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The TED of Transformation

My friend Vishen Lakhiani’s exploration of peak human potential began in 2001 when he took meditation classes to remedy his crushing work stress in a New York technology company. This soon inspired him to launch Mindvalley: a company bringing transformational education to the world. Back then, shortly after he launched some of his first meditation apps, I actually hosted Vishen on the podcast  The World's Best Phone Apps For Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, in which we geeked out on meditation and the meditation apps that Vishen and his team began designing.

After 15 years, 3 million students, and numerous accolades from the likes of Huffington Post, BBC, Inc. Magazine, and WorldBlu, Mindvalley became recognized as one of the world’s top workplaces, and a leading publisher in the personal growth industry. But Vishen’s vision extended further.

He believes many aspects of mainstream education remain dangerously stuck in obsolete industrial revolution-era paradigms. And that the evolution of humanity’s consciousness is lagging behind our innovations in technology. This makes the evolution of our education – or as he calls it, Transformational Education – one of our most pressing concerns. Through Mindvalley, Vishen now works with governments, education institutions, technology innovators, artists, and the world’s best teachers to create deeply transformational learning experiences: the kind that elevate people of all ages and walks of life into empowered, cosmocentric, highly evolved human beings.

Today, Vishen is a leading voice for transformational education and is the founder of annual events like A-Fest and Mindvalley U, both of which I've attended and spoken at. He also speaks on stages across the world on subjects such as personal growth, education technology, and workplace culture. He sits on the Innovation Board of the XPrize Foundation, an advocate of human-centric technological development. And he’s also a bestselling author, including the incredibly popular book “Code Of The Extraordinary Mind“.

But Vishen’s latest mission is arguably his most audacious yet: within the next 20 years, he intends to completely evolve mankind’s approach to learning, by bringing Transformational Education to every country and Fortune 500 company on the planet. One of the ways he's doing that is via the innovative Mindvalley Quests, and in today's podcast, we talk about the new Beauty & Longevity Quest I've created with Mindvalley, the Beauty & Longevity Masterclass that accompanies the Quest, and much, much more!

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-When and why Vishen launched Mindvalley…14:32

  • Wanted to start the next great social media platform in 2002.
  • Lost everything; owed money; couldn't pay rent.
  • Got a job selling tech info to lawyers.
  • Ended up depressed. Hit rock bottom.
  • Googled, “Why does life suck so bad?” Discovered class on meditation.
    • Was the only person who showed up to the class.
  • Began applying meditation, empathy, intuition into his work. Sales improved exponentially in 4 months.
  • Looking to tap into the subconscious for ideas.
  • How Vishen incorporated meditation into his sales calls:
    • Gave his mind “instructions”:
    • Only call lawyers that are a good fit for the tech.
    • Would benefit both sides from a sale.
    • Ran hand over names; listened for a “gut impulse.” Yes, or no.
    • Doubled sales in one week listening to his gut.
  • Quit sales job and became a meditation instructor.
    • Took the Silva Mind Control; adapted to his own practice. Has now integrated with Mindvalley.
    • “Mindvalley Intuition Program”
  • How often do you do the Silva Mind Control?

-The 113 points that are measured in the Mindvalley program…30:20

  • Based on an online assessment developed by Jon Butcher.
  • Unifying different models of personal growth via merger, acquisition.
  • Prices on programs are lowered, more available to people.

-Vishen's own personal habits and biohacks…34:00

  • Extremely structured life.
  • Aspergers causes awkwardness in social situations, OCD behavior in work.
  • Knowledge is data; focus on transformation to live a more fulfilling life.
  • Focusing on transformation changed Vishen's outlook on life, physical appearance, mindset.
  • Wants to have the biggest jump in consciousness in history by 2038.
  • Vishen's Daily Routine:
    • 6 phase meditation “Transcendent practice”
      • Compassion
      • Gratitude
      • Forgiveness
      • Creative visualization (long term)
      • Visualize today
      • Prayer or a blessing
    • Intermittent fasting
    • Cold thermogenesis
    • Healthy morning shake
    • Super slow strength training
  • Very regimented work program. 8 hours per day.
  • Family, reading, study time.

-How Vishen fixed his eyesight…57:20

  • Read his blog post about it here.
  • Get your eyes checked from a doctor, not an optometrist.
  • Get glasses one increment down from your actual vision.
  • Install eye chart in your home.
  • Get a vision coach, online vision course.
  • Eyeglasses are a crutch!

-Vishen's sleep routine…1:03:35

-The diet that Vishen promotes which mimics that of our ancestors…1:08:15

  • Wild Fit
  • 80% of your body shape is what you eat.
  • An “anti-diet” diet program.
  • Rooted in behavioral psychology. 90-day program.
  • Week 6-7, you go off sugar; that's when the fat starts to shed.
  • You end up craving only what's good for you.

