Part 2 With Tom Digan: Ben Greenfield’s Favorite Biohacks, How Important Are Calories & Nutrition, Microwaved Burritos Vs. Grass-Fed Meat, Cool New Fitness Technologies & Much More.

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In Part 1 of my two-part discussion with Tom Digan, I got put in the hot seat just a bit as Tom picked my brain about how to assemble the very best workouts and exercises to achieve the ideal combination of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle tactics for both lifespan and healthspan.

I also got a chance to delve into Tom's unique body of knowledge regarding the surge in home fitness trends and fitness apps.

Today, during Part 2 of my podcast with Tom, we talk more about in-home fitness, nutrition, and fitness trends and cautions.

There are plenty of workout and fitness apps out there, but there's a reason that I recently partnered with Tom's company “Ladder” for the launch of my new training program Boundless, which is unlike any training experience I’ve ever created. Boundless on the Ladder app is a fully structured training program delivered to you fresh each and every week, utilizing my Minimum Dose Methodology, which maximizes cardiovascular endurance, strength, and stamina in the minimum amount of time, to help you burn fat, gain muscle, and get in the best shape of your life. Each week you’ll have 5 workout days, one active recovery and mobility day, and on Sundays, you’ll even get a special biohacking tip from me, all inside of the Ladder app. Every workout has guided movement videos and coaching queues as well, so you can master each movement and stay motivated.

You can download Ladder now in the iOS App Store. When you get it, you are not only are you getting an amazing workout program delivered conveniently to your phone, you’re also getting the benefit of real accountability and community. The Ladder app makes it super easy to not only chat with the other members of Team Boundless, but also send me one-on-one messages to ask me training questions, get nutrition tips, and keep me updated on your progress. This type of personalized fitness consultation and coaching with me usually costs thousands of dollars, but you can get full access to me and my training programs for only $60 a month by subscribing to Ladder.

So you’re tired of planning your workouts, want to finally achieve an incredible physique or you need the accountability of a community to get in shape, Team Boundless on the Ladder app is for you. Download Ladder in the iOS App Store now, join Team Boundless, and try your first week of workouts for free by clicking here.

So who is Tom?

Tom Digan is the Co-Founder & President of Ladder, a fitness technology company based in Austin, TX. Prior to joining Ladder full-time Tom spent over a decade working in the hedge fund industry as a Partner at a $1B+ AUM investment firm located in New York. Tom holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and was a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree. Ladder Teams is a social fitness experience for people who are passionate about fitness and need help planning and maintaining a progressive training program. With Ladder Teams, avid fitness-seekers can access a complete strength training program on their phone, learn from an expert coach, and engage with a community who share a passion for fitness.

During Part 2 of my discussion with Tom Digan, you'll discover:

-Why you should beware of the influx of instant fitness experts in the age of Instagram…07:40

  • Study from Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research on perceptions of personal trainer's competence
  • Gym rats peddling a 30-minute per day program to look as they look
  • Ben got his first personal training certification at the age of 16
  • Spent thousands of hours as a personal trainer before launching the podcast, any type of social media

-Ben's criteria for promoting products…15:04

-How important is nutrition to reach one's fitness goals…22:15

-Where Ben stands on the macros vs. calories debate…39:50

-The ideal ratio of calorie deficits vs. refers…48:00

-What should protein levels be when dieting and normal consumption…50:45

  • Normal day for most people depending on how much muscle they are trying to gain is 0.55 g-0.8 g of protein/ lb. of body weight

-Fitness trends and biohacks Ben is excited about right now…52:18

-Ben's thoughts on tech-driven fitness…57:15

-What to expect from the Boundless program on the Ladder app…1:02:45

  • Supportive of minimal effective dose of exercise
  • Ben has vetted hundreds of apps, Ladder is the one that meets his approval
  • Keep things as grounded to nature and ancestral living as possible
  • Body by Science by Doug McGuff

-And much more!…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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  1. Mike says:

    I commented that this most recent podcast was 70% infomercial for the Ladder App. I guess Ben can’t handle criticism because the post was deleted.

  2. Kevin Thompson says:

    Hi. When is this app coming to android? Thanks

    Excited for it!

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    Great product, but jeez, the longest sales pitch without a breath was excessive., we get it!

    Keep up the good work Ben.

    1. Mike says:

      I said the same thing as you and my post was deleted. I left out the attaboy though. So Ben, if your listening, your podcasts are like panning for gold. You have to go thru some sand, but every once in awhile you get a gold nugget of information and that makes it worth it!

  5. Shawn Jacobs says:

    Not sure if you were joking, but I would absolutely try out any of your penis gear.

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    Can you link to the item you pour your wine through that you mentioned around the structured water conversation. Im curious about it. Thanks!

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