Kava Extract, Quantum Physics, Filtered Water, Mushroom Coffee & More: A Special Weekend Podcast Episode!

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In this special podcast, recorded from the “CalJam” event I recently attended, I join forces with Dr. Dan Pompa and Warren Phillips to geek out on mushroom coffee, kava extract, quantum physics, filtered water, biodynamic wine and beyond, including a very special conference in Atlanta from May 5-7, 2017, where Dr. Pompa, Dr. Joseph Mercola and I will be speaking!

Dr. Pompa, D.PSc., is a global leader in the health and wellness industry, traveling across the country educating practitioners and the public on the root causes of inflammation driven diseases such as Weight Loss Resistance, Hypothyroid, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autoimmune Disorders and other chronic conditions.

He received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University, graduating second in his class. His authority today, however, is rooted in his own personal battle, having overcome serious neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning using the cellular detoxification strategies learned in his journey back to health.

Warren Phillips is the CEO and Co-founder of Health Centers of the Future. As a credentialed geologist, his background in environmental studies led him to understand the impact synthetic chemicals and environmental toxins have upon the human condition. A career shift landed him a position as VP of Sales and Marketing for a prestigious supplement manufacturer, but after a short run of success, Warren felt limited and knew he had to grow further. In order to have greater impact upon those in need, he pursued partnering with independent Health Care Practitioners to empower people, to protect them from being compromised by environmental factors the mainstream medical field didn’t yet understand.

Because of the deep pockets and marketing power of the conventional medical marketplace, Warren fast learned his best resource for sharing vital information was the internet, and with a determination to “get the message out” he became an expert and renowned 21st century marketer for the medical field. His simple solutions to outperforming old, tired health-based marketing has landed the doctors Warren’s worked with on Page 1 of Google driving streams of new patients in search of answers.

In founding Health Centers of the Future with Dr. Dan Pompa, Warren availed his extensive marketing know-how to committed practitioners committed to making a difference in a field where true health restoration is rare. He’s found unprecedented inroads into reaching people with serious conditions including thyroid illness, weight loss resistance, diabetes, and the diseases we’ve mistakenly come to associate with aging.

Warren also owns and operates Revelation Health, a company with a commitment to helping people cut through the nutritional confusion and find real answers to their health needs. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Warren lives with his wife and two daughters living the lifestyle and walking the talk.

Resources from this episode:

The Live It To Lead It conference where Ben, Dr. Dan and Dr. Mercola are all speaking in Atlanta, May 5-7, 2017

The Most Effective Detox You’ve Never Heard Of (And Exactly How To Do It)

book: Biology of Belief

book: Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

The biodynamic wine that Ben drinks

Mushroom coffee

Berkey Sport Water filtered water bottle Ben travels with

Kava powder

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Dr. Dan, Warren or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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49 thoughts on “Kava Extract, Quantum Physics, Filtered Water, Mushroom Coffee & More: A Special Weekend Podcast Episode!

  1. Sheila says:

    I love the resources and continuous information your podcast gives! Ben, you are super-human for sure! Talk about law of attraction, I just received my order of 4 tapping books (so I can share) the day before I heard this podcast! I wanted learn more about it after hearing about the amazing benefits. I also have been supplementing with iodine/iodide since December and worked up to a pretty high dose, 62.5 mgs per day. I was excited to hear Dr. Pompa talk about iodine and would like to know your thoughts. I know it’s very individualized and especially if you have hashimotos you need to start “low & slow,” as Dr. Pompa said. I had muscle testing with a chiropractor at a functional medicine hospital, Sanoviv Medical Institute, http://www.sanoviv.com/, to test supplements and the muscle tests were indicating that I needed iodine. He used Luguls 5% solution when muscle testing me. The total recommendation was to work up to 17 drops per day and maintain for one year and then go down to 6 drops. I am currently taking 10 drops per day and have decided to stay with that for now. I did experience a detox effect for a short time. I was feeling extremely exhausted which was probably the detoxing of bromine, chlorine and fluoride in addition to detoxing metals such as mercury. I researched iodine and there seems to be an epidemic of insufficient iodine intake which is causing a lot of health problems like breast cancer, thyroid dysfunction and brain issues. Interestingly deficiencies in iodine as being the root of the problem is not being investigated. Sherry Tenpenny, DO, https://youtu.be/hMjKmi12UX0, outlines the many disorders that come from iodine deficiency. Would love to hear your thoughts and Dr. Pompa’s! I will follow up with a question for the show and hope you will discuss further! Also check out Sanoviv Medical Institute, it’s a certified functional medicine hospital in addition to a 5 star health resort! I’ve been there 3 times for nutritional advisory education getaways. Their focus on preventative health care and education in addition to the cutting edge cancer treatment programs is part of the vision of Dr. Wentz who founded the facility. Keep up your amazing work Ben, thank you!

  2. Doug says:

    Hi Ben, I am a huge fan of your podcast! You have helped me tremendously. Does Kava root powder have significant carbs in it after you strain it? Would it reduce the benefits of a primal/low carb diet? I feel like it may have in my case. I have done some homework online and can’t seem to find a straight answer. Thanks, Doug

    1. NO, not a carb issue at all.

  3. Chris says:

    You talked about different lights to have in your office and home. Can you drop some links for the red and blue spectrum lights?

    1. Hey Chris, yes! I did a whole podcast on it. You can find them all in the resources section here: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2017/02/what-is-… let me know if you have any more questions!

      1. Chris says:

        Thanks Ben. See ya at paleo fx

  4. I beleive one of the guests mentioned that he would not drink Starbucks and I am curious as to why not. I drink Starbucks twice a week. is it mold or something else?

