Do Training Masks Really Work?

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It's that time of week again – the day when I give you a sneak peek at practical, quick and dirty fitness tips from this week's Get-Fit Guy article.

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Here's your sneak peek from this week's article,“Do Training Masks Really Work?”.

“You’ve no doubt seen them: those sleek, tight-fitting masks worn by UFC fighters like Diego Sanchez, Tyrone Woodley and Carlos Condit, celebrity actors like Michael Jordan in the recent movie Creed and even extreme workout enthusiasts at your local gym who appear to be the exercising equivalent of the villain Bane from Batman’s “Dark Knight Rises”. Indeed, from the looks of NFL players, Ironman triathletes, BJJ champions, MMA fighters, boxers, Crossfitters and beyond, these masks, which come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, seem to be taking the fitness world by storm.

But do training masks really work? In today’s article, you’ll discover the answer, and find out whether these trendy face-gadgets are waste of your money or a breakthrough device that will give you the lungs of a freak mutant.”

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