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Roger Snipes is a fitness entrepreneur with an unshakable desire to improve the world.

While growing up in a crime-stricken neighborhood, living with an abusive father, and spending time homeless as a teenager, Roger found fitness training to be his home and therapy.

As a young adult, Roger shifted from job to job trying to find his passion and also trying to find himself. During this time, he would listen to audiobooks and read about psychological development and emotional intelligence, and later become a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. Understanding nutrition to achieve a peak body composition, Roger went on to be a model and natural bodybuilder. During his time in bodybuilding, he would go on to win Mr. UK, Mr. Britannia in 2010, and Fame UK in 2011, along with a win at Musclemania 2011. Snipes also competed as a Muscle Model and took first place in WBFF European Championship and also won his pro card in 2013. Along with his first-place wins, a pro card for two different fitness federations, sponsorships, and double-page spreads in print magazines based on his success, he also made an appearance on national TV.

Roger later found personal training, dedicating himself to helping others reach their fitness potential. Roger has motivated over 1.5 million followers around the world on his social media platforms. He seeks to learn as well as teach. He interviews some of the world’s leading experts from naturopathic medicine to entrepreneurship on his weekly podcast, The Roger Snipes Show Podcast. Roger is also the author of Your Mind Builds Your Body: Unlock your Potential with Biohacking and Strength Training.

Roger believes you don’t need to have “all your ducks in a row” to make decisions. Rather, he says that if you make a decision, all your ducks will line up eventually!

Recently, I met Roger Snipes at the Health Optimisation Summit in London. Roger and I decided to get together at a London park for a walk-and-talk interview, covering a wide variety of topics, from faith, to family, to fitness.

In this episode, you'll discover:

-How Ben's fitness priorities are changing with time and age…05:51

-Ben's current diet…10:09

-Best ways to test your biometrics…13:50

-Acclimating children to “adult” foods…18:38

  • As soon as a child can chew, give food that requires chewing
  • Feed foods that are atypical for children, they'll end up eating them later
  • Treat kids like mini-adults

-How to reduce inflammation in the body…22:25

-Ben describes the beginning of his walk and relationship with God…32:36

  • Fear of hell isn't a proper motivation to live righteous life
  • You want to do right when your heart is centered on God

-Do all religions lead to God?…36:29

  • Presence or absence of a messiah (Jesus)
  • Many paths to a good life, but the only way to an eternal life with God is through Christ
  • Benefits of absolute moral standards, vs. every man a law unto himself
  • Humans left to their own volition sans moral law lead to disastrous results

-How Ben consumes a massive amount of books…41:22

-Ben's recommended books on mental agility, emotional endurance, financial success, etc…45:36

-Concerns about how modern-day children are being raised…52:17

-Why relationships don't have the endurance they once had…52:13

  • Transactional “serial” dating leads to a devaluation of intimate relationships
  • Porn promotes a promiscuous nature
  • View fellow humans as sacred souls

-Is it possible to love others unconditionally?…58:08

  • It's impossible to love someone unconditionally unless you are perfect

-Founding origins of Kion…1:00:37

-And much more…

-Upcoming Events:

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