-Innovative Mindvalley Quests & the Beauty and Longevity Quest I've created with Mindvalley…1:19:40

-And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Click here to be instantly notified when the Mindvalley Beauty & Longevity Masterclass with Ben Greenfield is released

Click here for the official Beauty & Longevity Quest with Ben Greenfield

-Book: The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani

-Book: The Master Key

-Book: The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva

-Mindvalley Intuition Training

My podcast with Emily Fletcher on meditation

Vishen's Six-Phase Meditation

The Lifebook experience

The Wired magazine article on The Geek Syndrome

Study: The Unburdening Effects of Forgiveness – Effects on Slant Perception and Jumping Height

-Omica Organics Stevia

-Book: Body By Science by Doug McGuff

The Adonis Index

-Ben's “V-Shape” 9 Month Men's Muscle Building Program by Ben Greenfield, based on the Adonix index

Vishen's article on how to fix your eyesight

Z-Health Vision Gym

Iristech software for vision and computer screen health

David Delight Mind Alive device for power naps

The WildFit Quest

WildFit Apple Pie

WildFit Spaghetti & Meatballs

-Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear

-A-Fest Events

MindvalleyU Events

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14 thoughts on “Biohacking Beauty, Boosting Longevity, Building Perfect Eyesight, The Wild Diet, Memory, Learning & Beyond With Vishen Lakhiani.

  1. I am regular reader, how are you everybody?
    This post posted at this web page is in fact nice.

  2. MJ says:

    Do you have an opinion on the differences between the Iris software and f.lux?

  3. Bill says:

    Hi Ben,

    I was wondering which Mind Alive device you have and which session that you run?


  4. Lucy says:

    I have not been able to access the MindValley 6 Phase Meditation successfully using the link provided. After I submit my information the process gets stalled. This has happened multiple times. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it?

  5. Páll says:


    you said something in this one I’ve never heard before, Tinnitus is an auto immune issue. My tinnitus is seemingly driving me crazy, at least it’s helping. The few doctors i mentioned it to in conjunction with other cognitive issues just stare straight ahead and totally ignore the symptom. Please comment and point me to info you might know of regarding this.

    I really appreciate it.

    Thanks Páll

    1. Lucy says:

      I picked up on that information as well and have been wondering whether I have tinnitus or not as I frequently hear tones that waver up and down from a central tendancy of pitch in my left ear. It feels like interference and I wonder how much it is distracting my brain and bodily functioning.

      Understanding that we are bioelectric beings I’ve paid some attention to my electrical environment, and installed Greenwave filters in my bedroom. Haven’t put the wifi on night timer yet. So this new angle on tinnitus, as potentially an autoimmune condition possibly could be addressed as well through the Human Diet (per Dr. Cate Shannahan, author Deep Nutrition on this podcast earlier this year) – but I’m eating that way for the most part and still have this interference. And last week I did Dr. John Douillard’s short 4-day Ayurvedic cleanse, which did feel as if it removed many toxins, but still ear is “ringing”…Other angles is to consider fascial restrictions that might put pressure on structures in these areas, particularly balance of sphenoid bone, and then the hips as well, spiritual/emotional status, pollution, etc. There are so many potential factors it seems, and probably any of them can contribute to autoimmune dysfunction. Ok well this turned into a longer comment than I had anticipated, but any comments back to me are much appreciated!!!

      1. Ringing in ears is often autoimmune. This podcast has a lot of good info including numerous resources in the show notes:… … I really like the "Auto-Immune Paleo Diet" (Linked at the bottom). This podcast contains direct info on Tinnitus and some natural remedies:

  6. Timo says:

    Great podcast. When Vishen talked about doing Spartan in a little state called Johor, he was being cheeky as that state is easily 10 times bigger than Singapore!

    I’ve known about the ability to correct your own vision, but always wondered how to go about it while still having to wear glasses. His blog article looks really instructive, it gives me a rough map to follow by adjusting my lens power down incrementally. The Mind valley courses look intriguing as well.

  7. Davend Reddy says:

    This podcast is one of my favourites! I enjoy all of your talks and I’m learning so much knowledge. A year ago I underwent brain surgery, where the removed my right cerebellum. Your bio hacks have helped me get back to my new %100, but went to continue to grow past that. Would relish the chance to speak to either of you if possible and even willing to help prove certain methods!

  8. Elaina Long says:

    Hey Ben, thank you for doing this podcast with Vishen..I was really hoping you would. A real blessing. As soon as you mentioned Winnie the Pooh I went on a mission to find a book in my bookcase I’ve had for years and loved it. It’s called ” Tao of Pooh & the Te of Piglet ” by Benjamin Hoff. It dives very much into the wisdom of Taoism and how Pooh is always living in the moment and of course he has his thinking place. I must read it again. There’s another one called “Pooh and the Philosophers ” by John Tyerman Williams, which covers the great Philosophers of ancient Greece to existentialism.

  9. janet says:

    Hey Ben,

    Would love to know once and for all if collagen powder really has any beneficial effects before I keep spending money on them. Thank you!

    1. A high quality collagen definitely has its benefits if you're not able to consume a high quality bone broth regularly.

  10. Tony Krotz says:

    Hey Ben! Great Podcast. You mentioned Pooh and asked if anyone knew of a book of Pooh quotes. It isn’t technically a book of quotes but I just finished reading ‘The Tao of Pooh’ by Benjamin Hoff and it used the sayings and dialogues of the Pooh books as a way to provide a great and interesting introduction to Taoism. Loved it. Cheers!

  11. Sondria Gregg says:

    Omg Ben Greenfield I love you. Thank you for allowing me to listen to your podcasts to help me make my life better. I’m 61 years old female who recently quit (retired) from stress. Have been depressed most of my life. I first discovered a bio hacking podcast that I’ve listened to for a couple of years. I’ve implemented some of the techniques which has helped. I was so excited to find your podcast a couple of months ago and have been looking into your products. Listening to your podcast today with Vishen got me so excited in trying new things to improve my life. Thank you again from someone who lives in rural America that will never be able to travel to big cities with good doctors.

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