauna). And then surprise, surprise he got COVID! A rational person that wasn’t an antivaxer would have just gotten a vaccine, when available and Pre-Vaccine would have been careful to mask up and avoid social gatherings.

    If you’ve been listening to Ben long enough you will know that he also caught the Giardia Parasite, which one gets typically from drinking contaminated water. How did this happen? Well Ben said it was from a “Home-brew” hack water purifier he crafted. Note you can buy off the shelf water purifiers from Amazon for camping like the “Lifestraw” that will filter out the Giardia Parasite.

    The point I’m getting at is there are tried and true methods of preventing disease, like with COVID by taking the vaccine. What a concept! Or using an easily available water purifier-filter if you are out camping. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Follow this advice and you won’t have to resort to extreme measures and “Miracle” cures.

    1. Raj says:

      Mike, I feel the same way. I am so stunned by all of these “health” leaders. I have unfollowed so many over the last year due to rejection of basic scientific facts. It is really sad. Makes me question all of the other advice they give.

    2. Brian says:

      I’ve seen MD’s, yes Medical Dr.’s and Phd’s in science comment about Ivermectin and discuss it’s effectiveness as presented in the Medical literature. It’s not quackery and too many, IMO, have fallen victim to the media’s condemnation of anything contrary to what the FDA and the CDC recommend. Remember, neither the FDA nor the CDC are fully funded from the government and get as much as 40% of their revenue from advertising. The same companies who advertise that they are supposed to be a watchdog for. There IS no doubt a ton of politics in medicine. Each person needs to do their homework and determine their own course of treatments along with their chosen medical professionals

    3. Mike A says:

      Wake up dude, the vaccine does not prevent Covid. Try changing the channel from CNN.

  2. Pam Sandberg says:

    I tried Feel Free, 1/2 dose as recommended for newbies. Felt like there was a tight band around my head, very slight sense of being ‘altered’ for several hours. Not pleasant or desirable feelings. Next day I was sick as a dog for several hours – nausea to the point of vomiting and generally feeling crappy. It did not produce any sense of euphoria. At least the company refunded my purchase.

  3. Robin says:

    When do you know which salt to use when cooking? Black lava salt, pink Himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt…are they all interchangeable with different benefits or should one be used over the other?

  4. Joe says:

    Hi Ben

    Great show. The idea of passing negative stuff to future generations I imagine is via epigenetics. I seem to recall a previous podcast (maybe yours maybe someone else’s) that seemed to say one’s inherited epigenetics could be erased or reset to a more heathy state via MDMA or psilocybin therapy. For example someone planning to have children could undergo this therapy before conceiving thus benefitting their children and themselves.

    If such a discussion occurred on one of your previous podcasts please let me know which one. If not do you have any thoughts on this idea?

    Thanks Joe

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