    1. Probably burnt/moldy coffee…

  5. Gen Sherman says:

    It’s pronounced AT-lanta…not ANT-lanta!!!! OCD overload on this one

  6. Hey Ben! Any particular way you recommend for preparing kava? Should I stick to basics like using a bowl and a fine mesh to prepare it for 5-10 minutes? Or can I just use a blender for it? I also read that kavalactones may be fat soluble, so should I add like 1/2 teaspoon of sunflower lecithin to make phytosomes? I guess this can’t be really doable if I use the first technique, or maybe I can prepare the drink first with the first technique and then strain the liquid into a blender and mix it with a fat. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    1. I just dump it in my mouth but your phytosome idea is way better.

  7. thomas shepard says:

    Looking for mercury vapor testing device the mouth

  8. Kristina says:

    Hey Ben, I heard that Kava is linked to liver toxicity and some other side effects. I want to start drinking Kava because of its stress reducing properties, but worried i might be hurting as opposed to helping. How does Kava compare to a glass of wine or alcoholic beverage in terms of damage to the liver? Can the potential side effects be minimized when consuming Kava. Would love to hear more on this topic.

    1. For this reason, I don't use every day and also supplement with glutathione…

    2. Kristina says:

      Thanks! Any specific kind you recommend? And dosage

      1. Dosage highly varies but I personally use about 1 teaspoon red for sleep/relaxation and one teaspoon white for energy/euphoria.

  9. Brian says:

    Can you make a recommendation on place to get quality kratom. Thanks

  10. Deeda says:

    My husband is bedridden and has anxiety attacks, of course they always recommend pills for that, what is the Kava that you recommend for that, he’s 73, also what protein powder do you recommend?

    Thank you, I’m very new to all this healthy stuff, he has IBM, loss of muscle, anything to help, they have wasted away.

  11. Ann says:

    Ben, I usually love your podcasts. It was really hard to listen to this one… you guys were tipsy, constantly interrupting each other, and there was way too much noise in the background. Glad you guys had fun, but it wasn’t much fun for this listener.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ann!

  12. RON ALPERT says:

    What do you think of rishi mushrooms in morning java?

    1. I find reishi to be just a bit to relaxing for the morning, personally. But love it before naps.

  13. Adam says:

    Do you by chance know what water alkalinizer/ionizer machine was being used at the event? if not, have you heard of any good companies? Thanks!

    1. I don't know actually. But I am a fan of simply structuring your water then setting it out in the sunlight. That works quite well.

  14. Sven says:

    Hi Ben,

    Would you recommend wearing blue light blocking glasses during the day when sitting at the computer to block the harmful light? Wouldn’t that also block the circadian rhythm’s cue that it’s daytime?


    1. Better to get your circadian cue from the sun…it will still hit photoreceptors in other places on your body…

  15. Joe says:

    Ben, where could we find mercury vapor testers for our mouths?

  16. Sven says:

    Hi Ben,

    What would you say about wearing blue light blocking glasses during the day at the office, when looking at your laptop all day long?

    Is that OK or should that also not be done due to the disruptipn of the body’s circadian rhythm? I mean, on the other hand, the blue light is bad for the eyes so it’s kind of a catch 22.

    1. I am still a fan of this, removes glare.
      But for full perspective, listen to this: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2016/09/what-is-…

  17. Matthew Hafner says:

    Will shirataki noodles break my fast in the morning?

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Matthew says:

      If not, Im going to blend them into my bulletproof coffee. I want credit for doing it first.

  18. Dave says:

    I think you mentioned a book by Nick Murto on tapping. Could you please provide a link?

  19. Charles says:

    Loved the podcast. What was the other oil that greatly increases bio-availability, due to the turpins. It was black pepper and …?

  20. Hollie says:

    Ben, what kind of Kratom do you use or recommend?

  21. Chuck says:

    Hey Ben! What the differnece between the KAVA LAWENA powder you recommend and the Wakacon KAVA Fijian WAKA powder of the same brand? (https://www.amazon.com/Wakacon-KAVA-Fijian-WAKA-powder/dp/B00A80163M/)


    1. Kava varies in terms of # of alkaloids, strain, purity, filtration, etc. A big number of variables!

  22. Helen Driscoll says:

    Hey Ben – re tapping, would you please please interview David Feinstein Phd, author of Energy Psychology? It is the definitive book on Tapping/EFT. Tapping in another term for EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – developed over years by Gary Craig. Gary Craig is the person who created the protocol you described. (he is now doing an even more advanced form of EFT, better done by those who’ve practiced EFT/Tapping for a while.) David Feinstein and a few others are responsible for getting EFT/Tapping accepted by the American Psychological Association (APA) – a big deal which took years to accomplish.

    There are 2 basic but different protocols – both work somewhat differently.

    David is a John Hopkins psychologist and brilliant at explaining the science as well as demonstrating the proper protocols (sorry – you got it a bit wonky but it still works :). I’ve been using tapping for 14 years and WISH I knew it years and years ago. I’ve personally witnessed all the best practitioners, and David is just so good at it.

    A white paper: http://tapping-foundation.s3.amazonaws.com/Resear…
    An interview with David re tapping (he looks great for a 70+ year old guy :) https://youtu.be/bAh6FCMeMlA
    Thanks!! And thanks for all you do!

  23. Ryan Lowery says:

    Ben, what is the name the of the tapping book you recommended?

      1. Ryan Lowery says:

        Thanks! You’ve been a life changer

        1. thomas shepard says:

          Hi Ben looking for mercury vapor testing device 4 the mouth

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