Easy Ways To Get Smarter, The Best Jet Lag Hacks, Why Cold Water Is Better Than Cryotherapy, Weed Before Sleep & Much More With Louisa Nicola.

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Are you feeling like you're at the top of your game?

You might be close…but it's likely that there's at least a hidden 5% you've likely yet got the potential to tap into.

Enter Louisa Nicola, the brain optimization guru who's taking the sports world by storm with her revolutionary approach to human performance. She's the mastermind behind Neuro Athletics, a unique consulting firm dedicated to refining the brains of some of the world's most elite NBA and MLB stars. Using a dazzling blend of EEG scans, lab tests, and cognitive assessments, Louisa gains an unprecedented window into these world-class athletes' minds, translating science-driven data into tangible, game-changing results.

Louisa holds a Master of Medicine in Neurophysiology from the University of Sydney Medical School and is currently on her way to earning her doctorate, focusing her research on the intricate relationship between exercise and the brain. With esteemed positions on the boards of Momentous, Tonal, and Klora, she leverages her expertise for the benefit of these innovative companies.

In her popular podcast, The Neuro Experience, Louisa lives and breathes at the exciting crossroads of neuroscience and athleticism. She offers listeners a fresh, science-backed understanding of what it takes to achieve true peak performance while inviting other industry experts to shed light on emerging themes in neurology, sleep physiology, and medicine.

But it's not just professional athletes who benefit from Louisa's work. At Neuro Athletics, the team knows that mastery of the mind is the key to unlocking the final stretch of potential for top performers across various industries, including investing and business. They're passionate about helping clients tap into neuroscience to think faster, perform better, and reach goals that may have previously seemed unattainable. Louisa also works with health professionals through her Neuro Athletics Coaching Certificate (NACC) course – a two-day immersive certificate for strength coaches, fitness enthusiasts, physical therapists, and chiropractors (use code BEN to save 20% on the course).

Louisa's dedication to peak performance stems from her own incredible journey. Training for the Olympics as a triathlete representing Australia, her dreams were almost shattered when a car struck her while training on her bike resulting in severe injuries. Instead of succumbing to her circumstances, Louisa ingeniously integrated brain training into her physiology regime. The result? A near-miraculous recovery, culminating in a 13th place finish at the Auckland World Championship series in the triathlon. With a Bachelor's of Teaching, a Bachelor's of Exercise Physiology, a Master's of Mathematics, and her current pursuit of a Master of Science in Medicine at the University of Sydney, Louisa certainly earned the knowledge base that helped lay the foundation for her approach.

During my conversation with Louisa, you'll learn about measuring brain health, jet lag hacks, the secrets of optimal performance, and the cutting-edge world of neuro-athletics. You'll also hear Louisa's personal story, from a devastating tragedy to her inspiring triumph. Gear up for a mind-expanding discussion that's about to reshape the way you perceive your potential and performance.

Ready to unlock that untapped 5%?

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Louisa Nicola?…07:05
  • Founder and head performance adviser of Neuro Athletics
    • Specializes in turning your brain into a Ferrari
  • Neurophysiologists and human performance coach
  • Her company uses science-driven data to improve your brain
  • Master of medicine and neurophysiology
    • Currently completing her PhD
  • Louisa’s background 
  • Raced for Australian triathlon team
    • Trained for 40 hours a week
    • 20 races a year
  • Learned to swim at a young age
    • Government mandatory swimming drill in school living in Australia
  • Ironman Australia
  • Currently based in New York
  • Founded Neuro Athletics 

-What got Louisa interested in medicine?…11:46

  • Started off with exercise physiology
  • As a triathlete, became obsessed with data
  • Polar heart rate monitor and Polar watch
  • Usain Bolt's running coach gave them a lecture
    • Brought up a machine to do EEG scan
    • Assessing brain waves to train to be better
  • Got very interested and wanted to pursue a career in it
  • Ben’s first experience with heart rate monitors
  • Data made her a better athlete
  • Preparing for Beijing to compete
    • Two weeks before going, she was hit by a car
    • Broke a leg, injured some ribs
    • Got fear to get on a bike
    • Did an EEG and saw frontal lobe damage
  • Started to train her brain visually
  • Realized how special the brain was
  • Nobody talked about the importance of sleep

-What does EEG measure?…17:33

-Tests at Neuro Athletics…23:19

-Are there any bloodwork parameters that identify problematic issues of the brain?…  24:46

  • Look at neural hormonal biomarkers
  • Do a DNA test
    • Predisposition to Alzheimer's disease
  • Elevated Homocysteine
    • Not being able to process B vitamins
  • Omega-3 index test
    • If you have AFib, don’t take high dose of Omega-3
    • Omega-3 is an anti-coagulant
  • Best supplements for the brain – EPA and DHA
  • VO2max
    • Picking up on cardiorespiratory fitness
    • In college learned that it is only for elite athletes
    • Huge biomarker of longevity is having a high VO2max
    • Usually on a treadmill or bike
  • Blood lactate test
  • Cognitive assessment test
    • Brain is separate from cognition
      • Brain functionality and brain structure – EEG
    • Cognition refers to attention, reaction, focus, information processing speed
  • Complete hormone check
  • Exercise parameters
  • The first month on Neuro Athletics is just testing
  • Psychological assessment
  • At-home sleep study
  • Oura ring
  • An in-house sleep study cannot be replicated with wearables just like an EKG cannot be replicated by a wearable

-What can you do for brain building during an average day?…36:20

  • A study from 2004
    • A group of healthy students was asked to juggle for 3 months
    • 20 minutes a day
    • Result showed jugglers had more gray matter
    • Proved a hypothesis that any form of hand-eye coordination drill grows the gray matter of the brain
  • Started to go down this rabbit hole
  • Came up with Neuro Athletics drills that anybody can do at home
  • Simply throwing the ball to the wall and catching it
    • Builds your information processing speed
    • Throwing vs. hitting
  • Adherence to any protocol is the key
  • Do it better by throwing the ball while balancing on one leg
  • Human homunculus
  • Every area of the brain is responsible for something different
    • As we get older, we stop using certain areas of our brain
    • Areas that you use less start to shrink and eventually die
  • Do harder, challenging things
  • One of the leading causes of motor vehicle deaths is reaction time
    • Improving reaction time can make you a better driver

-Useful visual exercises…43:38

  • Exercises with an eye patch
  • The eye connects to the brain via the optic nerve – one of the cranial nerves
  • It goes into the back of the brain called occipital cortex where the information is processed
  • It sends a message back up to your frontal lobe
  • When wearing an eyepatch, you create more neural pressure and demand
  • Growing new areas of the brain and working on visual acuity
  • Strobe goggles

-Managing sleep during travel…47:05

-Heat and cold therapy and mental performance…54:12

  • Cold shock proteins are released when you get into cold immersion
  • Saunas yield more cardiovascular benefits than neural benefits
  • Robust release of norepinephrine when you jump into cold water
    • Hormone and a neurotransmitter involved in vigilance and focus
    • 350% increase in norepinephrine
  • Cryotherapy  – not the same benefits as cold immersion
  • Cold is beneficial for inflammation
  • Don’t go into a cold bath straight after a strength training session
  • You can induce mitochondrial biogenesis by getting into the cold
    • Mitochondria create energy in your cells
  • Ben’s special hack for cold showering in a hotel

-Supplements, nootropics, and smart drugs for the increase of mental performance…59:19

-And much more…

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