The Unique New Workout Style That Combines Gymnastics and Weight Training

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Got another sneak peek for you on the latest episode over at Get-Fit-Guy.

Each week, over at the Quick & Dirty Tips Network, I produce a free, easy-to-read article, accompanied by a short 5-10 minute audio version of that article. Everything there is focused on the latest fitness research, exercise news, and quick and highly practical muscle gain, fat loss and physical performance tips. It’s called “The Get-Fit Guy’s Quick & Dirty Tips To Slim Down & Shape Up”.

Here's what we have from this week's episode “A Unique New Workout Style That Combines Gymnastics & Weight Training“.

If  you read my article “How To Get A Strong & Shredded Body With Just Two Gymnastics-Style Workouts Per Week.” or you saw my Get-Fit Guy article “How To Get The Body Of A Gymnast” then you know that for most of this past winter and “off-season” I've been implementing a unique mash-up of gymnastics and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to unlock a potent combination of strength, cardio, bulging biceps, rippling abs and beyond.

So, based on my work with gymnast Stephen McCain, I now, two times a week, throw into my routine the exact program I'm about to highlight below – a hybrid combination of HIIT, gymnastics and – to put the puke-inducing icing on the cake – the weight training complexes introduced to me by yet another friend, Rob Shoecraft in my article last week entitled “The Most Potent Training Method On The Face Of The Planet For Supercharging Conditioning, Melting Fat, Busting Through Strength Plateaus & Banishing Long Drawn-Out Warm-Ups Forever.

With Stephen’s help, in this special two-part episode series I’m going to outline an  approach to getting a strong and shredded body using these hybrid gymnastics training techniques, along with my own addition of some high intensity intervals for athletes and exercisers who a bit more of a cardio component.


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